IG Horowitz Informs Senator Grassley Primary IG Report Release Date “May”…

In a letter from Michael Horowitz to Senator Chuck Grassley (full pdf below) the DOJ Inspector General informs congress of multiple investigations, and multiple releases.  The primary OIG investigation into the FBI and DOJ politicization will be released in May:

In the ¹footnote Horowitz outlines the Andrew McCabe report was a secondary investigative outcome of the initial investigation, and the supplemental FISA investigation will result in an additional release unattached to the primary.

Here’s the full letter:


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306 Responses to IG Horowitz Informs Senator Grassley Primary IG Report Release Date “May”…

  1. Dutchman says:

    Interesting timeline: DJT signs internet trafficking law, and remarks it shouldnt have been THIS hard, to get bipartisan support.
    DOJ busts backpage, co. pleads guilty, and agrees to turn over all electronic records (of pedophiles (?) To DOJ.
    Cohens office raided, and already leaks of RNC sex scandal,….oh, and Ryan announces retiring. Hmmmm

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  2. Bigdog35 says:

    Trump has scored gold in my view this evening; This ties up
    1) exit strategy
    2) Corners NK
    3) Makes Assad untenable.
    4) Debunks Russia theory BIGLY
    5) Leadership!

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    • NYSE says:

      Good points!

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      We still don’t know if Assad did it. That seems to be kind of important. And if Assad falls the streets of Damascus will run like rivers with the blood of the Syrian Christians.

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      • ZurichMike says:

        The issue is not “who did it?” but rather letting a multinational team destroy chemical weapons facilities, production sites, and delivery systems.

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        • Jan says:

          DC has gone bonkers with the bombing, but we weren’t going to get any MSM highlights on the IG report on McCabe anyway. After all, they have Dimms/RINOs on the Hill saying he needs to come to Congress first before he bombs; Comey’s book tour; the normal TURD syndrome (Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder); Michael Cohen; he can’t fire Sessions, Mueller, RR or anyone else; and “muh Russia”. The pardon of Scooter Libby is really at the bottom of the pile for those suffering from TURD. Pres. Trump picked a good weekend to pardon Mr. Libby.

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      • T.L.T. says:

        The Syrian “Christians” have been A-OK with Assad and his daddy before him killing their own civilians with chemical weapons. This has been going on for a lot longer then the current Syrian civil war.

        I find this attack to be suspicious due to timing & would not be surprised to find Deep State actors behind it.

        That said, Syria’s govt has been EVIL for decades so DON’T attempt to make them good guys because they cannot put those shoes on- EVER. There is a reason Syria makes the Bible’s hit parade.

        Since Obama & Kerry stated that Syrian WMD had been removed why does Syria have a chemical warfare “research” program? Maybe now Syria will back off researching, building or using CW.

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        • hoop says:

          They ALL do evil over there in the Mid-East…

          EVERY NATION in the region is run by blood thirsty Tyrants that murder innocents in horrific ways… IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY… They are doing what their forefathers did going back even before the time of Christ – and when you toss the Koran in to the mix – you can’t dig graves fast enough.

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          • AKM says:

            Calm down. Perhaps visit peaceful Oman or peaceful United Arab Emirates, before posting such comments. In the latter, despite being a muslim country, one can go to the catholic or the protestant church. In the UAE, only 15% of the population is Emirati, which means a very cosmopolitan mix of people make a living there, and send their kids to various types of schools in a tolerant environment.


      • signer1 says:

        I’ve had that gut feeling for a couple of years now. His first denial was quite adamant, and there was something extremely believable about it.


      • farmhand1927 says:

        Doesn’t matter who dunnit. It happened again in Assad’s country on his watch. It’s on him one way or another. President Trump won’t stand for it, otherwise chemical weapons could end up in Israel. Donald Trump will defend the defenseless whether it’s children being tortured by chemical weapons or innocent Americans suffering at the hands of felons, legal or otherwise. America once again abides by the rule of law and human decency. One man and one country cant end evil or contain all of it but we do what we can.

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    • Polisavvy says:

      …And pre-empts the Comey interview making Comey and Stephanopoulos look like two childish Clinton sycophants.


  3. rsmith1776 says:

    May 1st we hope.

    Not May 31st.

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  4. positron1352 says:

    NEVER seen a leader be everywhere every single day like our President. He is sucking the oxygen from the planet and I love him for it. Feeling greedy and impatient with IG but so thankful that Horowitz is the good man that he appears to be. I have to believe there are preparations that have to be made as Q has said. This is supposed to be the MOAB so there must be an enormous amount of strategizing and planning. As far as Q: I google: “Q drops analysis April 12 utube” and see a host of different interpretations. It’s an easy way to go about understanding Q. I think Q is important to follow, if for no other reason, patriotism. It’s fascinating and you do get the information ahead of time, it appears.

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  5. Southern Son says:

    Those pics of Strok n Page reminded me of what Bumpin’ Ugly meant.

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  6. The Meemer says:

    Please tell me that Huber and Horowitz are investigating Mueller!!


    • JonMaxwell says:

      What would be better then the FBI raiding Mullers office in the predawn hours?

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    • T.L.T. says:

      There is supposed to be a Uranium One investigation per Sessions.

      U1 should never have been authorized by the FBI due to rampant evidence of criminality.

      Mueller was in charge of the FBI- he’s the one responsible for allowing it to proceed & slow walking criminal complaints against participants.

      Comey was handpicked to replace Mueller because he’s a criminal minded Mueller clone.

      These people are a CABAL and have been active the entire 21st century. There are people graduating high school this year who have lived under the shadow of this tyranny since birth.

      Everything happening to Donald Trump for the last 3 years is directly related to this. Expose Mueller & Comey you expose Hilary & Obama crimes.

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  7. sickconservative says:

    We will see but really time is running short, how I hate how our Gov’t works at this point and the retaliation on Assad/Russia I have mixed feelings at this point.
    Support PDJT but pray he has the best council at this point.

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  8. Brant says:

    May……of what year? I just hope it’s not May 32nd.

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  9. mikey says:

    My eyes glaze over after reading some the IG’s letter back to Grassley. It’s amazing the amount of work it takes to write these reports.

    All Obama had to do was put the pen down and make a phone call to screw Trump.

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  10. H.R. says:

    If I read that correctly, the FISA abuse is next and should be released before the main report.

    If the McCabe ‘matter’ and the FISA abuses are just ‘minor’ side issues, then what MOAB lies in the Main Report?

    Looks like we get Christmas Eve in April and Christmas Day in May.

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  11. Chilidog says:

    McCabe has been reprimanded for stepping out of line and leaking for his own personal benefit. For this transgression, he lost his job and part of his pension. This is starting to feel like a whitewash. I have a feeling he would still be in place if he didn’t go rogue with leaking for his personal benefit. Are we supposed to believe these are the only leaks he’s responsible for? But these leaks are insulated from the larger operation of subverting the election.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      IG and FISA report will be indicative.

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    • T.L.T. says:

      This is a McCabe specific report dealing with one aspect of his actions.

      Other McCabe actions have yet to be revealed in the FISA report as well as the election 2016/ Hilary e-mail report.

      This OIG sub report just scratched the surface but was very powerful in revealing that Trump/Sessions WERE CORRECT in firing McCabe. It reveals that the Lying Media & the Democrats were wrong to support McCabe & implies that they may be wrong about other issues.

      This slow drip leading up to the election is how Independents decide to vote Trump Train Nov 2018.

      Stay tuned.

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      • T.L.T. And, the misconduct regarding Flynn…

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      • Chilidog says:

        At this point we only have hope that those crimes will be revealed, and the perpetrators will be held accountable. But we can be certain that Cohen and others will be indicted. All indications are that Mueller will provide evidence for dems to draft articles of impeachment. The swamp can manage a slow drip, but change won’t occur until we see a flood.


  12. Dixie T says:

    PADAG means “Principle Associate Deputy Attorney General.” So, when PADAG is used in the IG’s Report, does it mean Rod Rosenstein, or Bruce Ohr???

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  13. JM says:

    When someone goes to jail over any of this, I’ll be impressed. Until then, it’s just the D.C. Swamp Crawl.

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  14. shirley49 says:

    I see the pictures of all of these crooks and liars and not one of them is in an orange jump suit while Mueller is running around harassing innocent citizens.

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    IF I were Congress, I would ask him what date the report will be ready and schedule the meeting for his testimony now. Get it on the calendar, and let the players know when their little play is coming to an end.

    That is how things work in the real world. There are deadlines. Anything that comes after this is icing and fluff and can be added and investigated separately, for however long it takes. I want the IG’s IG’in’ all they want. They have a lot of digging left to do to root out ALL the BAD ACTORS after the previous lawless administration told them, Sorry, you can’t/WON’T audit us!

    I’d still like an investigation of what transpired in the DOJ after Judge Hanan’s order that they take ethics classes, (not to mention Basic Law).

    “On May 19, 2016, while the case was awaiting decision at the Supreme Court, as a lesser alternative to entirely striking the government’s pleadings, Hanen demanded that some 3,000 Department of Justice lawyers in 26 states take ethics classes, and ordered other sanctions for those who argued Texas v. United States, involving President Obama’s immigration executive actions.”

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  16. zucccchini says:

    AGAIN….first it was mid January…then February….Oh…wait…we can surely do this by March! Ooops …all these new things happening….let’s settle for May. I don’t know who is screwing with “those interested in this” or are the investigators investigating the investigators all one group; people just like the people they are investigating. UGH. I don’t believe we will ever get that report or any satisfaction of what they are ‘saying’ they found.

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  17. scarlettbr says:

    Delay, Delay….The McCabe release was interesting, it wasn’t earth shattering and I’ve yet to see any indictment. It appeared the release was to explain the firing of McCabe. That report should’ve been released before a Go Fund page was set up, an op-ed was written by his wife and liberals got a month of bashing Trump and lying to their already unhinged base.
    I’m not expecting much from this report, and I’m starting to think it may just be another creation of the deep state to protect them and destroy Trump.
    Pray I’m wrong but the delays make no sense and releasing McCabe after the liberals have controlled the narrative makes no sense.

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    • Bigdog35 says:

      If you read the cover letter from Horowitz to Grassley, page2 – 3rd paragraph;

      …” with regard to the committees request for the underlying investigative material that we provided to the FBI, DOJ, and the DOJ, we would request an opportunity to meet with the committee staff to discuss that aspect of the request”.

      It is telling the whole world that there will be, or currently is, a criminal investigation ongoing about these matters.


  18. harleyd says:

    I think there are two possible overarching “themes” here:

    1. The Swamp has something big on PDJT and/or his family. They are demanding some degree of Swamp friendly Trump “behavior” to leave him and his family alone. The Cohen raid was a reminder. A shot across the bow. This would conceivably explain Trump’s unexpected (at least by the base) action re: Syrian military action, NAFTA wiggling, rethinking canceling TPP and any number of Trump “mid course corrections.” PDJT will be allowed to finish his term if he plays nice. He can tweet all he wants but there will be no major Swamp creature indictments. Just lots of investigations and useless reports, hurting no one big. PDJT just represents a four year pause in the Swamp march to “fundamentally transforming America”.

    2. The Swamp is desperate and Trump is displaying “results oriented” leadership. He is willing to make course corrections as he learns more and conditions change. The Swamp is playing out their last cards. Mueller is revealed to be in on this from the start and IS the insurance policy. His rapid appointment as SC after a one hour meeting with Trump is telling, as it was a set up executed while Trump was in the chaos of setting up an administration and was trying to make peace with RINOS.

    The McCabe IG report could be a leading indicator. If Huber issues a criminal indictment, then maybe we are off to the races. If McCabe is not indicted for obvious felonies, then it’s Kabuki Theater with us as the stooges.


  19. Bigdog35 says:

    Think of it like bumper bowling! The continual tightening of the rails inward, so that whenever and by whomever rolls the ball- the pins will be struck with certainty!


  20. Perot Conservative says:

    Does True Pundit have a good track record?

    Any reliable sources confirming that the NYPD officers cried when they saw the alleged contents?


  21. Debra says:

    You are making news real again- thanks!


  22. peter pan says:

    For the moment Im still skeptical at OIG

    McCabe, per report got in trouble When He went against PDAG decision to keep quiet CF Investigation,
    They in turn leaked about his Conflict of interest with MS McCabe , In order he should recuse , fearing he is damaging TO HRC campaign if public gets gets informed of investigation
    he retaliates, by releasing more info…

    McCabe is no saint, but he is in trouble for above reasons. Comey is BELIEVED.


  23. A complete and total swamp whitewash is what this is – what true patriot will be satisfied with Mccabe (HIGHLY unlikely that he ever sees a courtroom, but even if he did), cartoon character “stzrok” and his “mistress” (more likely), or nothing burger Ohr/wife taking the HIT (HIGHLY unlikely) for:


    not to mention the 2 year assault on the President, America First, FREEDOM, and the constitution.

    i seriously don’t give 2 figs about Andrew Mccabe or any of the other bit players that i referenced, and most certainly will not accept them as sacrificial deflection for any of the REAL criminals that i listed who are begging for just prosecution.

    not 2 figs. in that regard – do you?
    will you be “satisfied” with bit player mccabe, while the rest skate??

    *again – the chances of actual prosecution for mccabe or any other swamp sacrifice is EXTREMELY slim – there is a high probability of reprimands for conflict, or speaking with less than “candor” LOL wouldn’t want to accuse anyone of lying…

    and yet i would almost guarantee that that is the outcome that we’ll be seeing from the corrupt to the core, swamp DOJ


    • Perot Conservative says:

      If half your list gets indicted, will you be satisfied?

      Sara Carter says Indictments are coming.


      • brother, if ONE PERSON on that list is indicted i would be ecstatic because it would signal a new day for America…equal treatment under the law for ALL citizens…TRUE and actual accountability.

        a) I would be STUNNED if that occurred
        b) i could’t care less what sarah carter or anyone else is predicting

        show me the money


        • Perot Conservative says:

          http://www.saraacarter.com has been right on a number of scoops!

          About a month ago she said her sources (not CTH people) claim we only know 15% of the story.

          She was the first person to report that McCabe instructed FBI agents to change 302s, or whatever the # is. I had never even heard this reference before.


      • Also, you didn’t answer my question – will you be satisfied with mccabe and the rest of the bit players i mentioned taking the “hit” for the REAL CRIMINALS i listed?
        Will that be justice for you?


        • Perot Conservative says:

          No. I want mid-level players (Strzok, Page), and upper-level players (McCabe, Comey, Rice, Lynch).


          • but you still didn’t answer my question which i’ve stated VERY clearly several times…

            if ONLY (that’s ONLY) bit player mccabe, and cartoon character photoshopped nobodies “stzrok and his “mistress” are indicted, that’ll do it for you? justice served, book closed?

            hey – if that’s how you feel…cool

            as you know – i listed the REAL CRIMINALS separately, so…


            • Perot Conservative says:

              I answered you, I want both levels.


            • jello333 says:

              I’m not trying to get in the middle of your debate, but as for me, I’ll say this: If it’s only lower-level types (and by that I’m even including McCabe) then it’ll be a major LOSS for us. If some of the upper-level people, like Lynch and Comey are taken down, then I guess we can call it okay, sort of a draw. But ONLY if not just Hillary, but also Obama are hit… only then will it be a real WIN for this country. I’m aware that Obama will never see the inside of a cell, since Trump will almost surely issue a pre-emptive pardon, it’s important that he at least be indicted… or THIS close to indictment, so the whole world knows he’s guilty.


              • great comment, jello33 (remember jello shots? ;O)
                i’m not trying to debate anyone – just not a fan of indirect communication…
                i have strong opinions and i respect the same in others.

                In any case – you’re even tougher than me! Although i completely get how you feel about Obama (and NOTHING would be sweeter than seeing him, rod ham or bill hemmed up), an indictment of any of those in my list (a fairly commonly shared one) of the REAL criminals, would be an almost surreal thing – the TRUTH with the light of day illuminating it! I am so resigned to this NEVER occurring (and still believe that that is a foregone conclusion) that i would surely question whether or not i was dreaming, were it to actually happen.
                I agree with you about mccabe – he’s a low level nobody, scripted to take the heat off the true thugs…and “strzrok” and the “mistress”? controlled opposition cartoon figments – crafted by the swamp propagandists to satisfy those “conservatives” who are barely paying attention.

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