President of United Steelworkers Union: “Members Won’t Forget What Trump Did, He Stopped Wealth Transfer”…

Leo Gerard, the President of the United Steelworkers Union, talks to a very frustrated Chuck Todd about the effect of President Trump’s new tariffs and his appreciation therein.

Chuck Todd has all his Media Matters talking points prepared to outline his narrative; however, unfortunately for the toad, he came up against a very knowledgeable union leader with a solid grasp of the details and important specifics.  WATCH:


As you can see from President Leo Gerard’s comments he well understands the value of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S. Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer and administration trade strategist Peter Navarro. The next phase of MAGAnomic Main Street trade initiatives involves global “trade reciprocity” advancement.

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316 Responses to President of United Steelworkers Union: “Members Won’t Forget What Trump Did, He Stopped Wealth Transfer”…

  1. Harry Lime says:

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  2. ikey94 says:

    Outstanding interview. OIe toad boy looked like he was gonna stroke out. Haha. So much winning I need to go lie down for a spell.

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  3. 5warveteran says:

    Someone please tell me again about how President Trump is serving the Globalists?

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  4. stella says:

    From then on, this date in 1977 would be known as Black Monday in the Steel Valley, which stretches from Mahoning and Trumbull counties in Ohio eastward toward Pittsburgh. It is the date when Youngstown Sheet and Tube abruptly furloughed 5,000 workers in one day.

    The bleeding never stopped.

    Within the next 18 months, US Steel announced that the nation’s largest steel producer was also shutting down 16 plants across the nation, including their Ohio Works in Youngstown, a move that eliminated an additional 4,000 workers here. That announcement came one day before Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp. said they were cutting thousands of jobs at their facilities in the Mahoning Valley, too.

    Within a decade, 40,000 jobs were gone. Within that same decade, 50,000 people had left the region, and by the next decade, that number was up to 100,000. Today the 22 miles of booming steel mills and the support industries that once lined the Mahoning River have mostly disappeared — either blown up, dismantled or reclaimed by nature.

    If a bomb had hit this region, the scar would be no less severe on its landscape…

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    • Skinner says:

      Gee…President Carter really effed up things in four short years – if you think “globalization” began with GHW Bush, think again. He oversaw this and did nothing to level the playing field against Chinese and Japanese steel that caused this to happen.

      Then the ***** added the Dept of Education and let Iran fall and our citizens stew in captivity.

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      • Michael says:

        Nixon “opened” China.
        Beware of what you wish for.
        You just might get it.

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      • Michael says:

        I’m in industrial/commercial HVAC.

        Carter mandated something like 78 cooling set point and 66 heating set point.

        The cooling setpoint caused extremely high levels of humidity which in turn made buildings fall apart (floors bucked, carpet rotted, rust exploded) and mold growth exploded, people sickened. Productivity fell like a rock.

        Skyscrapers have so much internal heat load the we had to run the chillers all winter to cool the buildings!

        Net result was increased energy costs, lower productivity, and health problems.

        Damned stupid for a “nuclear engineer”.
        Save me from committed do-gooders!

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Thank you Stella, I always enjoy learning numbers and facts. It was also heart wrenching to read of all the jobs that were lost in a short period of time. Especially where we once had ruled the world with our Steel.

      It didn’t take them much to destroy such a large part of us did they? And this was only one market.

      I’ve been hearing steel workers cheering across the country for our President Trump. They are ever so proud of him and the fight he took on for them and for all of us. Coal workers are right there with them along with aluminum.

      We have three more years of this kind of winning. It’s impossible for me to think a democrat will take over his job in 2020, not with all of what he is doing. There are so many of us who are feeling first hand how good it feels to have one in his power have our backs and truly mean it. To make such a difference in our lives.

      No, I won’t become complacent, but gosh darn it, the Dems have nothing but hate. It’s becoming really tiresome with their attacks against the one man doing all he can for all of us. It’s also becoming pretty transparent. If we come back out with our monster vote, not only us, but the rest of the world will see how truly happy we are with our President Trump. We will have more Dems than ever crossing over.

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    • 4sure says:

      That story could also be written about how the Textile Industry disappeared from the South, leaving hundreds of towns and cities w/no jobs and abandoned factories as they headed South to Mexico. Generations had raised families from work in the textile plants. Overnight, the jobs were gone.

      The same can be said about the furniture industry in Va. and NC. Skilled Craftsmen put out of work when the cheap furniture started pouring in from China. The largest furniture expo in the world, held in High Point NC, the furniture capitol of the world, which drew thousands to the surrounding cities and added hundreds of millions to the triad’s economy disappeared along with the plants and jobs. Many furniture retailers who sold the locally made brand name furniture to people all over the country who came to the large showrooms also disappeared.

      If we can ever bring back the mfg., we will bring back the jobs and the pride of working and contributing. I pray that I will live long enough to see it. W/O it , America will never be great again. How our pols. sold us out to the globalists for ten pieces of silver is criminal and the bastards should be hanged. How we let it happen is even more depressing.

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      • rashomon says:

        These two industries should be our next push before the expert craftsmen who can train the next generation disappear. It would be nice to wear an article of clothing that lasts more than one season and especially gratifying to have furniture that doesn’t come in a box with instructions in five foreign languages. My best friend worked in the furniture industry from High Point to Burlington, VT to Lafayette, IN to Senatobia, MS as a trouble-shooter through trying times. Sad, sad, sad.

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        • Carrie2 says:

          rashomon, we had our furniture made in No. Carolina and waited months for it to be made and shipped to us. Almost 48 years later it is still in great shape and beautiful and only had the living room sofa recovered several years ago because of the design we wanted. Whole living room suite, bedroom suite, and dining room suite all from REAL wood and total cost was $3000K. Where today can you get great quality in furniture when sometimes only one piece costs $3000K? Yes, we need to bring back a lot of industries for better quality and costs. Made in America will look great again.

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        • Michelle says:

          Amen rashomon! I miss good clothing that lasts and towels made in America. I also wish we had good long lasting small appliances made in America again. I can’t tell you how many mixers, blenders and irons I have gone through because they are junk from China!

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      • George Hicks says:

        In the mid 80’s, I worked for a power transmission distributor in Clifton, NJ.
        As a life-long resident of Long Island, NY, I had just transferred to our NJ branch and was unfamiliar with the area. We had a small machine shop that we did a lot of business with in Passaic. The first time I went there, I was in awe…the shop was in a very large industrial complex and as I drove through the complex all of the buildings, maybe a hundred or more large buildings were empty as I made my way to this small machine shop, one of the few buildings that any sign of life. I commented to the shop owner that it looked like a ghost town and he informed me that it had once been filled with a thriving textile industry that was now gone…it wasn’t just in the South.

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        • sickconservative says:

          Born in Long Island but grew up in northern NJ and did lawn care in Clifton when in high school, but to the point there were a few textile still left in the sixties but had moved to the south already.
          Textiles had been moving south for decades at that point but supposed free trade moved them out of my current home of NC.


      • Carrie2 says:

        4sure, and I miss all the shoe companies going under when we were getting best real leather shoes and fabric shoes we could dye at reasonable prices. Sad but hopefully we can also see this industry start up again. I had decent shoes made in Mexico, but nothing like I used to buy here.


    • Trumpismine says:

      from 1972 /2016 I was a steel&alum worker and saw first hand the demise of the big steel & alum industry. My career in distribution started in the warehouse,shipping&rcvg,inventory control inside&outside sales.
      I traveled to Pittsburg ,Johnstown to the Far East of PA, NY,Ohio,Ind.,Illinois,Mich,Wisconsin Midwest out to the west coast.
      In the late 70’s the ind. started the decline with many contributing factors but it was heartbreaking to myself,my family like so many people.
      Try to imagine how metal production impacts the economy. From mining to transport to producing a melt of metal. Then shipping the raw metal to oem’s,machine tool makers,fabricators,etc.
      When the economy slows down the metal the first to take a hit and when metals start to pick up the nation will soon follow.
      What POTUS has done with across the board tariffs on offshore metals is gonna have a YUGE impact the nations ecomony! Like Leo said his union members won’t forget and countless other workers won’t either. Winning is toot sweet .
      Maga baby!

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    • Scout says:

      But, but….according to the globalist international America deserved what it got from its own Presidents and politicians.
      And just coincidentally those lost communities jobs were converted into financial assets overseas for US and foreign multinationals to leverage back into the US consumer market.

      Want to destroy families and historic national cultural values because no employment stability is possible? Then give them part time service jobs. Clinton and Bush and Obama, we know what you did.

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    • spren says:

      What you described also happened in the Mon Valley in Pittsburgh. Once thriving steel towns were obliterated and allowed to deteriorate into poverty, desperation, and hopelessness. These jobs that were lost decimated a prosperous middle class and no one thought they would ever come back. President Trump is reversing that narrative and hopefully bringing a revitalization to these once lost communities.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Oh, Stella, we remember that day well. It snowed in Pensacola. But back home, that was the day the music died. You’ve no idea the devastation that followed. So many little plants that fed and relied on Y-town S&T died. All the other plants followed rapidly.

      After the Corps, every plant in which i worked – 8 total – were bought out, sometimes by a foreign company, sometimes by an American company, and all were rapidly closed. No one stood a chance. My last plant was closed by David Stockman, whom many now worship for financial advice. Evil evil man.

      Every trip to the VA takes one past the closed plants and vacant union halls. It is heartrending. But the union guys are still here, and the vets. We talk – I listen – at the VA. They now have real hope.
      Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but to Your Name give glory. Psalm 115:1

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      • churchmouse says:

        Thank you, jeans2nd, for your military service to the United States. I am sorry that your subsequent experience in manufacturing was so awful.

        Thank you for criticising David Stockman. A mention about/from him ‘whom many now worship for financial advice’ is indeed something to ignore.

        May God bless you and your family. I wish you and yours all the best.

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  5. TwoLaine says:

    It is so fun to watch Li’l Chuckie get SCHLONGED and SCHOOLED at the same time! 🙂

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  6. Oldskool says:

    Just imagine what can happen if we can get a senate and congress MAGA majority. Yes the midterms are important but NOT to elect and reelect RINOs, where are the MAGA candidates?

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Oldskool, it is up to us to seek out real patriot candidates and inform them they are elected/hired to represent us and not outsiders and no lifetime benefits either. The salary is large enough to take care of them and family because how many families do you know that have close to $200K salary. Damn few, thank you. Start looking now and prep them as candidates in November. Remember we are the People of the Republic (again, we are not a democracy, praise God) and it is our job to set standards and not any of the 3 departments to go beyond their duties, that is the Executive, the Legislative and Supreme Court. We also need to push for retirement age, removal if we see dementia, and not working with each party as we are supposed to do. This is OUR JOB!


  7. TwoLaine says:

    Why must they always put the little pr1cks on at the end?


  8. rashomon says:

    Thank you, Jimmy Carter, (But I must admit Ronald Reagan did nothing, too.) You can’t loan and give and grant billions to Europe and Japan to rebuild their manufacturing with brand spanking new technology, then forget about your own country’s need to compete with these entities, especially in industries critical to our security.

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    • Skinner says:

      Yes – indeed – Reagan was part of it too – such a waste of our treasure in human capital thrown away for so long. NO MORE!

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    • Brant says:

      I think that attempt to remove him barely months into his presidency began did a number on him. That was less than 20 years after JFK (as perspective, it’s been the same amount of time since 9/11). He was probably scared and Nancy too. He is not to blame for lost opportunity.

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      • rashomon says:

        The evil elite were deep in all levels of the economy and politics by that time. It’s amazing how they controlled so much, but, actually, no it’s not. The media were simply the mouthpieces for the fairy tales we peons were supposed to believe. Disney and the Fabulous Dulles Boyz has a very close working relationship.

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  9. TwoLaine says:

    I had to laugh today at all the WINNING we’ve done this week alone, while all the media and the naysayers are all out there saying the White House is in chaos and the sky is falling for the 10 TRILLIONTH time.

    I’m surprised Stupid Chuckie didn’t ask the steel man, “What about Stormy?”

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    • Carrie2 says:

      TwoLaine, was listening to PBS News Hour (which I don’t normally since they have become 100% democrat) and yep right off the bat saying no way can this work with NK on getting rid of nuclear stuff, and his own party is not happy with the tariffs and trade changes. I can assume PBS is also not happy we no longer donate to them but they don’t change their tune that their news is not biased! Really? And the RINOS not supporting the man who made them relevant again and gave them power, most of which they have wasted, need to have their heads knocked together to wake up and smell the coffee. I see several want to not run again because they see what is happening and they want to be sure they get those lifetime benefits because we want that taken away. We did not vote nor authorize them, so no way, Jose! And then Hatch thinks trade/tariff stuff should be taken away from Trump. Get real, you RINOS and naysayers, this is OUR country, remember? We own it and not you.

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  10. Trump has turned the rust belt BLOOD RED!…..And MSNBC/ Chuck TODD knows it.

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  11. 4sure says:

    We can get excited about Trump, but he is only one man and he is only going to be around at most 8 yrs. I am afraid that after Trump, it is going to be business as usual w/the uniparty. When dims get back in control, and they will at some point, they are going to triple down on their commie agenda. I see no way out of this by the ballot box. People better be deciding what and how they are going to right this ship for good.

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    • ForGodandCountry says:

      You aren’t taking into account the net effects of 8 years of Trump and what that will do to the democrat party.

      If you think the dim party of today will look anything like the dim party 8 years from now, I encourage you to reassess.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        As much as I would like to agree with you, there is one thing nobody can discount, which is the utter ruthless patience of Marxist-Socialist movements. History is full of examples. Here the US, it took them 3 full generations to take full control of the education system and 2 generations to gain near full control of the media. The education system will be pumping out disciples and media will keep the mushrooms. We will need another Trump and a Republican Party that actually believes in his governing principles, to develop over the next 8-years.

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      I’m gonna trust in Presidents Pence and Ivanka Trump!


    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      I have thought about this for a long time. We are dealing with a very different person in the W.H. Trump is a long-term thinker/planner, and I would bet that he has already thought about this. My guess is that he is 10 steps ahead on how to deal with the end of his term. I would wager that he is not going to put all of this effort and sacrifice for it to be undone when he is out of office. Trump is way to smart for that. The Dems and RINOs are going to be in for a rude awakening.

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    • What about Steve Mnuchin or Wilbur Ross?


  12. You gotta love the look on Todd’s face from 5:20 to 5:30…he looks like a pig staring at a wristwatch as the intelligent, experienced adult in the room explains life.

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  13. Michael says:

    Chuck Todd is insufferable.

    Also, it’s absolutely AMAZING to see a union leader sing the praises of a Republican President.. The Rust Belt will be Republican forever if Trump stays the course.

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  14. rsanchez1990 says:

    Democrats have nothing for unions anymore.

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  15. Trump used a figure of 55,000 factories gone since NAFTA.

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  16. I ride by those closed factories every day. Makes my heart ache.

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  17. spren says:

    A further exploration here goes even beyond the tariffs and the recommissioning of idled plants and the rehiring of their former workers. The decline in regulations, and the new tax policies not only let the companies see the benefits of expanding, but allow them to write off their capital expenditures in the same year they are performed. This is huge (bigly), and are going to drive an economic renaissance like we haven’t seen for generations.

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    • Conservative_302 says:

      It is now time for government to take care of its people, instead of, the chamber of commerce. Screw them. MAGA!


  18. larry outlaw says:

    Toady todd just caught that parked car!


  19. Charlotte says:

    Reporter “Harassed” By Police After Exposing China’s “Dirty” Steel Secret


  20. RJ says:

    Someone ought to take a toilet plunger and shove it over Todd’s mouth. He ignorantly interrupts when he doesn’t like the answer. Just another CUA trained propagandist.

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  21. ddcannady says:

    We are paying an awful price for the cost of a government that is doing everything it can to weigh us down with cost and destructive regulations. Our currency used to be the foundation of the world economy until Tricky Dicky finished off the soundness of it, and it started when FDR confiscated all of the gold coins. If our money had intrinsic value, as it did during the time when we were going up and up economically, we could step on all competitors. It was free enterprise that lifted Americans up, with a dollar that was worth ten times what it is now. We are carrying a load of dead weight that is dragging us down.


  22. Conservative_302 says:

    I will happily pay more money for goods if I know what I’m buying puts food on an American family’s table. MAGA! God bless all the hard working American steel and aluminium workers who have lost their jobs by bad trade deals who now have some hope of providing a better life for their families.


  23. Guy says:

    Looks like Trump has that “pathway to 270” saved on his GPS now.


  24. Mickturn says:

    Chuck Toad needs to retire to the Democrap Sewer!


  25. Michelle says:

    Good lord, you could tell that Chuck Todd had no real interest in talking to this guy, especially if he was not going to be following the dem talking points. Chuck was so rude, constantly cutting the guy off and talking over him and acting like he wasn’t at all interested.


  26. jarod21044 says:

    The union will still pull for the democrat
    Tariffs are tax hikes
    This is NOT Conservative


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