Sunday Talks – Peter Navarro vs Swamp Guard Wallace – Trade and Tariffs…

Boy howdy, you can judge how close you are to the treasury center of the swamp by the scale of the defenses surrounding the policy.   As we have continued to explain, it’s always about the money.  All aversion to President Trump is about the economic interests of people who have established their affluence and influence from 30+ years of exploitation.

Chris Wallace is the media guardian of corporate Wall Street, the GOPe, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the financial controlling interests at the intersection of Wall Street and corporate media.  In this interview with President Trump’s Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, Peter Navarro, Wallace goes bananas to protect those interests.


The exploitation of the U.S. economic market through export of American wealth is a UniParty policy. Almost all Republicans and almost all Democrats are aligned in common cause to do the bidding of their corporate benefactors on trade, finance and economic policy. There are trillions at stake, and President Trump is an existential threat to their decades-long constructs.

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147 Responses to Sunday Talks – Peter Navarro vs Swamp Guard Wallace – Trade and Tariffs…

  1. William Dorritt says:

    Wallace out, Maria in

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    • JIM says:

      Don’t kid yourself Maria is Wallace Light. She’s been panicking since the market adjusted to the FED (4 increases) and the weaker than expected GDP for the year. Most, not all, of the FBN pundits have question Trump on the tariffs, GOPe style.


  2. cyn3wulf says:

    Was already not a “I’m just asking a question” Wallace fan. But he has taken playing dumb to a whole new level. I mean pretending that the media hasn’t been yowling about trade wars for days before Trump’s tweet is some Oscar worthy acting. I can’t believe there’s anyone out there that actually buys what he’s selling.

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    • SW Richmond says:

      We can’t play “free trade” while literally everyone else plays “mercantilism”. We will lose, and we are losing.

      Wallace’s $3 Billion does not account for the American wages earned due to American (and not Chinese) production and the money velocity in local American economies associated with those wages.

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      • SW Richmond says:

        Bad form replying to myself, but I wanted to thank Chris Wallace for highlighting Navarro’s film “Death by China”, I am watching it now!

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  3. Gary Murphy says:

    Attaboy Peter Navarro ! Mike Wallace is going to neeed some ice for that burn…..

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  4. Why doesn’t Navarro introduce the concept of China (and others) using Canada & Mexico as brokers for their products? I would like to understand what % of steel imports were originated in China. How much more than 2.2% is it?

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    • lakelurelife says:

      I believe Navarro was just about to get to that and Wallace wouldn’t allow him to continue. Had Wallace “just asked the questions”, Navarro would’ve answered each one. But clearly, he wasn’t “just asking the question”, he was stating the narrative.

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  5. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Chris Wallace is a jerk, Mike Wallace was a jerk. Sociopaths and opportunists both.

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  6. hellinahandbasket says:

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    The enemy posing as my friend is my most despicable and most dangerous enemy.
    FoxNews does a pretty good job of pretending to be conservative and/or republican leaning.
    But for all their years on air, and moreso since Trump came on the scene, they never take the ball all the way for a touch-down, fumbling it just outside the 10yard line, forfeiting conservative points on the scoreboard… every single time.
    Just as Trump has dissected and exposed the Leftist/Feminist-Cult for all to see, via their stockpile of media houses and tabloids, FoxNews continues to show they can no longer hold-up their fake-conservative, fake-Patriotic, fake-America-loving mask. Slowly revealing to Trump’s base exactly who they are, and they are no friend to Trump, his base of supporters, or Americans in general. They found their niche in media’s platform, pretending to be the “opposition”, a fighting force against globalism, a force on the side of Americans – and then the likes of Chris Wallace allows his mask to slip-off, just enough to reveal exactly what role FoxNews plays in this sick, twisted game called globalism.
    I’m sure those at the helm steering the FoxNews tanker, may have to reel Wallace in a bit, because once more and more FoxNews fans notice the masks slipping-off, the jig is up, the charade is exposed, their cover is blown, they lose their base, and sink into the same underwater grave as the rest.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Too bad that Wallace did not know how a question and answer routine works. He was rude, crude and lacking manners in allowing Navarro to even fully answer before he immediately jumped in rudely and was not listening because he did not want to know the real facts. Other countries need our items so they will cough up the money to have them because our quality has always been the highest. These countries would be fools (like Canada’s Trudeau) to think that decades ago they and we had fair trade and then the democrats/globalists pushed it to the point where our country was barely growing in many ways. So, now they have to face the fact if they want our products, there has to be fair trade because there is not that much we need to import unless we want to. Made in America was always the signature of a great good and well made product and they were buying it in other countries – even today in China and the EU. On the whole many of the products brought here lack good quality and are costly for lousy quality. The fake news just keep pushing and pushing and shooting themselves in the foot when the reality hits them in the face. Tough! Live with it!

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    • G. Combs says:

      That is why I quit watching the Boob Tube in the ’70s. I caught them not only making up the story, but actually showing ‘film footage’ of something that NEVER HAPPENED to sway the American public and cover up MURDER by the US GOVERNMENT.


    • GodLovingPatriot says:

      FOX themselves are most likely behind the campaigns to get rid of O’Reilly, Boling and Hannity. They pulled back when their ratings nosedived. If you listen to the FOX News reports at the top of the hour during radio programs like Rush Limbaugh, there is always a little dig in there at Trump. FOX was obvious for a bit there, but they’ve gone back to the “subtle” strategy. At least they do report on the Democrat corruption though.


  7. datagooroo says:

    We hold all the cards.


  8. MAGAbear says:

    Wallace just needs to be slapped. Hard!

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  9. Duke Blitz says:

    Wallace is showing his anti- us colors hear. Mr Navarro should have got up and said “ when your ready to diologue give me a call” then walked out. Wallace showed me he’s the jerk I always wondered about. ….

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    • old deplorable owl says:

      I’d rather have heard: “OK, here’s the deal – you ask a question, then I stuff my sock in your mouth until I’ve answered it. Then another question. Agree or I’m outta here!”


  10. Mike diamond says:

    Chris the Wallace!???my gosh man just retire early!!! President Trump is right!!!!


  11. Jim says:

    Not all of the 17 million cars sold in 2017 were made in this country. Cannot multiply that number by $175. (Cato tweet)

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  12. Buck Turgidson says:

    Hatch and Sasse are economics morons. We have been engaged in unilateral economic and trade disarmament for the past 30 years, and it has hollowed out the nation’s manufacturing and industrial base and decimated communities across the heartland. Hatch and Sasse want more of that? Again, they are morons and disconnected from economic realities like China ripping us off, to the import of cheap low-grade faulty Chinese junk, to skyrocketing unemployment and decimation of American families

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  13. Buck Turgidson says:

    Wallace is a moron too. We’ve been using this “logic” for decades–don’t worry about all the lost jobs and loss of manufacturing capacity. Scissors at Wal-Mart now are 79 cents and not 2.29 and multiply that 1.50 x zillion and look at the billions of cost savings!! IDIOCY.


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