Peter Navarro Pushes Back Against False Narrative from GOPe and Wall Street Financial Class – America First Economic Policy…

U.S. Steel and Aluminum tariffs are just one component of a larger economic issue. Bringing back U.S. production on those sectors is vital to the infrastructure of a manufacturing and production economy. Modern Wall Street is centered on multinational interests within economic globalism. Weaken the trade grip of the multinational corporations and their financial manipulation upon the U.S. economy, and Wall Street will drop… this is not difficult to predict.  This is also necessary.

Last week President Trump spoke candidly with the White House assembly of U.S. Governors about the critical need to re-evaluate their position(s) on trade.  President Trump’s remarks were direct, but also nuanced toward the audience.  A few hours later the White House announced President Trump had promoted his economic guru, Peter Navarro to be Assistant to The President.

Mr. Navarro’s job is to counter the false narrative from the GOPe, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street crowd. Cue the audio visual demonstration (two video segments):


Segment #2 below:


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148 Responses to Peter Navarro Pushes Back Against False Narrative from GOPe and Wall Street Financial Class – America First Economic Policy…

  1. Everywhereguy says:

    Where *is* everybody? 🙂

    The Trump team has nerves of steel. And aluminum

  2. Clara says:

    Poor Maria. She tries hard. But unfortunately she’s bought into the magical “free market” propaganda that the Wall Street Journal and Chamber of Commerce have been pushing for several decades. It’s so hard for her to accept the fact that tariffs can actually be a good thing for our country.

    • chojun says:

      “Free Market” is similar to “Socialist Utopia.” That is, neither of them exist in reality, only in academics. The world economy does not operate as a free market economy. Perhaps companies in two countries might be able to trade products/services freely, but typically only if a bilateral trade agreement exists to that effect.

      These types of trade agreements typically enforce subsidy restrictions to prevent Governments from artificially deflating the price of the products/services.

      The reality is that China is a MASSIVE cheater in this specific regard and we have done nothing about it for so many years.

      • snarkybeach says:

        Laura Ingraham pointed out on her show last night that both GWB & Obama put tariffs on Chinese goods. The markets and pundits did not have major tantrums back then.

        • Lost says:

          Heck, the EU put tariffs on Chinese steel of up to 36% not 2 years ago! I understand that some countries might get miffed that Trump is making these tariffs global, but it makes sense in that the concern is China will just use other countries to “launder” their exports and avoid US tariffs. The answer is bilateral trade agreements that prevent that behavior, of course.

          • snarkybeach says:

            Sandra Smith on FNC was positively rude to Navarro this morning. He kept trying to point out the economic costs (minimal) while she interrupted about armaggedon.

            • Wow snarky, I saw that and was also upset about her rude, inpatient and out right hostile treatment of Navarro. I tuned in just to hear what HE had to say not listen to her bullying. She has ALWAYS been a never Trumper. Hemmer had better get ride of her or his numbers are going down. Stuart Varney is on at the same time, you get a much more balanced perspective along with lots of humor. I don’t watch outnumbered anymore because of her and Harf.

              • snarkybeach says:

                luckily I’m usually at work when Outnumbered is on. (I really like Harris Faulkner who follows Outnumbered…)

              • Ditch Mitch says:

                Glad I didn’t watch the bobble head go rude.

                I have even more respect for Maria now, she let Navarro explain PDJT’s positions. Little or no interruptions. Maria didn’t even defend her cohost but said she would ask Dagen when she returned. I did not see the return so I do not know what transpired.

                I do not think Maria drank the tariff koolaid. She relayed all the bad news to Navarro and let him explain. Maria looked like she was taking alot of noise in her headpiece. More than usual. Less comfortable than usual. Panicked? Don’t think so. conflicted? Maybe. Classy? Always.

            • talkietina says:

              Turn off Fox News. Watch OAN. Cut the cable. I did it, after months of agony deciding. Now I am like, “I should have done this years ago.

              There is so much streaming now. You can even cut the cable and still watch FOX with On Demand Now. 35.00 a month for all the cable channels.

        • dufrst says:

          Those were token moves. Everyone knows Trump is serious about trade. They see this as putting pressure on Canada and Mexico in NAFTA negotiations.

    • Sayit2016 says:

      No…she is right–Navarro admits she is right, his position is YES there will be an increase in product manufacturing BUT the jobs created from the expansion of the steel manufactures will offset that.

        • Sayit2016 says:

          Fle– I have to agree with you I am sick of replacing things in 6 months from cheap products !

          • talkietina says:

            Yep. Made in America, more expensive, but lasts forever.

            Made in China, might be cheap, but lucky if it lasts a week.

            • Sayit2016 says:

              I have bought 3 microwaves in the last 4 years. The moisture creates rust in the seams… why not power coat the whole dang thing – make a mold without seams ?

              • talkietina says:

                Oh I know. The China made vacuume cleaners I have bought over the last few years, I am no using my Kenmore, I bought in 2000.

                • BAM says:

                  Found a replacement hose for my 30 year old Kenmore and it’s going strong! (After 2 overpriced vacuum duds.)

                • G. Combs says:

                  I still have and use Mom’s Kirby bought in 1950 as well as her (Italian) Necchi sewing machine. I LOVE that sewing machine!!

                  • talkietina says:

                    OMG vintage Kirby is the best. Even those 1970 are good.

                    Oh and my mom had a Singer sewing machine. Sewing machines are likeguns. No one likes them, until you need one. ?

              • Carrie2 says:

                Sayit2016, what galls me is that most appliances are made of plastic which with the heat using them finally cracks. Not fond of metal appliances, but at least they don’t crack. We used to say you get what you pay and that is still true to this day.

            • Deplorable_Infidel says:

              Democrat sympathizer Leslie Marshall brought up the poor quality of Chinese goods at the end of Bret Baier’s show (my mother was watching it). An example she gave was practically new clothes that fall apart in the laundry.

              A clip was played from Marcy Kapture (D-OH) saying we have to do something before we lose ALL of the steel and aluminum plants in the USA. The quality of US steel vs. Chinese made steel was also brought up by Leslie.

            • Carrie2 says:

              talkietina, I remember when Made in America was sought by the whole world because of quality in every aspect. Then we started seeing people rushing to stores to buy defective items and even poisonous items from other countries because those items were cheap but also the materials used and short lived usage. I still have pots and pans made here and I have them for almost 50 yrs. and still going strong. I have flatware for over 60 yrs. that are still great, and dishes. Lived in Mexico for years and many times their ceramic items are poisonous but nothing on them tells you that until you are sick or dead.

          • maiingankwe says:

            I really hope these American companies will see it this way as well and not go the route of China and others.

            These cheap plastics and so forth broke down and their companies could’ve cared less because they knew we were dumb enough to go back for more.

            It takes a person of character to sell good quality knowing their product will last a long time in their consumers home rather than making it cheap, so people will either come back to them for more or there would be enough new consumers to off set their poor products.

            I know I’m sounding like a downer, but I haven’t heard any of these companies claiming they will stay true to their consumers.

            I do believe when it comes to steel and aluminum they might stay to their old ways and take pride in theirs being the best on the market, but I don’t know about other companies who may decide they no longer have to take pride in their products when it comes to making a buck.

            Look at toys for an example. How many parents have just gotten used to toys simply breaking? It’s cheap, so it doesn’t hurt as much just the tears of their child, not their pocketbook.

            I’ve heard a lot of people rallying for American products coming back, but whose to say the majority will continue to make higher quality? I think it would depend on the data. Does a company make more money passing off cheap products or making higher quality that will last the consumer?

            I’m setting up this question because we have all seen the downfall of our communities and lack of moral compasses in our young. We could all list a dozen of changes around us that have had a negative effect, so whose to say these companies won’t continue with their lack of character.

            If I’m wrong, I will eat my words and be as happy as a clam. I want to be wrong. I just don’t see the majority of the new product we will be making again be above par like they used too. Again, if I’m wrong, it will be a true blessing.

            • G. Combs says:

              Because of recommendations made here at CTH, we bought New Balance shoes at three times the price we normally pay.
              I LOVE them!
              They are sturdy, water proof but still breath and my knee pain from ill supported ankles has gone.

              Also, though they are 6 months old they still look brand new.

              So at least with this product the quality is still there.

              LLBean also has good quality.

    • SteveC says:

      It used to be called free and fair trade.

    • Jeff Webb says:

      I’ve always thought her analyses were kind of on the superficial side.

    • NC PATRIOT says:

      I didn’t get the feeling she was vigorously opposed—–but that she was trying to understand the rational and ramifications of this move. She is a fair interviewer.

    • Carrie2 says:

      Clara, why is it when I was growing up we had great steel companies and both my father and my uncle worked with steel companies – which no longer exist. The quality as the highest vs. what we have been getting. Trump listens, he thinks, he acts and the actions taken are to MAGA and that is what needs to be done again. We always sought out “Made in America” because of the quality. People waste money in ways it is difficult to believe. i.e., a child came to the door today to sell candy for her grade school. I told I make my own candy, and I do, and her eyes got big and said “you make your own” which I understand is her parents buy everything and never make or cook things at home and teaching this young child that she could learn to make candy at home. Now that is a huge waste of money ordering in prepared dinners, not preparing your food and goodies but always paying big bucks to others to do it for you. I work almost 7/24 and yet I cook (as does my spouse when I don’t for other reasons), we both make goodies to share at Christmas time. Gee, there are thousands of recipe books and cooking classes but they prefer going to Tahoo, or a cruise, of whatever to live a real life. I also used to make his and my clothing as well and all this while working.

      • bkrg2 says:

        Carrie – you brought back memories. I lived 1 city block from US Steel on the South Side of Chicago. EVERYONE worked for the mills – either directly or indirectly. Now, its just a rust belt – quality of the people a daily life is just a shadow of what it once was.

        You are spot-on withe “make it yourself”. Almost no one makes anything anymore. We jumped the shark the day Kelloggs started selling premade cereal kits in stores! Seriously? is it that hard for a kid to put cereal and milk in a bowl?

      • kate says:

        Carrie, I just had a brainstorm why couldn’t you either organize or start your own business teaching classes to school chidren how to do these things, the schools use to have Home Economic classes but not sure they do so anymore, and teaching the children is where it must start to put our country right again. Sorry, just a thought.

  3. rsanchez1990 says:

    Volatility will necessarily go up. The former status quo enriched a few globalist entities at the expense of Americans. A shake up was necessary. After the readjustment everyday Americans will be in a better position than they have ever been.

    One other reason why the tariffs are necessary is because when the infrastructure plan goes through, we need to use American steel and aluminum or all we’ll end up doing is enrich China. You could see President Trump warming up for this when he insisted that Keystone XL would only be approved if they used American steel in its construction.

    • Paul Killinger says:

      Wall St couldn’t care less about this. The traders are simply using it like any other news to make their weekly payday. They make the same money whether the market goes down or up, so long as it MOVES.

  4. Matt Musson says:

    The Reality is that the USA is the only major economy that is Consumption driven. China and Germany (among others) are investment and export driven. Their demographics make Consumption led growth impossible.

    Consequently, they can either stop dumping into the US market and play nice or they can shut down their plants and move production to the USA which lowers transportation costs, lowers energy costs (significantly) and puts them on the right side of the trade wall.

    Fact: The US economy is the least trade dependent economy in the world. And, 2/3rds of our trade is with our neighbors Canada and Mexico.

    • mdaush says:

      But how much of the products bought from Canad and Mexico are products whose original materials come from China….like with steel and aluminum. Or how much do we buy from them in oil and gas when we should be buying our own…which thank God, PT is taking care of!

  5. FofBW says:

    There are trillions at stake and God knows how many millions in corruption and graft.

    • fleporeblog says:

      BlackKnightRides wrote the following:

      President Trump’s Trade ACTIONS will be his most enduring gifts to a Sustainable American Future … for our freedoms, our families and our citizen friends.

      China’s pervasive economic entanglement cannot be overstated, beginning with our national defense reliance on steel and aluminum as critical basic materials inputs.

      • You can’t begin to manufacture defense equipment from lumber or plastic.

      • China has selectively underbid production of critical defense equipment components.

      • They can instantly disrupt entire supply chains by withholding materials or production.

      • Those supply chains extend FAR beyond defense industries, to include energy exploration and production, power generation and transmission, gas and water utilities, highway-rail-air transportation and telecommunications.

      • Then consider China’s ability to disrupt or cripple shipping for an America completely dependent on imports of ALL INDUSTRIAL-MANUFACTURED GOODS and exports of ENERGY.

      • Beyond sinking ships bound TO and FROM America, consider how easy it is to shut down traffic through the Panama Canal, around the alternative southern-passages bottlenecks past South America and Africa, and through the island passages to Asia.

      Thank the Lord that President Trump is hammering down on RECIPROCAL TRADE … just in time.

      I responded with the following:

      BKR that is the ultimate game changer! It would have these countries decide rather quickly to lower their tariffs on our products and will allow us to once again win because American made products are head and shoulders above the rest of the world.

      That decision alone would add 4% to 5% each quarter and each year to our GDP! We will be living in the 7% to 8%. The same way China, India and others are currently.

      We will be able to kill our entire deficit in less than 10 years.

      • Gil says:

        I heard this am that Australia demanded an exemption to the tariffs when the pm was here and now they are going public with that demand. The 1st thing that came to mind is their relationship with China. How big of a deficit does Aus run with china vs USA? OR is it something else they want??

        • fleporeblog says:

          Gil our President understand the game of Wacko-Mole! Every country begging for a deal from this tariff realizes it allows them to become the middle man for Chinese steel. The Chinese will pass it through Australia. Our President is going to tell the world next week that the tariff on steel and aluminum is on every single country. NO EXCEPTIONS!

          SD retweeted this last night! It is a perfect example of what these bastards do!

          • Gil says:

            Ty. If we were to enter a war without our own steel it wiuld be very bad juju. And the people who could learn that trade now need to do it before the old timers are gone.

            • fleporeblog says:

              Exactly! Our kids and grand kids are the ones that are going to benefit greatly by our President and TRUMPISM!

              • Fe says:

                And this is my #1 explanation as to my 100% staunch support of Trump. I don’t care about the rest of my years, only those for my son and daughter, and for my 4 granddaughters. Years from now they will remember ME being all sold out for Trump and why. I never shut up about what he’s doing to MAGA. They will say “mom was right” ????

                • fleporeblog says:

                  What an incredible legacy Fe! You will always be known as mom, grandma, great grandma that loved and cherished the Greatest President since George Washington.

            • Everyone needs to understand that one day some county China, Iran Russia, India etc… will think they can take on the USA. It will be a country or an axis of counties with the capability of war production. Imagine if we were in pre-WWII Japan’s shoes or Germany where another country could shut off oil supplies or helium supplies. Imagine no steel for ships, planes, tanks.

              Does anyone remember in Apartided South African days the political maneuvering our government did in those days? It at the time was our supply of Titanium for plane production.

              • Orygun says:

                Exactly! The first step in disarming a country is to destroy their manufacturing base. We are quite nearly there. We won WWII because we could out manufacturer any country on the planet. Now we let the Clintons and others completely destroy our ability to defend ourselves. Just as they want to leave us defenseless in our homes by banning guns. They have left us defenseless on the world stage by removing our ability to supply our military with weapons to defend our nation.
                Seems pretty simple when viewed like that.

                • NC PATRIOT says:

                  Right–pre-WWII we were behind on our defense armaments, and got caught with our pants down, so to speak. So we hurriedly cranked up our factories to produce what we needed, even pulled women into the factories (Rosie the riveter ) as the men left for war in huge numbers.

                  Point being we HAD the factories and the means to do this. Now, after 30 years of globalism bleeding out our country, closing our factories and “bleeding us dry” P45 wants to bring us back. I am in the same general age range as our President. We BOTH watched this happen to our country—-and he has been chewing on this issue for years!

                  One of the MANY reasons I voted for him. First time (since Reagan) I would have walked barefoot over broken glass to cast my ballot. God willing, I will do it again in 2020.

                  He is not perfect but he is a patriot and he won’t do anything unless he believes it will be for the good of the USA.

                • G. Combs says:

                  And that is why we absolutely need a good manufacturing base!

                  Do you know what the TRAITORS in Congress almost agreed to in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty???

                  Trans-Pacific Partnership Synopsis FROM THE US GOVERNMENT

                  Lets let China make our Army equipment and North Korea our government Computers!

                  TPP Parties share an interest in accessing each other’s large government procurement markets through transparent, predictable, and non-discriminatory rules….

                  And what about our government services like the Post Office, drivers license bureau… Can’t leave those out.

                  …In addition to updating traditional approaches to issues covered by previous free trade agreements (FTAs), the TPP incorporates new and emerging trade issues and cross-cutting issues. These include issues related to the Internet and the digital economy, the participation of state-owned enterprises in international trade and investment…

                  How about Immigration?

                  …. The TPP facilitates the development of production and supply chains, and seamless trade, enhancing efficiency and supporting our goal of creating and supporting jobs, raising living standards, enhancing conservation efforts, and facilitating cross-border integration, as well as opening domestic markets.

                  Given the growing importance of services trade to TPP Parties, the 12 countries share an interest in liberalized trade in this area….market access, which provides that no TPP country may impose quantitative restrictions on the supply of services (e.g., a limit on the number of suppliers or number of transactions) ….TPP Parties accept these obligations on a “negative-list basis,” meaning that their markets are fully open to services suppliers from TPP countries….TPP Parties agree to permit free transfer of funds related to the cross-border supply of a service. In addition, the chapter includes a professional services annex encouraging cooperative work on licensing recognition and other regulatory issues, and an annex on express delivery services.

                  The Temporary Entry for Business Persons chapter encourages authorities of TPP Parties to provide information on applications for temporary entry, to ensure that application fees are reasonable, and to make decisions on applications and inform applicants of decisions as quickly as possible. TPP Parties agree to ensure that information on requirements for temporary entry are readily available to the public, including by publishing information promptly and online if possible, and providing explanatory materials. The Parties agree to ongoing cooperation on temporary entry issues such as visa processing. Almost all TPP Parties have made commitments on access for each other’s business persons, which are in country-specific annexes.

                  And the adding of other countries without the approval of Congress?
                  Platform for regional integration. The TPP is intended as a platform for regional economic integration and designed to include additional economies across the Asia-Pacific region.

        • talkietina says:

          Australia wants an exemption. Yeah I saw that too. So Australia must be ripping us off, and not trading fairly, or they wouldn’t have asked for an exemption.

          • Not true talkietina. We have a very good Bi-Lateral trade deal between us. Because both nations have very similar per capita GDP, very similar HHS rules and regulations, we trade in what each country is good at.
            Oz imports technology, medical and other services, and exports raw goods and services.
            The AUSFTA was one of the easiest Bi-Lateral deals made in the World.

        • I’m an Aussie.
          Australia runs a surplus with China. We export $93B and import $62B (2016 numbers).
          We also run a surplus with the USA. $24B exports to $10B imports (2017 numbers).
          Australia has an extensive bilateral deal with the US called AUSTFA.

          With China, the most important thing to remember is that we supply most of China’s raw materials like Iron ore, coal, Tin, Tungsten etc etc. It’s just a short hop skip and jump up the South China Sea.
          Australia has a long standing treaty with the US called ANZUS. A war on one is automatically considered a war on the other. That’s why Australia has been involved in every American war since WW1.
          When the WT Towers went down, our Prime Minister was in America. The ANZUS pact was invoked immediately, that very same day.

        • Ditch Mitch says:

          Aus gets an exemption and they become the new China. Fle said it best, “NO EXEMPTIONS!”

          Look at the production charts and US import charts again. 43% of our steel imports are from Canada. Canada is not even in the top 8 producers. China on the other hand produces more steel than the rest of the world combined.

          Think Aus wants a chunk of that 43%?

      • FofBW says:

        Thanks Flep!

  6. AngelOnejudicial says:

    The same folks who sold our country out and oversaw it’s deconstruction into a “service based economy” now become the town criers warning us of impending doom should Trump reverse course follow through on his campaign promises and turn this ship around. The demons are always the loudest and most vicious right before they’re exorcized

    • KBR says:

      Servant based economy.

      “All your work products and all your taxpayments and all your workers…are belong to us”

  7. NvMtnOldMan says:

    Hey, Maria, why haven’t the big companies I am sure you have stock in not lowered their prices after the huge 14% cut in their taxes and yet you worry about a slight rise in steel and aluminum. Be interesting to see what Maria and her husband are invested in.

  8. FofBW says:

    Some one should ask these doomsayer Congressmen who is giving them their advice to be so absolute PT is getting “bad advice”.

  9. Niagara Frontier says:

    I think the national security argument will be the one that wins the day. It shows where the GOPe and Wall Street investment class loyalties lie, and it’s NOT with America or her survival as a free and prosperous nation.

  10. philo says:

    I have one simple solution for the Wall Street money-movers who are panicking: invest in the U.S. companies rather than the foreign companies.

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  12. Orygun says:

    My teachers in school were mostly Vets from the Pacific campaign as we had a base setup by the USMC for rehab on marines returning from the island campaigns. I will always remember my teacher explaining that there was two wars that could destroy a nation and one was the military and the other was through the economy.

    They know militarily we can’t be defeated so they have attacked us through our economy and our government. Anyone that lived through the fifties can see easily what they have done to our economy. We have been at war economically and our government has been helping them along. Trump knows this and so does anyone paying attention.

    The congress critters against this are either bought or blackmailed. You can’t say you support our nation and then sell it out.

    • Gary says:

      I clearly remember my father “fada rapa rapafadadin” when he came home with a brand new car that cost more than his house which he had built in 51……for 16k, ….while he was bringing home 89 dollars a week.

    • ibobland08 says:

      I may be wrong, but I once heard before that the countries that can produce more steel than their military opponents always win the war.

    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “The congress critters against this are either bought or blackmailed.”

      A favorite saying of a neighbor of mine on that subject is “We have the best politicians that money can buy”.

      Those of us average folks that watched the sell out over the years were powerless to stop it. Our President saw it, too. However, the time came where he was able to do something about it and the Lord concurred.

  13. missilemom says:

    Would love to know how much of 42 % of imports of aluminum from Canada are dumped from other countries?

  14. appadoo9 says:

    I’d be concerned about the extra cost of a twist off for my favorite beverage

    • Gary says:

      Bottle opener made in America, by Americans, with American Steel. 🙂

      • old deplorable owl says:

        LOL! Still have my John Wayne (P-38 if you bark) from about ’62 on my keychain. That thing has opened hundreds of cans, paint cans, scraped paint and other persistant things, done and un done a thousand screws, pried things apart, you name it! Still good as new. Inconsequential, maybe, but made possible by American Steel!

  15. thedoc00 says:

    It never ceases to amaze how those who claim this is anti-“free trade” declare it is bad for the US to level the playing field for their critical industries and workers but its OK for everybody else.

    Reminds me of an old (sorry folks) Cosby skit about a coin toss between Custer and Sitting Bull…”Cuss” you called heads but its tails, “Sit” says you and your boys got to sit at the bottom of that hill while all the Indians ride over you.

    • ibobland08 says:

      What it comes down to is that they do not care if domestic producers go out of business. They think anything that hurts “the consumer” is bad. However, one can not consume without producing or, in the case of folks on government assistance, someone producing for them.

      I never understood why some conservatives understand that restrictions on certain freedoms are necessary for the health of the country (drugs, alcohol, gambling, euthanasia). If all anyone cares about is getting the cheapest price possible for any product, sometimes this can lead to a decline in the health of the country. These cases often need corrected.

  16. ForGodandCountry says:

    Market up strongly today, which is a good sign for a Friday/end-of-the-week close.

    Seems traders are ho-humming GOPe hair-pulling.

    • ForGodandCountry says:


      Sundance posted in another thread that we should be expecting to see the markets go down over time in the short term, for reasons he spelled out.

      Please set your expectations accordingly.

  17. Sammy says:

    Ben Sasse who studied history liberal arts degrees … Knows anything about economics or business.

    Us companies got huge tax cut and reform along with continuous cuts in regulation, which are stealth tax increases…. So STFU with hair fire crap.

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  19. TwoLaine says:

    Video 2: These are the a-h0les that got us into this mess. 😉

  20. USTerminator says:

    Everyone talks about cost of steel and aluminum increase due to the tariff. I do not think it will happen. China and India and South Korea have so much overcapacity that if anyone increase the price, the other country will keep the cost low to keep their mills running and take market share. Just think what China is going to do with all the mountain of steel that they over produce every year? they will lower the cost even at the loss to keep mills running and people employed. This tariff might not save the US steel industry yet but at least China will pay some of our Federal deficit. China would not dare to retaliate to risk even further all out trade war with Trump and lose 400B trade surplus with US and so is the world. Previous President backed down because other countries know we don’t want trade war with their retaliation. Trump is welcome the trade war and call all of them bluffs. Trump already hangs the “reciprocal tariff” out to warn them. This is high stake poker and Trump is holding Royal Flush and he will win

    • fleporeblog says:

      Great post!

      I remember watching that round table from a few weeks back and our President said that certain countries will eat the tariffs because they need to make sure their people still have jobs. We know he was talking specifically about China.

      China has 50 ghost cities that have almost no one living in them. They look like modern US cities. The reason they build them is to make sure that their population are constantly working so that they don’t return back to the fields and could eventually rise up against the government.

      Our President is an EXTREMELY smart man and knows that the US Government will make out BIGLY on those taxes. Goes right into the government coffer.

      Just watch what it means in terms of the deficit and our GDP. You will see it more next year than this year since many countries overproduced in 2017 knowing that this day was coming. AMERICA FIRST!

  21. Bob says:

    Bomb bays open. Right over target!

  22. EbonyRapror says:

    This is a real tough issue. There are valid arguments on both sides. There are also well respected pro-Trump people on both sides. I think both sides expect and are willing to suffer some short term pain but the divide is the long term affects. It’s probably to simplistic to call it principle verses practical because both sides of the argument can lay claim to their version of each.

    I suppose the tie-breaker for me on this issue is trust President Trump. While I don’t advocate unquestioned loyalty, I do believe in putting faith in the guy we elected to get us out of this mess.

  23. “Delta: NRA discount used for only 13 tickets.”
    That only cost Delta a little better than $3.8 million per ticket. They didn’t think the State would do away with their 50 million dollar win fall. That bill had to pass because President Trump’s tax cut messed up the GA State tax laws.

  24. Summer says:

    So, what’s the right solution, in Maria’s opinion? Status quo? No tariffs, stay in NAFTA, join TPP?

    • KBR says:

      Whatever best suits Maria’s and her husbands current investment folio, I imagine.

    • I think she was just playing devil’s advocate; it gave Navarro a chance to answer all the questions and concerns being raise…it was very informative and good.

      • Summer says:

        It did not look like she was “just” playing devil’s advocate. Too emotional.
        They are all uncomfortable with swift, decisive moves. Scared to death. They all, even the best of them, prefer endless negotiations and half-measures and slow, gradual changes with minimal risk.

      • Ditch Mitch says:

        littleflower, good observation on the devil’s advocate. I said pretty much the same thing above sans devil’s advocate. However, with the addition of Maria showing class. Guess I was more focused on the rude bobble head I just read about.

  25. jstanley01 says:

    Firstly, the Smoot Hawley Act in 1930 raised tariff’s on 20,000 goods of all kinds, while Trump is raising tariff’s on the country’s top two strategically-important goods.

    Secondly, financial markets are not, I repeat, are not the real economy. After the 1987 Black Monday crash (23 percent in one day): “…the economy was barely affected and growth actually increased throughout 1987 and 1988, with the DJIA regaining its pre-crash closing high of 2,722 points in early 1989.”

    Financial markets are inherently “conservative,” in the neutral sense of that word. Wall Street doesn’t like ANY change that involves a major shift in the current financial status quo.

    However low the current short setup takes us — and the fib patterns look a lot like 1987’s (If history repeats, Monday could be bad. Really bad. See below link.) — whenever the downtrend ends, and end it will, the next bull market could represent the buying opportunity of a lifetime. (NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE!!!)

    • ibobland08 says:

      There’s a lot of myths about Smoot Hawley. Smoot Hawley DID NOT cause the Depression.

  26. Ozark says:

    And last night on his radio show Mark Levin totally trashed Trump on guns and trade, I don’t think I’ll watch his new Sunday night show on Fox News,

  27. MVW says:

    The Globalist Oligarchs’ attack though their owned politicians and media hacks are doing Trump a huge, huge favor. Incredible. I am astounded. Floored. There is nothing better for Trump than to be hammered by these crooks for standing up for the American Worker.

    And where are the DhimmiRats?

    American voters will remember when it comes time to vote who is standing up for them, taking the vicious attacks from the media for standing up for them.

    This is on top of the tax reduction ‘crumbs’ that the DhimmiRats did their best to stop.

    • MVW says:

      All Trump has to ask is when the bullets were fired at me for defending American jobs by the America and American worker hating media, where were the DhimmiRats???? Answer, attacking also.

  28. Rosie says:

    Wow, Peter Navarro — impressive!! And as a bonus, he mentioned my other favorite guy, Mick Mulvaney.

    The best part was him challenging Dagan… she’s a miserable naysayer. She and Charlie Gasparino should start their own show on another network.

  29. “American voters will remember” I hope all Citizens of the United states will vote for President Trump. No matter what party you once voted for. Otherwise the globalist will win and the US will lose.

  30. Publius2016 says:

    These paid shills know the truth: the cost of manufacture makes up less than 20% of the total price! If only two major plants open and retool, then the local government will benefit greatly with real estate, payroll, and all other local taxes, while the American People who live in these towns will have major footholds for the next 30 years!

  31. pacnwbel says:

    Yesterday it seemed there was a loud clamor against the President’s announcement about tariffs, it was confusing to this non commercial person. Today, having read two very informative articles
    I am wiser and understand how the tariffs will benefit not only employment but also the security of the USA, thank you Treehouse.

    • Orygun says:

      Our manufacturing our own goods and military hardware is a national security issue. How do you supply your military or consumer goods if you are hostile with the nation that manufactures them all? Losing our manufacturing base was the first step in disarming our nation.

  32. Sentient says:

    Funny how the same people who complained that the income tax cuts would increase the deficit aren’t lauding the tariffs for decreasing the deficit.

    • KBR says:

      The same people. Exactly right.

      They have no comprehension of their own incongruities.

      • Charlie says:

        in defense of the indefensible lol… POTUS is moving so fast “these people” can’t remember what happened or what they said yesterday. We must have mercy, they have never had to work this hard in their lives.

  33. Wee2low says:

    Really Anna? Sooooo basically you’ve known about this for a week and you haven’t done even the most basic analysis on the impacts this will have? Seems the only thing you did prepare is your garbage narrative…

  34. Wee2low says:

    Orin Hatch? Really? Wow Anna…

  35. kallibella says:

    Wow! Maria! Take a breath. She is discombobulated about President Trump leveling the plane field in trade.

    Why can’t people understand that the US market is the best trading “card” (incentive) in the entire world?! She is so afraid of other countries retaliating against us, but she doesn’t get that our market is what they want and if there are new rules in place, they will do everything they can to comply, because withdrawing is not financially appetizing to them! Besides trading countries know that they had been taking advantage of us. Ask China!

    Love how Peter Navarro explained that shoring up our aluminum and steel sectors is also a matter of national security. Yay! we also have made great strides in our energy sector. All good!

    I can’t wait until we kick NAFTA in the butt or for NAFTA partners to comply. One or the other, we will come out ahead!

    Thank you President Trump! I love that you love us, sir. And we love you back! God bless you!

  36. A2 says:

    I did my morning trawling through the Sargasso sea of the wankerati press and the squealers are saying that ‘no one knew’ the President was to make a tariff announcement, that he did it because ‘Chaos’ reigns in the administration and he had a hissy fit, that is only ‘coincidence’ that Emperor Xi’s courier and top economic advisor ‘just happened’ to be in Washington when the announcement was made….all the tops are spinning.

    I can’t make it up folks, but they sure do.
    I’m having a laugh.

    • mdaush says:

      You are so right,, all of this cracks me up. Trump said in every speech he was going to take on china and restore American manufacturing! Every speech!
      Sundance explained all of this in his writings about Main Street vs. Wall Street. Wall Street (big international banks and big international companies) who control the manufacturing and even each national market (remember his explanation of lemon growers?).
      We are seeing Trump take on everybody (Deep State, Central banks, international corporations, other countries, Dems and GOPE) while he fights for the common man in America
      It is glorious to see.
      “When you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men”….God bless President Trump who takes all the slings and arrows gladly for us !!!

  37. G. Combs says:

    Remember when President Trump was campaigning he stopped in every state and talked to business leaders. I think he has a very very good idea of just what industries are set to come roaring back as soon as he makes the move. He has already done it with coal and oil and gas.

    President Trump is very very good at preparing the base before he starts to build.

  38. G. Combs says:

    When thinking of tariffs and bringing back US industry, here are a couple of concepts to keep in mind.

    Why the ‘Local Multiplier Effect’ Always Counts

    The Local Multiplier Effect (LME) is a very valuable, hidden feature of our economies. The term refers to how many times dollars are recirculated within a local economy before leaving through the purchase of an import…..

    A Hypothetical Example

    Imagine a hypothetical influx of money, say one million dollars, entering a local economy. Now imagine these dollars are spent on local goods and services. Imagine that each of the local vendors who earned those dollars then re-spends that money on more local goods and services. Envision this cycle happening several times before this money is finally spent on imports – goods or services from outside the region.

    In this case, those one million dollars recirculating eight times would act much like eight million dollars by increasing revenue and income opportunities for local producers….

    It has been estimated that about a century ago, thriving industrial communities had a LME in the high 20s or low 30s. Today it’s estimated to be in the single digits. This reduction in the number of rounds that monies make has had an extremely negative effect on our local economies. All areas of community life are affected by this deficit. This lost treasure of local economies was never measured, monitored, managed or even acknowledged.

    Besides the obvious poverty-related problems of unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, and lack of funds for social and public health needs, there is also the issue of creating an unhealthy reliance on a vast commercial network of imported goods. Many areas of life become vulnerable to natural or man-made disasters which can interrupt this flow of goods. Securities as diverse as food to homeland could be greatly compromised by this kind of dependence….

    What is the ‘Velocity Of Money’

    The velocity of money is the rate at which money is exchanged from one transaction to another. It also refers to how much a unit of currency is used in a given period of time. Simply put, it’s the rate at which people spend money. The velocity of money is usually measured as a ratio of gross national product (GNP) to a country’s total supply of money.

    Velocity is important for measuring the rate at which money in circulation is used for purchasing goods and services, as this helps investors gauge how robust the economy is….

    Simply put, the velocity of money can be thought of as the turnover of the money supply…

  39. covfefe999 says:

    Oh boy does Trump have some good people working with him! Love Ross, Mnuchin, Tillerson, Navarro, and others. They make me feel safe and secure because it’s obvious they know what the h they are talking about! And they love the notion of putting US citizens to work!

  40. nikkichico7 says:

    Peter Navarro sounds like Henry Fonda, even the speech pattern.

    Cool ??❤️???

  41. Athena the Warrior says:

    Poor Dan Bongino got way out over his skis in his podcast attempting to talk about how bad tariffs are. “It’s a tax folks!” He thinks other countries will retaliate with a trade war. One he used politics – “Republicans don’t support raising taxes!” Then he hit the real dopey level of saying that cheap Chinese steel doesn’t matter.

    I sent him several tweets educating him about Chinese steel. He thinks he knows more than PDJT because he has data and listened to an economics lecture.

    • annieoakley says:

      Stick to what you know. Sundance knows everything so check with him first before you venture out.

      • CirclinTheDrain says:

        Seriously ? No one can talk without SD’s “approval” ? Shake off your chains and embrace freedom. Become an autodidact and educate yourself. NO ONE has a monopoly on the truth, and appeals to authority lead to dictatorship and censorship.

  42. Can I merely say thats a relief to discover somebody that in fact knows what theyre preaching about over the internet. You actually have learned to bring an issue to light and earn it critical. The diet must read this and understand this side on the story. I cant believe youre no more well-known when you undoubtedly contain the gift.

  43. Good job! You thoroughly covered everything with your post. I would like to read more from you. Do you run any other blogs?

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