New Batch of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Messages Released (pdf included)…

Last night another batch of FBI Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ Lawyer Lisa Page text messages were released by the DOJ. (pdf here)

This series of messages are clearly from captures on the Peter Strzok side of their communications. All prior releases were captures from Lisa Page’s side, and were a direct outcome of her providing the messages to the FBI Inspection Division (INSD) as verification for her side of the story in the contradictions between her statements and those of her once boss Andrew McCabe (per the INSD leak investigation).


Some initial notes from the latest release below:

Much of the messaging is disjointed because of the one-sided capture. However, some information is decipherable and very interesting.

FBI Head of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok’s boss, features heavily in convos. This makes sense since the perspective in the release is from Strzok’s side of their communications.  The name “Jen” also figures prominently and appears to be a person within the FBI Counterintelligence Unit that Strzok views as a competitor of sorts.

Important Note – It definitely appears Page and Strzok were using joint G-Mail account. Notes to “clear GMail” indicates they were using a running draft to talk at length about ongoing activities.  [This is also a common tactic of terrorist group communications]

♦[April 6th, 2017] 15:32 FBI definitely Coordinating media leaks. Strzok asks Page if she has “update from Mike Kortan (FBI Communication Director) about timing of New York Times piece.”

♦[April 10th, 2017] 08:16am Strzok anxious because new DOJ is leaning in on media leaks and making inquires. Might pertain to April 6th leak to NYT previously highlighted.

♦[April 22nd, 2017] 10:53am another article constructed for intentional leak again discussed. Sheeesh, this crew was constructing leaks like mad. Transparent behavior of political motives within small group. Kortan needs to be questioned under oath to understand scale.

Connected aspect “GC” = General Counsel. That’s James Baker and he figures heavily in their coordinated activity. He’s the fulcrum amid Comey and McCabe and these activities as carried out by Michael Kortan, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok etc. Another frequent name abbreviated is “JR” James Rybicki, Comey’s former Chief of Staff.

♦[May 8th, 2017] Afternoon (15:00ish – 3pm) Strzok/Page are watching Yates/Clapper testimony to Senate Judicary Committee. Strzok makes mention of “unmasking” etc. First notation of concern. Here’s a reference point for convo: (CTH Article From May 8th)

More from May 8th, 2017. Appears to be a key date (lengthy convos). Discussion of Special Counsel and what they skills and investigative stuff they need.

♦[May 9th, 2017] Strzok “angry” because his boss “Bill” Priestap is starting to question why Strzok needs to have his fingers in everything. “implication is I’m a busy body” etc. Gee, ya think?

Important – May 9th, 2017 was date of Comey firing

♦[May 10th, 2017] 05:29am (five o’clock in morning) Page to Strzok: “We need to lock in {redacted} in a formal chargeable way soon”.

It’s highly likely the redaction is “POTUS” (secondary option could be “FLYNN”) “We need to lock in POTUS (Trump) in a formal, Chargeable way soon”. It is on page 32 of the pdf.

♦[May 11th, 2017] Conversation is about this picture when Andrew McCabe testified to congress, and the coordinated and accompanying media leaks to frame the narrative.  DOJ Attorney Lisa Page was assigned a special counsel to McCabe’s office during the entire operation to exonerate Clinton, and later to frame Donald Trump (ie. the “insurance policy”) hence her centrality to all aspects within Main Justice and FBI via McCabe.

Convo on May 11th also includes Senator Mark Warner and Richard Burr questions to McCabe etc. With additional convo about Lester Holt interview w/ Trump. Page/Strzok see Holt as on their team: “he did a great job” etc.

♦[May 17th, 2017] Lisa Page mentions reviewing Benjamin Wittes Lawfare website (James Comey BFF and leak conduit) for “arguments to chronicle” on behalf of Special counsel advocacy.

NOTE: This is interesting because Lawfare Blog also mentions the “Insurance Policy”.

Important – May 17th, 2017 is the date of the Special Counsel Mueller appointment.

♦[May 17th, 2017] Date of Mueller appointment. Discussions of team being assembled. Strzok notes “emailing with Aaron”.  Well that’s Aaron Zelby former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s Chief of Staff who was selected for Special Counsel position. He’s also a partner at WilmerHale, and Strzok mentions to Page that she might find herself working at WilmerHale if she plays her cards right.

The fact that Agent Strzok was emailing with “Aaron” Zelby prior to the official appointment of the special counsel team should likely raise a few eyebrows.   Of course within this time-frame of the messaging released, the redactions increase.  Go figure.

Toward the end of the release a more thorough picture emerges of who was selecting Robert Mueller’s team and why. Andrew McCabe was key player along with James Baker. Reading how this was done blows the entire Mueller “White Hat Theory” to smithereens. However, the conversation does highlight an aspect we have previously discussed. Robert Mueller did not select the “small group” to work with him; but rather the DOJ/FBI “small group” appears to have selected him.

Specifically Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are discussing who is best ideological ally to help their Mueller Special Counsel team “get Trump” (discussions on pages 46, 47, 48, 49).

… And whaddyaknow… Predictably right when those juicy tidbits about the Mueller agenda are surfacing the text message release abruptly stops on May 23rd, 2017.

Transparently those who are releasing information do not want the motives and intents of the Mueller team origination to surface. So they stop the release right there.


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936 Responses to New Batch of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Messages Released (pdf included)…

  1. Bendix says:

    I’d like to knock their heads together.

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  2. They say at the current pace, Trump’s executive appointments will be complete in 11 years.

    I say at the current pace, the coup conspirators will be indicted in 12 years. Oops, statute of limitations is up! Have a nice day everyone.

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  3. andy says:

    Red flashing lights.
    1) “Off the rails”

    2) “Sad for me, even Mueleer cant stop the 4:20 wakeups”. Even with Mueller’s investigation ongoing, Page cannot sleep at night and is considering a new job. “F the fox hole. im done with the greater good. its not worth this” and later from Peter .. “we’re in the foxhole together”

    3) A ‘302’ is a ‘302’. Why would they need to clear it with McCabe? ‘launch on F[lynn] 302′ after it is cleared. edits.

    4) shared gmail account. Peter directed Page to log in and check out what was sent. (verify Q is real?)

    5) Peter to Page “what are you depressed about?” She never said depressed, she is PISSED and wants a new job. We all know suicided people get depressed all of a sudden… Both of them are in jeopardy of a double cross?

    6) Peter was being called out for having his finger in everything.

    7) “DPRK questions in closed’ hearing asked to McCabe… WTF mention of DPRK by these guys?

    8) Peter cant sleep after Comey is fired, worried about destroying documents.

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  4. Delibero says:

    Despite all of these continued sickening revelations, Rosenstein is still validating and supporting Mueller and his “select team.” Recused Sessions finally said, he would like to see an end to the SC because Trump has many issues around the world to deal with–not that the SC is an evil, orchestrated plot of the “Resistance” to depose Trump. Don’t talk Jeff–Act!

    As others have said, while many GOP Senators and Reps sit quietly on the fence some have been defending and praising SC Mueller’s “team” and even strongly encouraging it to continue ad infinitum. Some must be part of the corrupt Resistance plot while those like Nunes, Jordan, Gaetz, Meadows etc are an intrepid minority trying to uncover the truth.

    (If CTH isn’t the best site to visit for videos and analysis on important issues, I don’t know what is. Exemplary work again sundance.)

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  5. LM says:

    Is Brennan “colluding” with Mueller to take down the President? How does Brennan know enough about this “nonpartisan” investigation to threaten the President with it?

    It seems to me that the Brennan tweet is enough to warrant the appointment of a special counsel to look into the crimes such collusion implies—including treason, sedition, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and even “collusion” to overthrow our President and take control of our government.

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    • Kara says:

      He could be making a stupid statement like the one that Comey made about/to McCabe after he was fired. Standing tall or whatever… then McCabe claims Comey lied about the leaking, not himself. Comey put his foot in his mouth there. Hopefully Johnny-O (Brennan) is talking out of his ass too.


  6. CENTURION says:

    When this is all over, TRUMP will be President and each of these losers will be in Jail. KEEP the Trump-Russian-Collusion game going since it is finding more and more liars every day.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “When this is all over, TRUMP will be President and each of these losers will be in Jail. …”

      No, BEFORE this is concluded or even really underway, it will be 2025, and the Donkey Party will have registered every dead person in America to vote with every illegal alien in America, and found a way to triple that fraud by registering fictitious names at address that don’t exist.

      After stealing the 2024 General and Presidential Election, the Donkeys will sweep it under the rug, and never let it see the light of day, ever again.


      I pray multiple times a day that the FORCES OF EVIL [the (D) Party and the MSM and the RINOs in office] don’t win!

      I’m losing hope with the Weaklings that are in charge of Defending the Rule of Law.

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  7. HickTick says:

    The texts revealed that congressman are way too involved with the FBI , Democrats are meddling with FBI ., Warner pushing for the SC ., We knew it was true ., also at the end of the pages of texts they were saying that congress was running the FBI , the way I read it .

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  8. beigun says:

    “Ode to Jeff Sessions”

    Jeff Sessions, Jeff Sessions
    Quiet as ‘Bama Possum
    Laying Low by the Creek
    Looks like He be Sleepen’
    Nobody knows what He Doin’
    Up that IG CREEK!

    Jeff Sessions, Jeff Sessions
    Soon is your Planned Time!
    Awake from Sly Slumber
    You found the Worst Crime!

    Now, Hillary started A-Shaken’
    And Obama, his eyes got Wide!
    ‘Cause that Ol’ ‘Bama Possum
    Had their Butts for Skinnen’ Time!

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    • Newt Love says:

      Nice poem.
      I used to believe in fairy tales, too.
      But that was 56 years ago.
      I’m 60+ now, and I’m a realist.

      Jeff Sessions is the tortoise to the Swamp’s hare.
      In this rabbit versus turtle story, the rabbit won’t take a nap.
      The Swamp will be working 24/7 to kill this, and remove POTUS 45 from office.
      Jeff Sessions will be sleeping 22 hours a day.

      It doesn’t look good.

      Maybe the FBI Special Agents in Arkansas will get somewhere on the Clinton Foundation.

      Maybe the FBI Special Agents in Utah will get somewhere on Uranium One.

      Maybe the dish will run home with the spoon when the cow jumps over the moon.

      In the end, Jeff Sessions will shrug and say, “We tried.”


      • formerdem says:

        Sessions likes his job and just got a jolt of a message from Trump on that Fox interview that Trump is thinking of a mass firing over there. Trump fears nothing. Sessions can improve his performance or forget about the limo, and if so, history will judge him mendacious, self-deceived, unable to identify his duty, more interested in defending his own honor than that of his employer or his country. He’s got about a second left.

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        • Perot Conservative says:

          Shouldn’t PT wait for The Big Ugly?


          • noswamp says:

            I am thinking the same thing, maybe POTUS is waiting for the IG report(I know Sessions is). Mueller will definitely indict Cohen before then and do his best to divert. Anything the left does happens immediately, start an investigation, BAM, appoint SC BAM indict Flynn BAM! Indict Manafort, BAM! Issue search warrants BAM! Indict COHEN(its coming) BAM!. Yet on our side, Sessions is taking his time on the indictments. They did not need the IG’s report for indictments. PC now is PC in 2 weeks nothing changes. You can always add or remove charges later pursuant to the evidence. Maybe its because they have hundreds of people that are implicated here including Rosy. My guess. Really? No leaks about that so far to the press? (At least none that I have read that I could sink my teeth into).

            As of late, Sessions is telling people “Trump has to do work with other countries, the SC investigation (needs to stop)(in so many words)”. Are you kidding me? What Sessions should say is the following:”After carefully reviewing the recent report from Congress exonerating POTUS from Russian collusion, I am hereby un-recusing myself and terminating the Mueller investigation. It was designed to investigate Russian Trump campaign collusion, during the past year and a half it has not found anything substantive other than a few crimes from campaign aides and unrelated lawyer misdeeds. This will allow us to move forward as a country and allow the President to focus on running the United States of America. ” Have a nice day!


            • Perot Conservative says:

              Wouldn’t it be legal for him to call Mueller, tell him he wants to meet in 3 days, give me a summary and your best EVIDENCE of wrongdoing by DJT?

              No evudence, shut it down.


          • formerdem says:

            If it happens soon.


      • Mike Pitzler says:

        What makes you think Sessions has been sleeping?


  9. West Highlands says:

    Other than playing robin hood and hoodette (“for the greater good” was the comment used in the e-mails), when do these self-annointed leftist arrogant POS ever work? Do they have a job description? Such incredible self-delusion. And for those people who don’t know if they are love-birds, their turn-ons are pretending they are just too smart by half, in a secret pinkie swear club destined to save the world. GAG!!!!!!!

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  10. zooamerica says:

    Strzok and Page Conspire To “Get Trump”

    That should be the big headline.

    Peter Strzok and Lisa Page should be household names by now but they’re not because the media is corrupt.

    Strzok and Page are still employed by the FBI!!!


    I hope President Trump fires both of them on live television tomorrow night in Michigan.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “… Strzok and Page are still employed by the FBI!!! … ”

      1. Strzok and Page want that (huge plus-up) retirement for FBI and DoJ govvies. They are short of retirement, and so they want to stay. So they “flipped” on their co-conspirators.
      2. They know what the IG and US Attorney (Utah) Huber has on them. They don’t want to go to jail and die there, before their sentences are completed. So they “flipped” on their co-conspirators.
      3. If the FBI / DoJ fires them, then IG Horowitz (who has NO SUPEONA POWER over people outside of the FBI / DoJ) has no access to them. So the (new Trump) FBI / DoJ granted them “a deal” (as yet, undisclosed) that has Strzok and Page cooperating with IG Horowitz and US Attorney (Utah) Huber.

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      • noswamp says:

        I agree with Newt, only problem I have is the slow walking by Rosy and Wray of documents essential for the people to understand what went wrong and Sessions allowing this to happen!

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        • Newt Love says:

          And I completely agree with “noswamp.”
          The FBI and DoJ (now under Trump’s Sessions and Wray) are still slow walking it, like they are Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch in charge of the Doj and FBI!


      • karaelyssa says:

        I agree that Page & Strzock have flipped. Neither is mentioned in the House Intel report on the Trump/Russia collusion results but I believe their names are redacted as there is room for their names in the exact places they would be listed in alphabetical order on the list of persons mentioned in the report at the beginning of the report which is here:

        So they are involved in an ongoing investigation and/or are witnesses of such.


  11. newsblaze says:

    Veto, then declassify everything that won’t result in putting undercover operatives in mortal danger.

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  12. CopperTop says:

    BREAKING: Page 48 of released documents. Page states Pamela Brown ‘knows there were two phone call memos’. The syntax is clear here “Lisa” also knows there are two phone call memos.

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  13. David R. Graham says:

    It would help to know who leaked this and, in their mind, to what end.


  14. jello333 says:

    (Haven’t read all the comments yet, so maybe this has already been mentioned)

    Sundance said, “… And whaddyaknow… Predictably right when those juicy tidbits about the Mueller agenda are surfacing the text message release abruptly stops on May 23rd, 2017.”

    Yeah, the very last message is from the evening of the 23rd. But the last one before that is from the morning of the 18th; there were several others from the 18th, as there were from most earlier days in May. In other words, where it all REALLY abruptly stops (other than the single last comment) seems to be on the 18th. Then nothing for the next 5 days. Don’t know if that’s important or not.

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  15. cadgbd says:

    “Lawyers in Love” by Jackson Browne


  16. sysconfig says:

    There are gaps just like its abrupt ending at 49 pages..Note the special call to go to UK on december 2016 -feb 2017 and concern also for GSA being bought up as a subject..There is big gap what happened at that meeting..but we know what happended in March..These two were in constant fear the whole thing would come as they said in own words..”off the rails”.

    How they framed the issues and leaks to the press and even at own meetings is no different than two dirty cops planting evidence on an innocent person, then joining a fake manhunt and gathering evidence they planted…..Priestap the counterintelligence key to this mess was right..Strock was a “busybody” as well as a cheat..They even kept intel to selves and warned each other don’t let the others know you know..
    I hope Priestap is still cooperating..he certainly appears under wraps..
    Thanks for a great Summary analysis Sundance..


  17. Tim Smith says:

    If someone could find a way to turn Peter and Lisa against each other, this whole thing would be over in a heartbeat!!


  18. noswamp says:

    “Bastards.” -SD
    This pretty much is how I feel along with most of us on here about these criminals. I pray that those who say Sessions is being deliberate here are right. Sessions was a politician, we should have never appointed a politician to run the DOJ during these times. We needed a lawman. That being said, my gut tells me the following:
    1. Trump fires Sessions and Rosy.
    2. #3 Then shuts down Mueller. (Congress already said no collusion)
    3. DOJ indicts indicts indicts.

    If the shoe does not drop by May 15, 2018 you will see figurative heads roll.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      But if heads roll on the 15th or in May, hasn’t Sessions done a critical part of his job?

      Sessions kept quite, broght in a PA from out of state off the radar, took the heat while the PA operated w/ out press or Congressional interference.


      • noswamp says:

        Perot, if indictments are made, and people start getting arrested then I would agree with you 100 percent. Sessions would be my hero!
        I am not against Sessions, just frustrated with him and his slowness. Maybe this will all work out, eh? But Trump is not happy with Sessions, that increases my frustration because it tells me that Sessions has gone rogue(not in a bad way necessarily), but doing what you said he was doing with the outside PA or on the flip side, doing the bidding of Rosy and the Swamp in slow walking everything to Congress and the indictments and approving Cohen’s raid, when it did not need to be conducted that way. For every good thing I hear about Sessions, my common sense asks me: then why didn’t he do this(other thing) or that? Seems as if he is handcuffed, i.e. a politician.


        • Perot Conservative says:

          I agree.

          We also learned there us a PA in Arkansas looking at the Clinton Foundation, and 5 FBI offices investigating.


    • noswamp says:

      MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN would be biblical phrase I would use to describe those who were behind the acts you mentioned in your article SD. As well as those RINOS who stood silently by or either encouraged Mueller to continue with the sham investigation into nothing.


  19. Rocket says:

    Scumbags one and all. Orange jumpsuits would look good on them.


  20. Bert Darrell says:

    Why did Rosenstein choose Mueller as SC? Because that is what Comey and his gang of traitors wanted. So much for Rosenstein being a white hat. He’s as dirty as the rest of the “small group”; a traitor himself. And he is the one playing delay games with the releases too. If Sessions had a single molecule of testosterone left in his body he would fire Rosenstein today!


  21. Charlotte says:

    Read this thread-more loose ends tied up

    Lets talk Deep State


  22. Charlotte says:


    Apr 27 2018 22:40:01 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 5086f0 1218147
    Focus only on the FBI [for now].
    Jim Rybicki, chief of staff and senior counselor – FIRED.
    James Baker, general counsel – FIRED.
    Andrew McCabe, deputy director – FIRED.
    James Comey, director – FIRED.
    Bill Priestap, Head of Counterintelligence and Strzok’s boss – Cooperating witness [power removed].
    Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence – cooperating witness [power removed].
    Lisa Page, attorney with the FBI’s Office of the General Counsel – cooperating witness [power removed].
    Think about the above.
    Only the above.
    Get the picture?


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