BUSTED: Proof DOJ Didn’t Care About Bruce Ohr Meeting Chris Steele Until IG Horowitz Found Out…

Proving, once again, this is a well thought-out strategy, Chuck Grassley’s newest partly declassified version of the Graham-Grassley memo highlights the DOJ didn’t care about Bruce Ohr meeting with Christopher Steele until Inspector General Michael Horowitz found out.

Page #5 of the Grassley Memo (pg. 7 pdf), highlights the FBI interviewed DOJ Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr on November 22nd, and December 12th, 2016 [FD-302 Interview Notes], yet didn’t take any action about their discoveries until Inspector General Michael Horowitz found out and revealed the interviews on December 7th, 2017.

(pdf link)

The FD-302 (FBI) interviews were conducted with Bruce Ohr on November 22nd and December 12th, 2016. As footnoted above.  However, it wasn’t until Horowitz revealed the information within those interviews (December 7th, 2017) that any action was taken?

Therein the ideology and political motive of the DOJ “small group” gets sunlight:

DECEMBER 7th, 2017 – […] Initially senior department officials could not provide the reason for Ohr’s demotion, but Fox News has learned that evidence collected by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), chaired by Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., indicates that Ohr met during the 2016 campaign with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the “dossier.”

Later, a Justice Department official told Fox News: “It is unusual for anyone to wear two hats as he has done recently. This person is going to go back to a single focus—director of our organized crime and drug enforcement unit. As you know, combating transnational criminal organizations and drug trafficking is a top priority for the attorney general.”

Additionally, House investigators have determined that Ohr met shortly after the election with Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS – the opposition research firm that hired Steele to compile the dossier with funds supplied by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. By that point, according to published reports, the dossier had been in the hands of the FBI, which exists under the aegis of DOJ, for some five months, and the surveillance on Carter Page, an adviser to the Trump campaign, had started more than two months prior. (read more)

The Devin Nunes HPSCI memo revealed that Fusion-GPS employee Nellie Ohr, was funneling Clinton Opposition research to her husband Bruce Ohr for use by the DOJ in assembling the ‘Clinton-Steele dossier’; as justification to acquire a FISA “Title 1” surveillance warrant; for retroactive surveillance authority against Carter Page and the Trump Campaign.

(HPSCI Memo Link pdf)

Obviously the ‘small group’ within the DOJ and FBI didn’t have any issue with the activity of Bruce and Nellie Ohr during 2016 until IG Horowitz found out and exposed it in 2017.

After a few feeble attempts at brush back pitches… with the release of the lesser redacted memo, Senator Chuck Grassley took a 3-1 pitch and rocked a solid double off the wall, putting him on Second Base and Devin Nunes confidently standing on Third.

With no-one out, and first base open, the Democrats are stressed.

Adam Schiff calls for a pitching change as House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte steps up to the plate.

However, they can’t pitch around Goodlatte because clean-up hitter Horowitz is on deck. Schiff needs to bring the infield in close and hope for a double-play.  They’re down to their last pitcher and he doesn’t look good.

More sweating.


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780 Responses to BUSTED: Proof DOJ Didn’t Care About Bruce Ohr Meeting Chris Steele Until IG Horowitz Found Out…

  1. D. Manny says:

    FISC had declared the FBI had unmasked American citizens for “the last five years.” Was there any disciplinary measure meted out in response? Were those American citizens notified of the unmasking?

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  2. Ziiggii says:

    so what is so secret about what Ohr told the FBI in those Nov 22 and Dec 12 meetings?

    “None of the information provided by Mr. Ohr in his interviews with the FBI was included in the FISA renewal applications, despite it’s relevance to whether Mr. Steele had lied to the FBI about his contacts with the media as well as it’s broader relevance to his credibility and his stated political motive.”


  3. SR says:

    After Mueller will be gone then there will not be any SC or indictment of FBI, DOJ, Clinton, IRS, unmasking or any previous administration’s crime. We have a country where we never go back in previous administration and open the books .

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    • stringplayer55 says:

      But we have evidence of individuals who have actively engaged in an attempt to effect a banana republic coup of Donald Trump EVEN AFTER President Trump was inaugurated. Have we ever witnessed such behavior before? NO!!!!!

      What we have observed about an effort to effect a coup (with Adam Schiftless and John McCain both subscribing to this effort, I would add) raises the stakes to such a level that WE CANNOT ALLOW the criminal conspiracy to go unpunished. THERE MUST BE JAIL TIME for the people involved in this coup!


      • gda says:

        We expect this sort of thing from Dems. John McCain has befouled himself in this matter. He comes off the worst of anyone. Traitor. Again.

        Is this guy really sick? Or is he just using this as an excuse to lay low as the enormity of his actions become more and more widely known. He seems to still be able to get together with his slimeball Dems pals to propose ridiculous “bi-partisan” DACA non-solutions, or to babble on about protecting FBI/DOJ.

        Hate is a terrible thing. TDS is a special souped-up hate.

        Just go, Mr. McCain – your stink will linger long after you.


    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      You mean we never do that until PDJT is out of office and it’s done to him


  4. Zippy says:

    The ever-changing Dem spin. STEELE’S credibility with the FBI is legally irrelevant. He only provided the dossier, NOT the information found within it. It is the trustworthiness of the SOURCE of that information that counts… and that was sources from within the Russian government. Start at 49:57.


    • D. Manny says:

      We don’t know who the sources were.

      Steele said he spoke to somebody who said they spoke to somebody, and we still don’t know how many somebodies that person spoke to.

      And based on the different fonts and margin sizes in the dossier, it looks as though it had two or more authors.

      We can’t even begin to address the sources until we figure out who the authors were.


      • Steele was supposed to meet at his attorneys office imn the UK. Officials from the US had traveled there for him to reveal who his sources were. Steele was a no show, surprise. Steele left with his attorney a file, which the US officials (fib or doj) opened in the office. According to the story form the UK, they opened the file and there were Two names in there for his sources. They left. Some say it was two Russian names.

        Carter Page may not have been deep undercover. I waited until someone else made the claim I have been thinking about. Lionel said today that he thinks from his experience that it is very possible CP was made an asset. Probably had something on him, not much if anything. Enough they convinced hism it would be in his best interests to help them put the Russians in jail who were trying to recruit him. Lionel claimed this would be more like the FBI from his past knowing how they work. Not making him an “employee”. Who knows, however, legally if he was “used” could make a difference in testimonies going forward.


        • D. Manny says:

          Either way, the FBI still has to answer this question:

          What precipitating event occurred between May of 2016 and October of 2016 that caused the FBI to believe that Carter Page went from being an employee of the FBI to becoming a Russian spy?


      • free2313 says:

        So technically it is all hear-say?


    • Ziiggii says:

      those “sources” not only came from ‘within the Russian government’ they also came from a US State Department official and a ‘contact’ of someone who is a “friend of the Clinton’s”


  5. Hotlanta Mike says:

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  6. Hotlanta Mike says:


  7. LDave says:

    2016-09-07 1:54 Strzok texts Page “I also sometimes advise you to keep your head down ;)” LOL


  8. Hotlanta Mike says:

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  9. phoenixRising says:

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    • phoenixRising says:

      above was retweeted by Robert Barnes, atty
      Twitter not showing…
      Sundance is getting a lot of twitter coverage… his followers now number 68K


      • phoenixRising says:

        ohhh… saw a post upthread about Powerline…
        their twitter followers number only 8+K…. (cough…cough…)
        theirs is the type of blog, philosophy that turns folks away… Independents, Dems fleeing the Progressive Left, and Republicans…

        Sorry, had to get that off my chest.


  10. phoenixRising says:

    twitter thread https://twitter.com/TheLastRefuge2/status/961113807614595072

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  11. D. Manny says:

    I think I’ve figured out why the FBI made a decision to not inform the FISA court about the Steele lies:

    Because they were already on a 30-day judicial review with the FISA judge. If they told the Court, the Court would have shut them down completely.


    • phoenixRising says:

      or, to be blunt… the “small group” (as Sundance calls them) are Hill’s hitmen… lying is their natural MO


    • Ziiggii says:

      when did that review begin?
      What was it for?

      They started out the gate with the Oct 21 application “misleading” the FISC… my only guess is that Ohr’s 302’s showed that the FBI had been mislead by Steele and so every renewal application had to indirectly state his media contacts but try and lessen the blow to their renewal applications.

      I’m still hung up on the reporting that Page had been under FISA surveillance since 2014… was that 702 surveillance because of the Buryakov case? Was it a result of that case? I think the same 90 day renewal process would still need to be followed. If so, why the sudden need for a “Title 1” warrant?


  12. Ziiggii says:

    Where are Steele’s 302’s???????

    The FBI met with him – Steele even says he went to the Rome FBI offices.


    • Ziiggii says:

      there seems to be a real easy way to figure out who is the one lying at this point – the FBI -OR- Mr. Steele?

      FYI- these are all rhetorical questions because all Grassley is doing here is a reverse of what the FBI seems to have done to Gen. Flynn and claim Flynn lied to the FBI. Grassley is using Steele as his guinea pig and in the same manner the FBI used Flynn ultimately to show that the FBI lied to the FISC. There’s only one way to prove the FBI “mislead” the FISC – by “assuming” the FBI is truthful and nailing Steele for lying. Thus the referral to the DOJ…


      • D. Manny says:

        Now, check out the timeline from 9-15-2016 to 10-30-2016


        It should open your eyes just a little bit more on this subject.

        Steele did lie to the FBI, but when the FBI figured it out, they continued to perpetrate the lie themselves; otherwise, it would kill their entire “investigation.”

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      • D. Manny says:

        The FBI couldn’t tell the Court that the reason why Steele went to the press is because Steele thought the FBI was Russian spies…because the FBI knew the Court would think Steele is the kook that he really is…..

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      • D. Manny says:

        I posted this earlier this morning. I wish I could just post the link to the post itself, but since I can’t, I’m reprinting it just to show you why I think what I do, my train of thought. Tell me if you see the same thing:

        I’ve been studying this Grassley memo in depth since last night, and here’s what I found:

        2016-07-15 Christopher Steele meets with FBI agent who receives first installment of dossier http://dailycaller.com/2018/01/17/report-fbi-agent-shared-russia-probe-information-with-christopher-steele/
        Now, what does this tell us? It tells us that Christopher Steele at this time had an agreement in place with the FBI that Steele would NOT share his information with others. In order for that to be true, there would have to be a contract, aka money/remuneration, passing hands. The FBI would need some teeth to hold that agreement in place
        Then this happens….

        2016-09-15 Christopher Steele sends all his investigation to intelligence agencies, is frustrated with their progress on investigation, calls the NY FBI Russian stooges https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-russia-dossier-file-investigation-hacking-christopher-steele-mi6-a7526901.html
        In between these two time periods, the press is relatively quiet about the dossier. Interesting, huh?
        And remember, during this time period in question, Hillary is increasingly losing it in public, so that would mean she’s putting a lot of pressure on Steele to perform. Steele is feeling the heat, so he’s growing increasingly disillusioned that the FBI/CIA is going to perform, and he’s threatening them that he’s going to break their agreement and go straight to the press with his dossier. Steele doesn’t hear anything from the FBI/CIA, so he goes through with his threat, like so…
        2016-09-23 Yahoo News-Michael Isikoff publishes report based upon dossier
        Then, ruh-roh raggy, lo and behold, the FBI contacts Steele….
        2016-10-01 FBI meets with Christopher Steele in Rome and offers to pay him $50,000 to corroborate dossier, and FBI asks Christopher Steele during Rome meeting whether Steele had ever heard of George Papadopoulos
        Christopher Steele is caught with his pants down, so he lies to the FBI and says, “Wut? I dindunuffin, Yahoo didn’t get that information from me, I’ve been a good boy, which is why the FBI represents to the FISA court that the Yahoo News article corroborates what was said.
        And the braindead FBI didn’t catch on to the ruse until this time period…
        2016-10-30 Christopher Steele’s services terminated by FBI

        Which was too late, because they’d already gotten the warrants…..

        See, at this point, it was the FBI’s duty to inform the FISA court of a change in circumstances….but they didn’t do that. They just continued on with the ruse, hoping they wouldn’t get caught……

        And that’s what Trump meant when he said, “We caught ’em red-handed.”

        The reason why the FBI didn’t care about the Ohr meeting is because they were desperate at this point…



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    • phoenixRising says:

      Why does the FBI have an office in Rome?

      ” Overseas Offices
      The FBI has offices around the globe. These offices—called legal attachés or legats—are located in U.S. embassies.
      For more than seven decades, the FBI has stationed special agents and other personnel overseas to help protect Americans back home by building relationships with principal law enforcement, intelligence, and security services around the globe that help ensure a prompt and continuous exchange of information.

      Today, we have 64 legal attaché offices—commonly known as legats—and more than a dozen smaller sub-offices in key cities around the globe, providing coverage for more than 200 countries, territories, and islands. Each office is established through mutual agreement with the host country and is situated in the U.S. embassy or consulate in that nation.

      Our legal attaché program is managed by the International Operations Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. This office keeps in close contact with other federal agencies, Interpol, foreign police and security officers in Washington, and national and international law enforcement associations. International liaison and information sharing are conducted in accordance with executive orders, laws, treaties, Attorney General Guidelines, FBI policies, and interagency agreements.”


      Well, dang – I thought the Federal (US) Bureau of Intelligence was for the States and the CIA was for international. Stupid me. But here’s mission, as of July 15, 2014 signed by (drum roll)… ERIC HOLDER, AG

      read it here: https://www.justice.gov/jmd/organization-mission-and-functions-manual-federal-bureau-investigation

      Change in mission statement: January 6, 2014 (under the radar, w/ no press release)

      “FBI drops ‘law enforcement’ from its mission statement. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s primary mission has been changed from “law enforcement” to “national security.” The change in the mission was noted on the bureau’s fact sheet, as first reported by Foreign Policy.Jan 6, 2014”



      Changes to FBI beginning under Director Robert Mueller:
      Before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Science, the Departments of State, Justice and Commerce, and Related Agencies

      September 14, 2006


      Under Holder/



      Under Comey

      In 2016, Director Comey unveiled a number of changes to the way in which the FBI managed its long-term strategy. His updated process emphasized “where are we going” (strategic) over “what are we doing” (tactical). Reflecting the Director’s themes—leadership, cyber, intelligence, and operations integration, and reduce administration workload— our updated strategy is more simplified and streamlined. The FBI has not changed the direction we are heading or the nature of our work. We do, however, want to ensure that our strategy:

      Is simple and accurately reflects the organization’s top priorities
      Ensures horizontal and vertical alignment across the Bureau
      Ensures that our executives have a clear role and are held accountable for executing the strategy


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  13. Mike Clout says:

    This may have already been discussed but one has to question the integrity of the rank and file F.B.I. also. Who is stepping forward to separate the everyday agents and the corrupt leadership? I also think the F.I.S.A. court is also in on the deal never questioning the requests for warrants through 3 renewals. We have to clean house!


  14. Occam’s Razor says:

    Stellar baseball analogy! Even I understood.


  15. Bulldog84 says:

    Having read the declassified Grassley memo, I found myself wondering something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen answered definitively. Perhaps it was, and I missed it. Specifically, how did the FBI allegedly become aware of the dossier in the first place?

    If I recall correctly, Glenn Simpson has indicated that Steele himself contacted the FBI. But really, how credible is that?

    I became particularly interested in the heavily redacted portion of Grassley’s memo (page 5) involving Bruce Ohr.

    What the memo notes is that Ohr was interviewed by the FBI on November 22, 2016 and December 12, 2016. This first date is soon after Hillary lost the election. Whose idea was it to interview Ohr? That appears to be redacted. Was this the beginning of the cover up — the post-election scramble that went terribly wrong?

    Is there something in the redacted portion that implicates Ohr — rather than Steele — in being the one who gives the dossier to the FBI?

    This sentence on page 7 of the Grassley memo is key:

    “Thus, the FISA applications are either materially false in claiming that Mr. Steele says he did not provide dossier information to the press prior to October 2016, or Mr. Steele made materially false statements to the FBI when he claimed he only provided the dossier information to his business partner and the FBI.” As SD has said, the indications are that the criminal referral is more likely based on the former.


  16. phoenixRising says:


  17. Boots says:

    Google in full cover up mode. After seeing Fox News report “Obama Knew about Page Strozyk and Trump Plan”, I googled this:

    “Obama knew Page Strozyk”

    I got not a single hit about the Fox News article, or any other article even just about Page or Strozyk. Clearly the libtards running Google are covering for their communist komrads in the Deep State.

    See for yourself:


    • phoenixRising says:

      google cleaned wiki and most references to the individuals in “the small group” months ago

      remember Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) stepped down sometime ago… ES is big time bad guy – he aligned w/ HRC and deep state to collude with her to win the election. POTUS has his number…


    • D. Manny says:

      CTH article is third from the top..


  18. Madi says:

    Please people …wake up! Who voted yes for Irak War?
    Who stand to investigate The Usurper in 2008 and 2012…
    Our President Donald J.Trump.
    Take a deep breath…they Congress, Scotus :535 people who thought we were stupid
    RIP Seth Rich; 2001 WTC victims, ect ect
    Wake up
    Obama the imposter crossed the Clinton .


  19. Boots says:

    Wisconson, 2012. Man puts up yard sign. How prescient.


  20. Trent Telenko says:

    Well, we just found our FISA spying scandal – RICO legal liability transmission vector from the FBI – DoJ spying on Trump to major media stars and organizations.

    The Democratic National Committee.

    Michael Isikoff was a contract worker for the DNC at the same time he worked for Yahoo News.

    Michael Isikoff used Christopher Steele as a source for his reporting at Yahoo! News.

    And Michael Isikoff’s Yahoo! News story was used in the FISA application to the FISC to spy on Carter Page.



    The DNC was by contract at the time an appendage of the Hillary For President Campaign.


    Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC

    Isikoff is the senior DC editor for Yahoo! News and that makes him Yahoo! News management.


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