Planning For OIG Release – President Trump Hires Joe diGenova….

Things are proceeding swimmingly.  How is it possible to outline the biggest political corruption scandal in modern U.S. history; which utilized the full weight of the institutions of government and the vast intelligence community; against the predictable tide of a mainstream U.S. media apparatus who will shout ‘conspiracy theory’; while every single entity associated with the collaborative effort will protect the group behind the scandal?

There’s the challenge.  How do you introduce the scale and scope of corruption to almost half the country who have relied upon the false narrative delivered by fake news for the past two years?

Answer: You assemble a strategic communications team, timed to activate when a key series of events takes place.   Joe diGenova is part of that strategic communications team. The triggering event is the OIG release.  The purpose of the team is to help the news consumer digest the corruption elephant one bite at a time.

As each individual indictment is parsed and delivered, there will be tens-of-thousands of pages of evidence, multiple witness statements, and a tsunami of investigative supporting material that needs to be unpacked -per person- and understood against the backdrop of the bigger story.

Understanding the scale and scope is why CTH put together the video series to help grasp the larger issues; and that video series only highlights the FBI and DOJ part of the story. [fyi, that video series will air as a single 30 minute documentary as part of the toolbox].

When does it all happen:


All by careful design…

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781 Responses to Planning For OIG Release – President Trump Hires Joe diGenova….

  1. 🍺Gunny says:

    Well Bless Your Heart

    Now go away

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  2. Perot Conservative says:

    Sara Carter tonight posted a very interesting article on the “well respected” Robert Mueller.

    You know, Mueller, who worked in Boston for years. Who’s team covered for famed killer Whitey Bulger, the Irish mobster. Johnny Depp portrayed him in the movie Black Mass.

    Mueller’s team sentenced four innocent men to jail while they covered for Whitey. Our Government had to pay out $100 Million in compensation because Mueller’s men framed four innocent men!

    The Liberal MSM never told me THAT story! Crooked Hillary? Crooked Mueller!

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  3. Max says:

    This is the only site I visited out of 7 I regular check that actually had decent news coverage and analysis.


  4. Is McCabe the head of OBAMA’s “secret society” ???
    where those “secret society” meetings held away from the FBI all OBAMA’s SS meetings?

    Is it still operational?


  5. and :::
    Hire Alan Dershowitz
    he is informed
    he is objective


  6. David A says:

    Indeed, a defeatist attitude is sometimes cause to a decent yet weak man giving in to corruption because of the power of those that perpetuate it. ( there are many grey hats)

    Take ❤. We have some truly great souls in this cinema; they make the impossible, inevitable.


  7. Keebler ac says:

    Sassye, don’t let the gang get you down. I agree, impeachment is a risk with mid-terms coming up which is why Trump is pushing for results from OIG and action from AG. People are assuming the fight is over and that Mueller won’t cause further mischief if allowed to run amuck, The goal of Mueller is to get access to Trump’s history and records which in the hands of the malignant media and globalists can be turned some kind of indictment. Yes Mueller has the power as SC to indict per Ken Starr on fabricated stuff that we have no access to. Why do people assume Mueller is benign? Trump hired Digenova for a reason. This celebration over Mueller continuing his investigation is ludicrous!

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