Matt Gaetz Discusses Call for Independent Probe of DOJ and FBI Misconduct…

Following on the heels of the House of Representatives filing a resolution today outlining evidence of FBI and DOJ political corruption – and calling for a second special counsel, Representative Matt Gaetz appears on CNN to discuss the granular issues.

In this interview democrat operative Jake Tapper attempts to lay multiple traps for Matt Gaetz to walk into.  However, Matt Gaetz uses a firm understanding of the facts to avoid the narrative efforts of Tapper and deconstructs the nonsense with ninja-level retort.

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235 Responses to Matt Gaetz Discusses Call for Independent Probe of DOJ and FBI Misconduct…

  1. lakelurelife says:

    Jake Tapper stated he had spoken to several DOJ people who have told him Matt Geatz doesn’t know what he is talking about.
    Just WHO in the DOJ is speaking with Tapper about the SC??!
    These people need to be fired asap. Then charged.

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  2. fleporeblog says:

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  3. Texian says:


    The first half both sides field their lines. Note the turning point at the 4:00 minute mark.. Tapper signals his retreat with his “paper shuffle” after being rebuffed. He then mobilizes his attempts at flank Matt twice, one from Matt’s own previous quote and one from Christie.. Both attempts failed. Matt did his homework.. and is not afraid to show it to the class either..

    Good answers Matt.. Good answers.. I might actually pause to watch more of this Matt guy..

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    • Lemmy says:

      No wonder Trumped dumped Christie the first chance he got. He needs to go back and give Barry some more hugs.

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      • Lemmy says:

        Trump dumped.

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      • Oldschool says:

        That hug gave us 4 more years of obama, but it saved us from mitt, which ultimately brought us Trump.

        The only positive about christie was he tag teamed some of Trump’s opponents in the primary debates. imo, he is still
        bitter about the Trump dump.

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      • 1popefrancis says:

        Christie? Puleeeeeaze! I am from NJ – Dems hate him and so do Repubs…he is a pariah

        He will never live down the beach pic – nevah!

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        • Turranos says:

          I am quite sure that I will never forget the Beached Whales pic. Every time I hear his name that is the first thing I think of.


      • Fools Gold says:

        They gave him 2 dozen doughnuts for that interview.


      • supertalk says:

        Christie acknowledges that Steve Bannon was correct about his big fat backstabbing capabilities. Christie also admits in that clip that he doesn’t know or doesn’t care about the US constitution that regulates unbridled power, of the kind that Mueller now wields.

        Christie creme voiced a far beyond gay fan boy crush, yearning for Mueller’s man love. What an embarrassment, Anne Coulter must be rolling over in her future grave for endorsing that fat f###. I’m sad that I used to respect that traitor to legal United States Voters.


    • Kent says:

      I’ve been a ‘fan’ of Matt for awhile now…sharp mind.

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    • Amy2 says:

      I live in Florida. Our Congressmen are kicking butt!!

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  4. xcontra says:

    Great interview, Gaetz took Tapper to the cleaners. I thought Tapper was a serious journalist.

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  5. Payday says:

    Ka Boom! Gaetz is an All Star!

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  6. RJ says:

    Tapper is a piece of work.


  7. Rainy says:

    Bahahahhaha. Fake Yapper looked miserable and could not mentally keep up with well informed Gaetz.

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  8. Payday says:

    Oh! And Tapper’s bags are larger then his eyes. Guy looks supremely defeated and worn.


  9. Non=combative. says:

    I wanna see a Matt Gaetz vs Eric Swalwell debate….

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  10. CopperTop says:

    Tapper has the nerve to ask right off the bat to have a SC you need to have a crime to base it on? What crime are you alleging???? BWAAAA

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    • spren says:

      That was indeed very rich. Brazen in fact. What crime is Mueller investigation? Jake isn’t concerned with that is he.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      That was hilarious.


      • Donzo says:

        I had the same reaction. Tapper isn’t even aware that he just admitted he’s a stooge for the Dimms when he requires a criminal predicate to investigate his favored side, but not necessary for his opposition. He just lays the charade bare. He reminds me a bit of Comey with his sanctimony and befuddled airs.

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  11. thinkwell says:

    Jake Tapper has the kind of face where you just can’t help wanting to punch his nose all the way to the back of his supercilious, smarmy, empty headed leftist skull.


  12. 1popefrancis says:

    …That is how you handle a member of the elite media.

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  13. spren says:

    I find myself very ambivalent about appointing another SC. That will bury this issue for another year or two at the least. We don’t have that amount of time for the everyday public to find out what has transpired. US Atty Huber already has all of the authority of an SC to subpoena, interview, summon Grand Juries, and prosecute, but my understanding is that currently he is limited to those matters referred to him from the OIG’s investigation. Perhaps Sessions can expand his authority to investigate additional issues that arise that aren’t currently contemplated in the OIG’s work.

    I saw someone on Fox Business today, can’t remember who, who also was reluctant to appoint another SC but instead recommended forming a team of US Attys from flyover country, like Huber, to form a special group to look into all of these newly arising issues. Huber could head the effort and everyone could hit the ground running.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      It doesn’t need to take that long to lock up Hillary, Huma, and some of the other top crooks. The evidence is already out there, just takes someone with balls (pardon) to file some charges.

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  14. Matrony says:

    For whatever it’s worth:
    Who is missing from the scheduled meeting? [RR] Who is Ed O’Callahan? “Acting” [Ed] DECLAS_ Pain. Enjoy the show. ~ Q

    Edward O’Callaghan, a former federal prosecutor who assisted President Trump’s transition team, was a long-time federal prosecutor and counterterrorism expert in New York, O’Callaghan most recently served as the acting head of the DOJ’s National Security Division.

    FBI, DOJ to brief lawmakers on handling of Russia probe on Thursday

    The Thursday meeting will include FBI Director Wray along with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., Director of Intelligence Dan Coats and Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General Ed O’Callahan.

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein [RR] has reportedly chosen a veteran prosecutor as his “right hand” at the Justice Department — including oversight of FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. Ed O’Callaghan will serve as the acting principal associate deputy attorney general.

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  15. Payday says:

    Jeff Sessions is obviously in the witness protection program. And with so much going on right now…unnaturally so. He’s not involved or even mentioned in any of these talks PDJT has set up. By PDJT or anyone. He’s nowhere to be seen! Something’s up with this. Could this be the calm before the storm?


    • Payday says:

      My hope is we soon see him crashing into the saloon with his spurs on and two six shooters blazing in both hands….

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      • TimesUp says:

        Don’t hold your breath. Given the seriousness of what is being investigated it is essential that he be seen as apolitical as possible. It would not surprise me if he remained in the background even after indictments have been served and cases brought to court. It might be unsatisfactory for those looking for red meat (myself included many days!) but far worse to seize defeat from the jaws of victory by allowing any argument of political interference to become the winning narrative.

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  16. jus wundrin says:

    Tapper got tapped. Matt should have asked tappy who his DOJ sources are.

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  17. And taking coats…….

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  18. westernwhere says:

    Chris Cuomo looks tired, and Gaetz has a twinkle in his eye.

    Things are looking up.


  19. JX says:

    Great job Mr. Gaetz!

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  20. Delibero says:

    Gaetz was great and was in full command of the interview.

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  21. covfefe999 says:

    Add me to the fans of Gaetz’ appearance! He was super sharp and he shredded Tapper. That video was a treat to watch. Good way to end my evening. 🙂

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  22. Lemmy says:

    Why does Tapper look like he’s filling his drawers through the entire interview?

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  23. I, for one, don’t waste my time even listening to interviews conducted by the lying propaganda arm of the commie Dems

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  24. konradwp1 says:

    I wonder if Fake Yapper has any idea how much his efforts helped Trump win in 2016?

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  25. Mike diamond says:

    Jake the snake tapper,the dude always looks so depressed ! The king of fake news,such a lemon.!!


  26. dufrst says:

    More Gaetz please!


  27. He got home schooled!


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