Adam Schiff Admits To December 2017 Leak of False Information During Intelligence Committee Hearing…

Well, well, well…. this is hilarious; let’s see if any MSM realize the importance of this little admission.  [I know Glenn Greenwald will]  

Today during a CNN interview with Jake Tapper, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff admitted to being the source for the false reporting (December of 2017) by CNN’s Manu Raju – surrounding the Donald Trump Jr. and the wrong dates on the Wikileaks email.

You might remember back on December 8th, 2017, when CNN ran with a story -based on entirely incorrect facts (a wrong date)- that Don Jr. received advanced notice of a pending Wikileaks release of “hacked documents”.

The false CNN article (and broadcast report) stated their information was based on a read-out of the Trump Jr. email provided by an unnamed source. However, the entire substance of the leaked email was false.  The entire story CNN ran with all morning was FAKE NEWS. –SEE HERE– & –SEE HERE

Well, today during an interview with Jake Tapper, the CNN host ran a soundbite from President Trump who mentioned the December hearing and criticized Adam Schiff for being the intelligence committee leaker therein.  In his zeal to counter the criticism of the President, Adam Schiff accidentally admitted to being the December intelligence leaker.

[Watch the part from @01:15 through @02:45]

REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D), CALIFORNIA: Well, I’m proud to be one of the bad hombres, I guess.

What the president is referring to, I think what really aggravated him is when his son came to testify before our committee, I asked him about conversations he had with the president where the president was on that aircraft and they concocted this false statement about that meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians.

And he refused to answer the questions, claiming attorney-client privilege, which clearly doesn’t apply to a situation where neither he nor his father are attorney nor client.  Our position is — and the Republicans have adopted it as well — if witnesses refuse to answer questions and make bogus claims of privilege, as he did, as Steve Bannon did, we call them out on it.

Well, the president doesn’t like that. But that’s not a leak. That’s a fact. And it didn’t disclose testimony he gave. It disclosed a privilege that he asserted that doesn’t apply.

So, I’m not surprised the president doesn’t like it. (transcript)

While Schiff doesn’t admit to the leak of the email content specifically, he’s admitting to reporting to CNN during the specific testimony of Donald Trump Jr.

That intelligence committee testimony, and how Adam Schiff excused himself during testimony to run to the media, was the specific reference brought out in a letter (note below) from Don Jr’s lawyers to the House Committee staff.

It was during Donald Trump Jr’s sequestered testimony, that Manu Raju ran to the CNN cameras to broadcast the breaking news that later turned out to be based on false information from a committee leak.

Watch and Remember THIS REPORT IS FALSE:


With Adam Schiff admitting today he gave reporters a briefing during the Donald Trump Jr testimony, in conjunction with the actual CNN report happening immediately thereafter, Schiff is essentially confirming he was the source of Manu Raju’s report.

Following the hearing and the leak Donald Trump Jr. wrote a letter of complaint to the House Rep. K. Michael Conaway, a Texas Republican who is heading the House Intelligence inquiry into Russian election interference.  Don Jr’s outline specifically focused on the erroneous leak to CNN about the content of a received email; and requests an investigation into how the leak took place:

The Washington Times reported in December:

[…] Republicans suspect that the staff of Rep. Adam Schiff, California Democrat, leaked the erroneous “scoop” to CNN. They say his staff regularly leaks, with CNN being a favorite, with a spin that is not accurate.

Mr. Schiff, who is a big fan of the discredited Trump dossier, appeared on TV afterward. Mr. Futerfas said he misrepresented his client’s testimony.

[…] Mr. Futerfas’s implication is that the leakers let the story catch fire on social media and other venues before correcting it.

“Ranking Member Schiff and his staff do not leak classified or confidential information, and any disclosure of non-public information by the congressional committees undertaking investigations is singularly unhelpful,” Mr. Schiff said in a statement. “It is imperative that all investigations into Russia’s covert political interference campaign operate with appropriate discretion and refrain from publicizing information for short-sighted political gain.”  (read more)

Now some might ask: why is this important?  Well, as the ‘ranking member’ of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff is also a member of the “Gang of Eight”.  The Go8 is briefed on the most sensitive intelligence information in the entire U.S. government, including covert operations.

Having a known intelligence leaker acting politically on the Gang of Eight is profoundly disturbing and puts U.S. national security at risk.   This also undercuts Schiff’s credibility as the author of the rebuttal memo attempting to defend the DOJ and FBI corruption.

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185 Responses to Adam Schiff Admits To December 2017 Leak of False Information During Intelligence Committee Hearing…

  1. Realist says:

    The DemoncRATS are the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and the FAKE NEWS MEDIA are the DemoncRATS.

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  2. cbjoasurf says:

    I almost wish that I was in a position or had ANY reason for the ” United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence ” to ask me to testify. That being said if asked to testify, I’d cordially decline the invitation based upon documented evidence that the committee would be unable to insure that none of my testimony would be leaked.

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