The Professional Outrage Machine is Going Bananas…

Beyond the thirst for clicks, ratings and perpetual outrage there’s an aspect to the Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Rudolph Contreras story that deserves some attention.

♦First, the DOJ wasn’t withholding anything from congress. The DOJ told congress they (or their staff) could review any of the documents, including Strzok and Page texts, at the DOJ in their totality; as a consequence of the ongoing oversight.

However, if congress -or their staff- wanted to take possession of the documents, they would only be allowed to *remove* redacted copies.

The outrage machine shouts “cover up“, etc.

No. Not quite.


Because the IG investigative documents, in addition to being part of an internal review, are also evidence within an ongoing criminal investigation. Hence, the earlier statement by AG Jeff Sessions.  The statement everyone, sucked-into and/or participating within the outrage machine, loves to ignore.

Again, before grabbing your Sean Hannity branded pitchfork, think.

With a dual track within the IG investigative findings: ¹“internal wrongdoing” and ²“potential criminal conduct”, you realize that evidence collected by the IG -that may have prosecutorial value- will be closely protected by the investigative unit, including the Sessions assigned prosecutor, and not released.

It is not hard to see the “why” when you set aside emotion and ignore the outrage machine.

♦Second, the bad news is… the entity pushing today’s outrage du jour is the House Oversight Committee. Remember, the basic motives behind every single effort of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are political.

This is the Chaff and Countermeasures committee formerly led by Darryl Issa,… then Jason Chaffetz… and now Trey Gowdy.

Yeah, that.  The House Oversight Committee is 100% political and structured to protect the Swamp 100% of the time.  Issa, Chaffetz, Rosterhead…. same/same.

So what’s going on?

Easy.  Occam’s Razor: Congressional “staff”, (they call them “investigators” when they need to make it sound better and more important), find the current “Rudy” text messages as outlined while reviewing DOJ investigative material.

The “investigators” then go back to the House -with their notes- and GOP political leadership huddles to determine which politician could gain the most benefit and exploit the opportunity for outrage the best.  This “Rudy” reveal is rinsed through a political prism and assigned to Mark Meadows and thereby the House Oversight Committee.

Yes, the Page Strzok texts tell a story, likely the outline of a criminal story.  However, we must avoid the shouting heads like Hannity and Sara Carter who take little bits and make exploitative claims for self-indulgent financial reasons; while they simultaneously do not accept -or discuss- the full measure of why a very specific and deliberate process must be followed.

See the shouting for what it is, a distracting self-interest. And stay focused on the big picture.

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213 Responses to The Professional Outrage Machine is Going Bananas…

  1. Lactantius says:

    Sean “Baby Jesus” Hannity is selling ratings and he is heavily monitored by corporate lawyers. Sara Carter is establishing her brand and symbiotically feeding Sean Hannity while accepting the accolades of being the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. Rush Limbaugh has established his own guidelines and like Madame deFarge, tends to his knitting. There is a world of difference between anonymity on the internet and being a highly public personality. We, the deplorables, are hungry for information, sound reasoning and exposure of the sources of stink in the deep state swamp. The Hannity, Limbaugh, Carter, Levin, et al crowd are always internally “forewarned” about over speculating and losing their credibility, if not their very platforms. Luckily, we have CTH where the facts and clues are laid out for us to ponder. CTH reasoning and information puts us ahead of the “Professional Outrage Machine” and we are all the better for it. However, we should not fault the people in the media who are out in front of the story for “selling soap” according to their own proven formulae.

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    • again, without Hannity, Rush, Carter, Solomon and MANY others on Fox we got nothing in the News Arena.. 95% of the viewers on Hannity don’t even know who in the hell Sundance is.. not against Sundance as he is the best.. but calling Hannity BS is not going to get any brownie points from hard-line Trumpsters.. we love Hannity, Rush and all the rest who constantly attack the Deep State and defend President Trump..

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  2. Keln says:

    I am so glad there is a guy like Sundance to inject some sanity in things now and again. I just wish Sundance had a bigger platform than the likes of Alex Jones or Hannity.

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  3. triper57 says:

    Well bobcampbell if that is the way you feel about Sundance then quit reading and posting here. It is that simple. So far all you have said is that the Swamp protectors at fox are all good and Sundance is a jerk. Yet you have given nothing to support your view. We have many years of Sundance,s wisdom to back him up.


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