Great News – Andrew McCabe Claims He Kept Notes of Discussions With President Trump…

Within hours of Attorney General Jeff Sessions firing Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, the politicized intelligence community and their media advocates began shaping a narrative.

Despite the decision coming from President Obama’s initiated Department of Justice Office of Inspector General sending a referral to the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility for an internal review; and despite the determination by the OPR to recommend firing; and despite the termination was carried out by Attorney General Jeff Sessions; somehow this just has to be President Trump.  Why? TDS, that’s why.

In an effort to assist his wounded-indian-routine, politically thinking McCabe claims to have taken copious notes of interactions with President Trump, who –according to McCabes prior sniffeling–  hurt his feelings.

Yes, that’s right, the Deputy Director of the FBI clutches his pearls while proclaiming his innocence against the charges he politicized his position; and defends against his firing by saying he had his sensibilities wounded when President Trump pointed out -to his face- that McCabe held an important position, and was stupid for thinking it was a good idea for his wife to run for political office.

Within Washington DC it might be the norm for law enforcement idiots to ignore brutally inappropriate conflicts by steering their spouses, children, friends and family into political offices, but in the real world it’s just not good practice.

So Andrew McCabe is now going to spill the beans on conversations with President Trump where Chief Executive questioned McCabe’s personal judgement.

That’s the strategy. Ooooh, resist we much; and we much, about that, be committed.


It might be worth noting, McCabes notes all stem from President Trump questioning the judgement of a guy who was eventually fired for lying about his actions – which evidenced a brutally obvious lack of judgement – that he tried to hide…

Yeah, you just can’t make this stuff up.

I’m reminded of a time when a jilted employee thought he was so invaluable to the organization that he spent six days formulating a response in advance of being notified of his well known pending termination.

Obviously the employee had a very high opinion of himself and further thought it would be more powerful if his grand speech was delivered with an audience of his co-workers, who he was certain felt the same way about him.

After about 30 seconds of a five minute speech the company owner interrupted and simply stated:  “When you get all done with this, you’re still fired” – and walked away.

The entire room burst out in laughter.




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327 Responses to Great News – Andrew McCabe Claims He Kept Notes of Discussions With President Trump…

  1. Cathy M. says:

    McCabe dirtied himself.

    Sessions statement says-
    Both the DOJ/OIG & FBI/OPR concluded that McCabe lacked candor – including under oath- on multiple occasions.

    McCabe’s Excuse-
    He “did the best he could amidst the chaos that surrounded me” &
    “I was distracted in the midst of chaotic events”

    yeah, right /s/

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    • Lizzyp says:

      “the fog of war” and all. Because, remember, this is NOT normal!!!!


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      • McCabe had other agents under his command change/falsify 302’s… why should anything he has written be taken seriously? What would prevent him from fabricating 302’s from whole cloth?

        IMHO the recent revelation that Mueller was setting aside the obstruction investigation… my theory is there is no evidence which is unimpeachable… considering Comey leaked Government information which after he was fired he was not LEGALLY allowed to possess, so the special council was appointed as the result of a CRIMINAL ACTION OF JAMES COMEY. PLUS McCabe’s integrity is EXTREMELY QUESTIONABLE at best! So Comey and McCabe are useless as witnesses.

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        • David GERKEN says:

          The lamestream media will back them to their graves, though.

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          • thedoc00 says:

            They have no choice because the MSM willfully suborned the known tainted information, likely paid for it and then hired all their sources as employees after they resigned from the government. (Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Power, etc.)

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            • M33 says:

              And the MSM is essentially controlled by Deep State anyway…

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              • Mickturn says:

                Actually the Deep State knowingly takes advantage of the MSM, knowing they are all totally LAZY Idiots that accept anything that looks like a story they agree with and run with it…They are all at fault and should be taken out and HANGED for TREASON!


        • SPELL 9 says:

          So, those Memos were the pen’s fault.

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          • glissmeister says:

            If the POTUS meeting memoranda “bombshells” were not Comey’s to distribute then neither were those created by McCabe. What laws were broken by McCabe and Mueller in the apparent mishandling of this information? In what way was Director Wray involved?

            Did McCabe keep them and disseminate them unlawfully to his mentor, Robert Mueller?

            Did Comey in any way conspire, have guilty knowledge of, or otherwise involve himself in this?

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        • Fast182 says:

          If me falsified 302’s then that’s a crime and he should be charged, not just fired. Sundance pointed out “However, on the other hand you can look at this leaked disciplinary recommendation as Machiavellian characters (Bad Guys) within the FBI setting up AG Sessions, painting him into a corner, to create yet another controversial storyline.”

          His firing is what the black hats wanted. They will use it as part of the narrative to charge Trump with obstruction.

          Sessions could have fired him and simultaneously charged his with a crime. But he did what the bad guys wanted, further undermining Trump.

          Sessions must start charging people soon. We must stop the coup attempt now, even if a few bad guys get away because the investigation wasn’t quite finished. This is an active crime that must be stopped NOW. And Sessions inaction leads me to believe that nothing will happen to these folks.

          God help us all.

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          • Guy says:

            Unfortunately I tend to agree with you. I was astonished when McCabe was fired however. Sessions actions at this point indicate that the battle is essentially over. When we know whats in the IG Report and see if indictments are issued, we will know if the coup was successful or not.

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        • Jan says:

          As are witnesses who would testify in the Gen. Flynn case–Peter Strzok, Sally Yates, Bill Priestap. In fact, Mueller really doesn’t have any witnesses with any integrity left were Flynn to withdraw his plea & go to trial.

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      I’d like “Andy” to tell us what the chaotic events were.

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    • 4harrisonblog says:

      If I had more time to think about it, in hindsite I could come up with better lies.

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    • digleigh says:

      Was he distracted by Lisa Page’s and Sczrok’s insurance plan discussions in his office perhaps??SSHHEESSHHH!

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    • Cathy M. says:

      “McCabe’s Excuse-
      He “did the best he could amidst the chaos that surrounded me” &
      “I was distracted in the midst of chaotic events”

      I neglected to specify what that chaos was to my original post-

      Attempting to manage an expanding network of manufactured lies by multiple players without getting caught . Frankly I don’t know how he managed for so long.

      Naaaw, actually I do.–


  2. Carrie says:

    So Susan Rice had her exculpatory email, Comey had his notes that he duly leaked to the NYT and now McCabe has notes too. Do they have any notes about their meetings for the PDB’s with Obama?

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  3. The Devilbat says:

    Cultural Marxism relies on having victims. McCabe has likely been doing the bidding of the globalists – Marxists. Now he’s has been caught he is a victim, pure and simple.

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  4. Cathy M. says:

    McCabe has to be dumber than a rock to lie to a fed govt. official before he was KMA on his full pension. Idiot!

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    • Dipchip says:

      His lying would have been fine had he not placed all his chips on the wrong color. HRC was going to fire Comey and he was going to be the go to guy for the President as head of the FBI. His horse couldn’t run.

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      • Jan says:

        McCabe says he’s never met Hillary or Slick Willy. That doesn’t mean they’ve never talked on the phone, emails, text messages, etc. Maybe Terry MacAuliffe was his the go-between for McCabe & Hillary, because we know that McCabe met MacAuliffe wwhen his wwife decided to run. We don’t know why the FBI/DOJ are not turning over McCabe’s text messages, etc. to Congress.

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  5. alliwantissometruth says:

    Dear Mr. McCabe,

    While we understand the pain snowflakes feel when confronted by brutal honesty, we’d like to remind you the American people are faced with the brutal realities of an incompetent & failed past administration every day

    President Trump does not want nor will he allow the corrupt & criminal to be in positions of power, unlike the radical past President who not only allowed it but sought out corrupt & criminal miscreants like you to do his bidding

    May I remind you our government is owned by we the people & it’s ruled by American law. For many years you & your ilk have run roughshod over the rule of law & ran one of our most treasured institutions as your personal fiefdom, which you turned into a criminal enterprise

    You were given an important position of power, a position bestowed upon you by we the people, & you shit all over it & on us too

    It is not you & a few of your morally bankrupt friends who get’s to choose who will lead us. That is for we the people to decide

    If we may, we’d like to give you some advice…

    Instead of acting like the unhinged childish snowflake that you are, we’d suggest you enjoy a month or two of your new found unemployment before your next adventure. We highly doubt you’ll be able to enjoy what you’re allowed to enjoy now because, well, there’s not much freedom or decent food in prison these days

    Best of luck to you

    The American people

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    • Charlie says:

      Libs think it’s great to be unemployed, remember feel good stories under BO’s unemployed America?
      Gives time to do the things you missed while working. Karma – hey Andy mow your lawn, clean the gutters, wash the windows it’s spring! Makes me smile.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      alliwantissometrusth, fantastic written speech stating clearly who he thought he was and what he could do but unfortunately many in government work does not like to think they are OUR employees, and that includes Congress. We are the Republic government and sad to tell them they day has come and is going away. You are criminals of the highest level via sedition and treason, and why do you think you deserve anything but a rope necklace while we all thought those in the FBI and CIA were truly intelligent America loving employees. We were wrong and now we are going to make all right and clear. You have gotten only a portion of the punishment awaiting you.

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    • David GERKEN says:

      At worst he’ll get Prison Club Med.

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    • Fantastic! He best make the most of the present. The future will hopefully be very jumpsuit orange.

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    • CirclinTheDrain says:

      I’d have to differ with you on that “treasured institution” nonsense.


  6. thinkthinkthink says:

    I’ve been told there is a government form for reporting hurt feelings. 😉

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  7. RedBallExpress says:

    Do McCabe and Comey have Hypergraphia which is a symptom of the Manic/Depressive state?

    “HYPERGRAPHIA – A condition in which a person with bipolar disorder feels an overwhelming compulsion to write especially during mania or hypomania. The sufferer may find themselves writing for hours at a time, not necessarily realizing that this is unusual. It may take the form of journalling, creative writing, or copying page after page of a book. Hypergraphia may also be associated with temporal lobe epilepsy and schizophrenia, as well as certain brain injuries.”

    Manic/Depressives can write 50 to 100 pages per day when manic. The writing can go around and around the front and back of a piece of paper and make absolutely no sense whatsoever. But they believe their “Thesis” is an official document that will stand up in court and they will litigate if they find a lawyer without ethics.

    I once kept a burning barrel fueled around the clock for 4 days on 1,000’s of extra copies created by a victim. I saved one original of everything and still filled 10 file cabinet drawers. By the time I finished I was ready for the straight jacket.

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  8. albrevin says:

    hey Andy, i here William and Mary has an ethics class opening. You will report to Professor Comey!

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  9. Kate says:

    The saddest part is that the Comey’s, McCabe’s, Brennan’s oh and yes Obama’s, all believe they have the moral high ground, perhaps will still believe so even sitting on a bench behind bars.

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  10. Keith Moon's Chauffeur says:

    A timeline should be laid out with all the dates of the texts and emails of all these idiots conspiring on the top, and all the terrorist attacks, mass shootings, etc that occurred on the bottom to illustrate what a dangerous use man hours and resources this charade has been.

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    • David GERKEN says:

      When your head counterintelligence (Strzok) guy isn’t even smart enough to not use government issued phones to conduct their criminal conduct, you know the FBI is in serious trouble. It wouldn’t matter what they were doing with their time. They are corrupt and incompetent.

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  11. Donzo says:

    The times has come the IG said
    To speak of many things
    Of Schiffs, Strozks, and McCabre Feds
    And whether these pigs will swing.

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  12. MAGAbear says:

    Oh brother, does every Fox show have to have this Leslie Marshall leftist on their show to shill for the democrat crime machine? Bongino putting her in her place at least.

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  13. G3 says:

    Another copious note taker—- Great! Can’t wait to read all about the Obama Years.

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  14. Charlotte says:

    Watchdog Group Obtains Shock Docs on What Happened Day Scalia Died

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    • What about putting him under investigation and making sure he can’t work for them or anyone until the whole mess is cleared up?
      Which should end in an indictment.

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    • David GERKEN says:

      If that fails, Soros will hire him. I’m not worried about his future.


    • simicharmed says:

      This “Congressman” would have better luck hiring McCabe to mow his lawn. As far as hiring him for a Federal job…well…he was fired, so he would be classified as not rehire-able. He would have had better luck applying to the IRS, since they were known to have re-hired people they previously fired for fraud…

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    • Mickturn says:

      Trump can have McCabe’s security clearance revoked…No Job in govt…too bad, so sad, McCrybaby!


  15. Jimbo says:

    McCabe took notes. So they are his recollections, in his hand. Are they any more truthful than what he stated under oath? His record is not stellar.


  16. Charlotte says:


    • colddeadhandsyoudirtyape says:

      Saw them live 5-6 Times…backup band to Journey Tour also. (Journey my favorite band) When I lived in Ft Lauderdale I watched James Young play a Solo gig in a Little Nightclub…Was Awesome. Only about 30 people in there…couldn’t believe it.


  17. nyc007 says:

    Why would any congressman take a chance on their own careers because of a known liar and perjurer by hiring this guy?

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  18. Maquis says:

    Hmmm… So McCabe has possession of FBI work-product? Like Homie? And this revelation helps him…how?

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    • nyc007 says:

      It gives fodder for CNN and MSNBC to create their own narrative and continue to dupe those Americans that are still asleep. Other than that, its useless and self-serving.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Problem is that it is not that easy to dismiss, because those notes also help Mueller get subpoenas in front of Federal Grand Juries in DC and NY.


  19. Charlotte says:

    GeekRad Retweeted
    ✞♕In God I Trust♕✞
    ‏ @InGodIDoTrust
    4h4 hours ago

    Dear John Brennan. You were my station chief in Saudi. I blew the whistle. My team is coming for you and your cronies. Guess who I am you POS??? Tell Samantha we are coming for her too. @realDonaldTrump @AGJeffBSessions
    16 replies 157 retweets 219 likes
    GeekRad Retweeted
    ✞♕In God I Trust♕✞
    ‏ @InGodIDoTrust
    4h4 hours ago

    Dear John. I hope you will sleep well tonight. Remember the crimes you committed as station chief in Saudi?? The American public will know soon too. The Sunday talk shows can’t save you Johnny. The Storm is HERE you POS!!!!! @realDonaldTrump @AGJeffBSessions
    2 replies 59 retweets 94 likes
    GeekRad Retweeted
    ✞♕In God I Trust♕✞
    ‏ @InGodIDoTrust
    3h3 hours ago

    Dear John. You are the dumbest POS I have ever met in my entire life. I knew that after the very first meeting I attended with you in Saudi. Keep guessing John. Why are you sweating??? @realDonaldTrump
    0 replies 23 retweets 30 likes

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  20. OmegaManBlue says:

    Why wait till after you are fired to give notes to Mueller. Seems to me nothing was preventing him from giving Mueller the notes before he was fired. Mueller could have also waited to act on the notes some time after McCabe was gone. And if these notes prove wrongdoing wasn’t it his duty to report it the moment whatever bad happened? Why wait? If he was never fired would he have never given the notes to Mueller?

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    • NIz 310 says:

      The way I see it , you wait to give the notes to set the narrative and news story (now he Fake MSM will run with McCabe has memos)


    • OmegaManBlue says:

      Another way to put it is he is officer of court. If he knew of crimes being committed wasn’t he duty bound to do something immediately? He can’t say he didn’t because the DOJ would do nothing about it since he had Mueller to go to.


  21. ShibaDad says:

    If this has already been posted, I apologize. But, apparently Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) has offered Andrew McCabe a job, so the he can retire with a full pension.

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    • JimmyJack says:

      That SOB. I wonder if Paul Ryan suggested it to him – he’s a WI guy I think.

      Now we need to investigate what the Awan spy ring in Congress has over Mark Pocan that compelled him to be the one to do this. I expected a Maxine Waters type to go first.

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  22. zaq123 says:

    At the end of the day, McCabe and his cohorts show what can be described as, Next Level Arrogance. They actually think that they are so important and what they did so necessary that they should be held up as heroes. Never mind that the IG, one that was appointed by obama, found him to be “not forthcoming”(lying) in his statements and behaviors.

    Lets not forget that the termination and what is perhaps the most significant aspect of the whole thing, is that he decision was based on recommendations from the FBI’s, Office of Professional Responsibility. His own people.

    Sessions had a decision to make:

    Not fire him, basically giving the FBI-OPR the finger. Telling them that no matter what they learned during their investigation, about his statements and actions, that if you reach a certain level in the hierarchy, you’re untouchable. I don’t care that you determined that he “was not forthcoming”(lied), at times, under oath(perjury).

    Fire him, let the FBI-OPR and the rest of the FBI that you have a little faith in what they do. And at the end of the day, acknowledge that they did their job, they came up with a decision, and after speaking with them about that decision, it was your decision to follow through on their recommendation. And, in the process, restore a little faith and confidence into the rank & file.

    But, I think there’s one thing that I’d love to know. It came out that McCabe was accused of sexual harassment and then tried to destroy the agents career. I’d love to know what he was like, as he walked the halls of the Hoover Building. He was probably the most arrogant POS in the place and was hated by all, even the ones that were trying to ride his coattails. So, as they say, Payback is a B*tch!!

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      • zaq123 says:

        To think, this is what these people were willing to do to the Presidents, National Security Adviser. What have they done or would they do, to us, regular folks?

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        • CountryClassVulgarian says:

          Don’t forget the National Security Adviser was only the first among many whose lives they planned to destroy. These people are nasty and evil. They never thought, not even for a pico second that their corruption would see the light of day. They never for one pico second thought that lady justice would come knocking at their door.

          They consider themselves the gods of the universe and NO ONE, can/could/would/should stop them. I don’t believe in karma but I do believe in God. Scripture says ” Our God is a God of justice and by Him actions are weighed”. They have been “weighed and the balance and found wanting”.

          They started this with their eyes wide open. They were perfectly happy to destroy other people’s lives. People who did absolutely nothing. Nothing, except they supported the “wrong” candidate for the Presidency. THAT is now a crime worthy of having your life destroyed. Destroyed by the very same people who are now proclaiming wrongful judgement against them. It would be laughable if it were not so perverse and pernicious.

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      • Rhoda R says:

        And that is why Flynn was in their cross-hairs.


  23. anthdohmy says:

    So the notes are work product, obtained during McCabe’s employment at the FBI. He filed those notes in real time in whatever FBI file on “Interactions With The President” existed and there are 8 years worth of similar notes preceding it, as this was a norm. Right? There will be a note from Director Comey about that conversation with the President Susan Rice wrote about during her last day with access to the system?

    Because these are non-political professionals who do things the same way for non-political reasons, day in day out.

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  24. NIz 310 says:

    What is up with all these memos, I feel like it is like a wave of setting the narrative …… Look he fired me ( but look at my memos, I had some concerns) Comey………Look I got fired (but I kept memos of concern) McCabe …… maybe I am looking at this a little harsh …but now Mueller( their boy(sorry he has no conflict of interest *sarcasam)) can take this and say now I have my pattern …. The Mueller investigation needs to be shutdown on so many fronts ( it has gone on too long),however the Republicans can’t ban together in Congress and show some balls and say enough is enough …its time for Mueller to come forward and demonstrate what he has or the probe is done…. I can’t wait for this OIG report to come out …. I am going with a FRIDAY DUMP!

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  25. Pied Piper says:

    Kunfucius say Washington like closed garbage can in hot sun and Trump like mischievous youngster who steal lid

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  26. BrianG says:

    Let’s see ALL his notes of his meetings with Obama!!!

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  27. simicharmed says:

    Another good article about this pipsqueak McCabe – “McCabe’s firing is a well deserved outcome. But he shouldn’t sweat the loss of his pension. Federal prison inmates get free room and board”

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  28. Ruckus Tom says:

    What is it with liberals taking notes of meetings and presenting them later? Comey did the exact same thing.

    It’d be kind of funny if President Trump came back to McCabe and said, “Great. We’ll compare the written notes that you have with the recorded conversations that I have”.


  29. molonlabe28 says:

    The notes taken by a perjurious dirty cop who sits on evidence and doesn’t know or care about recusing himself when anyone else would do so will invariably be the lynchpin in the prosecution’s case against the President.

    You have no credibility, little man.

    We couldn’t care less about your “notes” that, for some reason, you only now thought to give Mueller.

    And thanks for the perjury evidence you unwittingly gave against your buddy Comey.

    We appreciate it.


  30. Wayne Robinson says:

    I have seen gutless weak makes in over their head all my life these are the ones not worth a shot in a storm . Comey and this Mccabe are two of same soert drunk on their power and privlidge . Both sold them selves way too cheap and will be having a talk with God about it . Dirty cops are without honor or integrity . They will not be able to lie to God or deny what they are . Vomey wont be trying hos goodie two shors shtick on God mis quoting bible passages either . These two are a discrace to manhood snd public service . They have a setious heart issue


  31. Michael says:

    Rev. Al speak….A wonderful little chestnut.


  32. Stormyeyes says:

    If he had notes and he was a material witness in Mueller’s probe, why hadn’t he turned them over already?


  33. Phyllis Gronski says:

    I can’t wait for EVERYTHING to come out. Lois Lerner’s “secret” testimony needs to be made public, after all, she is being PAID a nice RETIREMENT for abusing the very PEOPLE she was supposed to be serving. She wants to be protected from the people she injured? Hmm… What protection did the PEOPLE have from LOIS? John Brennan?And his buddy, Clapper, have illegally spied on the American People. WHAT protection did WE have against their illegal tactics? How much protection do THEY deserve? I’ll tell you, ALL that the US Constitution affords, which is MORE than THEIR inflated sense of SELF, deemed US worthy of…but We the People realize, Our Rights come from GOD…not mere men. THEY should be ASHAMED of themselves. I am ashamed of them. THEY have DISHONORED their profession, their organization, their Government, but most importantly, THEMSELVES.
    We have whistleblower protection, that seems to FAIL more often than SUCCEED. Why is that?
    We are watching this time!
    Let’s get Dennis Montgomery on the Public Record.
    Let’s clean up EVERYTHING!


  34. jst1 says:

    “Within Washington DC it might be the norm for law enforcement idiots to ignore brutally inappropriate conflicts by steering their spouses, children, friends and family into political offices, but in the real world it’s just not good practice.”

    This is a ridiculous statement. Someone cannot run for public office because their spouse is in law enforcement? Ethical people can manage conflicts.


  35. Doug says:

    So these people are as dumb as they are corrupt… you see until trump came along these people in dc ( everyone ) havent had someone with an ounce of integrity in their midst. Its simply a foreign concept to them and they just have no clue how to operate in the presence of it

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  36. Rhoda R says:

    They need a sharp civics lesson then.


  37. zephyrbreeze says:

    This whole idea of notes as legal evidence is antiquated. We have 20 ways to record audio and video of meetings and interviews. Everything should be “on the record.”

    Just like the many witnesses of the Flight 800 disaster who said their testimonies were changed in the so-called “notes” taken in interviews with the FBI. One woman described the red streaks going from the water up to the sky.

    Later the FBI notes read, that she state she’d had a few Manhattan cocktails. When she read that she said essentially “I don’t drink, and I didn’t tell them that. I know what I saw.” Yet there it was in the FBI ‘notes.’

    Why do we rely on this obviously flawed method as gospel truth of anything?

    It’s a joke.

    Flight 800 witnesses discovered that many of their statements had been altered in the FBI so-called “notes” to reflect that they’d been drinking, or saw something different than what they had described. The notes had been falsified.

    Here is what they DID see:



  38. truthbomb says:

    McCabe and Comey’s memos are the reason Mueller doesn’t stock up on extra toilet paper for his office bathroom.


  39. Missing Andrew says:


  40. spacette55 says:

    Did you know McCabe bought a house in Chappaqua less than a mile from Bill and Hillary? George Webb documents it all in this video. His theory is Hillary’s server was actually set up in the McCabe/FBI house.


  41. thedoc00 says:

    Yes, the fact Comey and McCabe took notes leads to allot of funny comments, but stop to consider that in front of a sympathetic Federal or State Grand Juries in DC or NY, those notes make up the “ham sandwich” subpoenas by Mueller and NY state Prosecutor.


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