President Trump Protects Dancing Korea Brothers – Announces U.S. Advance Team Arrival in North Korea…

Interesting dynamics at play.   President Trump has announced via Twitter the U.S. advance team has arrived in North Korea to position for a possible June 12th summit between President Trump and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un.


Yesterday South Korean Prime Minister Moon Jae-in and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un held an impromptu summit/meeting in the DPRK to display their unified smiles.

The influence agent, Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping, has been unusually quiet since President Trump asserted that Chairman Xi was the agent provocateur behind Kim Jong-un’s diplomatic bi-polarism.  Apparently, Chairman Xi did not anticipate President Trump being so public with the sunlight; and there’s no way Xi anticipated the economic consequences POTUS Trump outlined in the 232 Auto-Sector review.

It’s a smart strategy for Team USA to engage with Team Rocketman while a Chinese trade visit from U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross looms on the Beijing calendar, June 2nd.  Given the tenuously adversarial position Chairman Xi has boxed himself into, the dragon would be unwise to stir the pot until after Secretary Ross delivers his trade terms.

Chairman Xi has only one way out of the current box.  However, if Xi were to move Kim into an aggressive proxy position too soon, like now, Secretary Ross would likely unload on the economic consequences come June 2nd.  Rut roh,… dragon thrashing amid panda box.

China has recently violated the terms of the August 2017 U.N. economic sanctions against North Korea.  Economic Panda is naked to his enemies.  The consequences outlined and enhanced by the U.S. in support of those U.N. sanctions was a threat to cut off any violating country from the U.S. banking system and economic engagement therein.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Ross and POTUS Trump didn’t respond to the recent China/DPRK violations because Rocketman was moving in the right direction.   However, the economic consequences now loom like a sword of Damocles if Chairman Xi attempts to move Kim Jong-un again.

In the big picture we can see how President Trump has moved Xi away from having influence.  Against this strategic success, with Chairman Xi sidelined, President Trump is now in position to be more assertive in his presentations toward a Korean peace process.

Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un can play happy sandwich makers and without knowing it they are quietly protected by the strategy President Trump has constructed.

If Xi attempts to break up the happily dancing Korea brothers, President Trump tells Secretary Ross to cut the horsehair and the sword of Damocles falls on the Chinese economy.

Brilliantly played.



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264 Responses to President Trump Protects Dancing Korea Brothers – Announces U.S. Advance Team Arrival in North Korea…

  1. IMO, another truly dangerous scenario that needs to be addressed vis-a-vis China are all the Chinese women having their babies here in the US and, due to the egregious mis-interpretation of the 14th Amendment, gaining US citizenship. This can and will be disastrous to our Republic in the future. China fully intends to be the ruler of the world eventually and, IMO, this overshadows even NK, Russia and Iran.

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    • Particularly in light of not only a non-NBC being elected President (which many claim has established “precedence”) but 3 non-NBC’s being allowed to run in 2016.

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    • Oren V says:

      THey may wish for it, but they are in a very deep hole of their own making. THere demographics are horrible, their men are unmarryable, their economy run by State enterprises with the usual end result. They have already hit the iceberg, but plow forward blissfully unaware. It will get ugly and I am not sure China will remain intact. You have the rich coasts, and then a whole lot of flyover country.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        It’s a seriously brilliant operation. Whoever thought it up has probably already gotten a medal. Statistically, it’s a huge winner. Encourage your own women to exploit immigration birth abuse, meanwhile have your lackey DNC media and controlled opposition Fox media whine ineffectively about it, while pushing smug superiority memes to Americans through their own media as the subtext, so the gate stays OPEN.

        Do it long enough, while using that cohort as a perfect base to create “citizen spies” in the US (which China has done rather brilliantly WITHOUT SpyBirthGate, I might add). Keep the families in China long enough to train the kids to be BLZ-out Chinese patriots – recruit heavily into spycraft training – then ENCOURAGE THEM TO GO (not that this was ever used by the Soviets to seed their “refuseniks” with “excuseniks” and send us a bunch of Red Diaper that just happened to show up in Silicon Valley, but that’s another story….).

        Such a great operation. So – how long do we keep it open? 😎 😉

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    • piper567 says:

      Filly, is this not a SCOTUS agenda item?
      Am not saying it is, but shouldn’t it be…this 14th Amendment issue, so we can have some closure on this?

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      • I would think there would be 3 potential avenues: 1) Congress writes it into an immigration bill, clarifying “subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” which would probably then engender a lawsuit from some progressive group, and grind through the courts until it gets to SCOTUS; 2) possible direct Presidential/DOJ appeal to SCOTUS for clarification; 3) Art V COS (which is a VERY bad idea). I don’t think a Presidential XO would be allowed or appropriate on such a weighty issue and it could too easily go away in the future. JMO – others are probably far more knowledgeable than I am on this subject.


  2. Where on EARTH did you get that McDonald’s meme???? Hilarious 😝

    No better news this Memorial weekend than leadership with a strong backbone dealing with enemies. Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, North Koreans may just yet get a taste of freedom. With fries and a coke.

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  3. Stella Honeycutt says:

    Proud of you President Trump.


  4. Turranos says:

    When was the last time that a U.S. President gave China a good ole butt kicking?


  5. jello333 says:

    Xi, you sit over there and be a good boy. We’ll take care of everything, and if you don’t do anything stupid it’ll work out okay for you in the end. Oh hey, and you Bolton, and you too Pence… you two find something productive to do till this is all over… okay? If we need your “help” we’ll let you know.


  6. noswamp says:

    “Oh hey, and you Bolton, and you too Pence… you two find something productive to do till this is all over… okay? If we need your “help” we’ll let you know.”

    A man compared to two teenagers still learning how to behave.


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