Sunday Talks: Two Political Hacks Clutch Their Intelligence Pearls…

Former ODNI James Clapper, and former CIA Director John Brennan, appear with Jake Tapper to defend themselves against President Trump calling them out as political hacks yesterday. Together they attempt round #3 of couples grief therapy while selling their nonsense. Oh, how they both think we have forgotten – we haven’t.

As you watch James Clapper read his teleprompter, and yes, he’s reading from prepared script because he’s a useful idiot (see: 02:28 for confirmation), it should be noted that President Obama blamed James Clapper for the “rise of ISIS“.  Additionally it should be noted that Clapper previously admitted to lying to congress about ‘spying on Americans’.

John Brennan is even worse.  Earlier in the year Brennan contradicted Comey and stated he told congress and the FBI about Russian activity AFTER Comey testified he didn’t. Go figure. Then again, earlier in his career Brennan admitted to hacking into the State Department in 2008 to review/modify candidate Obama’s passport records; six years later, following an Inspector General report, Brennan was forced to admit and apologize to the Senate Intelligence Committee for using the CIA to spy on congress.

How Brennan was never prosecuted for those crimes is a question never answered.  Then again, he’s defending the weaponized FBI so there’s that quid-pro-quo angle to digest.  I digress:


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287 Responses to Sunday Talks: Two Political Hacks Clutch Their Intelligence Pearls…

  1. NC PATRIOT says:

    What makes me the most angry is their implication that our President can be flattered into giving in to our enemies—-or Brennan’s suggestion that he is afraid ~

    P45 is the bravest, most fearless man I know !

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  2. recoverydotgod says:

    “Political Hacks” is exactly the right phrase for that duo…plus Comey. The Obama administration, DNC and HRC campaign totally politicized a “happens all the time” hacking.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Gee, these guys are ignoring the fact that the leaders of Mexico have been interfering in our elections out in the open for years.

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  4. spacette55 says:

    I’ve been following Q Clearance’s messages on 4Chan/pol/ My hope is these two Katzenjammer kids will be in the paddywagon tomorrow morning.

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  5. dayallaxeded says:

    Elevate a few feet then look back at the big picture–what’s more damning? That muh Rooskies managed to hack some ‘puters or that these numbskulls and the entire IT staff of the DNC, the party in control of fedgov for the last 8 years and arguably since Klintonite first contaminated the WH (so 24 years) couldn’t stop ’em and/or couldn’t do anything substantive about it or even find any real evidence of it for almost 2 years and probably never will (b/c it’s a lie, but that’s icing on this argument’s cake)! Everyone who’s whining about muh Rooskies needs to be told to go home and look at themselves in the mirror. My company gets phishing emails by the 100s, at least, every week. Our IT staff have occasionally had to take some drastic actions to ensure that attacks didn’t cause significant damage. These ass[black]hats are telling us they couldn’t do what a civilian IT staff for a company with a few hundred employees does routinely?!! And anyone still listens to them?! Everyone associated with the 0 admin was utterly and completely incompetent and distracted by their only agendas–self aggrandizement and enrichment. They deserve no voice, no stage, only cells or gallows.

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    • deplorable says:

      Hillary was so careless that, as Secretary of State, she decided to setup her own email server to handle top secret communications. Apparently she didn’t think she needed government provided IT security to ensure secure communications. Anyone that reckless is just begging to be hacked.

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      • David says:

        Everyone says careless, but it wasn’t. It was deliberate. Just like any criminal, she took measures not to be discovered. It should never be called careless. That is the left’s narrative, not ours, and not the truth’s. It implies accidentalness, but it is all provable deliberate obstruction of oversight, and possibly even deliberate espionage. She, after selling secrets, needed a way to deliver the goods. If the bad actors were told to retrieve their intel from her server, it provides her with plausible deniability, however implausible.

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        • Dixie says:

          It was Comey who called it careless, but you’re right, it was not careless but specific to her ulterior motives which involved big time money (of which she could never get enough), power and an obvious intention to finish what obozo started.

          She’s a real feminist-nazi-hag.

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        • dayallaxeded says:

          No disagreement as to HELLary’s various intents manifested in the insecure bathroom server. I doubt the DNC, however, intended to have all it’s “private” comms broadcast to the world. The “hacks” and the insider network intrusion would have been prevented or at the very least addressed more quickly and appropriately in virtually any business environment. Demonrats (capital “D” is intended to make the distinction between DNC types and people who are simply “democratic” in their political thought) are vile, venal, uncaring, careless, and overall, pretty ignorant and stupid. Some of those traits are deliberately assumed, sometimes even including ignorance. But some of them are essential traits to be a Demonrat–no one with any sense would go there.

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      • Maquis says:

        No, she was counting on being hacked. Her email box was a smorgasborg of National Security issues and massive profit seeking ventures, and she didn’t need to risk sending it directly to her employers, she just put it on her unsecured server and took a nap.

        A dirt nap is what she has earned.

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  6. flawesttexas says:

    Clapper and Brennan are out looking for more girls that went out with Roy Moore

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  7. albrevin says:

    The professionals in the CIA must have cringed when Brennan was appointed as head of the agency.

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    • I am beginning to think that no one at any of these agencies has any credibility left.

      Not one, no one has said one word in a year about the total garbage that has been dumped on President Trump.

      Not one soul out of 17 agencies working intel has come forward and said, enough!
      I want to think we have stsrted to change the swamp.
      But in all honesty, these people are still running the show and do not have enough integrity between them to make just one person set the record straight.

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  8. Apollo says:

    When is #TheStorm coming?

    Getting impatient waiting for those sealed indictments to pan out…

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  9. TexasRanger says:

    Live From CNN La La Land, It’s Jake Clapper and His Infamous Clapper Boys.!

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  10. wolfmoon1776 says:

    After reading just the first several paragraphs about Brennan, I have to say – the Montgomery allegations are 100% consistent with that person. I am now fully convinced that elements of the Brennan CIA would be fully capable of committing criminal acts against anybody, including Americans, and most especially against candidate OR President Donald J. Trump.

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    • Not a single doubt about their capacity for going low. I have no idea if the Judge is guilty, but the timing is so suspect, it seems to indicate to me that they are of a political nature, purely.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I was actually referring to the Dennis Montgomery case (link below), but DANG – I think you may have a key here.

        I believe that Deep State tries to get control of people, and if they can’t, the rule is, those people are not allowed to either advance or assume any kind of powerful position. In some cases, they will try to GENERATE dirt, but failing that, they simply have to destroy the person they can’t control, or who won’t submit to control.

        Trump and Moore are both, IMO, basically clean. The worst they could come up with in Trump’s case was the GENERATED Billy Bush tapes, which likely FAILED to get juicier stuff. In Moore’s case, all they have is “robbing the cradle” (an always-scandalous part of the old South that our Yankee papers used to love to dwell on), so they have to juice it up with false allegations to lower the age below “jail-bait” and make it more inappropriate.

        THAT is why they have to take out Moore. Ironically, he is uncontrollable by the real string-pullers.

        Dennis Montgomery case explained:

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  11. saywhat64 says:

    I would pay some money to see these two clowns on Judge Jeanine’s Show !!!!

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  12. zephyrbreeze says:

    Old crusty men. Yuck.

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  13. ok4ayl says:

    Good grief, these 2 A$$HATS are insufferable………


  14. Bendix says:

    I still want to know how the Anthony Weiner sexting case fits in to this. Comey was up to his eyeballs in that, the girl speaks and acts like no fifteen year old ever, and that father of hers is unnatural in his behavior .
    This has political operation written all over it, and a real-life underage girl was exposed to a known pervert as bait of some kind.
    I’d like to know why, and I would like to know who did this.
    It’s a crime to use a minor that way.


  15. jeans2nd says:

    Clapper 10:23 “We did, we put out a statement, we uh, at the time, uh, then Secretary of Homeland Security Jae Johnson and I put out a statement on the 7th of October” (2016). “which pretty, was a pretty forthright statement about what the Russians were doing and it was issued before the election…”

    Jake Tapper, 12:35 “We’ve learned with, uh, the Comey, uh plea agreement, uh, with um, George Papadopolis, former uh, foreign a” (long a, not short a, as in “agent”), “foreign advisor for the Trump Campaign, we’ve learned, uh, that he was told by a professor with ties to the Kremlin, uh, in April 2016…”
    (that mtg was in Moscow, attended by Dana Rohrbacher and several Democrat congressman, concerning energy iirc. the professor has been proven to be a fraud running a Clinton-esque pay-to-play school, a former school of the professor’s having been closed, and has since dropped out of sight. papadopolis is, by all accounts, a hanger-on wanna-be blowhard associated with the “professor’s” “schools”)

    Clapper 13:13 “Now we had lots of concerns, because we were aware of multiple meetings, uh, that were going on while, uh, at least my part, was not directly of the content of the, of these meetings. But we were certainly concerned…”

    Clapper is in cya mode re: the illegal unmaskings, but seems to be giving Susan Rice & Samantha Power an out for their illegal unmasking behavior.

    Per Jake Tapper, Comey gave Papadopolis immunity. Comey? COMEY?
    Thought the lead guy in this witch hunt was Mueller?
    How did it come to be that Comey gave Papadopolis immunity and not Mueller?
    And how did Tapper even know it was Comey and not Mueller?
    Something is not correct here. The timeline is off, as well as the people involved.

    There is so much more here, such as Brennan playing amateur psycho-logist and revealing himself to be merely a psycho, but that is not relevant at this time.

    It would seem the mendacity of these people knows no bounds.
    Btw, where is DNI Coates?


    • jeans2nd says:

      This piece from David Stockman via the Ron Paul Institute adresses the George Papadopolis indictment.

      “The government’s charging document admits these missive(sic)” (to the Trump campaign offering to set up Russia mtgs) “were based on Papadopoulos’ conversations with a “Russian National” who claimed to be Putin’s niece, but wasn’t; and someone who claimed to have contacts at Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), but also, apparently, didn’t.”

      “(T)he latter unnamed go-between was one Ivan Timofeev, a program director at a Russian government-funded think tank called the Russian International Affairs Council. The latter was actually a glorified welcome wagon which hosts public meetings with prominent visiting politicians and public figures from the US and other countries.”

      “Indeed, one guest speaker at this forum” (16 April 2016) “had been none other than Obama’s former US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul. The latter is actually a fire-breathing Russophobe who can hardly be considered a pal of Putin’s.”

      {I do not like David Stockman
      I do not like him Sam-i-am
      (Stockman closed my last plant)
      but thx go to Stockman for a wee bit of validation}

      Considering, though, that Papadopolis, who only graduated in 2009, obtained his Masters degree(s) from that Maltese “professor” in London, was some kind of energy “lawyer,” and was entirely too pushy by all accounts with the Trump campaign until strongman Manafort brushed P off, plus P had his immunity from Comey and not Mueller, this entire setup seems weirderer and weirderer. (how’s that for a run-on sentence? i could do better lol)

      Now, consider PPD-41. To my reading, Obama split off DOD and left DOD to play in their own sandbox {big mistake, dummy}.

      Three agencies, DOJ-FBI, DHS, and ODNI-Intelligence were tasked with everything else else.

      Listening to the descriptions and interplay in the recent Aspen Institute forum 7 Nov 2017 (below) sponsored by ODNI, the intent of PPD-41 was to out-communist the ChiComs by taking over every single thing in the IoT, sans DOD, plus become the propoganda arm of the gov, controlling all information and dictating behavior to businesses as well as ppl.

      Re: the forum –
      Moderator 1:29 “We’re fortunate to have with us the core group that, under current White House and government policy, is assembled every time there’s a significant cyber incident.”

      “So we have…Tanya Ugoritz, a long-time governmemt employee and one of the first senior executive intelligence analysts at the FBI, working on terrorism issues, where she used to brief the then-obscure former director Bob Mueller (laughter, TUgoritz interjects “Perhaps you’ve heard of him”) who now seems to be in the (unintelligible) and currently heads the cyberthreat integration center that provides the collective views of the intelligence community”

      Plus a guy from DOJ and a guy from DHS who came from the private sector.
      One person provides the collective views of the “intelligence community.” One person.

      And there you have the “handpicked analysts” aka Swamp Creatures that produced the 6 Jan 2017 report so oft cited as representing all 17 intelligence agencies. Three (3) people. Three. One of whom is a Mueller lackey.

      Is the US Losing the Cyber Battle?
      November 7, 2017
      Please convince me this entire “Muh Russia”was not planned.
      don’t bother

      Hey Old IT Guys – have a laugh – these young im-po-tent people say the original “internet” was not designed with safety in mind. Enjoy the laugh.

      Who released the Vault 7 hacks to Wikileaks? Vault 8? Why? Who actually wrote those hacks? Are they currently still in use by anyone in U.S. gov? {no}
      Where is DNI Coates?
      Thank you, Tea Party. You made this happen.


      • Ad rem says:

        Sorry jeans….your comment was caught by the blacklist and tossed in the trash. When comments are as long as yours, the odds are pretty good that WP will find one word that closely matches something on our blacklist. 😦

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  16. dave g says:

    Headline Correction: Three political hacks….

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  17. jeans2nd says:

    In a very lengthy piece, with links to articles from NY Times, Politico, CN&N, others, this guy has confirmed my hunch.

    “instead of being a Russian agent of influence, Page at the time he spang (sic) briefly into a prominent role within the Trump campaign in early 2016, was already an FBI informant, something the Russians would obviously know. This becomes even more crucial later that summer after Page returned from a business trip to Moscow when he was repeatedly named in the James Steele “dirty dossier” as a close confident of Russian energy officials and bankers. Page actually appears to have all the hallmarks of an FBI informant, or an agent provocateur, who was planted into the Trump campaign as part of an intelligence operation. Only, it seems apparent, the intelligence service he was actually serving was American rather than Russian.”

    “Carter Page has admitted that he and George Papadopoulos were in communication with each other during the time that both were jetting off to Moscow. Just by coincidence, perhaps, both Page and Papadoploulos are described as New York energy analysts”

    This guy also documents that Carter Paige was the unnamed “Male-1” witness who helped convict the Russian agents in 2014, from the above article.

    Might carter Page also be Victoria Toensing’s unnamed “informant” who is to testify in secret before Sen Grassley’s congressional cmte?

    Carter Page was not indicted. George Papadopolis was indicted, and given immunity by Comey, not Mueller.
    They are both FBI plants into the Trump campaign, imo.
    Btw – tried to place a long comment, but was apparently too long, so emailed it. Was for you guys’ analysis anyway.
    Something is def off in this entire mess. imo


  18. bkrg2 says:

    made it to 7 minutes. video evidence of the 3 blind mice in action…


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