School Discipline is Racist – President Obama Official Higher Rate Of School Suspensions For Blacks, Males “Potential Violation Of Civil Rights Laws”…

Jesse Jackson - HoodieThis insanity actually started last April Jesse Jackson: Trayvon Martin Would Not Have Been Killed If He Wasn’t Suspended From School – ergo Suspensions are RACIST – No More Black Suspensions…

It Advanced In August With President Obama issuing an “executive order”  establishing the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans.  Effectively placing “quotas” on school discipline based on race.

It continues today……  ( “Students of color, students with disabilities and male students” are suspended at a disproportionate rate than their peers, in “potential violation of civil rights laws,” an Education Department official said Wednesday at the first ever congressional hearing on the so-called school-to-prison pipeline.

“We are alarmed by the disparities in disciplinary sanctions, particularly for students of color, students with disabilities, and male students,” said Deborah Delisle, assistant secretary for the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education at the Education Department. In written testimony, she said such disparities are a “potential violation of civil rights laws.”

“When African-American students are more than 3 ½ times as likely to be suspended or expelled as their White peers, or students with disabilities are more than twice as likely to receive out-of-school suspensions as their non-disabled peers, as they are today – it raises substantial concerns,” Delisle told the Senate Judiciary Committee.  (read more)

Of course all of this actually ignores BEHAVIOR….

The Urban League looks at it this way:

The executive order was announced during the president’s recent speech to the National Urban League’s annual conference in New Orleans, and will coordinate efforts to harmonize programs for African-American students.

The executive order will also identify evidence-based practices to improve students’ achievement in school and college and develop a national network of individuals, organizations and communities that will share and implement these practices. The initiative also will create a new President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African-Americans and a federal interagency working group on educational excellence.

“Expanding educational opportunities, and ensuring equity and excellence at scale for our students is a shared goal of the National Urban League and the new White House initiative,” Morial added. “We look forward to partnering with the Administration and Congress to expand policies that will help close the achievement gap for African-American students and prepare them for 21st century jobs.”

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics underscore the growing disparity between minority and white academic achievement, and the urgency for action. Black and Hispanic students trailed their white peers by an average of more than 20 points on the NAEP math and reading assessments at 4th and 8th grades, a difference of about two grade levels. These gaps persisted even though the score differentials between black and white students narrowed between 1992 and 2007 in 4th grade math and reading and 8th grade math (NCES, 2009, 2011).

When we read the surrounding articles, it reminded us of a very particular comment that seemed “unusual” at the time, because it was made by Jesse Jackson during a speech about Trayvon Martin in Sanford Florida back in early April.

At the time we wrote about it here. It just seemed odd and somewhat out-of-place, but now things are coming together:

[…] Jackson also said Martin’s case illustrated the high number of black students who are suspended from school. A report issued by the U.S. Department of Education last month found that black students are more than three times as likely as their white peers to be suspended or expelled. Martin had been suspended from school for having a baggie that contained marijuana residue shortly before he was killed.

We must stop suspending our children,” Jackson said, asking the crowd to repeat: “Invest in them. Educate them.” (read the inital article and the attached citations)

Knowing how nothing with the Jackson / Sharpton / Jealous Team ever happens in a vacuum, we wanted to dig a little because this had the surroundings of a bigger story. Alas, time was devoted to the Zimmerman case and we could not expound. But we did now. And lookie what is right there from 2010:

The Department Of Justice – Civil Rights and School Discipline October 21st 2010

In recent years, many school districts across the country have begun to adopt strict zero-tolerance discipline policies that impose increasingly harsher punishments for seemingly minor infractions. These disciplinary measures – in-school or out-of-school suspensions, alternative school placements, expulsions, and referrals to police departments and juvenile authorities – disrupt a student’s education and diminish their chances for success.

For too many students, these school-imposed sanctions lead to the criminal justice system, a pathway commonly referred to as the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Regrettably, studies have shown that children of color are disproportionately affected by zero-tolerance policies, a trend that increases already significant disparities.

In other words: if you enforce rules, or punish bad behavior, the black students are going to be punished more because they are predominantly the worst behaved.

See where this is headed?……. and so the government (DOJ and DOE) set about in 2010 to develop a plan, an actual government based plan, to create an enforcement mechanism to deliver parity to school discipline based on race. And subsequently force the schools not to discipline black children with bad behavior. Not kidding. Read on…..

To examine this issue and discuss strategies for addressing it, on Sept. 27 – Sept. 28, 2010, the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the Department of Education’s Civil Rights Office jointly hosted a conference entitled, “Civil Rights and School Discipline: Addressing Disparities to Ensure Educational Opportunity.” Academic and policy leaders, lawyers and law enforcement officers, investigators and educators, advocates and researchers discussed and developed strategies to ensure that all children can access a pathway to success, not to prison.

During the [invitation only] conference, Attorney General Eric Holder, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Thomas E. Perez discussed this pervasive problem, the need for collaboration to tackle it and the administration’s commitment to addressing it:

ERIC HOLDER – Never before have our two agencies come together in this way – or brought together such a large and diverse group of partners – to discuss the best ways to ensure that civil rights and educational opportunities are protected for every student, at every level, and in every community…But it is just the beginning of what I know – and I pledge – will be an ongoing conversation about how we can better understand the causes, and most effectively remedy the consequences, of disparities in student discipline. I want to assure all of you that for me, for Secretary Duncan, for the agencies we lead, and for the administration – this work is a top priority.

US DOJ October 2010

Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot ! The Department of Justice and the Department of Education are going to team up to insure that discipline in school behavior is now held to the same standards of equality in statistics? What the, huh,…. you’ve gotta be kidding me.?

“Disparate Impact” Defined – Adverse effect of a practice or standard that is neutral and non-discriminatory; but nonetheless, disproportionately affects individuals belonging to a particular group based on their race, age, ethnicity, or sex.

For every black child disciplined there needs to be a white child disciplined based on the percentage of black to white, or minority, student populations in the school?

No way. That would have to be a joke right?….

No joke…. unfortunately.

Reported 3 days ago in the National Examiner – Maryland Board of Education – Racial Quotas in School Discipline:

Disproportionate/Discrepant Impact. It is contained in the July 2012 Report of the Maryland Board of Education: School Discipline and Academic Success: Related Parts of Maryland’s Education Reform. (According to the Washington Post, there is a 30-day period for additional public comment before the rule can be adopted.)

This proposed rule violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution by pressuring schools to discipline students based on their race, rather than their individual conduct and the content of their character. That is at odds with court rulings like the federal appeals court ruling in People Who Care v. Rockford Board of Education, 111 F.3d 528, 534 (7th Cir. 1997), which forbid both racial-balancing, and quotas, in school discipline.

The proposed rule, COMAR 13A.08.01.21, is found on page 25 of the Report of the Maryland Board of Education: School Discipline and Academic Success: Related Parts of Maryland’s Education Reform. It reads as follows:

A. The Department shall develop a method to analyze local school system data to determine whether there is a disproportionate impact on minority students. B. The Department may use the discrepancy model to assess the impact of discipline on special education students. C. If the Department identifies a school’s discipline process as having a disproportionate impact on minority students or a discrepant impact on special education students, the school system shall prepare and present to the State Board a plan to reduce the impact within 1 year and eliminate it within 3 years. [boldface added]

Thus, the Board seeks to ban “disproportionate impact” – the term for something not motivated by racism that nevertheless unintentionally affects or weeds out more minorities than whites – in school discipline. But it has done so without the qualifications and limitations to that concept that apply in court. The Supreme Court has allowed minority employees to sue over such “disparate impact” in limited circumstances, but it has refused to allow minority students to sue over it. Its ruling in Alexander v. Sandoval, 532 U.S. 275 (2001), said that individuals could not sue under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act for “disparate impact,” only intentional discrimination. Title VI is the federal law that covers racial discrimination in schools and other institutions that receive federal funds. (The Board’s proposed rule is not needed to prevent racism or deliberate discrimination, since there are already several laws banning discriminatory treatment of anyone based on their race, as opposed to disparate impact, that students victimized by racial discrimination can already sue under, like 42 U.S.C. 1981, and Title VI). (article link)

The fact that a higher percentage of black students are suspended than whites in most schools is not, for the most part, the product of racism by school officials, but rather reflects greater infraction rates tied to lamentable factors like poverty and single-parent households. As a scholar at the Brookings Institution points out, “children who spend time in single-parent families are more likely to misbehave, get sick, drop out of high school and be unemployed.” As the National Center for Health Statistics notes, while most whites and Asians are born to two-parent families, most blacks and Hispanics are not. See National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 60, No.2: Births: Preliminary Data for 2010 (Nov. 17, 2011).

Since infraction rates are typically higher among such minority groups, their discipline and suspension rates are naturally higher as well, even if that is bureaucratically defined as “disproportionate impact.” This is a reflection of unpleasant realities, not school officials’ racism. Preventing such discipline will only cause more disorder and violence in the schools, especially in predominantly black schools, thus harming the very disadvantaged people the Board of Education seeks to help.

Students are commonly victimized by members of their own race and peers of the same ethnicity. So watering down discipline for members of a racial group does not help that group. The fact that black students have been shortchanged by the larger society is not a reason to add insult to injury by depriving them of an orderly school environment and effective school discipline, or subjecting them to the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Pressure to discipline minorities and whites in numbers proportional to their percentage of the student body may also lead to other forms of racial discrimination in discipline, such as suspensions of white and Asian students for technicalities that would result in nothing more than a warning for a black student.

This is the natural outcome for government attempting to legislate behavior based on racial statistics as models for equality.

Think of another example of how this thought process would carry out, only this time in the Criminal Justice World:

If you apply this same methodology now being implemented by President Obama and Eric Holder to the criminal justice system, if blacks make up 17% of the population then blacks can only receive 17% of the incarcerations. If blacks commit 40% of the crime under their proposal then 23% of black criminals would be allowed to engage in crime, unless the police arrested more white people to offset the disparity.

So to convict and incarcerate a black male of murderer, the police will “have to” arrest a white male. Perhaps a white guy speeding down the street gets thrown in jail, because a black guy just murdered someone and they need the parity.

This is the ideology of our President.

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57 Responses to School Discipline is Racist – President Obama Official Higher Rate Of School Suspensions For Blacks, Males “Potential Violation Of Civil Rights Laws”…

  1. Sharon says:

    Well, once they get the thousands of pages of regulations in place to enforce this, pity those poor all-white hard-working schools in small towns scattered across the midwest…..every student enrolled in them is going to have to accept 15 cause-free suspensions per year just to balance the federal books. And yes, those suspensions will go against them when they apply to any institution of higher learning, if there still is such a thing anywhere.

    Then they’ll start checking civil rights per income levels–to be sure as many high income kids are suspended as low income. Oh, and gotta be sure as many attractive students are suspended in correlation with grossly obese students.

    Be sure that as many non-pregnant sophomores are suspended as pregnant ones.

    Be sure as many churchgoing kids are suspended as non-churchgoing kids.

    Be sure as many English speaking students are suspended as non-English speaking students.

    Be sure as many students who have not had affairs with the English teacher are suspended as those who have had affairs with the English teacher.

    Be sure that as many students who do NOT have their own cars are suspended as students who do have their own cars.

    Crap. This fairness business is hard, but I’m sure they’ll come up with the regulations that will cover every situation.


  2. czarowniczy says:

    We have a Catholic high school in New Orleans that is mostly black and had, until recently, corporal punishment. For decades it has turned out more black college attendees than any other school in the city and has what is arguably the best high school marching band in the US. Compared to the Stygian morass that passes as public education in the city (Louisiana is last in the US and New Orleans is last in the state) it’s a sun in the darkness of the educational sh*thole that NOLA is. The Church had one of those politically correct bureaucratic brainfarts that occasionally pop up and decided that corporal punishment was to be eliminated. The board that oversees the day-to-day activities at St Aug protested and wanted to keep corporal punishment – the parents of the students rallied for days on end outside of the school and the school’s offices, demanding that corporal punishment be kept. Hundreds of distinguished graduates of all ages rallied and sent hundreds of letters to the Church requesting it be kept. Hundreds of students themselves rallied and demanded corporal punishment be left in place. Everyone except the clerical bureaucrats (in Virginia, no less) said that corporal punishment was passe and not in line with progressive and enlightened Church teachings and overruled everyone else. So, gentle readers, one of the last bastions of personal responsibility folded in the face of perceived adversity. Next we’ll have Satan and hell redefined so that unrepentant sinners will be sent to counseling until they achieve insight and understanding, their problem solving skills improve and they achieve self-actualization.


    • WeeWeed says:

      Perceived. Mind-reading, now. How progressive! Home-school.


      • floridianne says:

        Whatever you do get your kids out of the cesspool that is public education! The students are stupid because no one can teach…they’re too busy trying to keep the animals in their cages. This pc step will be the end for decent, well-behaved kids who want to learn. This step will now embolden the criminal element and those kids will. not. be. safe. Get out now! Of course with parity in arrests, jails, courts and prisons there is absolutely nothing to stop the downward spiral of crime and violence we are about to enter. I read a book 10 years ago called “Body Count” by William Bennett and some other doctors. Their predictions of super predators, younger and more violent criminals (think 7 & 11 year old armed robbers and 14 year old murderers posing on facebook with guns) is a frightful reality. It is OVER.


    • Menagerie says:

      I lost most of my respect for Catholic schools when they passed my failing 8th grade son to high school. I was told it was psychologically damaging to a child to “fail”. I told them it was absolutely damaging to teach a kid he could get by without meeting minimum standards, and that if he could not master 8th grade material, he was unprepared for high school. I took my argument to the principle, the superintendent, and the bishop. I lost.


  3. mcfyre2012 says:

    There’s nothing like watching the leader of the Free World double-down on supporting the irresponsibilty and even lower expectations of American blacks…The democrats will use any tactic to stay in power.


  4. lovemygirl says:

    Wait until they try and eliminate the disparity in income based on race rather than performance levels and skills.


    • WeeWeed says:

      They’re NOT trying, now?


      • lovemygirl says:

        Of course they are. They believe in equal outcome instead of equal opportunity. Putin had a scathing review of Obama I read in Pravda. He said Obama was repeating the same mistakes of the Soviets. Putin sounded almost like Reagan in the article. My how times have changed.


        • lovemygirl says:

          Here is the Pravda article. “Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society ”


          • czarowniczy says:

            The problem that Democrats do not grasp is that the huge, fulminating, consuming-while-not-producing underclass they’ve created and continue to farm is that you can’t have increased numbers of parasites without increased production. We make virtually nothing anymore, and at some point the entire system (yeah, I know, he’s working towards that) will crash. The POtuS is the poster child for the 47%, he’s never worked a day in his life at a job where he produced a tangible product at day’s end, he attended college on someone else’s dime, he’s lived off of jobs paid out of tax dollars and post-public White Housing he’ll exist of of scamming the public into buying his books and his bullshit.

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  5. LouDaJew says:

    I know teachers in M-DCPS who tell me that African Americans commit violent acts and go right back to class. that’s why I know Trayvon was suspended for something serious. marijuana baggie, my arse.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Yes, you don’t get a 10 day suspension unless it was extremely serious, and I am sure that if the defense team digs hard enough, and not accepts the sanitized official school records at face value, they will find that darling St. Skittles was in fact the violent, aggressive thug accurately described by many blogs who don’t ascribe to the “St Skittles” official state propaganda.

      Traydemark “could have been Obama’s son”, but then again, Obama is a person who counts unrepentent Pentagon bomber Bill Ayres as a mentor and friend. So – take that for what’s it’s worth. Associating with violent criminals is no biggie.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. CCG says:

    This has been going on for a few months in our school district. We are a small county in northeast Florida with only two high schools.


    • Arkindole says:

      Southern Poverty Law Center says it all…One branch of the left’s Volksgerichtshof


    • flaladybug says:

      CCG….I’m in Calhoun County directly between Leon and Bay Counties so I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from! When I read in the Tallahassee Democrat that Florida BOE was picking up the banner on this I was furious!! We have approximately 80k in our entire county with 4 schools and having 4 boys in the school system, I am friends with many teachers, principles, and especially the Superintendent and they are NOT PLEASED with this developement AT ALL!!! Our high school principle is a FABULOUS BLACK WOMAN and she is the most appalled at this BS!! She told me the last thing we need to do is make more excuses for poor behavior or to lower the bar EVEN MORE on the expections of our kids. I think this is why we are seeing more charter schools and home schooling in our area….and I think we are going to see many more parents taking this path!!


  7. lovemygirl says:

    I found interesting you mentioned the Rockford case; Many moons ago I lived there. Decades ago there was a lawsuit because the predominately black schools had fewer and older books in their library than the predominately white ones. As a result of the suit they raised property taxes and those with means moved outside of the city. That reduced their income to the level that the town almost went bankrupt.


  8. Americans will enjoy living down here, rent free. Space is going fast. Lucifer has begun construction of a 10th Circle to accommodate the influx during the next four years. 👿


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  10. Eric says:

    As much as I seen the words “disabled & suspended”, I thought that something was going to come up good. Then I seen Jesse Jackson and knew this was going to hell in a handbasket. Kids aren’t rightfully punished in school. As I’ve dealt with cerebral palsy, (I don’t know how many seen the video of the adult and his kid making fun of the little girl with cerebral palsy), I stood up to the idiots who bully. 9 times out of 10, I was the one being suspended while the other little punk would be able to roam around free in the school. I can’t count how many times being pushed and kicked triggered the other person to beat their head into my fist. When you have the school systems actually encourage bullying instead of standing up for the little guy, this will continue to happen.

    It’s not a black/white thing Jesse; put the race card back in your pocket.


    • WeeWeed says:

      This is true, actually. Just think – everyone will be in detention or on suspension and there will be no supervision – the bullying will continue. The schools will break down/close/whatever, and the union “teachers” will still get their pension. The End. ADD: And probably the goal – the teachers get paid to not work. Typical union.


    • lovemygirl says:

      I was thinking that the “disabled” comment was for those diagnosed with ADD because of behavior problems. I didn’t think about the bullying aspect that you endured.


    • Sharon says:

      Don’t you think that Jesse just wants it to be a race card? That has worked so well for them generally, I don’t think he really cares whether or not it actually IS the race card. He’s playing the card that pays.

      One thing you can nearly always be sure of when these people shine their light on a situation is this: they are not into problem-solving. Problem-solving is not what they do. They never have done it, and they’re not going to start now.


  11. Coast says:

    So glad my kids are out of the public school system. Our youngest finished high school two years ago and said that the behavior of black kids was essentially “out of control”. He cited numerous examples, and a lot of them were racist activity against white students. I really don’t see our local communities allowing Obama to get away with this garbage.


    • lovemygirl says:

      My youngest has been in both systems. I’m not worried until High School since our “village” is excellent. I may have to review the current makeup of towns that attend the large High School, they divide it into 2 and neither is tiny. It was great when the older ones attended (large age gap between the older ones and the youngest).


    • Sharon says:

      I really don’t see our local communities allowing Obama to get away with this garbage

      Really? Based on what?

      I hope you’re right.


  12. The “violation” of Civil Rights is absentee fathers among the African-American or just say Black culture. When men rise up and raise their children these kids will go a lot farther. I’m sick and tired of watching unwed mom’s and in many cases, grandmas taking care of their kids without physical, emotional or financial support from the fathers. Get that in line Mr. President and we’ll see less suspensions. Dads in the home who care make a difference. Work on the culture issue Mr. President, don’t punish those who “value” family units.


  13. Bongo says:

    Expect to see these same kind of discipline restrictions filter down to local police precincts. I can foresee black violent offenders being given racial quota passes at booking.


    • ytz4mee says:

      That already happens. Look at all the vicious wilding attacks by mobs of black teens that go unreported and unpunished. Look at the vicious mob attack on the Virginia Pilot reporters, and how they worked to memory hole that. Or the multiple attacks at state fairs, etc. Black wilding is unreported and denied. The default reaction is to deny and then go after those who want to know the truth with threats and intimidation. We now live in a communist country, where the ends justify the means, where process and respect for the rule of law means nothing – “justice” is simply a function of who you know and are politically connected to, the truth is no longer reported or investigated, and the media is the state propaganda arm with the sole mission to brainwash the masses.
      You are no longer allowed freedom of association, freedom of religion, freedom to the right to pursue happiness, or the freedom to keep the fruits of your labor. All must be sacrificed for the collective, the greater good. We have the updated version of the Stasi and the thought police.

      Anyone who isn’t aware that we live in a full-on communist country is a fool.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sharon says:

        You are no longer allowed freedom of association, freedom of religion, freedom to the right to pursue happiness, or the freedom to keep the fruits of your labor. All must be sacrificed for the collective, the greater good. We have the updated version of the Stasi and the thought police.

        I agree with the point you’re making, ytz, …. so it’s also a good time to remember that

        …we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness


  14. nobaddog says:

    Its stupid just like the dummy’s that we let do this to us. Are we really the stupid ones?


    • ytz4mee says:

      Only if you send you children to the public schools and continue to financially support the public schools.

      Public school is a very unsafe place for your child. John Taylor Gatto cites some very upsetting statistics about the number of children who are killed AT SCHOOL. Certainly, the only time I felt my children were unsafe was when they were at the local public school – which didn’t last long. I had a very liberal Jewish work colleague who would brag that her daughter was the only non-black in the public school she went to. The child got beaten up every single day in school, had her phone, i-pod, etc stolen …. and Mom let it continue out of some sense of Liberal noblesse oblige. Do you really think her daughter is going to grow up to be “tolerant” of blacks? She already has very strong opinions, which she is not afraid to voice. Students who have to deal with this behavior first-hand are not dissuaded by the “official” position or state propaganda about “disparate impact”.

      Charter schools are no different than public schools, and they keep up the extortion racket. Public schools are beyond saving and must be destroyed.

      It doesn’t matter how much money you throw at a problem, if the students don’t want to learn, they won’t. That’s not a race-issue per se, although more black students are disinterested in becoming actually educated, but it is a cultural one.


  15. sirbentley1485 says:

    Comment was made in another story here on treehouse that Trayvon Martin was on the list as CNN most influential people for 2012. I checked it out and it is true. How does a” innocent chille ” become an influencial person. Maybe if the school had a quota Trayvon might not have been expelled and he would not have been out walking. The idea of keeping track of everyone as a member of each race just promotes racism. Are we not AMERICANS. Why does race influence a persons involvement in any illegal activities.


  16. ZurichMike says:

    ZurichMike is seriously considering giving up his US citizenship.


  17. Sentenza says:

    The US government doesn’t really care how many passports that you hold.

    And I’m reminded of this quote

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.


    • tstops says:

      Yes they do, except for some reasons there are exceptions which I think is a huge mistake, especially when they are in positions of power in the govt and hold dual citizenship. Founding fathers NEver intended that to be allowed I am sure. Why there are laws about who can become president etc. YET they are being overlooked now by those in power. Another rabbit hole.

      A U.S. citizen may acquire foreign citizenship by marriage, or a person naturalized as a U.S. citizen may not lose the citizenship of the country of birth.U.S. law does not mention dual nationality or require a person to choose one citizenship or another. Also, a person who is automatically granted another citizenship does not risk losing U.S. citizenship. However, a person who acquires a foreign citizenship by applying for it may lose U.S. citizenship. In order to lose U.S. citizenship, the law requires that the person must apply for the foreign citizenship voluntarily, by free choice, and with the intention to give up U.S. citizenship.

      Intent can be shown by the person’s statements or conduct.The U.S. Government recognizes that dual nationality exists but does not encourage it as a matter of policy because of the problems it may cause. Claims of other countries on dual national U.S. citizens may conflict with U.S. law, and dual nationality may limit U.S. Government efforts to assist citizens abroad. The country where a dual national is located generally has a stronger claim to that person’s allegiance.

      However, dual nationals owe allegiance to both the United States and the foreign country. They are required to obey the laws of both countries. Either country has the right to enforce its laws, particularly if the person later travels there.Most U.S. citizens, including dual nationals, must use a U.S. passport to enter and leave the United States. Dual nationals may also be required by the foreign country to use its passport to enter and leave that country. Use of the foreign passport does not endanger U.S. citizenship.Most countries permit a person to renounce or otherwise lose citizenship.

      Information on losing foreign citizenship can be obtained from the foreign country’s embassy and consulates in the United States. Americans can renounce U.S. citizenship in the proper form at U.S. embassies and consulates abroad.

      Other Government Websites
      USA Gov Service Locator
      Department Of Homeland Security
      The White House
      More >


  18. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    The pertinent question is who has the behavioral problems that would lead to suspensions?

    Are African-American boys being disciplined because of discrimination or their behavior?

    Looking at FBI homicide statistics for 14-17 year oldsisinformative.

    From 1980-2010 there were:

    42,000 homicides committed by males vs only 3,500 committed by females.

    25,000 homicides committed by Blacks vs 16,000 committed by Whites.

    Gven these statistics, one would certainly hope that Black males are getting suspended and disciplined more often than white females.


  19. TandCrumpettes says:

    Every state is different, of course, but I can’t imagine that what’s going on in my area is the only place this is going on…

    The state HATES the way things look on paper. X-many suspensions, Y-many expulsions…yikes…looks like our demographic is pretty “bad.” So let’s remedy this by instructing administrators to repeat every single possible alternative, ad nauseum. Let’s do demerits instead! For any misbehavior! Three demerits and you get to see the principal! THEN you get detention! YES! Then the kids can go back to class the next day with three available strikes again before they see the principal…again.

    And if they see the principal about 5 times, THEN we’ll call the parents! Send the kid back to class with three free strikes…before they see the principal again…three more strikes…on and on…

    …until we have no choice but to take the child out of class. But NOT out of school! Let’s use the biggest oxymoron on the planet..IN-school suspension!

    After the kid has been in “ice” a few times (and this is equaling to 50+ demerits or more), the state won’t kick up much fuss if the student is suspended for real. Turns out they were real troublemakers! But the state is hoping the school year will end before the child racks up those 50+ demerits, and it all looks good on paper that Anytown High has zero students on suspension. Or maybe one.

    Looks good on paper but the school is a zoo. Those kids who actually are suspended or expelled are extremely “bad,” to the point they need juvenile hall or intense therapy. By this point I don’t see any need in squabbling over what race they are – but rather focus on exactly HOW bad they had to be to get to this point. And I, for one, demand to know why the state cared more about how things looked on paper and allowed these violent, disrepectful kids to rule the school for so long. Seriously? 50+ demerits?

    My child starts school in about 2 years, and I’m terrified. I’m not worried so much about the system itself – I know virtually all of her potential teachers from grade school to high. They are qualified, fair, good people.

    I’m afraid of the other kids.


  20. Angel Martin says:

    the amount of violent crimes at school or on school grounds is really extraordinary: 700,000+ per year.

    not to mention 1.3 million property crimes per year as well.


  21. Why Suspending Criminal Blacks from School is Not Racism?

    The New York Times sinks to a new low in it’s efforts to portray self-inflicted black failure as somehow being white racism. In their article School Suspensions Lead to Legal Challenge by Erik Eckholm, they make the accusation that the disparity in suspension rates for black and white students is racism.

    He does this by distorting the facts in a school suspension case in North Carolina, then parades a collection of far-left education experts to support his cause. Again we have another case of anti-white racism in the guise of journalism.

    Here I will explore several facets of this issue in the hope reason and truth will prevail. Facts are not racism, but hiding those facts under a cloud of racism accusations and political correctness does nobody any good.

    The outcome of black and other failure prone minority communities is due directly to their irresponsible behavior compounded by lack of economic opportunity and liberal white culture promoting destructive values.

    It must be up to them to address those problems and stop this “I’m a victim” mentality. Poor whites outnumber poor blacks by three to one, yet in Virginia almost two-thirds of the crime is committed by the 20% of the population that is black.

    Note: they don’t release crime rates by race in North Carolina, or at least I can’t find it.

    The claims of Eckholm is “At issue is the routine use of suspensions not just for weapons or drugs but also for profanity, defiant behavior, pushing matches and other acts that used to be handled with a visit to the principal’s office or detention. Such lesser violations now account for most of the 3.3 million annual suspensions of public school students. That total includes a sharp racial imbalance: poor black students are suspended at three times the rate of whites, a disparity not fully explained by differences in income or behavior.”

    See more at:




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