It’s Too Late – Broward County School Board Beginning to Admit Their Mistakes?…

As expected – buried deep inside a Miami Herald article about the Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, and a school board questioning their progressive policies, we find the following:

[…]  Absent Cruz’s school records, it is hard to say precisely when Cruz’s behavior became an acute problem for teachers and administrators. Disciplinary reports obtained by the Herald show that at Westglades Middle School, which he attended in 2013, he’d been cited numerous times for disrupting class, unruly behavior, insulting or profane language, profanity toward staff, disobedience and other rules violations.

Records show the behaviors continued at Marjory Stoneman Douglas [High School], which he attended in 2016 and 2017 before being transferred, with discipline being dispensed for fighting, profanity, and an “assault.” It appears the Jan. 19, 2017 assault resulted in a referral for a “threat assessment.” A few months later, Cruz landed at an Off Campus Learning Center, where he remained for only about five months.  (read more)

Well, there it is.

This is what Jack Cashill was writing about yesterday: “Did the Progressive ‘Broward County Solution’ Cost 17 Student Lives?”

Yes Jack, yes it did.

Jack Cashill knows all too well, because he watched us follow a similar 2012 Trayvon Martin trail into the rabbit hole of manipulated diversionary school discipline to avoid criminal arrests.  Just so the school system could “improve their statistics.”

Broward County schools intentionally created polices from 2011 through 2015 that culminated in the 2018 mass school shooting in Parkland. We know this with great specificity because five years ago we warned Broward County Florida school board members this could happen.

In 2012 and 2013 while doing research into the Trayvon Martin shooting we discovered an alarming set of school policies being enacted in Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida. The policies were called “diversionary programs” and were essentially about stopping High School students from being arrested. Law enforcement was instructed to avoid arrests and defer criminal conduct to school administrators.

Students who engaged in violence, drug sales, robberies, burglaries, theft and other various crimes were intentionally kept out of the criminal justice system. County administrators and School Superintendents told local and county law enforcement officers to stop arresting students.

2013 […] Broward, the nation’s seventh largest district, had the highest number of school-related arrests in Florida in the 2011-2012 school year, according to state data. Seventy-one percent of the 1,062 arrests made were for misdemeanor offenses. (more)

Unfortunately, the school board mandated policies came into conflict with law and order. The problem of the conflicted policy -vs- legality worsened over time as the police excused much more than misdemeanor crimes. Over time this culminated in police officers falsifying documents, hiding criminal activity, lying on official police reports and even hiding stolen merchandise police retrieved from high school students.

In 2012 Trayvon Martin was one of those students. –SEE HERE

It was our initial FOIA requests to the Miami Dade School Police Department which revealed the secret discipline and diversionary program Trayvon Martin was granted to avoid a criminal record. The School Board and M-DSPD kept trying to hide the issue; they delayed responses and charged us thousands for FOIA information; but we knew this story was huge… so we kept going.

Specifically Trayvon Martin’s criminal conduct was hidden behind school discipline. Stolen jewelry was recorded as random ‘found items’ (the jewelry just intentionally placed in storage with no investigation), Trayvon’s possession of marijuana was similarly obfuscated, and all of the incident reports were intentionally falsified by officials and School Resource Officer, Daryl Dunn, to avoid the Criminal Justice system.

mdspd 22

It is all well documented. None of this is supposition. Our research discovered sworn affidavits from the police department HERE. No-one was ever been held to account – it was just too politically dangerous an issue.

SRO Dunn never filed a criminal report, nor opened a criminal investigation, surrounding the stolen jewelry. Instead, and as a result of pressure from M-DSPD Chief Hurley to avoid criminal reports for black male students, Dunn wrote up the jewelry as “found items”, and transferred them, along with the burglary tool, to the Miami-Dade Police property room where they sat on a shelf unassigned to anyone for investigation.

A separate report of “criminal Mischief” (T-08809) was filed for the additional issue of writing “WTF” on a school locker. [It was the search for the marker used to write the graffiti that led to the backpack search].

The school discipline, “suspension”, was attached to the graffiti and not the stolen jewelry.

oCTOBER 2011 - 1

The connections between the Police Burglary report and the School Report of “found items” were never made because the regular police detective in charge of the Burglary case had no idea the School Police Dept. had filed a “found items” report.

Two differing police departments, and the School Officer, Dunn, intentionally took the criminal element out of the equation – instead preferring “school discipline” and not “criminal adjudication”. (more)

And it wasn’t just Trayvon Martin, there were hundreds of similar actions taken by conflicted School Resource Officers – totaling thousands of crimes over the course of just the first few years of these programs (2010 through 2013).

CTH contacted the Miami-Dade School District, every single school board member, and the Broward County School District – to warn them of what was taking place.

We provided thousands of pages of sworn affidavits and transcribed testimony from law enforcement. We spent several thousand dollars locating, transcribing and assembling the documents and evidence; and hundreds more hours compiling all the information. –SEE HERE– We sent all of it to both school districts and both school superintendents.

Their response: “go away”.

The school board’s in Miami-Dade and Broward County had created a disastrous scheme and it didn’t take long to see where this was going. The scheme was supported by President Obama’s federal education policy, and executive orders –SEE HERE– and people like Jesse Jackson –SEE HERE– In August of 2012 President Obama issuing an “executive order” establishing the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence. Effectively placing “quotas” on school discipline based on race:

Broward County, even went one step further. They stopped arresting students and then changed the policy of suspension. Broward enhanced their program in 2013:

Broward’s Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline was announced in early November. Instead of suspensions, students can now be referred to the PROMISE program, where they receive counseling for several days and then return to school. A host of non-violent misdemeanors no longer require an arrest, though officers can sometimes override that if they feel it is necessary (“I wanted to make sure deputies always had discretion,” says Scott Israel, Broward County’s sheriff). The school district’s Office of Minority Male Achievement reviews data to ensure that punishments for minor infractions and racial disparities are on the decline. (read more)

In 2015 School Superintendent Robert Runcie then began bragging about it.

“Our goal can’t be to have students go into the courtroom,” Runcie said. “Our focus has got to be keep them in the classroom and out of the courtroom.”

Follow a simple timeline:  ♦In 2011/2012 Broward County School administration made a policy decision to block the arrests of students in order to improve their education statistics.  ♦In 2013 that same school board was warned what was happening as a result of that policy.  ♦In 2015 the School doubled-down on the diversionary policies and allowed students to break the law, including physical violence, without legal consequence.  ♦In January 2017 Nikolas Cruz criminally assaulted someone; again, law enforcement engagement was blocked by policy.  ♦A year later in February 2018 Cruz killed seventeen students.

What happens when you stop arresting students for clear criminal conduct and then lessen the school punishment therein?…. You get this:

The Department Of Justice – Civil Rights and School Discipline October 21st 2010

2010 – In recent years, many school districts across the country have begun to adopt strict zero-tolerance discipline policies that impose increasingly harsher punishments for seemingly minor infractions. These disciplinary measures – in-school or out-of-school suspensions, alternative school placements, expulsions, and referrals to police departments and juvenile authorities – disrupt a student’s education and diminish their chances for success.

For too many students, these school-imposed sanctions lead to the criminal justice system, a pathway commonly referred to as the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Regrettably, studies have shown that children of color are disproportionately affected by zero-tolerance policies, a trend that increases already significant disparities. (read more)

2010ERIC HOLDER – Never before have our two agencies come together in this way – or brought together such a large and diverse group of partners – to discuss the best ways to ensure that civil rights and educational opportunities are protected for every student, at every level, and in every community…But it is just the beginning of what I know – and I pledge – will be an ongoing conversation about how we can better understand the causes, and most effectively remedy the consequences, of disparities in student discipline. I want to assure all of you that for me, for Secretary Duncan, for the agencies we lead, and for the administration – this work is a top priority.

US DOJ October 2010



Broward County schools superintendent Robert Runcie

♦2013 Broward County Schools were warned here.

♦2013 Broward County Policies Explained HERE

♦2013 Six School Police Affidavits HERE

♦2013 Example the way the Police Covered-Up Crime HERE

♦2013 President Obama’s Executive Orders HERE

♦2015 Broward County School Superintendent brags about statistical success.

♦2017 Article on the Broward County policy

♦2018 Article on Broward County rethinking policy.

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502 Responses to It’s Too Late – Broward County School Board Beginning to Admit Their Mistakes?…

  1. LibertyONE says:

    Sundance: PLEASE send ALL your info to the State Attorney, Pam Bondi, the county prosecutors for Miami Dade & Broward , Fox News etc. Let’s see IF they have the balls to run with it. As I see it ALL these school officials et al are COMPLICIT in this carnage. Charges of malfeasance , misfeasance and nonfeasance should ALL be considered against these officials. THANK YOU for this information, you and your crew are true patriots!

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    • tappin52 says:

      Pan Bondi was fully aware of how the Travon Martin story unfolded. She was there through all of it.

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      • Interesting how Bondi was all about blaming the FBI. The FBI was just following the school policy.

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        • Johnnydub says:

          The FBI is not subservient to some leftards running a school.

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        • Guffman says:

          There’s plenty of blame to pass around here between the school(s), the school board, the local PD and lastly, the FBI – where the buck most definitely should have stopped, but didn’t.

          They ALL either ignored and/or refused to deal with a problem that in this case, ended up in a massive tragedy. They ALL had a chance to handle this case much more proactively and deal with, and try to solve the problem, but it was easier for them to just hope it went away.

          Question now is, how many more ‘Nikolas Cruz’s’ are out there, emboldened by the lack of discipline or pushback they’ve encountered while growing up, and are now similar potential threats to society?

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          • flova says:

            How many are out there? Enough, believe me.
            Here in Virginia, Hampton has had 8 schools threatened with copycat shootings in the past week. One school in Richmond had a call-in that someone was going to shoot up the school. Students evacuated.

            Runcie was Obama’s proxy in Broward. ,Most of these Eli Broad trained superintendents like him have never spent a day in a classroom or as an administrator. They are there to push social justice policies. He was demoted in Chicago and all they do is go from one district to another.

            This is the truth. Local school boards and school districts across the country have been heavily infiltrated by leftists and SJW’s. They’ve been at it earnestly for at least 8 years while we were busy trying to survive under Obama.

            It will be very hard for President Trump to penetrate and get past state’s rights.

            The Left has been brilliant in their stealth takeover of the schools(Ayers has been at it since he was found not guilty of domestic terrorism in 1980) and the more school shootings the better. Especially in suburban areas where the majority are white kids. Black Lives Matter has managed to get a lot of cops killed and to get blacks riled up now it’s the white kids turn to get their fellow middle and upper middle class classmates on the march.

            If he can do anything with an EO Trump should do it.

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            • John Hanes says:

              Great comment, but as I recall Ayers was not acquitted. Charges were dropped due to tainted evidence. He said the Weathermen ‘didn’t do enough’. Maybe this incident could be chalked up to the continuation of domestic terrorism by other means.


          • iwasthere says:

            IMHO, the initial – and what turns out as tragic – failure was the Sheriff. To be sure, the FBI hotline dropped the ball as well. But the locals know best, and that sheriff should have had the killer charged with assault long ago. They had plenty of warning, and plenty of complaints, calls, domestic calls, etc.

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          • Subterfuge says:

            I guess I’m getting old because I just learned that you cannot ‘expel’ any student in a public school. What?????? They moved this kid from school to school and tolerated his behavior rather than committing him or expelling him. All of these organizations need to be exposed and then rules that make sense put in place for the future.

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            • auntiefran413 says:

              If I understand this correctly, it wasn’t a matter of school rules, but Federal Law ( the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973) that prohibited them from expelling Cruz.
              l didn’t realize until I read that, exactly how blessed we’d been in 1972 when one of our five children who was so disruptive at home, in school, wherever, that he had to be declared a ward of the court at the age of 16. This was a kid whose IQ ran off the top of the charts. (I couldn’t be saying this except for the fact that the other four were good kids and are well-rounded adults.)
              Had this situation come about after this law was enacted, I have no idea what would have become of our family. When his younger siblings moved from grade school to middle school and from middle school to high school, they were often greeted with “Oh, you’re John’s brother!”
              John (a made-up name) left the court-appointed home for boys where he enjoyed luxuries we couldn’t afford,when he turned 18. His father had just had open heart surgery with a 30% chance of coming off the table or a funeral in 30 days. The hospital was advised that this tall lanky kid could not be allowed into his father’s room. I don’t know whether he ever tried to, I just know that he didn’t.
              It’s not easy writing this post…it brings back far too many memories, but I had to let you know that it seems that the schools’ hands are tied when it comes to handling these kids today.
              Another law with unintended consequences.


      • Southern Son says:

        Sundance coverage of tray-tray, is what lead me to peach on a limb in The Conservative Treehouse.
        Many others did the same thing.
        The Pied Piper of New Journalism has very little competition.
        Salute!!, Sundance.
        May you Live Long and Continue to Prosper.

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      • sat0422 says:

        The TM case is closed. We know the history. We have to deal with this horror that was once again brought about by the ADULTS in charge.
        I have seen this happen in schools and I have seen many children “out of control.” The parents are helpless and often times not capable of controlling an out of control kid.

        Unfortunately the best option I have seen is a school in MS that was connected to the National Guard/Military. A kid could go there and spend a year of two and work on anger and self control and academics. It worked for those who wanted it to work but there were a few kids who just dropped out. Those were/are prison bound.

        Some kids are bad to the bone because of disyfunctional homes or maybe bad genes.
        It could be a combinatiion. Parents on drugs, parents who are never home for the children, and kids allowed to roam at will. Yep, they send them to school and it can get very bad and I don’t care what color their skin is.

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        • NavyBuckeye says:

          Parents are not allowed to parent anymore. DCF gets called…and usually because the kids goes to school and says mommy and daddy are being mean. Meanwhile, real cases of kids in need of DCF go unchecked because the “easy” cases get attention first.

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      • Arkindole says:

        ^That. And, she was diverting pretty strongly herself today at WH listening session.
        APPs? Friggin APPs? That’s her big idea.

        (She’s also endorsing a stealth Uniparty (democrat->”republican”) retired judge in the FL primary…her term is up)

        The field is wide open now, but she’s pushing hard for the conehead for some unknown reason. I’m waiting to see where the money comes from. Maybe it’s because she’s one knows.


    • Pam Bondi was responsible for persecuting George Zimmerman and spreading the good-Trayvon narrative.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      Yes, they were. Two main issues drive these policies: 1) Living in la la la land of the perfect utopia, where all is good, well and equal, and 2) We can’t have minorities being a disproportionate number of the bad guys, it goes against the goal of protecting perpetrators and blaming victims.

      It was to be expected progressives would evolve to this end. Started with social promotion back in the 1980’s and growing worse ever since. No one is held accountable for why Johnny can’t read, Johnny can’t think, and Johnny has no moral compass.

      It’s the same mindset/narrative (been going on even before Obama) when the likes of Holder come along and say it’s discrimination to have large numbers of minorities in prison – despite the fact that they do the crime.

      I’m surprised they had any teachers willing to teach in such a dangerous environment.

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      • NavyBuckeye says:

        Those teachers are not teaching, they are counting the minutes before they can get out of the hell hole they call school. Just think, if they are covering up this scumbag’s misdoings in school, letting him get away with such violence and such… miserable must it be to work in that system?

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        • Little Annie’s Fannie says:

          I beg to differ to this extent—real teachers (those who haven’t been broken by the system or who came into the system with the expectations that teaching was not their first priority) do teach. What no one will touch is that some of these students (mainly male) have been passed on from year to year because of their size or physical prowess (and yes there are females in this group as well). Then there comes a point where these students realize that they cannot read nor can they do basic math. At that point cover is needed for their deficiencies and this cover usually manifests itself in bullying or petty theft. By the time this student reaches high school, policies have too often shielded this misbehavior all the while emboldening the student to more serious behavioral violations. If the school administration is not sensitive to this, or worse yet is complicit in enabling this behavior, dangerous situations are bound to happen. Fortunately not all involve guns. Some involve knives, drugs, poisons—not as likely to cause mass murders but enough to cause fear and physical harm.
          Initially with Nicholas Cruz the implication was that he was upset by the death of his adoptive mother. His problems began before that. Sadly, his problems were brushed under the rug. His adoptive parents “provided” for him but missed the signs, the school system saw the signs but buried them in order to move from worst to first (was 2/14/18 worth that move??), a complicit law enforcement turned a blind eye (BSO was called well over 20 times and the FBI was notified of his behavior and did zilch) and a Mental Health System lost track of him when he “dropped out”. If only one of these four had “pushed it”, then 17 children and adults would be able to hug their families again.
          I haven’t seen evidence that Cruz bullied teachers. Some students do bully teachers and administrators give, at most, a slap on the wrist and a wink-wink and return them “to the scene of the crime” as heroes in the eyes of some classmates.
          Time for change. Definitely. Where does it begin? It should begin at home. When children are not taught respect at an early age, it is highly unlikely it can be taught in later life. By the age of 10, 90% of children have developed their pattern for life. I have friends who teach kindergarten who have told of children who tell teachers to F&@k off if they are asked to do something they don’t want to do. Call me crazy but the parents of these children should be investigated for child abuse. The future for those children, unfortunately, is not too bright!

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          • Fannie – all the possible reasons for contributing to this slaughter, everyone is missing at least two other more likely causes – the killer’s personal life and medication history. I saw an article online – I think it was Miami Herald???

            Personal life – the DAY AFTER the shooting, the woman who had taken him in after his step-mother (I think), filed a motion in court to have sole responsibility for him. He is rumored to have inherited a substantial amount of money ($800,000?) from deceased relatives, grandparents, I think. Shooter was quoted as having said he had inherited that much money. What would his reaction have been if he had learned about this plan???

            Mental health – investigators should DEMAND a list of psychoactive drugs the killer had been prescribed. The boy who killed students at Columbine (1999) was reputed to be taking Prozac, as well as the shooter in Oregon. (1998). Has anyone created a spreadsheet listing all of the links in these cases? That should be done.

            School shootings should be viewed separately from other mass killings. Perps and circumstances mean they are unrelated. Shocking, but unrelated.


    • Alligator Gar says:

      Pam Bondi is Florida’s Attorney General, just so people know who to contact. She is over the Department of Legal Affairs in Tallahassee.


    • Sodakbull says:

      Send it to the people of Broward County School district so they can vote to change their school board and then their school superintendent. Thats real change.


    • mossback says:

      Charges of malfeasance , misfeasance and nonfeasance should ALL be considered against these officials………not enough…….charges of Accessory to Murder should be filed.


  2. Keln says:

    How do the policies of Broward county cause a crazy person to do a mass shooting?

    I don’t really get the connection, no matter how bad I think their policies are.

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    • MM says:

      It prevents the kids that are guilty of serious crimes from being turned over to law enforcement. If Cruz had of been charged when he committed abuses against others he would have a record and not been able to purchase weapons. Most likely he would be in jail and not out and about assaulting people…

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      • There seems to be no regard for the children who want an education and because of social economic reasons are hostage to the public school system.

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        • jfmjr442 says:

          As it always is with the left. There is no regard for law abiding, hardworking AMERICANS period. Against abortion still the government contributes to PP, makes Little sisters of the poor comply with contraception, makes Hobby Lobby pay for contraception, strikes down lawful EO’s by the President. Basically prevents people from speaking the truth and therefore seeing the truth, continuing the brainwashing into all facets of life. Until PDJT we had no one willing to speak truth to power and the left cannot stand it or take it. AS Ruch says, there is no compromise with these people, they must be defeated.

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        • That is the saddest part of the progressive system. Kids who can’t speak English ruin it for the rest too. They have to teach to the ones who need the most help. The ones who are smart and can speak the language lost out. This also causes discipline problems because kids are bored, they are not being engaged.


    • Rynn69 says:

      Policies cannot stop a crazy person from wanting to do something, they can greatly improve halting such attempts to do something and/or minimize risk/exposure. Identifying risks to minimize destructive outcomes happens every day in every business…its called risk management.

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    • KBR says:

      Same way policies of sanctuary cities get people murdered.
      They put the criminals and criminal-minded in the public, when they should be locked away to protect the public.

      Broward policies put a just-post-high school criminal on the street by refusing to charge him. After 39 calls to police about him.
      Allowed his gun purchase by not giving him the record he deserved while in HS.

      Before that, they kept him, as a juvenile criminal, in the school with the other kids.
      Sanctuary schools.
      How many other juvie criminals are still in Broward County Schools right now?

      Or in schools all over the nation with similar policies?

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    • The answer to your question is very, very simple: If the kid had been handled properly when he committed his many other infractions, he would not have gone on to kill 17.

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      If this kid had been arrested for his assault and convicted, he would not have been able to legally buy the gun he used to kill 17 people.

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      • DanO64 says:

        He just would of bough a weapons else where. It isn’t the “gun”; him!


        • Guffman says:

          No, it isn’t the gun – but why allow him, as a person with obvious mental issues and prone to violence, easy and legal access to deadly weapons?
          I’m not blaming gun laws! I’m blaming everyone who played a part in allowing this derranged kid legal access to purchase the guns.

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        • G. Combs says:

          Not if he was still in jail for his assault on another student (assault with a knife on current boy friend of ex-girl friend IIRC) If he was claiming to want to KILL the other boyduring the attack, his prison sentence would have been even higher than the Three to Five years since it would be attempted first degree murder. Carrying the forbidden knife to school shows planning to inflict harm.

          Assault with a Deadly Weapon in Florida
          “[…]Assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill in Florida can be charged as an aggravated assault under Fla. Stat. § 784.021(1)(a). If you are accused of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, you will face more serious attempted murder charges….

          A “deadly weapon” is any object that is used or is threatened to be used in a way that is likely to produce death or great bodily harm. Examples of things that can be considered deadly weapons are:

          > Guns
          > Fireworks
          > Knives, including small pocket knives
          > Cars and other vehicles
          > Glass bottles
          > Steel-toed boots
          > Any solid object used as a club
          > Substances used as poisons….

          If convicted of aggravated assault after being accused of assault with a deadly weapon, a third-degree felony, you face:

          > Up to five years in prison
          > Up to $5,000 in fines

          If the deadly weapon involved in the assault was a gun or destructive device such as a pipe bomb, you would face long mandatory minimum sentences under Fla. Stat. § 775.087:

          > Mandatory minimum three years in prison for assault with any gun or destructive device

          > Mandatory minimum 15 years in prison for assault with any automatic weapon or high-capacity (20 rounds or more) semi-automatic weapon

          > Mandatory minimum 20 years in prison if the weapon is discharged during the assault

          > Mandatory minimum 25 years in prison, and the possibility of life in prison, if the victim dies or suffers great bodily harm[…]”

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    • Jenny R. says:

      Not reporting it — or sweeping any reports under the rug (you have to understand: a teacher, or teachers, can file complaints about behavior…so can even a school principle, but if the school board decides to not do anything about it, the most the actual school can do is keep putting them in detention — you can’t suspend them or require they go to a school for behavioral problems). It goes: teachers to administration (in conjunction with the school counselors that make recommendations) to school board. Just one step in that chain doesn’t do anything, then nothing gets done.
      And usually children don’t go to a special behavioral school until junior high…a lot of them already have a long history of issues.
      Some districts do better than others.

      It won’t stop somebody, but along the way if the student is really violent, then a report has to be filed with the police…that would have kept this one from purchasing guns I should think.

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    • Little Annie’s Fannie says:

      My response above was to your statement. Sorry I put it in the wrong place!


    • Sharon says:

      “How do the policies of Broward county cause a crazy person to do a mass shooting?”

      They don’t cause them. They allow them.

      This is what lawlessness looks like.

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    • Diddian says:

      They don’t “cause” it – the shooter’s were willful acts of his own. They enable it by normalizing delinquency: (1) tolerating delinquent acts by doing nothing that effectively stops such behavior or removes those repetitively practicing such behavior from the schools (thus sending the message to the perpetrator that those behaviors are acceptable), and (2) desensitizing fellow students to the presence of such dangers among them in their daily lives.


    • If he had been arrested he would never have passed NICS and been able to buy his guns.

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  3. alliwantissometruth says:

    When will people learn? Leftist / liberal ideology / policies are completely separated from reality & common sense, & they ALWAYS come back to bite society in the ass

    Couple that with corrupted institutions that use said ideology to further their political & career viability, & you have an absolute recipe for continued disasters

    People are correct when they say we’ve got to get a handle on the mental illness of the lunatics out there, but until we get a handle on & stop the mental illness of at least half the voters in this country that vote democrat, this shit won’t end

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    • Rynn69 says:

      Exactly right. I dare say one could make links to “feminism”, dissolution of the family, single parenting challenges, gun-free zone idiocy, hatred and violence permeating the left’s body politic, and schools become liberal bastions of brainwashing focusing on liberal defined “social justice” vs. education. There were guns decades ago, but you did not see this kind of violence and inability to cope as you do now. Latch-key kids in so many ways.

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  4. So what’s up with this phony David Hogg kid? Youtube is deleting videos like crazy trying to cover for him.

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    • billrla says:

      Plain Jane: Here come the “divest now” protests. Nevermind that American Outdoor (ticker AOBC) makes all kinds of firearms, including those used by law enforcement. Olin (OLN) is a chemicals company; Winchester brand ammunition is relatively small portion of Olinesales. Vista Outdoors makes all sorts of outdoor brands, including, for example, Camelback hyradation packs. Ruger also makes all sorts of firearms.

      Public and private peensions hold shares in thousands of companies that make products that benefit the world, but also, sometimes, cause injury or death. Automobile companies. Aircraft companies. Tobacco companies. Alcoholic beverage companies. Fast-food companies. Beverage (soda) companies. The list goes on and on.

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  5. kinthenorthwest says:

    This is long overdue for too many schools. Schools have been allowing students to run & rule the schools for too long.

    District Will Suspend Kids Who Leave Class To Protest Florida Shooting – ‘We Are Here For An Education And Not A Political Protest’

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  6. Watcher says:

    Where is DWS ?

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  7. suejeanne1 says:

    Thinking back to the days of the Clinton administration, if I remember this correctly: those statistics about the improvement in crime due to the 100,000 police officers the Clinton administration was going to bestow on various cities – I never quite understood who these 100,000 police officers were – weren’t there some questions about some fiddling with the crime statistics? Murdered people becoming missing people?

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  8. James F says:

    Why isn’t this woman and her anti-American husband and coconspirators behind bars already?

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  9. joan and bill says:

    in israel they have an armed guards both men and women to protect their children while in school and no attacks have occurred as they will shoot to kill why not go with what works 100% rather than philosophical words and bad ideas from the obama era

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    • svenwg says:

      In Israel, the teachers carry assault rifles wherever they go, it has stopped Palestinian terrorists from trying to tunnel into Jewish schools and no school shootings have occurred since the policy began!!!!

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      • davideisenstadt says:

        There have been two attempted attacks on schools in Israel since the practice of training and arming teachers there was adoted.
        Both attempts were ended when teachers killed the attackers, with bullets fired from guns, not by thrown cans or chairs or prayers.

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      • Karmaisabitch says:

        Years ago, while in Israel I would pick up hitchhikers, and we’d talk, very friendly. It seemed to be a common way for soldiers to get around. Sometimes two or three would get into the car and everyone of them had rifles strapped on their back, it was amazing, and felt so normal and non-threatening.

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    • Alligator Gar says:

      Israel is under siege and has an ethnic/religious cohesive majority. The US is not and does not. I am unsure how such a policy would play out here. I would not trust my son’s life to a BLM activist teacher with a firearm. She or he’d be more likely to shoot my “white blue-eyed devil” son than a school shooter. How to screen out the racist BLM or Islamic jihadi teachers? You can’t. That would be -ism.

      What to do? Our liberalism has painted us into a corner, now, hasn’t it.


      • fuzzi says:

        Hire veterans to guard the schools: that would protect the students and employ veterans.

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      • Blacksmith8 says:

        We’re not under siege?

        Yes we are. Daily invasion via Rio Grande and tunnels under San Diego.
        Numerous arrests all along the southern states of illegal ‘somali/iran/syrian’ “refugees” that doesn’t make the news.

        Every home owner from El Paso to Brownsville has been living in siege warfare and practically over run.

        History point: What group/gang did Billy the Kid ride with? The Regulators.
        Did you know they still ride?
        Guess where?


  10. glissmeister says:

    Negligence. Bad faith case management. Institutional malignancy. Self-dealing.

    Democide: death by government.

    The political calculus of the cost/benefit was apparently decided by party officials some time ago.

    The cost is 17 innocents dead to in order to have the political narrative they are operating now. Same basic M.O. as Chicago, Philly and other big city government syndicates. More gun deaths = more federal funding + more fodder for the political narrative and more opportunities for personal political gain. It’s just a different version of Fast & Furious. It’s how syndicates do things; a normal behavior of malignant institutions..

    We should be outraged at the deliberateness of inaction and dereliction of duty that ultimately led to these killings. But we should also demand the truth about how many thousands more have been killed in the major Democrat “syndicate cities” whose government seems to routinely render the blood of their children into federal funds and personal political and financial gain.

    It’s not a village thing. It’s a syndicate thing.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      Glissmeister, you’ve written one of the most succinct summaries of our problems in America that I’ve ever read.

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    • exactly!! well said! Goes right along with “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

      They (the left, political elites, globalists, etc.) create the environment for mass destruction and crisis, then capitalize on the crisis with the help of their fringe groups, the media, and indoctrinated school children.

      I wonder if the school board members, the school administration and the school police department can be personally sued? It’s not just that. Conservatives cannot sit back – we need to physically active in taking these positions of leadership back from the crazies.

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      • Cinderella – you’ve just put your finger on why Conservatives cannot and should not “tak[e] these positions of leadership back from the crazies.”

        If you can or will exclude me from the class: “crazies,” take heed from my story: I was a member of the local school board during a vicious battle with the teachers’ union. The contract included a paragraph that said the union can’t sue us. We settled. They sued us for our personal assets. The district’s insurance did not provide for protection of board members sued for their personal assets. If plaintiffs had prevailed, my life would have been wrecked.

        Two (not me) out of the seven board members had substantial assets and made sure the district hired a couple of high powered attorneys. Eventually, the lawsuit faded away.


    • Tegan says:

      Good points, gliss…it was heartening to see the Fla. Legislature voted down the immediate, emotional gun bill that came up within hours of the shooting. As I matured in my thinking, I began to see how “crisis” always resulted in more money for studies ( to Universities), more regulations, more rights taken away. Then I started seeing how seemingly innocent data from other studies (U of Mich, study on aging) was manipulated for, you guessed it, more grants and money, more legislation and regulations, etc. That was easily proved just by the type of questions being asked in the studies. Yes, definitely more fodder for political narrative…usually slanted towards socialism.

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  11. gda says:

    The failsafe for preventing this abomination was to apply common sense theories of policing – namely the “broken windows” theory. This would have identified and nullified the perp long before the dual failure at FBI.

    But common sense is no match for misguided and misinformed liberal “do-gooders” getting played by the hardcore left’s “victim whoremongers”.

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  12. Garavaglia says:

    Thank you for exposing this crap. I was choked while teaching in a Memohis city school many years ago and I was harrassed by administration when I reported it. They are passing the buck in the name if statistics and self greed.

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  13. anthohmy says:

    Did they put him on psych meds when they diverted him and escalate the situation?

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  14. rlc970582410 says:

    Provenzano said that in 42 years of dealing with exceptional students she never saw a document with such obvious signs that a student might resort to violence.

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  15. For newcomers here, what sundance did not tell you is that he also took the trouble to reunite the victim of Trayvon’s burglary with her stolen items.

    It took some legwork, because there were 2 separate police forces to deal with. The school’s PD had the report about “found jewelry,” while the municipal force had the original crime report. The latter’s detective had never connected the two. Go back through the old posts … sundance’s doggedness to straighten things out was incredible.

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    • nanny210 says:

      That’s the main reason I am here 8/10 times a day….Sundance, coupled with poster knowledge, is my ‘go to’ for the truth and info on our crooked government!

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      • same here, nanny. I trust only less than 5 news sites anymore…
        CTH is like my ‘cigarette’ — I check in every couple of hours lol and read over lunch.

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      • Little Annie’s Fannie says:

        True investigative journalism, an almost completely lost art form, found here.

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      • Alligator Gar says:

        ^^^This, nanny. Been faithfully here nearly every day multiple times a day since Jessica Chambers was murdered and Sundance and crew were the only ones reporting on the case. I have had to change user name once, but here I remain.

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        • wondering999 says:

          Me too. May Jessica rest in peace… and I am grateful for one little good thing that came out of Jessica’s life and death is that she brought to me to the Treehouse. I remember her in my prayers. (I also try to pray for the child who has had her alleged murderer for a “babysitter” — shudder)


      • New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

        Nanny, when my first grandbaby was born almost a yr ago now, I’d feel like my arms were craving holding him by day 10 of not seeing him. My son and DIL live a state away (1 & 3/4 hrs away from us) and I’d call and say I was coming for a visit.

        That is how I feel about CTH. If I’ve not ck’d in AT LEAST once w in 12 hrs, I NEED to get to my cell or iPad and ck in. I get how you feel and suspect many regular Treepers (who post and as well as those who just read) also understand.

        God bless you, Sundance, for all you do to bring Truth to light and make it comprehendable to all who know to come to the Treehouse for it.


  16. RobBryde says:

    Sorry…I cannot blame these administrators. They weren’t interested in themselves. This is a mis-characterization. When a student is acting out horribly…it doesn’t help to label them a shooter-threat. Call the spade a spade based on fact. It was the social service that didn’t bother with clearly a mentally ill youth.


    • dalethorn says:

      Wow. Mars is calling.

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    • G. Combs says:

      IGNORE all the facts why don’t you!
      Broward County schools had the highest number of school-related arrests in Florida in the 2011-2012 school year. To IMPROVE that record, instead of dealing with the problem they just instructed Law enforcement from arresting students.

      In this specific case a student who attacked another student on school grounds WITH A KNIFE!!!!

      HERE read what Sundance said:
      “…Broward County schools intentionally created polices from 2011 through 2015 that culminated in the 2018 mass school shooting in Parkland. We know this with great specificity because five years ago we warned Broward County Florida school board members this could happen….

      The policies were called “diversionary programs” and were essentially about stopping High School students from being arrested. Law enforcement was instructed to avoid arrests and defer criminal conduct to school administrators.

      Students who engaged in violence, drug sales, robberies, burglaries, theft and other various crimes were intentionally kept out of the criminal justice system. County administrators and School Superintendents told local and county law enforcement officers to stop arresting students.

      ▶️ 2013 […] Broward, the nation’s seventh largest district, had the highest number of school-related arrests in Florida in the 2011-2012 school year, according to state data. Seventy-one percent of the 1,062 arrests made were for misdemeanor offenses. ◀️ “

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    • Little Annie’s Fannie says:

      Mis-characterization? Seriously?

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    • Alligator Gar says:

      So DCF is supposed to incarcerate some EVIL criminal now? Sorry, not how it works in Florida. Criminals like de Jesus Cruz get charged by police when they pull knives on people and threaten them (generally) and if convicted, locked up. That didn’t happen here. If it had happened as it would had I done it or you or anyone here, this little turd would not have been able to buy the murder weapon and 17 people would be breathing today. Period.

      Social services my Great Aunt Fanny!

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    • Sharon says:

      “Sorry…I cannot blame these administrators.”

      You did not comprehend Sundance’s post and you have no idea what is available at the links he provided.

      Being uninformed limits one’s capacity to participate in reality-based reasoning, as you have illustrated.

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  17. dana says:

    Government run public schools are CANCER! Why would anyone be dumb enough to want to teach in an environment where children aren’t held accountable for their actions?
    And of course Obozo has a hand in all this w his race card mentality! Thank God we finally have a REAL man as President!

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  18. nanny210 says:

    Something stinks to high Heaven about this whole thing. I fully understand through the CTH how a thug like Cruz was able to murder 17 innocent kids, teachers. I am drawing a very huge “HHMMM” over not ONE but TWO FBI peeps that so-called “dropped the ball” on this whole thing!!

    Please call me crazy, but I can see, with the fire getting too hot for FBI/et al, a field agent passing this info to command, only to be told to ‘stand down’, ‘nothingburger here’, knowing what hell would be played out at the school. Twofold agendas accomplished… heat taken away from their crooked selves and getting gun control back on the front burner!

    My heart goes out to the families of those lost, but please stop cow-towing to the demonicRats and the lying, complicit msm!!

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    • G. Combs says:

      Read Power Kills — DEMOCIDE: Death by Government

      The addictive aspects of power: The Neurochemistry of Power
      “Power, especially absolute and unchecked power, is intoxicating. Its effects occur at the cellular and neurochemical level. They are manifested behaviourally in a variety of ways, ranging from heightened cognitive functions to lack of inhibition, poor judgement, extreme narcissism, perverted behaviour, and gruesome cruelty.

      The primary neurochemical involved in the reward of power that is known today is dopamine, the same chemical transmitter responsible for producing a sense of pleasure. Power activates the very same reward circuitry in the brain and creates an addictive “high” in much the same way as drug addiction. Like addicts, most people in positions of power will seek to maintain the high they get from power, sometimes at all costs. When withheld, power – like any highly addictive agent – produces cravings at the cellular level that generate strong behavioural opposition to giving it up.[…]”

      and then SEE: Operation Gladio C

      Do we really think those who call us the “Great Unwashed” would hesitate in killing us if it would further their quest for the absolute power of a world government?

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  19. Realist says:

    But the ILLOGICAL IRRATIONAL Emotional ‘ Blame the INANIMATE object’ Lefturd debate continues unabated. But don’t dare mention Chicago , where America’s STRICTEST Gun laws exist, because thats mainly BLACK on BLACK mayhem and they like the Muslims and the LBGT’s and Feminazis are LEFTIST Holy Cows and are above any criticism and don’t talk about KNIVES which are used in THOUSANDS more murders than guns are or cars which kill thousand of people too. No the ONLY INANIMATE object which fits the LEFTURD POLITICAL and EMOTIONAL playbook are GUNS.

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  20. DirtySanchez03 says:

    I wonder how Rob Runcie is doing. Hopefully he is scared out of his mind and the lawsuit that should cost him his job and hopefully put him in prison is forthcoming.
    I went to his webpage to email him my thoughts. Interestingly the link for sending an email doesn’t work….

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  21. Coast says:

    Send this article to the man who spoke out yesterday during the meeting with the President, the man who was photograph wearing the Trump 2020 shirt. He needs to understand who really is responsible for his daughters death.

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    • G. Combs says:

      I hope he finds a really good lawyer. A good lawyer can help push for CRIMINAL indictments up to and INCLUDING the DEATH PENALTY!!!

      Until the lawless acts of the Progressives are met with the sledge hammer of the law, we have no hope of wining the battle for our country.

      And yes I do mean the death penalty:

      Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law | Department of Justice
      “Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

      For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. [could therefore be applied to school officials as well as LEOs]….

      TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

      Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnaping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

      From an Intro to Criminal Justice course: The Color of Law: Definition, Violations & the Deprivation of Rights

      Violations of the Color of Law

      According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, in 2012, there were 380 civil rights cases of the color of law.

      ……Law enforcement agents, under the color of law, are not allowed to use their authority to:

      ⚫️ Unlawfully confiscate property
      ⚫️ Falsely arrest a subject
      ⚫️ Falsify records
      ⚫️ Use cruel or unusual punishment to detain an individual
      ⚫️ Fail to keep a person from harm [….]”

      The School sure as heck FAILED to keep a person from harm by their deliberate actions!

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  22. cali says:

    I want to present another part of this shooting that is not reported by the Mockingbird media:

    The documentation and analysis @Sundance going back to the Trayvon Martin case is flawless.
    When it comes to the recent Florida school shooting there is a lot intentionally not reported to make this youngster out to be an out of control murderer and shooter which he was not at all. Much is overblown while other facts are ignored.

    Nikolas Cruz (19) and his young Brother (17) were born to a drug/alcohol addicted mother who later passed away. The Cruz couple adopted these two boys when they were infants. The Cruz family lived in an upscale neighborhood and were well off.
    Nikolas was diagnosed with autism at a very early age and subsequently demonstrated behavior problem as he got older. He was treated via psychiatrist who dispensed SSRI (psychotropic drugs) to Nikolas.
    Nikolas adoptive father died after a heart attack about 6 years ago. The adoptive mother found herself being a stay-at-home mom to care for these two boys in a financial dilemma forcing them from their upscale home and neighborhood into the opposite. Nikolas adoptive mom died on 1 November 2017 due to an undefined illness although called the flu. Nikolas stopped taking his psychotropic drugs and discontinued his treatment via psychiatrist. Nikolas told his friend that he kept hearing voices. Nikolas was a social awkward kid that couldn’t fit in. He was bullied by students and shunned. They made fun of his red hair as well as his extremely white skin and being so pale. He was ignored.
    The boys were taken in by a woman and friend of their mom. The woman immediately stole $2,900.00 from Nikolas and clashed with him about his guns. Nikolas soon left and asked his friend if he could stay with them. That family whom Nikolas stayed with until that day say a much different Nikolas than what the media reported. He loved animals, he was polite, he worked, he stored his guns in a safe the family provided and more. They had no complaint about Nikolas . On the day of the shooting Nikolas felt nauseous and thought of having a flu. He went to sleep and woke up to find himself among students outside of school. The two girls walking with Nikolas stated that he had no guns and had no idea what was happening in the school. She also reported hearing shuts fired from two different direction while walking away with Nikolas. She went her way and Nikolas went to MCDonald to eat. It is there that he was wrestled and taken down by law enforcement. As you can see he looked dazed and confused as he was on the ground.
    A few words about the actual shooting:
    Three weeks (3) weeks prior the Secret Service (??/) visited the school to meet with the teachers about a planned and upcoming ‘Code Red Live Fire Drill” although the time and date was at the Secret Service choosing. (Why the secret service).
    Three days prior to the shooting law enforcement removed the surveillance camera mounted to monitor everyone entering that school. There was only one entrance to get in!!
    On the day of the shooting the fire alarm went off and as instructed by the secret service three weeks prior teachers moved all their students into the hallways. the classroom doors were locked by the teachers as instructed. Everyone thought it was the “CODE RED Live Fire Drill”. The shooting began as soon as all the youngsters were in the hallway. You can see in some pics at the beginning that children walking in line were not panicked. All of them thought at first it was a drill.
    There were more than two shooters as students stated on camera that the Mockingbird Media hides. Why??? Then the first body bag law enforcement removes is ‘thrown’ on the back of a truck??? Really?
    Here once again a vulnerable orphan with autism, homeless, mom died on 1 November, shunned and bullied by his class mates and others treated by a psychiatrist with psychotropic drugs until the day his mom died, hearing voices, socially awkward with just a couple of friends finds himself charged with murdering 17 kids. While various students stated that Nikolas was not armed nor the shooter. Shooting came from elsewhere.
    Law enforcement claims the shooter wore a gas mask, was in possession of smoke bombs among other gear!?? So who framed Nikolas Cruz as the shooter wearing a gas mask? Who really behind the gas mask? Who really shot at these students?
    Isn’t fair to say that this stinks to high heaven like another false flag like LV? Isn’t once again witness statements of actual shooters suppressed by the Mocking Bird Media. In LV various witnesses who posted on facebook or other places about the many shots fired from different directions strangely died for various reasons? So here we have a shooting that is pinned on a vulnerable kid that has no means to understand nor fight his innocence? The court – as predicted – rejected his guilty plea his defense attorney told him to do. Now he most likely will be put to death quickly. Is that fair or right? It’s wrong and no matter whether he fought with his ex-girlfriends new boyfriend who taunted him (they call it assault) why does society allows such injustice?

    If anything it is time that these false flags are labeled correctly and those deep state actors who engineering these need exposure. Q told us two days in advance about that false flag and sure enough once more the desperate deep state murders innocent people. That must stop.
    Framing an innocent youngster drugged for years with mind altering drugs that caused him to hear voices is as wrong as murdering innocent people.

    Sorry for this overly long comment! It’s frustrating that the Mocking Bird media is successful over and over playing along with this deep state psy-op.


    • hillbilly4 says:

      Thanks for the notes. This does seem to get muddier by the day.


    • G. Combs says:

      Cali, that dovetails with this article about
      Operation Gladio C
      “[…]Operation Gladio” is well-known throughout intelligence circles and military leadership worldwide as a covert and ongoing NATO-run terrorist operation. Those intel and secret service agents, with firsthand knowledge of NATO’s many false flag terrorist attacks conducted in Europe and the United States, quietly call it the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization”.

      That’s not to say that Operation Gladio (OG) conducts their terror attacks by themselves. There is now a prodigious body of evidence — circumstantial, anecdotal and hard proof — on the Internet which points directly to their intimate collaboration with the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, DOD, local law enforcement, as well as many other silent partners (e.g. SERCO) in the execution of the OG black operations….

      Strategy of tension

      Terrorism by its very nature creates an atmosphere of extreme tension (and fear) wherever it is perpetrated. The very purpose of Operation Gladio C is to generate so much tension throughout the United States that the body politic will concede to whatever demands the political class is cynically legislating on behalf of their NWO masters. In fact, laws are now systematically made this way; manufactured consent paves the way for oppressive legislation that further subjugates the citizenry.

      It was the deliberate implementation of this “strategy of tension” throughout Europe that allowed the totalitarian superstate — the European Union (EU) — to be established. The false promise to eliminate war between member nations was held high as a byproduct of the EU. So was the false expectation to eradicate terrorism Europewide which has instead significantly increased.[…]”

      Remember that 9/11 gave us the Patriot Act, the secret FISA court and universal spying on EVERYONE yet:
      ⚫️ CONNECTED Saudis were immediately flown out of the USA under FBI supervision
      ⚫️ Muslim immigration WAS DOUBLED immediately afterwards

      ⚫️ Saudis were granted MOST TRUSTED TRAVELER PRIVILEGES to whisk them through airport security —

      ⚫️ -DHS Investigations into Muslim Terrorist cells was scuttled by Homeland Security brass for politically-correct reasons.

      ⚫️ Janet Napolitano and DHS targets returning veterans and ‘right wing extremists’ who are anti-abortion and anti-immigration INSTEAD of Muslims: ” Napolitano defended the report, which says “ rightwing extremism” may include groups opposed to abortion and immigration…”

      The ONLY people to lose from 9/11 were AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!

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      • cali says:

        @G Combs: Thanks for your post! 🙂

        I did learn about Operation GladioC only a couple of days ago via the anons on the 8chan board.
        That is terrifying but would fit into the other posting that our military intelligence works with various countries but completely EXCLUDE Europe and their anyone connected to Europe.
        Wonder no more – the NWO gang is evil – pure evil!

        I still believe that it is an injustice to always finger white boys, mostly autistic and on psychotropic drugs disturbing their minds and hearing voices. They are targeted because they are convenient to these monsters staging these false flags left and right murdering innocent citizens.
        If we don’t do anything they win ergo we need to support president Trump and al white hats working methodically behind the scene and out of the spotlight to take these monsters down.


    • Alligator Gar says:

      Yeah, Cali, my dad told me something about multiple shooters reported by children from the high school. I blew it off as he is a chemo patient and often muddles his “news.”

      Once you put this together with the things G. Combs points out, it does make you pause and your eyes narrow. This should be investigated further. I have a particular interest if they are framing ANOTHER autistic child. (Sandy Hook being the first, AFAIK)

      This scapegoating, if it is such, of autistic children as dangerous murderers must stop. My son is afraid of firearms and will not touch them and will not play violent video games, either. So, that “autistic kids are evil, violent, soulless monsters” is not a universal truth.


      • cali says:

        @Alligator Gar: Yes – I am convinced they once again sought our a youngster, autistic with years of psychiatrist dispensing mind altering psychotropic drugs. Losing his mom hit Nikolas hard and depressed him.
        This youngster is not the shooter based on various statements on camera by students who walked away in the company of Nikolas.


    • Dixie says:

      Cali, this is scary. What is your source for all this information because you seem to have intimate knowledge…?


  23. bitterlyclinging says:

    Hussein Obama failed to achieve the desired hue and cry over dead Mexicans with Fast and Furious allowing him to implement his desired gun control policy over the United States so it was decided to sacrifice America’s children leaving them exposed and unprotected, allowing them to be shot like fish in a barrel to get their desired national emotional response and thereby achieving their desired national gun policy, disarming the people. The folks over in the Obama/Rhodes Media Echo Chamber were more than happy to assist Hussein Obama in this effort, installing a nefarious glory on the shooter, rehearsing scripted questions with interviewees…just as the Media Echo Chamber assisted with the “Muh Russia” farce, just as the Media Echo Chamber aided and abetted America’s surrender in Vietnam


  24. Madi says:

    Before September 11, did not question much of anything. Now I do. The deep state (or who ever they are) is scare to death. What we see is :SEDITION. « THEY » had their plan disrupted by the people like « us ».
    Wars (false investigation presented by Powell at UN, voted by our political class), shooting (same story over and over:kids who shot muslims : white kids with autism.really? ; Orlando shooting,ect ect.
    Sedition is a lot of work in a country , aRepublic with a constitution with second amendment.
    USA fought the Brithish.
    Now « they » fight for our minds, destroy family, kids, GOD.

    Everyday, I tried to wake up one person at the time.
    Could you tell me what is « Q »?


    • cali says:

      @Masi: I agree with you and I also trusted Bush on 9/11 telling me the truth only to learn that it was a shadow government/deep state false flag intended to justify setting the middle east on fire.
      They murder innocent citizens at their leisure for may years now. They even tried to murder the 200 Republicans and their families traveling by train recently putting a dump truck on the rails. Desperation has turned to pure evil!

      Go here to start and then you see more links where you can follow the millions who have picked up and expose the truth while supporting ur president:
      On twitter: #Qanon, #CBTS, #greatawakening, #Thomas1774Paine, 8chan/qresearch,

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    • Guffman says:

      Q Anon, is an internet info source, (some believe white-hat, military intel), who provides regular updates on what ‘may’ be going on behind the scenes. The Q posts are almost always in a cryptic form but there are many on YouTube who attempt to decipher daily.
      Whether real or not, the posts give many of us hope that something positive is being done behind the scenes that will destroy the deep state and corrupt politicians, and eventually hold them accountable. You can check the Q posting updates at

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      • cali says:

        @Guffman: Thanks!!! 🙂

        Reading Q’s mission statement why they drop these intel drops aka crumbs is simply to let us know that actions are underway to take down this shadow government and its actors wherever they may be found. They are asking us to inform others and share what drops they give us and research for ourselves the truth. That truth always turns out to be something evil. Always. I underestimate these people who evil they really are. It’s all about the sues of the NWO which our president and the military community haleps to take down in tandem with the various white in government.

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        • G. Combs says:

          “…I underestimate these people who evil they really are….”

          Maiingankwe, a few days ago mentioned a Utube — Human Trafficking Update:

          I found it to be mainly a recap of what had been found earlier about ‘Pizzagate’ HOWEVER towards the end was some new information.

          This including photos of Chelsea Clinton wearing the upside down cross of the ‘church of satan’ and Chelsea’s well wishes via twitter to the ‘church of satan’ on New Years.

          Now that is an eye opener! (Of course the Progressives are busy fighting back on the issue.)


          • cali says:

            @G Combs: Awww Chelsea Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kate Perry, Meryl Streep and a host of other elitists have the preference visiting their exclusive restaurant in LA via vetting. That restaurant is where they bag about their cuisine such as 8oa Sirloin Steak made from fresh and young humans!!!!!

            This is what we are dealing with and yes Chelsea Clinton dines there as customer!!!


      • Madi says:

        Thanks Cali &Guffman . One can never be « to much informed »
        Interesting website;


  25. lettruthspeak says:

    It’s even worse than the things CTH has uncovered. This filth goes back decades, with the policies instituted by the criminally insane left with regards to allowing and encouraging people to have multiple children they couldn’t afford to raise properly. Of course they targeted minoriities who were not properly educated, infused their neighborhoods with illicit drugs, and instituted a welfare program that didn’t require, in fact encoraged the opposite, to not have father’s in the home. Then we get a complete breakdown in this part of our society. Neighorhoods filled with drugs, abuse, schools that resembled prisons more than centers of education, and it all continues unabated to this day. We all know what goes on in Chicago, which is a prime example of what I’m talking about. It’s been run by the democratic party forever, and no one does a damn thing about it. It always falls on deaf ears because the same media that needs to out them for their abhorrent, criminal behavior our nothing more than their propaganda yes men and women. Then we have the introduction of psychotropic, mind altering drugs on innocent young minds, being diagnosed with ADD, PTSD from the abuse they take, and whatever else flavor of the month BS the psychologists come up with to keep them in jobs.

    The evil left created this monster, the monster was released on the public, and now we are suffering all the consequences. But whom do the sick, evil, twisted, degenerate, gutless weasels blame. Law abiding, tax payers, who play by the rules, raise their children properly and then are thrown together with this mishmash of criminals and psychopaths. Until we stand up and force the real criminals, those that implemented this insanity on our country, we will change absolutely nothing. NOTHING WILL CHANGE!


  26. yy4u says:

    Here are a few gun control laws I can support:
    1-EVERY advocate of gun control should be required to post in front of his house a sign reading “This is a gun free zone”.

    2-EVERY advocate of gun control should be required to post on his car. “This is a gun free car”.

    3-No politician who votes for gun control should be allowed to have armed protection.

    4-No celebrity who advocates gun control should be allowed to have armed protection for himself/herself or his/her children. (Rosie O’Donnell, I’m talking about you).

    5-No government building or airport should be protected by armed guards until every school has the same protection.

    This isn’t about gun control folk, it’s about disarming us, we the people. The Leftists already politicized the government, now they want to confiscate the guns and voila USA becomes USSA.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. Unprotected Class says:

    I know it is a huge ask, but it would be very interesting to compile post diversion crime statistics for students that were run through these programs. We know of at least 3, Trayvon, Kitt Durant, and now Cruz. How many more are there?


  28. jstanley01 says:

    It was the Obama administration that has pushed this nonsense down the throats of educators and law enforcement nationwide for eight solid years. The blood is on his hands. On the bright side, it’s finally becoming clear to all involved that giving criminal delinquents the run of our schools is a very good idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. evergreen says:

    Treat the students the United way. Drag them from the campus if necessary, never to return under penalty of trespassing. Let the state take up the truancy issue.

    What about the kid?

    What about the students? Maybe if the schools returned to places of learning instead of holding tanks and recruitment centers for JD’s, outcomes would be positive. Imagine the AT&T-pin-drop quiet environment where a kid actually reads, listens, and learns respect.

    The public school system stinks, but it’s supposed to be about learning. It’s the “public” system available when the means won’t provide a better alternative. That does not mean that it has to have more than learning for its charter. Stick to teaching. Ship the kids off that won’t learn.



    • Alligator Gar says:

      Even the Community College students who, supposedly, are paying for their classroom time, are loud and disruptive. I had to stomp the h*ll out of a couple of mine last night. Nope, not pleasant, but I gave them enough rope and they chose to hang themselves. Other students had complained. I was sick of it. So I waited and then hit them. It was unexpected and effective.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Alligator Gar says:

        No, I did not physically assault them, but I did verbally bash them pretty hard. The rest of the class were nodding and smiling. I thought they’d clap and cheer, but they didn’t. I did get more class participation than ever from them afterward, though. All in all, a great outcome. Bulies sorted.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Ship them off where? Personally, I suggest military-style schools, and all students have to be medication-free if it is any way possible, with suitable medical oversight, of course. No more Ritalin or any other mood-altering drugs. Work them hard enough physically that they will drop exhausted into their beds every night!!! If they are, indeed, mentally handicapped/ill to the point they cannot make it there, they need to be institutionalized in some fashion. JMO


    • yy4u says:

      It is PC run amok. My daughter-in-law taught first grade in a Title I school. One of the kids was violent and so the school district provided him with a “minder” who, when the kid went “off”, could restrain him. This was necessary I guess so that the damaged child could be “mainstreamed”. But what about the kids who didn’t get to learn while the “minder” was restraining the violent child? As I said, PC run amok. This time it cost 17 lives. Guns are not the problem here; the problem is leftist control of the schools. Address THAT and you’ll fix 90% of school shootings.

      Liked by 1 person

      • yy4u says:

        And I’d add that the problem in cities run amok or are now schifffholes is not guns or poverty or any other leftist trope but rather that these cities have been run by a one-party Leftist government for 25-50 years.


  30. Crawler says:

    Isn’t it ironic that the same progressive ideology that the greedy, chip-on-shoulder, self-serving Broward County leaders implemented to create, foster and enable the young murdering coward (I’ll never repeat the subhuman’s name), is the same ideology that is funding the current anti-Second Amendment protests?

    When this massacre happened I told an associate of mine that meanwhile, one-hundred million lawful American gun owners didn’t massacre anyone that day. 100,000,000 !

    In all of the media rhetoric I’ve had to stomach and endure since the massacre, there has not been one report on the largest school massacre in American history: Bath Township, Michigan, 1927. I guess since a firearm wasn’t used in Bath Township it doesn’t fit the current media narrative and their support of abolishing American constitutionally guaranteed inherent rights.

    Very informative article, sundance. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alligator Gar says:

      Exactly. No one I know who lawfully owns a firearm has ever pulled a firearm on anyone if not in self defense or defense of others who are in mortal danger. Responsible people should never be lumped together with criminals. Pushback needs to be massive and harsh.

      Liked by 1 person

    • yy4u says:

      It isn’t about gun rights or gun control; it’s about imposing a dictatorship or at least having the ability to impose one “if needed”. So far the left has gradually taken over the country incrementally, pushing those who disagree with their ideology back one step at a time — from abortion to gay marriage to gays in the military to transsexuals in the bathroom to — whatever they deem to be the next increment. Voting against them doesn’t make much of a difference, they either take to the courts (ObamaCare) or stage a soft coup (Watergate, Iran-Contra, Valerie Plame) via the politicized bureaucracy. In order to have total control and not fear any real push back they must have a disarmed populace. THAT is what it is all about.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. jameswlee2014 says:

    This kid is schizophrenic. Schizophrenia is an incurable physical disease of the brain, like McCain’s brain cancer. And, like brain cancer, it is incurable. The afflicted loses touch with reality, or, better put, his diseased brain is creating a separate reality. He is psychotic. There is no more excuse for psychotics walking around than there is for people with TB walking around. They are a danger to themselves and every one else. And, like TB patients, they need to be confined. Gun control is a joke. Psychotics are not stupid. If the kid couldn’t have got a gun, he could have built a bomb.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Avani Khandelwal says:

    This is insane!🙈


  33. The liberal education establishment has been slowly changing bad behavior to a special education disability which places them under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Once there, it takes an act of Congress to get a dangerous person out of your kids’ classrooms. By law, they cannot be suspended for more than 10 days without some serious and complicated “hearings”. Then if you can get a dangerous person out, Obama’s education dept would flag you for failing to mainstream special ed students.


  34. RobInPA says:

    ‘Saving’ this particular ‘child’ from having a bad record and getting the help or maybe the incarceration that he needed, cost the lives of 17.


  35. Like

    • Ziiggii says:

      I’d like to get some of the things this guy has claimed in his thread verified. He makes some pretty bold statements about Cruz and the FBI that really needs some discovery…


      • Ziiggii says:

        I started to research some of the things he claims… a lot of them are from Infowars – or at least that was where I found most of them. Most of those claims come from a single student, a Senior, at Stoneman Douglas. To that students credit though he seems like a well spoken individual, intelligent and not necessarily pushing an agenda. Although, he is a regular listener of Jones’ radio show.

        No where else was I able to find info on the Secret Service training at the School or claims that the FBI were some of the first LEO’s to respond.

        There are many other things that I have noticed but not really brought to question, mostly because they didn’t really register as odd until the last few days.


  36. Chewbarkah says:

    To paraphrase Marion Berry — the Broward County School District crime statistics are great, if you don’t count the mass murders…


  37. Ziiggii says:

    A Student was supposed to be a part of the CNN Town Hall last night but didn’t because he says CNN wanted him to read a “scripted question”

    CNN today says it’s not true….🤔. but but but –

    What about this time CNN?

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Ziiggii says:

    Liked by 2 people

  39. Mike diamond says:

    More money should be spent on armed security in our schools,students should turn in their fellow students who threaten others or their schools! A snitch team of good students report to the principle of serious things going on in the school ! Let’s not blame the President!! The school, dept of health,and the FBI dropped the ball ! Liberals always blame the guns!!


    • Q&A says:

      If you look at the details of the FL shooting, you’ll see that students, teachers, neighbors, host families and concerned citizens reported the shooter to authorities at all levels. What you have is an entire community authority structure that refused to follow the law and gave dangerous students protected status for a long time.


  40. nimrodman says:

    Commentator on Fox just yammered that “social media” can help solve these problems.

    “They’ll come up with an app that enables kids to report problem classmates, yada yada”

    Dude – there already IS an app for that.
    It’s called “dial 911”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Q&A says:

      Nothing like blaming kids for the authorities not doing their job. Whether it was the school administrators, superintendent, school board, sheriff, FBI, or others – they are the ones who should have acted and refused to. As KBR said above, “Sanctuary Schools”.


      • Mr. T. says:

        Putting aside the unprofessionalism of the FBI, the Broward County Sheriff should resign. It’s not the Sheriff’s sworn duty to allow the Broward school district to dictate policy when it comes to the handling of students who break the law. The Sheriff took an oath to protect and serve the citizens of Broward County. He obviously failed badly at doing just that. There is no excuse for his dereliction of duty.


    • John_in_IN says:

      Yeah. Dial 911. What do you do when the operator on the other end does nothing? 39 times?


  41. Doc Hellfish says:

    This is my first comment on CTH.. I never believed all this stuff about false flags or any of that crap.. but.. if the FBI can sink to the level of a coup what won’t they do? Is it unreasonable to think this information was intentionally sat on so as to ratchet up calls for gun control?


    • Ziiggii says:

      Welcome to the Treehouse Doc… find a limb and join in the fireside chats


    • G. Combs says:

      You might want to read:
      The neurochemistry of power (Power is VERY ADDICTIVE)


      DEMOCIDE: Death by Government

      Then Operation Gladio C

      Here is the result of Gun Control laws:
      1911 Turkey Gun control — from 1915 to 1917 – 1.5 million Arminans killed
      1935 China gun control — from 1948 to 1952 – 20 million killed
      1938 Germany Gun control — from 1935 to 1945 – 20,946,000 murdered.
      1956 Cambodia gun control — from 1975 to 1977 – 1 to 2 million educated people murdered.
      1964 Guatamala Gun Control — from 1964 to 1981 – 100,000 Mayan Indians killed.
      1970 Uganda gun control in — from 1971 to 1979 – 300,000 Christians killed, a total of 2 to 3 million murdered.

      Mexican subjects are not allowed guns. Last year, with Over 29,000 Homicides, 2017 Was Mexico’s Most Violent Year on Record.

      “Political Power grows out of the barrel of a gun” –Mao Zedong


  42. phoenixRising says:

    Q suggests we archive these documents – they may disappear.

    Click to access docid-32403785.pdf

    Click to access ciasuseofjournal00unit.pdf

    Twitter thread on Operation Mockingbird


  43. Mr. T. says:


  44. Donna in Oregon says:

    I believe President Trump. The 2nd Amendment is not at risk. The evil MSM is just causing problems again.

    I support POTUS and his common sense approach. It will be nice to finally have a President that fixes problems instead of crying in public about them…..and then doing nothing to solve the problem.

    The MSM and Broward County have the same disease. Sh*t for Brains… answers that work, create more problems, destroy the lives of good people with stupid games.


  45. john Bowler says:

    Oh, BTW, Robert Runcie, the Superintendent of the Broward County School District is the BROTHER of James Runcie who just resigned LAST WEEK from the Federal Department of Education rather than testify before congress regarding the BILLIONS of dollars unaccounted for in the Federal Student Loan Program which he was in charge of. Probably jut a coincidence huh?


  46. Jerry says:

    It’s typical of the political system we live in. If a private business treated the laws of the land as badly all the officers would be jailed. Here we blame the gun


  47. Karambit says:

    Looks like Jack Cashill kis using Sundance’s


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