Secretary Rex Tillerson Joint Presser With Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz…

When President Trump left the Davos economic forum, Secretary T-Rex traveled to Poland for a bilateral meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz.  Many readers are aware how the U.S. and Poland have formed a very strong bond, a very strategic alliance, since the Trump administration took office.

Last year President Trump visited Warsaw to solidify a geopolitical relationship based on common interests and a desire to help Poland push back against Russian leverage based on energy dependence. Poland is a key strategic ally for the Trump administration, and more importantly a trusted ally; arguably more so than the U.K.

T-Rex held a joint press conference with his Polish counterpart Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz. Video:


After the visit to Poland, T-Rex flew to London (there now) for the opening of the new U.S. Embassy.  While in the U.K. T-Rex will be meeting with Boris Johnson to discuss mutual interests and continue trying to determine if the U.K. is a willing trade partner.

The relationship between the U.S. and the U.K. is unfortunately defined by the downward trajectory of British politics. The level of trust between the U.S. and the U.K. is at historic lows.

Great Britain has shifted far to the ideological left in the past several years, and no longer reflects a positive outlook toward national sovereignty. There is no guarantee -despite Brexit- the U.K. has not past the point of no return.

Britannia might well be lost, and it would be a waste of political energy to keep trying to save the U.K. from herself.  Hence the EU Baltic states gain attention and value.

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100 Responses to Secretary Rex Tillerson Joint Presser With Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz…

  1. MK Wood says:

    We are better to place more eggs in the Central Europe basket than risk them with the UK and their leftist brethren on the continent. IMO they, along with France, Germany, Sweden, and a couple others are beyond saving.

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    • scott467 says:

      And yet they could be saved, or save themselves, ridiculously easily.

      Unlike the last time islam invaded Europe, today, the military of Belgium, by itself, has the military power and capacity to expel islam from the continent.

      The islamic barbarian hordes have no weapons besides the occasional small arms, acid and homemade explosive devices.

      By contrast, even the tiniest nation of Europe has a military, an air force, an army, planes, helicopters, tanks, artillery and the training and communications capacity to direct it all.

      It is not even a “fight”, much less a fair one.

      So the ONLY thing stopping Europe from ‘saving’ itself is the simple, basic WILL to do it.

      There has never been a time in history since the invention of islam that the West held a greater military advantage over the evil of islam than it does today.

      All that is required for Europe to eradicate islam is the simple WILL to do it.

      It could be over and done with in a matter of WEEKS.

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb?

        One. But the lightbulb has to want to change.

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        Scott467,excellent recognition of current economic, political, and military realities in Europe. How long before the citizens of each nation of the EU take back their sovereignty and use their common military strength to restore the freedom of each nation? Good question.

        At least President Trump and the American example gives them hope. They need the will to do so — and the expulsion of the “foreign” (globalist elites) funding that keeps voting fraud alive in those countries.

        If each country’s citizens are actually voting for Islamic rabble to destroy and dominatie (in advance of globalist elite domination), then they can be forgotten. The “death instinct” has taken over. Maybe socialist promises does this to people. However, it’s hard to say, because those promises are usually accompanied by lies and fraud and political destructiveness – funded by elites.

        I have a hard time believing that Western Europeans wish their own demise and that of their children. My awareness that American voting would be so different if one citizen-one vote was enforced in every state. Perhaps the European experience is similar. Maybe the elitists in the EU fix the voting machines, and then invite their thugs in to destroy men, women, children, the family, and hope for the future.

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        • scott467 says:

          I am 100% confident that many good Europeans are as overcome with grief and anger as many of us were before DJT.

          And I have no doubt that the globalists are every bit as corrupt in Europe as they are in the U.S., and cheat every way possible accordingly.

          What the nations of Europe need is what every nation needs, a LEADER.

          We were very fortunate to have DJT.

          And half a billion firearms to fight the revolution without him, if need be.

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      • MK Wood says:

        “basic WILL to do it.”

        You get to the crux of the issue with this statement. I do not believe enough have that will. If and when these nations show they want to reverse what has been done to them I say the US fully support them. As long as they continue down the path they are, and I do not see any sign of real reversal, they are on their own.

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        • scott467 says:

          “You get to the crux of the issue with this statement. I do not believe enough have that will.”


          I know exactly what you mean, but then I put myself in their place and remember what it was like barely a year ago.

          What people need is a leader. If any single individual tries to do what needs to be done, the globalists use that person as an example and punish like-minded individuals even more.

          The globalists even try to bait patriots into lone-wolf scenarios for that very purpose.

          That is (in part) why Sundance periodically reminded people not to do anything stupid that would hurt the cause.

          I am confident that there are many Europeans who would gladly pull the trigger on Merkel, or May, or Juncker, and lots of others. But if they do so, even if they succeed, that only gives the ‘police state’ cause to ratchet up their control, and replacing a puppet with another puppet is a simple thing for them.

          So the lone-wolf route is unlikely to succeed, except in a scenario where the ‘leader’ in question is actually the guiding force (e.g., Hitler) and not a puppet.

          And the problem with any sort of ‘resistance movement’ is that the police state easily surveils and infiltrates. You have to communicate in order to mount a resistance, and intercepting communications is the #1 specialty of the police state.

          So what are the People to do?

          What CAN they do?

          Even following DJT’s example is very difficult, because many European nations are parliamentary systems, with multiple parties, which makes deployment of the “Splitter Strategy” a simple thing for the puppet-masters.

          We can’t just write them off, there are millions of good people over in Europe who want no part of this destruction of their countries.

          I guess when it comes right down to it, the only people in a position to save these countries are the white hats in the military of each of these countries.

          And I suspect the white hats in OUR military had much to do with what we see happening today in America, including the election of DJT.

          At least, that is certainly what Dr. Steve Pieczenik says:

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      • Esperanza says:

        I’m not long term worried if it came to a hot war, we’d be fine. But we don’t want a hot war. The problem is getting out without the hot war. Not easy.

        Trump will save our behinds. The next generation of politicians is watching and learning. Germany is a problem. They’re wierd.


    • jonhabart says:

      Countries like Poland, Hungary, & the Czech Republic have refused to compromise their sovereignty, culture, history, & values despite heavy pressure from the European Union to open their borders to thousands of military aged muslim men from the Middle East and Northern Africa who are being lured to Western Europe from their shithole countries by the communist EU leadership and various heads of states who have made the conscious decision to destroy their countries & erase their history.

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    • cats23 says:

      I was born and raised in Sweden. Have all of my family there.
      Sadly, VERY sadly, I agree that Sweden is likely gone.
      There is just no way to recover. Swedish culture is WAYYY different than American culture.
      WAY different. IMO, even here it would be hard to recover from what they have allowed, but with the Swedish mentality, it will be impossible.

      Very sad. I so grieve for the nation my many generations of ancestors built.
      All lost because of a leftist, feminist regime.

      *All while the vast majority stood silent*
      Makes me cry.

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    • USMCLt says:

      Prior to November 2016, someone outside the USA looking in might have said that we were past the point of no return. With God, all things are possible if people will turn to Him in prayer and humility. Let us not forget how far we have come in a very short period of time.

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  2. Wend says:

    Completely agree with both of you-Central/Eastern Europe is where the action is.

    BoJo can be very cool but he’s unreliable as heck.

    My three main roots countries are Germany, Poland and England. So .333 is good in baseball!

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  3. LBB says:

    I commented early in the Presidential thread that this presser was the first thing I woke up to this morning.

    I find T-Rex so easy to listen to. Clear & concise without all the gobbly gook. Some questions he took were very challenging in regards to our policy and what is happening around the globe.

    Good job !

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  4. fleporeblog says:

    This 7 minute and 45 second video tells me everything I need to know about Poland 🇵🇱 versus the UK 🇬🇧 as well as many Western European countries! God has truly blessed the people of Poland and he and his Son are revered!

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  5. Little Annie’s Fannie says:

    The U.K. has deferred to the radical Muslim sect rendering them useless!


  6. Matt says:

    Archie Bunker wouldn’t be making Polish jokes these days. They are a Great country !

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    • WhistlingPast says:

      True, but the Meathead would!

      Funny how life imitates art. Rob Reiner and Mike Stivic are virtually indistinguishable.

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      • Risa says:

        I am so confused. Didn’t the Left love Russia, once upon a time? I guess that was when it was the Soviet Union. Well, now Rob Reiner, along with such sterling characters as James Clapper, Evelyn Farkas, Leon Panetta, Jeh Johnson,etc. have teamed up to form the Committee to Investigate Russia. Ostensibly it is to well, Investigate Russia, but it is mostly to destroy President Trump. Crazy times.


    • sickconservative says:

      Really two of my best friends growing up were polish and jokes were just that.
      Now on a professional site for my industry I have nothing but respect for the colleges from really the old eastern bloc nations including Poland.


  7. Great analysis sundance. Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic have shown the willingness and fortitude to stand up to crazed EU policies and their own sovereignty. Trump administration has recognized that and is rewarding them with strong alliances. if the U.K. wants it leftists and radicals to rule our POTUS will let me know them descend into chaos.

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    • Wend says:

      I’ve posted this elsewhere, but my girlfriend spent Christmas and the NY in Prague and environs. She said it was totally amazing and completely safe. They took a day bus trip to Vienna which is now overrun by Muzz. That young Austrian PM has his work cut out for him.

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  8. sundance says:

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      I don”t see it.

      This is a game. A gambit. We put out a tweet, quite a low cost, and it shapes public opinion, and Russia has to concede something.

      Why do we care where Germany, or other Euro nation, buys its oil?

      Because the EU countries will be disposed to side with Russia in international affairs, if conflicts arise? [We have Syria, right now.]

      So what? Let Germany do what they want to do. If war breaks out with us on one side and Russia on the other, high on the list will be to disrupt the pipeline . Our possible Euro allies would be caught with no energy. Big deal. They suckled off the wrong teat.

      Or, maybe Euro prefers U.S., but is playing a game – getting us to lower our terms on something by fake-flirt with Russia.

      You can learn a lesson the easy way, or the hard way. This is looking a lot like WWI. Pick your sides wisely.

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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        When the wall came down this was inevitable. Angela is from the wrong side of the wall. You can take the German out of Russia but you can’t take the Russian out of the German.

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        • pyromancer76 says:

          This is not the “Russian”. This is the fascist/marxist in the German. A very difficult element to surgically remove. Not only from the Soviets, but from Nazism as well. Respectfully, know the difference, please. Projection is not helpful.


    • JETS says:

      Last month’s Fake News said T Rex would be gone in January. Its almost February and he is still alive and well.


    • wj2016 says:

      Such garbage. Why should we care about a natural gas pipeline and more importantly why would we have the right or authority to oppose or prevent it? I don’t recall Russia opposing Keystone. More energy infrastructure moving more energy to needy markets is good whether it’s here in the USA or Europe.


  9. MMinLamesa says:

    Our President has made several defining speeches, his inauguration and at the Right to Life come immediately to mind but the speech in Warsaw defending Western Civ was a monumental moment.

    The sickening lack of reporting this and others by our left dominated media should tell anyone paying attention everything you need to know

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    • piper567 says:

      I agree with you completely, and have long thought the sin of omission by our so-called press is as harmful as their sins of commission, their lies and their deceit. But, I am encouraged by their drop in ratings over the last tear, and although few are as well informed as regular CTH readers, may people are slowly waking up.
      Much is posted here of others proclaiming, with or without credit, sundance’s sterling analysis. And many more sources are beginning to spread the truth to their various audiences. This is one instance where a little information IS better than none.
      If you think for a moment, the reach of all of these combined audiences is far greater than the pathetic reach of msm.
      There will always be people, referred to often on this board, who have no idea what is swirling around them. The truth will either reach them or it will not.
      But the folks who are cutting out their cable, the people who are adding to the numbers getting their news from places apart from msm, is growing, it is not stagnant. Word is getting out.
      And imo the people who are only now getting on the Trump Train are of great value to us, so we need to keep talking truth, referring them to good sites, to add to their numbers…and leave the never-this, never-that idiots to their own devices.
      Lots of work to do.

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    • simicharmed says:

      I fully agree with your message on the subject. However and moreover – I have tuned the “MSM” entirely out of my field of capture! I LIBERATED myself from the propaganda 8 years ago (cancelling cable/satellite), and every one of the propaganda internet sites I used to visit – on or before November of 2016. My mind needs to find reason, it needs to find “truth to any matter”, it operates objectively on matters that it has been fed.

      I realized long ago that the human mind (the mental health), has varieties from – brain dead coma to genius. In between there are morons, imbeciles, cretins, smart, ignorant, evil, sadistic and a whole other variety of human being characteristics…it is what it is.

      The MSM is simply a vessel to……factually…..brain wash those who are unable to THINK for themselves. The MSM is factually an enemy of freedom AND of the foundation of the United States of America.


  10. scott467 says:

    “Poland is a key strategic ally for the Trump administration, and more importantly a trusted ally; arguably more so than the U.K.”


    DEFINITELY more trusted than the UK.

    The UK leadership is on the same “trust” level as the Clinton campaign, as is the leadership of Canada, Australia, and nearly every other western nation.

    One a scale of 1 to 10, the trust level of UK leadership is a zero.

    By comparison, the trust level of Poland is a ten. Poland’s motives and interests are transparent (preserve their national sovereignty), and Poland was not involved in undermining America, as the UK has done REPEATEDLY throughout history.

    It’s about time for America to undermine the UK, and take down their entire corrupt political-class.

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  11. emet says:

    The problem in Britain is that they stopped giving knighthoods to great fighting men like William Marshall, Hotspur, John Chandos et al, and started giving them to people like Elton John and Mick Jagger

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  12. kea says:

    Just see what has to say, day in and day out. Its shocking!!!

    The relationship between the U.S. and the U.K. is unfortunately defined by the downward trajectory of British politics. The level of trust between the U.S. and the U.K. is at historic lows.—- This right there!!!


  13. Wend says:

    I have no problem with knighthoods for artists – but I know what you mean. Britannia is gone.

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  14. greg says:

    What happened to all of the folks who were going to testify? Priestap, Ohr, Page, Strozk etc? WTH is going on???


  15. Why has Saudi Arabia raised their gas prices in the Kingdom about .80 cents a gallon US.

    Traffic is down in the cities and the big SUV’s are less prevalent

    After the big shakedown and Arrests in the Kingdom why are people now ” grumbling” because the costs of goods and services are rising, and salaries are stagnate.

    Saudi Arabia is thinking about putting ARAMCO up for sale. Yet the amount of reserves they have is THE state secret. Why would anyone invest in a SA reserves without knowing the figure? It still has not gone on the market.

    Pipeline is the best way to ship from Russia. The fix is LNG. shipped in from Norway. Norway was just in the news about reserves. The LNG at best can help keep the cost down from Russia, Yet Shipping LNG and Terminals is expensive, and the terminals need to built in remote locations for safety.

    I have a friend in the middle east in the Kingdom currently. He departed the Kingdom about 2 weeks ago. Upon his return the mood of the people and the cost increases were dramatic.

    Jus sayin

    energy energy energy without it, “it” stops


    • KBR says:

      Oil prices are in dollars, dollars are devalued right now. So actual value in the exchange of oil for money is probably about the same.


      • KBR the source is giving the value in currency from SA, the Rialm to todays current price for a gallon in the US, he said its almost the same. The rest is also true, very high increases across the board.

        My friend has been coming and going from the Kingdom for a decade.


      • KBR,

        These types of increases were predicated on his theory of the import/export model for oil producing countries. The Kingdom prices for fuel have been increasing the last decade, this was a huge jump. Oil exporting countries using the product for revenue have to calculate the rise in local consumption. As I said, the amount of known reserves in SA is a STATE SECRETE. Rumor is Vallerie Plames oil company front was trying to determine that figure.


        • KBR says:

          So, is Vallerie Plames trying to determine the $ figure they would need for purchasing Aramco, or the figure (or estimate) of amount of reserves or both?

          I mean, is Valerie Plames looking to purchase Aramco once it goes up for sale, or are they just wanting to know for trading stocks and planning where to buy oil in future?


          • No No, this was before she was busted by Cheney exposing her CIA status. Valerie and others had covers using a company involved in oil. The knowledge of how much oil is left is financially a gold mine. Prices increasing in SA so fast is causing concern among the population. Before he left they were pretty cool with the changes and the purges. Now not so much. Like he said, lets see.


            • KBR says:

              Gee, I did not recognize her name. I thought “Valerie Plame” was the name of some corporation or something.

              I am going to go all out and blame it all on a cold, lol.

              If Dem Senator can get away with it on major stuff…😁


      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Good point, KBR.


  16. Athena the Warrior says:

    How was this meeting possible? After all, Rex is quitting any day now you know…

    /sarc off

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  17. KBR says:

    There is an article at the reuters link, just below the Tillerson story also about Poland.

    I once had a neighbor, a wonderful elder man, who was an immigrant from Poland. He was quite intelligent, taught at University there. He was also a brilliant woodworker having some art carved from wood that was really beautiful: one piece was a magnificently carved Pieta.

    It was not until I knew my neighbors for a while that I learned that he and his family had been in one of the deathcamps, and that he had lost his parents and sisters in it. Tattooed on his arm were his prisoner numbers. I remember that he was bitter that no one seemed to know that Polish Christian people suffered and died there too: he felt they were forgotten by the world, as if only Jews were victims.

    The story says Poland is banning the words “Polish Death-camps” because it gives the impression that Polish people were all Nazis instead of victims. Nazis took over Poland, Poland did not choose to be allied with Nazis. Netanyu is objecting. I do not understand why. Why would one nationality want to claim all the victimhood of such a terrible time? Why do they not share their sorrows with victims of other nationalities and faiths?

    Would Israel like it if the world started calling AlAqsa Mosque the Israeli Mosque or the Jewish Mosque, because Moslems took over Jerusalem and ruled there for some time? It is equally as ridiculous IMO.

    The things people will quarrel about astound me.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      KBR: that is a very important story.

      Progressives have had a serious effort to convey the Third Reich, Hilter, and the Holocaust in a specific way. With the Holocaust, we are all supposed to look at that and ALL say “Never again!.”

      That sentiment is undeniable. However, Hilter was a Progressive, very much in line with our current Progressive politics in the USA now, and at the time. So, they had to do two things: abide by the obvious, prevailing “never again” sentiment, but spin it just so.

      One main spin is that Hilter was an Ultra-Nationalistic Arch-Conservative. The value is that anytime someone tries to promote Nationalism, as in MAGA, the Progs can immediately pin “Hitlerian” on the candidate.

      The truth is the opposite: Hilter was not uber-Nationalistic: he wanted to rule the world, just like the Marxists strive to do. He did not simply want Germany to be a great country – by doing scurrilous things such as running the Jews out. Hilter obviously wanted to go far beyond Germany.

      Communists believe the system of having a globe of various sovereign nations is bad. Therefore, to them, ANY “nationalism” is extreme.

      Hilter was not “conservative,” as far as recognizing that less government reduces the corruption that is part and parcel of government, but was Progressive – wanting to control the population from the top-down. Hilter basically had breeding programs, getting those he wanted to reproduce to reproduce (“positive eugenics”), and preventing those he did not want to reproduce from reproducing (negative eugenics). <– All of this is inherently Progressive.

      Beyond the efforts to get rid of, including by mass genocide, the Jews, Hilter was also practicing Eugenicists. Here, we see the rub: our Progressives are full Eugenicists, but they know this is unpalatable (they disguise it – as "pro-choice," etc).

      If anyone highlights the eugenics of Hilter, people will see Hilter was not far from our Progs. Our Progs want to detect Down Syndrome before birth so they can kill these humans who happen to be "weak," with disability. Etc. So, the writers of history, largely the Progs in academia, have thrown the focus on the Jews, while ignoring the Poles, the disabled, etc.

      The Marxists are upset that they could not spin the Holocaust to not be about Jews – because the Marxists are very much anti-Judeo-Christianity – a central pillar of our society. Which is Enemy Number One.

      And, reviewing all of this, you can see where Holocaust-denial comes from.

      Either way: keeping Hilter/Holocaust neatly confined to a bad day for the Jews keeps generations of school kids from seeing Hilter's attacks on Nationalism – on the Poles, and others, as well as on the Disabled, etc. Keep telling the truth about the Poles, as well as the Jews, and the others targeted by Hilter.

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      • KBR says:

        Yes, I agree. Now the “EU” is ruled over by Germany without a shot being fired, and Merkel seems the same type to me: wanting power and caring not about people’s lives in Europe.

        I should have said my neighbor was just a youth when he was released, and immigrated as a orphaned teenager to the US, as he had an uncle here to sponsor and help him. His wife was also a US citizen from Poland. He got his citizenship. He managed to finish school and university here. He was a professor here, not there. Quite an intelligent man, also very kind and talented. He has gone to God now.

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      • Little Annie’s Fannie says:

        Hitler would have been a good Democrat leader. How many times do they scream wolf to deflect on others exactly what they are doing themselves?!? Nancy is crying about the crumbs now—she and Obama gave us less than crumbs. Nancy is crying about making America white again—she and Obama sought to make us second class again. Chuck and Nancy cried about how the tax plan would only make the rich richer and ruin the middle class—Trump gave us a tax plan and the corps gave their workers bonuses with the money they are saving. Guess C&N are crying since they worked hard to get many, many more on public assistance and these bonuses were given to private sector workers. DACA has been a good talking point since Obama labeled them dreamers. His dream was a perpetual anti-GOP talking point. Trump is dismantling that too.
        As to the MuhRussia allegations, that is all they have LEFT. It is imperative that they keep that alive. Without it, those blind progressives might stray from the hard line bubble. Heaven forbid that the MSM report the truth. If PDJT cleans house of the low-lying Democrats in the FBI, DOJ, and all other government agencies can you imagine the outrage? The problem is not with the field agents, basic employees rather it is with those O/C puppets at the top who were in a position to manipulate reports, investigations much like the MSM manipulates reporting.
        I grew up in the WE generation—it was about America and what you could do for yourself through hard work. Unfortunately, today we have the ME generation-it is about splitting America and ensuring loyalty through the Robbing Hood philosophy.


        • pyromancer76 says:

          The Democrats today are ALL marxists. Look who took over the party, who funded what, who destroyed all party laws for ideological purity and control.

          Real, old-fashioned Democrats today are President Trump supporters.because he is a pragmatist — both conservative and liberal in traditional American values. Take a look at the all-red country map of the U.S.A. — President Trump won almost all counties. The areas where he lost have massive voter fraud. Voter fraud is probably the most significant issue for future elections.


      • pyromancer76 says:

        Marxism/fascism are two sides of the same coin. Both far leftists if one thinks about policy — especially connected to individual freedom and government control of everything. Rather than a line, left and right, one might think in a circle.


  18. wondering999 says:

    While traveling on LOT Polish Airways recently, I got to sample black currant juice and loved it, liked it better than orange juice!

    I also wondered why black currants aren’t as common as blueberries in the United States?
    This article explains the scarcity of black currants in the United States — black currants used to carry a blight that affected the lumber industry. “About the black currant, America’s forbidden fruit”

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  19. D. Manny says:

    I would love to see Poland on this list and see the Germany-France-UK knocked down a peg or two on here:

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  20. jmclever says:

    This is why I love Poland. God bless them!

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  21. thinkthinkthink says:

    God bless the good people of Eastern Europe, especially Poland.


  22. O.F. says:

    Served alongside Polish and Ukranians , they are good freedom loving troops and proficient too. All in all good allies.


  23. SamlAdams says:

    Poles aren’t buying any of this EU crap and looks to me like it’s right back to King John Sobieski and the Polish army relieving Vienna in 1683. They are all Europe has left.


  24. kevin king says:

    Well this is very interesting.
    Poland is the most common non-UK country of birth (an estimated 911,000 residents) and Polish the most common non-British nationality in the UK; in 2016 the number of Polish nationals resident in the UK reached 1 million.


  25. Badger 1 says:

    Pres Trump is McCarthy’s revenge!


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