The “Small Group” Knew They’d Lose The Fact Battle, So They Began a Propaganda War…

A flood of DOJ/FBI moves, leaks and details this week highlight the desperation of an aligned group of Obama officials and ideologues which began with the FBI raid on the offices and home of Michael Cohen.  All of the subsequent activity is connected.

This week began with a dramatic early-morning raid on the home, office and hotel room of a sitting U.S. president’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.  The week ended in equally dramatic fashion, in a packed courtroom, following numerous media leaks from New York U.S. Attorneys and FBI investigators about the content of their Cohen raid.  In the big picture all of this week’s activity appears related to a coordinated propaganda strategy.

Looking up from the granules, we can see a clear and comprehensive plan to flood the zone with propaganda narratives to distract, dilute and obfuscate.

If we look at the big picture the stylistic content of the James Comey book; the timing of the release; the timing of the raid on Cohen; the leaks of scraped material from the raid to the media; all of this falls into a pattern. A strategy that was originally outlined by James Comey’s friend back in October of 2016. SEE HERE.  We knew the DOJ/FBI raid on Cohen was likely a larger strategy to gather opposition research.

With the OIG reports coming rapidly to a conclusion, and with the IG reports being so detailed in their fact-outline, the “small group” is at an inflection point where their risk is growing. A larger awakening is taking place.

Knowing the connection between the FBI, DOJ-NSD, Fusion-GPS, Clinton Campaign and Christopher Steele political activity in 2016, we also pondered if the larger motive behind the raid might be connected to the use of DOJ and FBI databases to conduct searches on political opposition, and the need to hide therein.

The intelligence mistake of Michael Cohen traveling to Prague, is a direct-line thread connecting the FBI/DOJ FISA(702)(17) searches to Fusion-GPS and the Steele dossier.  As such there would be a very strong motive for similarly aligned political entities within the U.S. intelligence apparatus to take strong action to cloud the connection.  In short they need to lower the risk.

This week we also discovered the origin of the 2016 FBI Counterintelligence Operation against candidate Trump began as an outcome of a CIA referral connected to Australia and the U.K.  In essence, fellow ideologues within GCHQ (U.K), and their Australian counterparts, worked collaboratively with the U.S. intelligence apparatus to oppose Donald Trump; and create a false narrative that would undermine the 2016 presidential election.

After Donald Trump won the election, all of the aligned intelligence entities -including Obama officials therein- were now at risk.  The issues extend beyond the activity of the DOJ and FBI, and one of the trails of their collective activity ended up inside the Steele Dossier with the false fact surrounding Michael Cohen.  The intelligence apparatus needs to create something, anything, that removes that connection.

As if on cue…. late the afternoon one of the leaks from the Mueller Team specifically targets this threat:

The Justice Department special counsel has evidence that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, secretly made a late-summer trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Confirmation of the trip would lend credence to a retired British spy’s report that Cohen strategized there with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election. (read more)

This is where it becomes critical to remind yourself of how far this group has already gone to manipulate the outcomes of the election.  Do not sell these Machiavellian-mind people short.   Remember, one of the key benefits of the raid on Michael Cohen was to create the architecture underneath media narratives (stories) created out of loin cloth.  The actual content of evidence captured in the FBI raid is irrelevant, they only need the basic element of truth -that the raid took place- as the foundation for the downstream propaganda.

The U.K., Australia and the U.S. intelligence apparatus, foreign (cia) and domestic (fbi/doj-nsd) collaborated to influence the 2016 U.S. election outcome.  As such, those same entities have a vested interest in now creating a false series of facts that remove the threat within the false Michael Cohen Prague visit.

The “small group” of Mueller activists within the DOJ and FBI need to create any alternate appearance in order to cover for the very real likelihood the intelligence apparatus used Christopher Steele to launder search outcomes from the abuse of the U.S. FISA database (NSA, FBI and DOJ-NSD).   This crew needs to create a plausible way the specific Cohen event could have made it into the Steele Dossier without using U.S. intelligence databases.

The raid on Michael Cohen creates the basis for the false claims. The use of friendly foreign intelligence to potentially substantiate false claims is the plausible deniability they need.  Everything is essentially propaganda.

They knew they would lose the fact battle, so they chose to fight a propaganda war.

…that’s the essential argument made by James Comey’s friend Benjamin Wittes in his plan of action written in October 2016 when he described the “insurance policy” – in his outline of what to do in the unlikely event Trump wins.  You might remember that Wittes was the friend FBI Director James Comey used to leak his memos to the New York Times.



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617 Responses to The “Small Group” Knew They’d Lose The Fact Battle, So They Began a Propaganda War…

  1. Mike diamond says:

    Comeys new book smells like catfish bait draws flies at bookstores! Come y signs his new book from his new prison cell ! For lying to Congress under oath ! And leaking classified info to the press !

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  2. 4harrisonblog says:

    I love that President Trump lives rent free in the liberal left wing globelist’s heads. These idiots have no clue. “MAG: Dems WON’T immediately call for impeachment if Rosenstein fired” They will wait a couple of days. 🙂

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  3. Advice: don’t bother wasting a bunch of time in the weeds of the Steele memos regarding Cohen. They are a crock.

    There are three Steele/Cohen installments. The first two claimed that Cohen traveled alone to Prague in AUGUST to clean up Manafort and Page issues.

    But in the third (issued over a month after the 2016 election), the narrative changed drastically. Instead, Cohen traveled to Prague in either August or September. And he did it with 3 compatriots (a detail which makes the dossier stupid all by itself). And his (purported) primary purpose was to deal with the hackers, how they got paid, and making them melt back into untraceable locales.

    That is so farfetched. Why would details like that be addressed by Cohen, and at the last minute to boot?

    There is another “tell” that the timeframe was changed in order to accommodate information that had been developed by electronic snooping. Namely, information about September activity by “bots.” The latter would be ludicrous, if Cohen/Russians had finalized hacker disappearance in August. That detail presented timeline problem, so Steele magically enlarged the window for the Prague visit to a vague time in “early September.”

    In short, Steele’s output is garbage. He took intercepts that conflicted with each other and kept moving the goalposts. And just blended in Cohen mistakenly.

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  4. Lucille says:

    Just going to the Lawfare website, and reading Benjamin Wittes’ post, defiles the mind. The article itself is hurl-producing (Coalition of All Democratic Forces! Good grief!).

    The use of the word “democratic” is quite common for lefties…Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is but one instance among all the others which have the word in their national name. Wittes’ use of it in his “coalition” group` title is but one more.

    Their goals are the same–accuse President Trump of doing what they themselves are doing, namely being dictatorial. Did you ever meet a Democrat politician who didn’t want to tell you what to do, how to do it and when? Wittes is a dope clothed in a smart man’s rhetoric. Sickening!

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    • Malone Hardcastle says:

      Yes. “Defiles the mind” is exactly right. I keep thinking that at age 82 I’m shockproof….but I keep discovering that I’m not.


    • Dixie T says:

      It actually made me feel “nauseated” after reading it—-especially after I realized that several of his group’s GOALS were put in place immediately after Donald Trump won the Presidency!

      Insurance policy: where have we heard that before? (Strzok and Page emails)

      Tying up Trump’s agenda in the Federal Courts: this has been continually happening over EVERY policy Trump enacts

      I could go on, but I’m still nauseated that AMERICANS agreed to implement these GOALS against our newly-seated President, and they continue to do so each week!

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    • vladdy says:

      Glad to see this, because yes, when I read it, I was horrified, as well. To see that these attorneys in DC placed themselves above the voters and decided to nullify our votes if necessary while putting out documentation saying they were supporting the Constitution — it just boggles the mind!


  5. MAGAbear says:

    Whatever Wray’s shortcomings are as FBI director, at least he’s not an overgrown adolescent like James Comey. How a self-absorbed drama queen like Comey became head of any agency is mindboggling.

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  6. MTeresa says:

    “…..the Coalition of All Democratic Forces” sounds pretty creepy to me.

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  7. NJ Transplant says:

    There are articles in McClatchy and the Hill claiming that Mueller can prove that Michael Cohen was in Prague colluding with Russians. When will this garbage end? This has gone so far beyond decency. I hope PDJT files that weasel Rosenstein and gets someone in there to rein in Mueller. They all belong in jail.

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  8. farrier105 says:

    The fact that Steele’s fiction is that Cohen went to Prague to clean up after the hackers proves again that the key to stopping this is the total discrediting of the Crowdstrike report. It has to be done soon.

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    • bobdog says:

      How did Cohen get into the Czech Republic without an entry stamp in his passport? Did he parachute in like a WWII OSS team of saboteurs? Does he have a false passport issued under his own name? What kind of idiot would do that?

      The FBI has his passport. Does it have an entry stamp for the Czech Republic or not?


      • Lou Foxwell says:

        They have had his passport long enough to enter the appropriate stamp to further their agenda.


      • farrier105 says:

        My guess would be that the passport does NOT have a Czech stamp. The MSM already admitted that this was another Michael Cohen. If they knew about this, there would be even more action against Cohen, and sooner. He would probably have been indicted by MUELLER and not turned over to the SDNY.


  9. Sedanka says:

    Endless outrage about people nobody listens to. The only question that really needs to be asked is whether Comey, Steele or any of them have convinced a single Trump supporter to bail – it’s very, very doubtful. This is not where we should be putting our energy.


    • Lucille says:

      Could you flesh out your thesis a tad more, Sedanka? Are you saying that being informed isn’t worth the energy expended and commenting upon information that’s presented is worthless?


      • Sedanka says:

        This isn’t being informed. This is just an endless stream of “Did you hear what they said? Did you see what they did?” It’s what many of us left Breitbart over, when they descended into that (and as far I know are still mired in that approach).

        All of us are outraged, all of us loathe the left, all of us are beyond sick of their lies, fraudulence, cheating, lawlessness. Are the details important? Were any of us about to bail on Trump because of today’s new lie, or tomorrow’s, or Monday’s. Do we need to spend every hour of the day here being carefully guided through why the latest lie from proven liars is not true?

        I’ve commented here less and less not because the information is wrong – it isn’t wrong – but because it leads us nowhere. It achieves nothing. We don’t need to vent. We need to take action and win. Small battles, big battles, every battle in between.

        We can each win a tiny part of the big war with the choices we make every day, who to support, who to vote for, what companies to patronize, what entertainers to never patronize, and so on.

        Every one in a while someone here posts a list of which states are battlegrounds in the mid-terms and how we can volunteer to help our side win (or keep) seats. I got involved with that. My personal contribution will move the needle very little, let’s be honest. But imagine if many of us – the many of us who instead sit here being upset all the time because our country and way of life is under seige, and we feel compelled to have the lies parsed and analyzed into atoms – if many of us got involved for real, maybe the needle would move.

        After all, we all managed to elect President Trump.

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        • Lucille says:

          Click on the reference at the bottom right of this page for WordPress. That way you can learn about setting up your own website to tell everyone what choices you make and why, who you are supporting and which candidates are preferable, what companies to patronize, what entertainers not to patronize, and how to get involved in saving the Republic.

          CTH’s email is Contact Sundance and present your suggestions.


          • Sedanka says:

            That’s an interesting notion, but I’m not sure that anyone (apart from you :)) would read someone who is basically saying that punditry and analysis are not important, taking even the smallest actions is. The punditry and analysis are what bring in audiences. It’s much easier to complain and rage than it is to do something – especially when what we can do feels so small in comparison to the size of the outrage we feel. But I believe that taking action is the only way anything ever changes in this world.


            • Donna in Oregon says:

              Sedanka and Lucille. Good conversation topic.

              What about an Action Line? Whenever Treepers, Patriots, Newbies are looking to change the dynamics have an awesome selection of outlets.

              For instance. Most RINO’s and Democrats in Washington DC ignore emails and phone calls to them in Washington DC. We are forgotten because we are ignored….

              1. Contact that Democrats office locally and voice your opinion. For instance call Nancy Pelosi’s office enmasse and leave complaints. Or Mitch McConnell’s.

              We don’t have to just stay on our side all the time. We are supposed to be like Andrew Breitbart and fight like Donald Trump.

              Also, faxes have to be processed. They can’t just delete them like emails.

              One time I found out all the phone numbers to their assistants. You can find a million ways to be heard.

              I think that is some the frustration. I could be wrong.

              Just an idea 🙂


        • Dixie T says:

          I don’t think this kind of CORRUPTION can really be punished at the voting booth!

          This kind of corruption requires Law Enforcement, and punishment that “fits the crimes committed.” Our voting people “out” is not a deterrent to the CORRUPTION that has been taking place within our Federal Intelligence Agencies. We don’t “vote” on corrupt FBI Directors, or corrupt Attorney Generals, or corrupt Deputy Attorney Generals, or corrupt CIA Directors—-therefore, our “votes” would do very little to STOP the CORRUPTION.

          Part of why we come here is for “insight.” We want to learn if “new information” has been revealed (because we can’t read EVERY article in the the news that came out today); and we want to read what others have deduced concerning what’s going on with the investigations of our intelligence agencies—-it usually is insightful, because posters’ perceptions can “click on a lightbulb” in our own minds—-a lightbulb that we hadn’t even thought about.


          • Donna in Oregon says:

            Except for the Tea Party, most of the fight against the Swamp by citizens has been via writing, talking, and finally voting.

            Since Donald Trump has won, the Swamp has been trying to get rid of him. We all know that the Tea Party got their azzes kicked for coming out of the shadows and making a stand. The IRS, the spying of the DOJ/FBI on steroids, cheating at the polls, using all the alphabet agencies to go after the True the Vote lady. On and on.

            No one did anything except complain. The Swamp does not care if we complain. They slow walk it and then we are on to the next horrific act committed against our Republic.

            To date there have been no consequences.

            We are at WAR. The WAR is on our terms. We will decide how this ends. The Swamp cannot control us. The Swamp cannot find out what we will do. That is our advantage.

            “Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you. All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you. The message is that they can do it, too.” ― Andrew Breitbart.


            • farrier105 says:

              I think they were planning to get rid of Trump, after he would get elected, as early as 2014-2015. Chaos is the name of the game with this bunch.


    • travelsbycar says:

      I’ve not seen any Trump supporter bail over any of this. But what I have seen is the effect the lies have had on the left. It has fueled their hatred for Trump to a degree that’s almost to far gone to turn.

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      • Sedanka says:

        Most of them couldn’t be reached to begin with. That’s how they became leftwing in the first place, an immunity from – or inability to process – reason, fact, logic.

        In any case, blowing holes in the left’s lies doesn’t change any minds on either side. We already knew they were lies, and our opponents don’t believe anything we say.

        I often see on Twitter – sometimes echoed in comments here – things like “BOOM! Smoking gun found!” or “Such and such DESTROYED their narrative!” but it’s not really true. There’s never a boom or a destroyed narrative in an environment where what we come to believe, or what Sundance has parsed into daylight, doesn’t convince anyone on the other side to change their minds.

        I’m sorry if this sounds defeatist, I don’t mean it that way. I’m just tired of spending all my energies on big outrage rather than the small actions I’m capable of taking.

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      • The Admiral says:

        It’s also had another effect on the left… many of them are getting sick and tired of their friends running around with their hair on fire acting like Chicken Little.

        They’re afraid to say it publicly… because the punishment for doing so is swift and certain… but all the hysteria is driving a fair number of folks towards the middle.


      • OldSaltUSNR says:

        It’ll drive the left to sedition and civil war, via one means or another. Regardless of the outcome, a “self-justified” political left will leave no stone overturned nor person untouched, in their murderous desire for revenge and “justice” (in their eyes). ANTIFA are outliers; there a whole not more mainstream leftist groups who could militarize, who could use electronic and other means to disrupt society.

        I put nothing beyond their consideration and effort, as their hate of Trump and all non-leftist is burning and intense beyond reason. It’s all consuming. They will act.

        If it is civil war, then the great smirking Obama will win. His “transformation” of American society will be complete. In chaos and war, the anarchist wins regardless of the outcome.


  10. zooamerica says:

    Remember Michael Wolff’s book?

    James Comey: Part Deux

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  11. Dutchman says:

    Anyone good with photoshop, (I’m not). Picturing Wolfs book, Hillarys “What the f*ck happened?!!, and Comeys book, on a pile of steaming excrement, labeled “ash heap of history”.


  12. farrier105 says:

    Comey shouldn’t get too far. He lacks any kind of charisma.


  13. zooamerica says:

    I wonder if the evil people started their propaganda “war” too early?

    Did they launch too soon? Sara Carter said that the Inspector General’s report was due to come out sometime in early April. She was wrong, but I wonder if the evil people planned these media events (Stormy Daniels, Raid on Cohen, Comey book and interview) to coincide with the IG’s release?

    Inspector General Horowitz recently said his report would likely be issued sometime in May – IF nothing else comes up in the investigation (footnote 1)….but I have a feeling that Maybe the IG is essentially putting that out there like Sara Carter did.

    The TIMING of the Inspector General’s initial report is everything.

    The evil people will do everything they can to distract from its imminent release.

    What concerns me is that when IG Horowitz says he’s ready, the media networks, congress and the Swamp will have a heads up warning to get ready.

    By then, the evil people will be scraping the very bottom of the barrel…they will go to the lowest of the low…so stay vigilant, be alert, and NEVER get complacent.


  14. Obs says:

    Rosie is an Obama appointment.
    Rosie is best buddies with Comey.
    Rosie, with Session’s support and agreement, is stonewalling Congressional oversight committee demands for information.

    Yep, allowing the obvious Deepie Rosie to run DoJ was a stroke of Trumpian genius or another all too frequent own goal by Donald. You think he’d learn not to allow people who hate him to run their politics from positions of authority. Just a thought.


  15. Are the black hats crazy enough to try to doctor Michael Cohen’s actual physical passport (during the office raid)? Either mag scan it or swap it out with one that documents his “trip” to Prague? While making sure their changes are reflected in the passport system (back office passport server somewhere)? Aren’t passports handled by the State Department? There’s a few black hats at State who would help out. We know not to put anything past these creeps. Very desperate people do desperate / stupid things.


    • Convert says:

      That’s my concern, too. When the Prague allegation has been rebutted right from the start and Cohen filed a defamation suit, which he certainly wouldn’t do if he’s guilty– that’s painting a bullseye on yourself.

      So for Mueller and company to drag this up again? It’s cause for concern. It’s now the last hope of the evil Swamp to find something that can be used as an excuse for impeachment– As Sundance reminds us frequently– there are trillions at stake.


    • OldSaltUSNR says:

      We’re thinking alike (as my subsequent post indicates).

      However, more than the passport would be required. An entire electronic trail including public conveyances would have to be DISPROVEN, i.e. that Cohen traveled to California and attended public youth sports events on those dates, and an substantive electronic trail would have to be created, for Mueller to prove THIS Michael Cohen was Prague on those dates. Remember, there is another “real” Micheal Cohen who did go to Prague, but he had nothing to do with Trump or events in Hillary’s Steele dossier. So, Mueller might have to do something about that, as well. Remember, also, the most likely source of the information about a “Cohen” in Prague was unmasked NSA intercepts. If Mueller can’t prove another source of the information, that presents another whole problem with the Steele dossier. If indeed it was NSA intercepts, then how can it be explained that the information originated WITHIN US Intelligence agencies, then exited, and then appeared via foreign intelligence sources?

      Much as I agree with your train of thought, of Atty. Michael Cohen was in fact in California attending his son’s youth sport events on the dates the dossier claimed he was in Prague, that’ll be a mountainous inconsistency to overcome, even with by a US Justice and Intelligence agency resources.

      But like I wrote in my next post, anything is possible, once the Constitution and rule of law have left the building.


    • Sayit2016 says:

      The passport issue was debunked a LONG time ago. It is a non issue.


      • OldSaltUSNR says:

        Reference? Source? You’re saying that Cohen has no evidence that he wasn’t in Prague on the dates specified?

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        • Sayit2016 says:

          Yes… that is exactly what I am saying. Micheal Cohen the President’s lawyer has NEVER been to Prague EVER. The evidence is his flipping passport. He presented his passport to the President as well. The evidence is that he was in Southern California ( LA ) at the time and confirmed. There WAS a Michael Cohen that DID travel to Prague, different birth date same birth year, different picture. Not the same year.


        • LULU says:

          Cohen DOES have evidence that he wasn’t in Prague. All of this was hashed out over a year ago. Even Jake Tapper seemed to confirm it, and we know how ole Jake usually swings…

          Cohen strongly denied the charges Tuesday, saying that he had never been to Prague. The Washingtonian reported that two sources at the University of Southern California confirmed that Cohen was in Los Angeles at the time he was supposed to have been in Europe.

          Tapper seemingly confirmed Cohen’s story. “People tried to run that down and concluded it was a different Michael Cohen. It was a Michael Cohen with a passport from another country, same birth year, different birth date,” he said.

          “For him to dispute he was in the Czech Republic comports with our reporting,” Tapper said. “It’s one of the reasons the intelligence chiefs did not get specific with these allegations. That’s why I hope at the press conference today people are more general, because a lot of that stuff just has not been proven.”

          From the Mediaite article linked below.


  16. OldSaltUSNR says:

    So, now that the Democrat party’s FBI and Justice department have raided and seized every document or electronic record Michael Cohen had, I wonder who has custody of Cohen’s passport and airline records. I wonder if they will read any different, now that they are in the hands of “skilled investigators”? I wonder of a Prague trip, credit card records, and airline records now appear documenting Cohen’s “European vacation”.

    If the Marxist Democrat’s FBI and Justice Department have custody of these records, they will eventually read “correctly”, and the Steele dossier will suddenly be “corroborated”.

    Yeah, now we’re talking “X-files” kind of stuff, but who’d have thought a “Special Prosecutor” who hired 16 of the post partisan Marxist-Democrat attorneys in the nation for his team, would dare violate the attorney-client privilege of s sitting President. Why, if a GOP lead legal team had done that to Bill Clinton or Barrack Obama, the media and political left would have been called sedition, a Coup d’atat.

    And they’d be right ….

    So, “x-files” away. Anything is possible.


  17. pirinor says:

    With the small group under lock and key…. who’s still fighting the war?


  18. Donna in Oregon says:

    After all the smoke and mirrors, it looks like Mueller and his crew are going after a lawyer that is suing a subcontractor, Fusion GPS.

    I wonder what contract terms are for subcontractors of the FBI.

    Mr. Cohn should subpoena the government contracts and get the terms and payments for Fusion GPS.

    Can the government pursue Cohn and act for a subcontractor in a civil dispute? Are they prohibited from seizing evidence for a subcontractor in a civil case where the government is also on the hook?

    What does this subcontractor contract say about litigation? Does the contract prohibit paying for foreign documents, or specifically mention avoidance of interference in elections, candidates, or any political taboo using US funding.

    Are there written terms for handling foreign contractors like Christopher Steel that have transactional business with FBI subcontractors while at the same time being considered an FBI source? Would love to know….


  19. Dixie T says:

    My main concern is: What about Executive Privilege? Could there be documents in Cohen’s files that would fall under this category?


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      IDK. But the fruit of the poison tree is going to wipe out Mueller/Rosenstein/McCabe/all Small Group zealots evidence and conclusions.

      A bunch of law licenses are going to the junk pile over this Swampy behavior.


  20. Commentor in Chief says:

    “Confirmation of the trip would lend credence to a retired British spy’s report that Cohen strategized there with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election.”

    So it must have been Cohen that delivered the message from Putin to Hillary that she shouldn’t campaign in the rust belt swing states and call half the nation deplorables?


  21. Chuck Arnold says:

    Here is what I just DO NOT understand. The text messages about the “Insurance Policy” PROVES TREASON without a shadow of a doubt, so why have none of these people been arrested, and how in the world can they still be allowed to work there, and why in the HECK are they allowed to keep their security clearances. Is everybody just going to sit around and let this attempted coup to continue until they succeed, I mean I don’t get it, why is the Military not arresting these people who are STILL committing treason every day.


    • ablefox says:

      The Federal Government is ‘Too Damn Big’.


    • buckeyeman says:

      Sundance (and others) has addressed this point many times. These folks are presented with the evidence of their crimes and the potential prison time they will serve. They are then given the option of co-operating in return for a lighter sentence. If they agree, they are told to report to work every day and sit behind their desk until they are called. Maybe they do some drabs of useful work, maybe they just stare at the walls for eight hours a day and then leave.

      Thus, they remain under the control and at the beck and call of the proper authorities. We have heard NOTHING from Strzok, Page, Priestap, and a few others for months. SD believes that is because they are singing like canaries. It is a reasonable conclusion but only time will tell.


  22. ablefox says:

    The small group is not small. It is Yuuuuge.


  23. jeans2nd says:

    Lotta stuff to read there. Who writes those law documents, anyway? Would that law school would teach concise writing skills rather than verbosity. Are attorneys paid by the word, or something? If one never hears nor reads the word “therein” again, it will be too soon.

    This is not to argue with the basic premise of your post. Your conclusion – “The “Small Group” Knew They’d Lose The Fact Battle, So They Began a Propaganda War…” is absolutely, positively, 100% correct.

    What the Cohen case, and the filing by the USAO-SDNY, determines, imo, is that this is a trial to establish precedence for the trial(s) of the “Small Group,” and the actions having been, and being, undertaken by AG Jeff and IG Horowitz.

    Additionally, this USAO-SDNY court filing is the Clinton email trial, being held in Clinton’s own district of record.

    The “filter team,” whose use is being argued here by USAO-SDNY, is exactly what AG Jeff has set up with John Whatsits, the DOJ Illinois Face Guy whose job it is to communicate with Congress and the public, and hasten document production.

    The remainder of the case outlined in the USAO-SDNY court filing is the Clinton email case, with Cohen as the stand-in for Clinton, being argued in Clinton’s own home district.

    Pres Trump is in no danger from this court case, imo. There is much in the USAO-SDNY court filing, particularly in the last 8-10 pages, that especially exonerates Pres Trump.
    Of note – “the USAO-SDNY has already obtained search warrants – covert until this point – on multiple different email accounts maintained by Cohen and…zero emails were exchanged with President Trump” pg. 13

    Did you catch that? Covert search warrants on Cohen’s email accounts. Hmmm…
    Kinda makes one wonder, huh? So many fake email names, so little time.
    The USAO-SDNY also argues convicingly that Cohen has no basis for pre-review and self-selection of documents and emails. Kinda like Clinton, yes?

    This USAO-SDNY court filing also makes clear that Pres Trump has been cooperating with Mueller on every account, and seems to show that Pres Trump is NOT being investigated by Mueller.

    Which reinforces a conclusion that Mueller’s main job is to protect the “Small Group.”
    Wittes et al neglect to notice those in the shadows and behind the curtain.

    Sad that such a narrative is being played out by the co-conspirators and Fake News.
    They are digging their own grave. imo
    Them good ol’ Southern Boys are not ones with whom to trifle, hear tell.
    No worries. Pres Trump is NO Richard Nixon.
    No guarantees on the condition of The Swamp after 8 years, though.


  24. Good, because we were founded as a Constitutional Republic based on honest representation. It’s high time we return to those roots. That means some “amendments” must go along with the “democracy”.

    What they really mean when they say democracy, is plutarchy.


  25. People really should read the Sundance writings before posting.

    Just sayin’…



  26. Rynn69 says:

    The “small group” did not act alone. The big fish still need to be caught to sanitize the swamp…


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