The Enigma Man – E.W. “Bill” Priestap…

For over ten months we have been asking about one FBI official who has been mysteriously missing from the story within the DOJ/FBI ‘Small Group’ activity in the Counterintelligence operation, his name is E.W. “Bill” Priestap.

Bill Priestap is the FBI Asst. Director in charge of all counterintelligence operations.  Priestap was FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s boss; he is also at the epicenter of the story surrounding every action taken by the FBI in the Clinton investigation and the Trump campaign investigation.

Bill Priestap was copied on every email of consequence including the writing of the Clinton exoneration talking points delivered by FBI Director James Comey.  Priestap is the central figure on the FBI side of both Clinton and Trump operations.  “Bill” is mentioned in hundreds of text messages sent by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

In short, Bill is everywhere – except where you would most likely expect to find him, in media discussion.

Priestap is so important that during FBI Director James Comey’s March 20th, 2017, congressional testimony Director Comey told congress it was Bill Priestap who recommended that congressional oversight should not be notified of the ongoing counterintelligence operations.  Priestap’s instruction was so important that despite the statutory rules violation FBI Director Comey followed his recommendation and kept congress in the dark.

As FBI Director of counterintelligence Bill Priestap holds a very important position and is one of the few people authorized to sign-off on FISA applications to the FISA court.

Stunningly, everyone around Priestap has been removed or resigned from their position; yet Bill Priestap remains.

FBI Director James Comey was fired; Asst. FBI Director Andrew “Andy” McCabe was removed; FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker was removed; FBI Attorney Lisa Page was removed; FBI Agent Peter Strzok was demoted; FBI Special Agent, Chief of Staff, James Rybicki resigned.  Yet somehow, even through today, FBI Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap remains.

E.W. “Bill” Priestap is an enigma.

Your thoughts?



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  1. alarmedcitizen says:

    As soon as Comey threw him under the bus, he commenced to flipping and making whatever deal kept him out of hot water and dunked the rest.

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  2. phoenixRising says:

    Ad REM
    I did not mean to post all of this… meant to stop at BOLD LG PRINT NOTATION AFTER CON’T
    please remove from Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 226 “Hillary’s Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen” [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

    apologies… thanks


    • Bill says:

      What am I looking at? Alias, please provide cross reference of names?


    • phoenixRising says:

      Ad Rem – you removed the part regarding Priestap that I wanted to post,
      and left the part I didn’t intend to post.

      Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough… please delete the long post above. Thanks.


      • Ad rem says:

        Swears….I’m just now seeing this. I didn’t touch a thing! I’ll go ahead and delete the entire long post NOW…..


      • Ad rem says:

        When I delete a long post, it automatically deletes the comments the follow. Why don’t you take “churchmouse’s” advice, and put an * or some other character in front of the http addy, then post the reddit link again.


  3. SoCal Patriot says:

    This guy is an enigma. The two lovers stated a number of times that Bill wasn’t the smartest or most emotionally balanced guy they worked with. Many of their comments referred to Andy as the main guy they were dealing with. I am also curious to see if he turned “state’s evidence”.


    • Blacksmith8 says:

      I question struck and pages’ ability to judge emotional balance. Those two got upset about a pro life march.

      Other that cheek muscle soreness from smiling all day, the pro life crowd is in general very non assuming and pleasant.


      • Marygrace Powers says:

        That’s what I say. Strzok and Page sounded like
        tweens living in their stupid texting love bubble.

        Who are they to judge anyone? Plus, it’s not
        unusual for employees to diss their boss. Typical.


    • He may be the actual “weasel and liar” Comey was referring to in his tweet. Page and Strzok did seem to “work around” Billy quite a bit.


  4. mnlakes says:

    I like your theory the best, I hope you’re right.


  5. Joe S says:

    Hello Moderator, can you find my post?

    It just disappeared.


  6. Bill says:

    What is the source of the following “transcript of Webb’s video – I picked up only the comments to Priestap”? Trying to understand it.


  7. Joe S says:

    O well, in my lost post, here it is paraphrased.

    In a nutshell, I sid that Priestap was also the one who accompanied Sally Yates to the Whitehouse meeting with Don Meghan when they set up Flynn.

    Then I said that it is plausible that Priestap has flipped, and he may be highest ranking person with direct knowledge of Obama’s involvement in the set up of President Trump, especially the post-lectin phase. Did he report to Yates?

    I also mentioned that Ron Johnson mentioned that there was an informant who gave info on secret meetings of the “secret society.” Could it be Priestap?

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  8. Anon says:

    When Preistap’s name first came up on 4chan boards people were complaining that even mentioning his name got them a ban.

    Think about that. It’s very important that Preistap never be mentioned.

    Has anyone even ever seen Bill Preistap? Does he even exist?

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  9. datagooroo says:

    This is from the Nunes memo: “According to the head of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, Assistant Director Bill Priestap, corroboration of the Steele dossier was in its “infancy” at the time of the initial Page FISA application” From that we can tell that Priestap told someone something.

    Another thing I found, and maybe this has been talked about before, but on July 26th, 2017 our friend Bill Priestap testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee (Sen. Chuck Grassley) about the Foreign Agents Registration Act…and guess who is sitting right next to Mr. Bill Priestap??? Inspector General Michael Horowitz!

    Here it is if you want to watch the video:
    It is over an hour long, so I will report back if there is anything interesting.

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    • phoenixRising says:

      And why wouldn’t the IG be there?


    • Bulldog84 says:

      If you Google “IG Horowitz and Bill Priestap Congress” and view the images generated by the search, the first photo is Priestap talking head to head with Horowitz that day. Horowitz is clearly covering his mouth and whispering something to Priestap.

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    • Kim Kelly says:

      good catch…

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    • Bobthebuilder says:

      THAT picture is incredible.

      I am closer to Priestap flipped but not yet absolutely there.

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    • 30_yr_Veteran says:

      Something nags at me whenever I read the quote you posted from the Nunes’ memo. Keep in mind we know there were two FISA applications submitted to the FISC and the initial one was denied which has been reported as a rarity. IIRC, I believe that first application was submitted / denied in the June 2017 timeframe. Could this be the “initial” Page FISA application BP is referring to? That is about the same timeframe Steele made his first contact with the FBI and his Clinton-Steel dossier would have still been in its “infancy”.


    • 4wardcomm says:

      At the 1:12:00, Former Disgraced Sen. Al Franken makes a complete fool of himself so much , it’s no wonder he’s now in the history book of delusional idiots.


  10. lfhbrave says:

    IG Investigation was invoked by RR as a very effective shield to avoid answering many key questions.

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  11. Sandra-VA says:

    I think this guy is going to turn out to be a White Hat. From all I have read so far, including spending an entire day reading every single text message between Strzok and Page, it seems that Comey and McCabe are the real black hats in this saga. The incredible reverence Page and Strzok seem to have for those two is a little sickening. They diss “Bill” quite a lot.

    It is not inconceivable that these people were able to mask a lot of what they were doing. Or at least thought they were able to hide it all…

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  12. jstanley01 says:

    Even in the face of canister followed by well-timed volly fire, someone always manages to skitter away. Send in the cavalry to mop up Priestap et. al.


  13. Not sure of the relevance to him keeping his job, but his wife Sabina Menschel is mega connected. She is President and COO of Nardello & Co, a large private-eye firm, and her dad was a Senior Director at Goldman Sachs (dang those people are everywhere!). Also, according to her company bio she too worked for the FBI:

    “…Sabina [also] served as a Special Advisor in the Directorate of Intelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s headquarters in Washington, DC. In that capacity, she worked with senior management to refine and strengthen the FBI’s intelligence gathering capabilities and implement its intelligence transformation efforts in response to the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.”

    The more you drain the swamp in DC, the more you see how much the people are all interconnected in a maze of snakely tentacles, at a scope that quite frankly boggles the mind…

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  14. Eric C. says:

    I haven’t read all he comments, but I think he flipped most likely. It’s always best to be the first. Secure immunity and keep your pension. Strzok and Page are gonna be locked up. Bill’s info get bigger fish.

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    • Charlie says:

      Conventional wisdom “he flipped” but…
      Like Horowitz maybe he was waiting until he could “come out of the closet” so to speak.
      Hildabeast, BO, Comey et al gone he may be the knight in shinning armor!
      Who else could keep POTUS10 steps ahead?

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      • scott467 says:

        “Like Horowitz maybe he was waiting until he could “come out of the closet” so to speak.”


        Or as John le Carré might say, until he could “come in from the cold” 😉

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  15. justme928 says:

    It is obvious Priestap is involved with the FISA mess and the silence surrounding Priestap is interesting. I am sure we will eventually find out why. That said, he isn’t the only person involved in the mess who is still employed. Why haven’t the others been fired or resigned by now?

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  16. Bob Thoms says:

    I am of the opinion that some person in the FBI is helping investigators; what to look for – when, who, how. Sifting through all of the emails, texts, interviews, timelines, is cumbersome. Nunes, Goodlatte and Grassley have someone pointing them in the right direction, down the right roads. i Could it be EW. Preistap?

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  17. blind no longer says:

    Here’s an interesting article:

    Just when you think we have learned most of what there is to learn about Hillary Clinton’s emails, a new mole pops up out of the hole.

    Last week, Judicial Watch released State Department documents including a declaration from FBI Special Agent E.W. Priestap, the supervisor of the agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email activities, stating that the former secretary of state was the subject of a grand jury investigation related to her BlackBerry email accounts.

    The declaration was produced in response to Judicial Watch’s lawsuit seeking to force Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to take steps to “recover emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton” and other U.S. Department of State employees (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Rex Tillerson (No. 1:15-cv-00785)). We originally filed the lawsuit against then-Secretary of State John Kerry. The Trump State Department filing includes details of the agency’s continuing and shameful refusal to refer the Clinton email issue to the Justice Department, as the law requires.

    In the filing, Priestap declares under penalty of perjury that the FBI “obtained Grand Jury subpoenas related to the Blackberry e-mail accounts, which produced no responsive materials, as the requested data was outside the retention time utilized by those providers.”

    On April 30, 2015, Judicial Watch sued Kerry after the State Department failed to take action on a letter sent to Kerry “notifying him of the unlawful removal of the Clinton emails and requesting that he initiate enforcement action pursuant to the [Federal Records Act],” including working through the attorney general to recover the emails.

    After initially being dismissed by the district court, Judicial Watch’s lawsuit was revived on appeal by a decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on December 27, 2016.

    While at the State Department, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conducted official government business using an unsecured email server and email accounts. Her top aides and advisers also used non-“” email accounts to conduct official business. Clinton left office February 1, 2013.

    The FBI convened a grand jury to investigate Hillary Clinton in 2016. Why is this information being released only now?

    It is disturbing that the State Department, Justice Department, and FBI are still trying to protect Hillary Clinton. President Trump needs to clean house at all these agencies.

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    • blind no longer says:

      I think he struck a deal a long time ago, when he saw the writing on the wall, or SOMEONE helped him see the writing.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Here is what I think happened. Read this:

        (Which quotes Sundance quite a bit!)

        And this in particular:

        12/2015 – FBI Director James B. Comey named E.W. “Bill” Priestap as the assistant director of the Counterintelligence Division at FBI Headquarters (FBIHQ) in Washington, D.C. Mr. Priestap most recently served as the deputy assistant director of the Intelligence Operations Branch in the Directorate of Intelligence at FBIHQ.

        There is also much about his wife, who I believe he met while SHE was working for the FBI. Her role is apparently an INVESTIGATOR with this Nardello company, but their purpose is ASSET RECOVERY.

        I believe he was brought in specifically to deal with the Hillary email problem – as a fall guy and shield, as SD says. His background says ADMINISTRATOR, not spy. His rise through Chicago after 9/11 likely “prepared him” to not see the right things, by training him to focus on everything but the people who would eventually use him.

        It is possible that he either authentically played along, as both a chump and part of the plot, or was informed prior to some of the shenanigans, although if I’m right that he was mostly an admin and a figurehead, then it would be best to NOT rely on a pokerface he doesn’t have, and therefore the IG would NOT wise him up until as late as possible.

        I think he WAS wised up at some point, and is now fully cooperating, although there was likely much he did not know, as he was COMEY’S MUSHROOM.

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  18. John says:

    My guess is Strzok, Page and Priestap have all flipped…

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  19. trapper says:

    My theory: Priestap is Peter Guillam, smuggling out files for George Michael Smiley Horowitz.

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  20. One of Q’s drops:
    “When does a bird sing?”

    Possible answer:
    When he (Bill Priestap) is given immunity

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    • dawg says:

      Im sorry, I only recently got wind of this place and am still getting caught up. Who is this “Q” that people keep referencing?

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      • rsanchez1990 says:

        Some online charlatan who despite getting it wrong many times people still insist on believing.

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        • He has proven himsel live and co-ordinating with President Trump live and at the same time. Present proves past and he has proved himself over and over. SD also posted a Q drop if i am not mistaken.

          You may want to research a little further IMO

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          • rsanchez1990 says:

            I trust Q about as much as I trust Steve Pieczenik, who SD also posted. Maybe they start out saying something good and make predictions that actually happen, but both eventually turned into rambly, incoherent and unreliable sources.


      • He is working alongside President Trump, possibly former Military Intel Officer due to the nature of how he posts. Has engaged the chans due to their ability to research en mass, they are anonymous like at the start of the 1st Revolution, they get the word out to the masses.

        Here is a website of all of Q’s drops…word in the link may be offensive but i think that is the nature of the beast with the peeps in 4chan & 8chan & reddit from what i have heard explained

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      • You can follow decodes of Q’s drops live 24/7 here:

        Sometimes its just the pedes brainstorming, crowdsourcing info. Often and most days Dr Jerome Corsi will come on & help decode Qs drops. Dr Corsi has worked with Military Intel people during his career and recognizes Q’s style

        Dr Corsi’s debrief today and talk on Middle East situation and Uranium 1 connections was nothing short of brilliant!

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  21. jimsung says:

    I’m only on page 119 of the texts. But so far, I get the impression that McCabe was the leader. He coordinated through Page directly to Strzok and his team.

    When Comey reopened the email investigation (that McCabe) had suppressed, McCabe-Page-Strzok threw Comey under the bus. They literally stated that. I equate this to a 3 star general stabbing a 4 star in the back. If he’s THAT bold…

    I can’t see Strzok-Page as lovers. She calls him friend and the dude multiple times.

    I have lots of notes and specifics on this already. Too much to post. But, maybe I missed something or haven’t gotten to it yet.

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  22. scott467 says:

    “For over ten months we have been asking about one FBI official who has been mysteriously missing from the story within the DOJ/FBI ‘Small Group’ activity in the Counterintelligence operation, his name is E.W. “Bill” Priestap.”


    If Preistap flipped, Strzok and Page would have figured it out early, and it will be in their (so far unreleased) text messages.

    A LOT of them.

    But if that’s the case, we won’t see any of those text messages until Priestap is announced publicly as a government witness.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      This is why I don’t think they wised up Priestap until the last moment. He doesn’t seem like somebody who could hide his allegiance from these plotters. My guess is that he looked the most innocent and the likely fall guy, so HE was the person they decided to flip.


  23. Maybe he is the only one who knows how to change the printer cartridges!! Gotta laugh a little, right?

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  24. Guyski says:

    Is it wrong to look at a jewish angle to this? Priestrap, Rosenstein, Horowitz. Obama anti-Israel, President Trump pro-Israel?


    • rf121 says:

      How about looking at these people for their actions. These people are pushing sedition. To remove a duly elected President. They need to be executed. Their religion, race, sex, or any other label is not relevant.


      • Alligator Gar says:

        Their roots ARE relevant if they are dual nationals. Upon investigation, this could then be an act of war perpetrated by a foreign power through its moles in the US government if proof of such were to arise.

        USS LIBERTY never forget!


  25. formerdem says:

    OK, just to be original – my contribution: “he is the key, the link to P44, he is the firewall between P44 and everybody else. He knows way too much. He is being threatened and also protected and also watched much more heavily than anybody else. Everything they have is going into that. He’s the firewall. That’s why Comey turned instinctively to blaming him when Comey was in a fix. He knows the top level of the team has thrown everything into shielding Priestap.” just a notion.

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  26. Deplore Able says:

    Bill Priestap is going to John Dean both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

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  27. Betty says:

    I think some powerful player is sheltering him. Who knows why. Someone who was able to retreat into the shadows him/her self but whose authority is unquestioned and whose power has been un-interrupted /undiminished. Who would that be?

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  28. NC Nana says:

    It was Mr. Priestap job to insure counter intelligence was run by the law. He did not. Simply put he is part of the problem. I recommend he spend his time in the worst prison the Feds have. He was at the top and he allowed a corrupt organization to run under his watch.

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    • phoenixRising says:

      Amen Nana…
      Priestap is the fixer – he spent most of his time in Chicago, doing what fixers in Chicago do. He also destroyed a lot of emails. Fortunately for us, he’s not savvy enough to know that nothing is ever really ‘deleted’ —

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  29. Steve Titusville says:

    Even Wikipedia is crickets on this shadow man. A short entry shows His wife works for a gumshoe dick operation out of DC ‘Nardello & Co’ And he joined the FBI in 1998. Has an MBA… also says he is an Attorney…no school named..

    Less then 17 years to become Head of counterintelligence ?

    Would of thought getting up in the ranks would take longer to that type of position…


  30. scott467 says:

    “FBI Director James Comey was fired; Asst. FBI Director Andrew “Andy” McCabe was removed; FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker was removed; FBI Attorney Lisa Page was removed; FBI Agent Peter Strzok was demoted; FBI Special Agent, Chief of Staff, James Rybicki resigned. Yet somehow, even through today, FBI Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap remains.

    E.W. “Bill” Priestap is an enigma.

    Your thoughts?”


    It appears that Preistap has been flipped, and is cooperating with the investigation(s).

    BUT, if the ‘white hats’ wanted to keep that a secret, they would have implicated Priestap, forced his resignation, and then had him (Priestap) wear a wire (the old fashioned way) or just monitor his communications remotely with the other gang members, to extract more information.

    That didn’t happen.

    Instead, and IF Priestap was flipped, the investigators decided to make it obvious to all of Priestap’s colleagues, which you might do to put pressure on the rest of the gang, i.e., if everybody knows Priestap flipped and cooperating, the other gang members better consider doing the same before any possible deals for leniency are gone.

    One more possibility. Priestap did NOT flip, but the investigators want the gang to think he DID, so the investigators purposely ignore him, which has the intended effect of making all of Priestap’s colleagues believe he has flipped, turning up the pressure cooker on the whole gang.


    • scott467 says:

      Certainly the investigators have psychological profiles on ALL of the targets. Maybe Priestap is the weakest link, and therefore the best target.

      Maybe they bring Priestap in and try to make a deal — certainly they have talked to everyone by this point — but Priestap refuses. The investigators can still make it look like he’s cooperating by only focusing on everybody BUT Priestap.

      This has the desirable effect of causing distrust and dissension among the conspirators, even if NOBODY flipped. This leads to further communications (which are monitored of course), infighting, and may lead to someone flipping who wouldn’t have flipped previously.


    • Blacksmith8 says:

      Or pre-strap is smarter than struck and page and comey and rosey and they don’t have anything on him while he has binders of dirt on them and they know it.

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      • scott467 says:

        “Or pre-strap is smarter than struck and page and comey and rosey and they don’t have anything on him while he has binders of dirt on them and they know it.”


        It was my understanding that Priestap is thoroughly implicated in many of the Strzok / Page texts, and then there’s his (Priestap’s) recommendation to Comey that Comey NOT inform Congress of the Title 1 surveillance against the campaign of DJT.

        Why Comey would ever follow a recommendation to violate the Law is another matter, one which Mr. Comey can try to explain.


  31. Bill Rhea says:

    My speculation is that Priestap is another of the unsung heroes and either has been the ‘Deep Throat’ all along, or was flipped early on. Nothing else makes sense given his absence from the narrative. Likely is early on he was setup to be the fall guy, figured it out and took steps necessary to wear a white hat.

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  32. Beenthere says:

    Bill Priestap is married Sabina Menshell. Look into her various relationships & might find out why Priestap is a well-protected, enigma. Menshell is well connected.


    • Beenthere says:

      For example Menshell is President & COO of Nardello & Company. The active founder Daniel Nardello worked as an Assistant AG in Southern District of NY when Rudy Giuliani headed that District in the 1980s.———–Rudy———–> Trump. Get it.

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  33. MaineCoon says:

    I took a bunny rabbit trail. P said to follow the wives. In Priestap’s case it would be wife + MIL.

    I stumbled upon a video by urban moving (?), entitled “Bill Priestap FBI CI Chief And His Wife Sabina Menschel, The Fed/Mossad”

    Naturally, I watched it. I can’t vouch for who made it or all the data, but below are confirmed interesting wife + MIL facts, plus a bonus of FIL.

    1. FTA: Ronay Menschel, Sabina’s mother, Elected to New York Fed Board of Directors
    March 19, 1998

    NEW YORK—Ronay Menschel, president of Phipps Houses and its subsidiary, Phipps Houses Services, Inc., has been elected to the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, it was announced today.

    2. Ronay was one of the people Ed Koch’s said was behind his career. This NY article gave her background prior back prior to her marriage, Congressional staffer.

    FTA: Mrs. Menschel denied that she herself was “the woman behind Ed Koch” although he said so.

    3. Richard Menschel, Sabina’s father, senior director Goldman Sachs

    4. He says Sabina worked for K2 Intelligence, which was founded by Kroll, who he states is the Mossad connection.

    5. K2 Intelligence, a private investigative company that works for the government. An article, “Is your partner having an affair? There is nothing that the new generation of private investigators can’t uncover, from affairs to multimillion-pound corporate fraud.”

    FTA: Corporate-intelligence gatherers in the new era often work quietly behind the glare of numbers on screens, assembling crack teams of analysts mining code for patterns, anomalies and clues in seams of  big data. Less Mr Bond, more Mr Robot. Jules Kroll, the original corporate spy who founded J Kroll Associates in 1972, now presides over K2 Intelligence with his son, Jeremy. The firm’s tasks have included applying data-mining techniques used by governments for uncovering terror plots to help trace the billions lost in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi-scheme scandal.

    Urban Moving attributes all of the above to be cut outs. Priestap is under wraps — by everybody.

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  34. Kan says:

    The give away for Priestap having flipped for me is that he is not named in the Grassley/Graham letter to the DN/Clinton campaign employees as someone they needed to hand over all documents and communications with.

    Strzok, Page, McCabe are named. This tells me he has already sung to the Senate.

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  35. TomA says:

    By late October 2016, private polling was starting to show that Trump might just win this thing, and a bad case of flop sweat started to afflict the small group participants. In addition, Rogers had issued his FISA audit findings and the Ship of Deceit started taking on water. Carlin was the first to go overboard and swim away as fast as he could. Comey tried the lame gambit of resurrecting the Clinton email investigation in hopes of concealing his culpability. McCabe took the mattresses, and the love birds were so out of it that they couldn’t shut up. Priestap grabbed the safe and jumped in the lifeboat. Mueller was late to the party and it took him a year to figure out that Trump was on to them by mid November 2016. Everything has been reverse entrapment ever since.

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  36. Lburg says:

    Page 295 in Hillary Part 5 of FBI vault –

    Priestap is the Original Classifying Authority (OCA) and granted one time conditional authority for the FBI to reveal to Blumenthal and his attorney an email deemed to have a secret classification. The email exchange took place between Sid Blumenthal and HRC in April 2010.

    Bluenthal was scheduled for an FBI interview on 1.7.16 and allowing this one time declassification allowed the FBI Washington Field office to ‘pursue a logical line of questions regarding the circumstances in which the email was sent.’

    Priestap’s condition of allowing the secret information to be shared was execution of a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for both Blumenthal and his attorney.

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  37. Jere says:

    Singing like a songbird!

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  38. Hoosier treeper says:

    you can’t make this sh&t up!
    I think these are all valid points and can you imagine the vibe in 7th floor where agents are all looking over their shoulder at everyone and not knowing who to trust. But all organizations take their lead from the person at the top. In this case BHO and then Comey, Lynch etc.
    The rot is deep within all these agencies which include many agents too contrary to Hannity who thinks they are all white knights.
    I remember when I became a Trump supporter when he called out the CIA saying “we have our murderers too” I have never heard any candidate say these things.
    Question, Does any of this tie into Clapper, Brennen, Hayden who IMO are all criminals.
    And can we just get the 33,000 emails from the NSA, which the patriot William Binney assures us they have. Big plug for the movie “A good American” in which Binney shows how his metadata program “thin thread” which protected Americans 4th amendment was replaced by “trailblazer” which is mass surveillance of everything.
    Also remember when countering progressives ( I consider myself a classical liberal) on Papadopolis that hearsay evidence (double hearsay in this case) can not be used to get a title 1 survallicane order.
    Thank God for Trump, sundance and all the other real patriots.

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  39. Summer says:

    Could it be that Wray can’t let everyone “resign” at the same time simply because someone still have to shuffle the papers and attend the meetings and Wray can’t afford to fire every head of department and all their deputies and assistants without jeopardizing some important ongoing operations? I realize that the FBI is/was very busy conspiring to overthrow the duly elected President but is it too presumptuous to suggest that perhaps they have some other matters that require their attention?


  40. Wallaby Bob says:

    Bill’s got to be the mole. I reckon he’s flipped and is the central source for anything that’s uncertain, or that either dept (FBI/DOJ) won’t release/continue to delay/send incomplete.

    How else could the conductor remain altogether ‘anonymous’?

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  41. Amanda Coleman says:

    Haven’t I read on this site that Priestap is a “white hat” in this scandal?


    • churchmouse says:

      There are no real ‘hats’, only opportunists, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

      The intel source informing Brendan Dilley (congressional candidate, AZ) has laid it out well:

      ‘Get away from Paradigm on who is “Good vs Bad”… find out who can get leveraged.’


      ‘ … once you started getting emotionally attached to people in this story, you start having a hard time accepting new information or even accepting THE TRUTH
      This is one of the risks of getting emotionally vested (mockingly – “But I liked him :(“)
      Let the information come to you and then let the truth “rise to the top” and who gives a damn about personality.
      Think about how emotionally invested they became in Obama.’

      Liked by 1 person

  42. nerveman says:

    Priestap is connected to Big Money and Big Snooping

    American Thinker
    December 16, 2017
    How husbands and wives figure in the latest government scandal revelations
    By Frank Friday

    There’s a nice post on Thread Reader identifying the man at the center of all the Trump-Russia-dossier crap: Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok’s boss and James Comey’s confidant. He knows everything and would have made any decision to pay for the Fusion GPS dossier. Oddly, he has escaped media scrutiny so far.

    The one thing they sort of miss on is his wife, Sabina Menschel, who is not just some consultant, but the current head of the D.C. office of Nardello & Co. That’s the top private-eye firm in the Beltway.

    So the man the FBI has keeping all its secrets is married to the top private snoop in Washington.

    It would be revealing, no doubt, to see what Democratic-affiliated law firms and media shops in D.C. use Nardello. Let’s hope congressional investigators are looking into this. Ms. Menshel, by the way, is the daughter and niece of Goldman Sachs zillionaire brothers Richard and Robert Menshel, big-time Democrat donors.


  43. jameswlee2014 says:

    Since Comey slapped a “fall guy” sign on his back, dude is likely singing like Pavarotti.

    Liked by 3 people

  44. TG McCoy says:

    Double Agent-working for the NSA under Am. Rodgers..

    Liked by 1 person

  45. MontanaMel says:

    I’m sorry…. IF this guy has his “get out of jail card” in hand….then, haul him up to the hill and let’s hear him sing in one of the Intel oversight committees live on CSPAN…simple…let his words tell the world just how smelly and bad things are in DOJ/FBI and other critter corners of the underworld; while teams of trusted MARSHALS serve ARREST WARRANTS on all the other players… Perp walks at 6pm…

    OR…Black-bag him and get the water dripping down GitMo way….one way or another – the song needs singing…


  46. Rupigal says:

    I also watched a video by “urban moving” in which the researcher said that Edward R. Priestap had a Jewish mother so was Jewish. The researcher also made the jump to say that Priestap is Jewish/Mossad.


    • Urban says:

      Yes, By jewish law he is and of COurse I say he is Mossad because he helped cover up and play dumb on the Israeli torture of a Palestinian activist in the mid 2000’s, his geni profile is managed by a jewish ancestry buff mega ADL Hollywood asshat…need I say more?


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