Moonbat Brothers – Tapper and Clapper Conduct Couples’ Grief Therapy Session Over DC Swamp Draining…

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real – Former journalist Jake Tapper and former ODNI James Clapper conduct a broadcast couples therapy discussion on the impact of Washington DC’s swamp draining.

Their collective grief session included a discussion of how President Trump was resetting the system of checks-and-balances by firing political appointees of the prior executive administration.  You have to watch the segment to fully grasp the level of stupid.

Sad faces abound as they console each other that a new administration actually removed the political appointees of the prior administration.  This action, according to their logic, is akin to the removal of one of the three branches of co-equal government; though they never actually do get around to explaining how the Legislative branch, or Judicial Branch have been removed by the Executive branch.  Funny that.

You cannot make this level of moonbattery up.  Virtuous defender of the republic Jake Tapper actually said: “because he’s firing the checks and balances“.  Don’t believe me, watch:


I’m assuming the CNN audience was never exposed to grade-school civics, and probably don’t comprehend the FBI Director and Attorney General are appointed by the President and serve at the whim of the elected President, who IS The Executive Branch.

Despite what former ODNI James Clapper says, I promise you the FBI and DOJ are not “co-equal branches of government”.

(Full Video Here)

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320 Responses to Moonbat Brothers – Tapper and Clapper Conduct Couples’ Grief Therapy Session Over DC Swamp Draining…

  1. All I know is that the Democrats have been screaming “it’s the end of Trump” all week. Well, guess who’ll be at work bright and early tomorrow.

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    • Stringy theory says:

      One of the great things about POTUS Trump is that he keeps on Trumpin.

      Nothing gets in the way of his MAGA efforts, and he’s winning, and we’re winning and America is winning.

      And Crapper and his soulmate Clapper will just have to deal with it.

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    • skipper1961 says:

      Let’s not overlook the “republican(t)s” who blatantly oppose our President Trump.(We all know who they are). And while public displays of their (“urinolists” and parasitic bureaucratic swamp creatures) hubris seems to either be ignored or worse, encouraged by their hypnotized, zombi-fied cult, we take the time to analyze the underlying psyche of their twisted sense of grandeur. They actually imagine themselves as a coequal (or supreme) branch of the government. IOW, could they (Yapper and Fapper) represent the Deep State anymore clearly, if they tried? This is the definition of Deep State.

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  2. Texian says:

    Apparently replacing the prior administration’s appointees is not normally done? What more evidence of a UNIPARTY do people need?

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    • nhgardengram says:

      Good one Texian, so many don’t know it’s standard practice upon election to replace political appointees in one’s own cabinet. SAD thing, as Sundance pointed out, is that the CNN audience doesn’t even know this or how their govt. works. And, they don’t even THINK about what has just been said; they just accept it.

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      • buzzybee says:

        Interesting you should mention how they do not THINK, nhgardengram. That was the goal all along with the Hillary and Company public RE-education system to dumb down America & prevent students from critical thinking. Because they know they cannot control people who can think. Unfortunately, the global communistic moonbats like Clinton and cronies have made much headway, which is why we see things like a mentally lazy CNN audience. I figured we were about done for as a country due to the progress they’ve made. Enter Trump and new cabinet….. I now have new hope. When he said he wants to do away with Common Core, I knew he was well informed and figured out same stuff that I and fellow parent activists figured out many years ago.

        I know I’m preaching to the choir here but I just have to say it. This federal fight isn’t about education, or about party, or even about the dirty MSM. It’s about America and preserving liberty.

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        • harissalobo says:

          Common Core is still very much with us through ESSA. It will be extrememely difficult to stop as it is so entrenched in the education system. There are hidden dangers to school choice as well. The best possible option would be to eliminate US ED.


  3. recoverydotgod says:

    When Clapper and Trapper are the Democrats media strategy, you know Trump can take the weekend off.

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  4. Sentient says:

    The Uniparty globalists don’t want the swamp drained (good column). I’d posted this on the open thread.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Good article. Gives a new perspective regarding Russia and the purpose of all the Muh Russia stuff. Worth reading.


    • deanbrh says:

      Great article. I posted it on Facebook and Twitter, which is what I do with most links posted on TCTH.

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      • filia.aurea says:

        Fake Tapper is a nasty, ugly subversive, married to a Rothschild Zionist who is a former director of Planned Parenthood. He’s up to his eyeballs in fake AIDS drug distribution for the Clinton Foundation. Clapper knows that Dennis Montgomery has spilled the beans on both him and Brennan. Brennan is very quiet lately, which makes me believe he’s still working for the former Executive Branch Brotherhood.

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    • buzzybee says:

      Of course they don’t want the swamp drained. They’re addicted to working with crooks.


  5. adombom says:

    I hope the Trump admin. will just treat these hopeless boobs (MSM,POLS, etc.) like a cloud of gnats you encounter as you walk… you just wave them away and pay no attention to them. Let’s get on with MAGA.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Better yet, let’s save our President the annoyance of having to wave the gnats away. Let’s walk ahead of him with fly swatters and keep exposing these liars, anarchists, haters and obstructionists for their evil works.

      The media obviously has called some emergency meeting of the Ranking Media Fools to plot an all-out assault on our President and We, the Deplorables. Perhaps they held their meeting following their faked and pathetic WH Press Prom a few weeks ago. Nothing has slowed the President’s progress or resolve. Time for desperation and all out warfare on their part. Our response? Be Breitbart!

      They think as long as they sing the same song on every network and yes, that includes Fox with their overpaid, overrated, outdated opinion peddlers such as Krauthammer and Perino, the public will be crushed under the weight of all the Fake News and contrived, made up skull duggery. And that we will give up. It’s a tactic as old as Marx’s dangerous, unhinged rantings and the deadly persecutions and policies of Lenin and Mao. Crush the opposition, demoralize them, create the false impression they have no chance of turning the tide.

      The media is now the head of the fire breathing dragon, giving air time to the dark and dangerous such as Schumer and HRC and the Congressional Dementia Caucus lead by Maxine Waters and Pelosi.

      We must push back by turning up the heat in our states and on our local media outlets. It will do little good to write to the heads of the Media Complex but when their local affiliates projectile vomit their bilge, push back. Call, send letters, faxes, emails and texts to the program directors of your local TV stations. Let them know they are reporting falsified information and that you will be contacting their local sponsors, usually small businesses, asking them to stop advertising in support of the concocted, distorted mudslinging that is supposed to pass for national news.

      Form a group, make yourselves heard, call into local talk radio shows, hold a pro-Trump block party, get a few people to dress in red, white and blue and door knock with you, handing out a flyer describing many of President Trump’s accomplishments that help our families that Fake News reporters refuse to report.

      Make it local. Make it stick. There’s a good reason the media has a very low opinion rating and its high time we step up to the plate, turn the tables and capitalize on the mistrust and disrespect the nation has for people posing as journalists.

      I’m very suspicious of the Uniparty motives Mitch McConnell and Mike Lee, et al, have in pushing for Merritt Garland as FBI head.

      First red flag: It is the duty solely of the President to choose a nominee for the job, not sitting senators. If they are of the opinion that hiring Garland will satisfy the nest of water moccasins in The Swamp, aka, the Dim’s and the Media Complex, they are wrong. Nothing on this Universe will placate these vipers.

      Second red flag: If Mr. Garland is indeed the mild mannered, ethical, non-partisan he’s portrayed to be, why would BHO want him on the SCOTUS? BHO nominated him because he thot he would come across as enough off a centrist to get seated but in actuality, the former prez wanted nothing more than to ensure any opinions and rulings that even remotely resembled those of Scalia would be vanquished forever. He knew it was his last shot at stacking the court, are we to believe he wanted someone without leftist points of view that would influence his decisions from the bench?

      Sundance’s take on the drumbeat now for Garland will be enlightening, as I’m sure I’m missing something.

      In the meantime, get up, get out and take the fight to the media’s doorstep. Expose their lies and dissuade their advertisers. Keep the heat up under your elected officials at all levels.

      This is personal–it is us they wish to defeat right along with our President. In our little corners of the country, if enough of us will sacrifice the time and effort, we can make a difference, defend our President and continue the fight to MAGA.

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      • copperchief says:

        Standing Ovation!!! Hear! Hear!

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      • buzzybee says:

        Farmhand, your post is long,but I’ve read it all. (I’ve had long ones too.) Great ideas! This reminds me of what the abolitionists did to combat slavery. One thing that comes to mind is pamphleteering. There are times I’ve left material in waiting rooms. It may be good to post good info fliers on grocery store bulletin boards. Basically our work in THIS regard consists of deprogramming a severely brainwashed/propagandized public. Talk radio is one of the best venues IMO.

        Our job consists of countering the propaganda. Much of it is a philosophical fight. But we can make headway, although it’s slow, by attacking the problem. The left attacks people. I believe we can attack the lies, give truth ammo to the good guys on our side, and be relentless.

        Remember the old Burma Shave signs? One of the things I hope to do is put a message in that style in my front yard where traffic can see it. I hope others do too. A constitutional attorney told us mad moms once to have fun as we counter the left. Hang in there and keep up the great work! MAGA

        BTW – communists are downright nasty. American and otherwise.

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  6. Realist says:

    If LIBTATDS did not have HYPOCRISY they would not have any opinions at all.

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  7. Realist says:

    That of course should read ‘LIBTARDS’

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  8. SPMI says:

    Trapper and Clapper wouldn’t know the constitution if they fell over it. They violate it at every opportunity.
    They now realize it’s over baby. You jagoffs are history. You lied, you cheated the American people
    for the last time. The Republic is here to stay
    henceforth, and God willing, forever.
    Once you are bass ackwards you’ll never be straight again. Every single word out of your mouths is
    Have a nice day!

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  9. TeeJay says:

    And what do we call a joint broadcast from Clapper and Trapper? …ClapTrap

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  10. Tapper & Clapper defecate on the Federalist papers by opening their mouths.


  11. Dixie says:

    Hey Dumba$$ Clapper……You didn’t call for congress to speak up while obama was in office….why would you encourage them to speak up now? What’s your game? Who’s paying you? Or are you a muslim convert too? Go back to the mud in your swamp.

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  12. It should be a matter of course, that appointments of a former administration are removed. That is, they should offer to resign, unless otherwise asked to stay. This should be normal, as they are not elected posts.

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  13. bertdilbert says:

    If they have no “constitutional crisis” to bitch about they will create a fake one.

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  14. David says:

    Some entertainment about Comey.

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    • yucki says:

      I remember when this came out in October.

      Hadn’t found TCTH yet, I was alone and sick with worry. Couldn’t eat, cried every day, tormented my [foreign] friends moaning about the Supreme Court.

      Since then, everyday’s been a blessing.
      I can relax. I do not sweat the small stuff. The confident and generous America that was my birthright is a legacy I can pass on.

      I feel the world outside America breathing more easily too. I heard a massive sigh of relief from all four corners.

      There is nothing outside that can take us down, but without us everything else will collapse. Only we can do it. America first last, and always.

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      • Southern Son says:

        Welcome to the Treehouse yucki!
        You will learn, that there is a good reason this place is called
        the Last Refuge.

        Sundance and Crew ROCK!!
        Hit the Donate Button when you can.

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      • buzzybee says:

        Our Founding Fathers warned us we’d need to be vigilant to preserve liberty. I pray even more of our country wakes up to the reality.

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  15. SR says:

    How many think that all these fake crisis are President’s plan to keep focus away from all these MAGA promises filled in last 4 months. Otherwise all these uniparty, fake MSM and globalist would not allow anything. Now in next few months fake Russia story will go down and rats and MSM have nothing in hand soon

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  16. woohoowee says:

    CNN = Clapper’s Nutty Newz

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  17. ABC says:

    President Trump is apparently upset / ballistic about the leaks.
    Hint: when you employ Never Trumpers and their fellow travellers for reasons unfathomable ….what exactly do you expect? Support?

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  18. SpanglishKC says:

    This is BEYOND POLITICS… we are witnessing EVIL

    These people have no souls

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  19. Indian says:


    “Founding Fathers”…..”Conscience”…..Since when you Traitors started recalling this words?????

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  20. Beverly says:

    In other news, the Leftwing Nutjobs at ABC have cancelled conservative Tim Allen’s successful sitcom “Last Man Standing,” the latest victim of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Can’t have a show with a Christian conservative dad with a great sense of humor who actually wins arguments with his boneheaded liberal son in law.

    Swine. They’re going to burn books next. BTW, speaking of that: stick to old print editions of books, because the National Socialists are starting to “edit” the digital editions to purge any Thoughtcrime.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      Only read print books. Too much reading on a digital screens is turning people’s minds into the mush, especially the young ones. They’re finding out that kids aren’t doing as well doing everything on a computer. Tactile turning of pages imprints better on the brain.

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      • filia.aurea says:

        Children are hooked on their electronic “pads”. I believe parents who don’t introduce and participate in reading paper books and non-digital games are unwittingly making a big mistake.

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    • Dehbashi says:

      Even this time, even leftists admit it had to be politics the show was canceled because for a Friday night show it was doing really good ratings so there is no excuse for that.


  21. ezpz says:

    Could be the pilot episode of a new CNN show:

    “The Clapper and Tapper Claptrap” or

    The Tapper and Clapper Claptrap or just “Clapt(r)ap” for short


  22. bitterlyclinging says:

    Tapper is bummed. His sense of loss is overwhelming him and there appears little hope of recovery anytime soon.He very definitely is missing the Era of Obama, where all political reportage was done based on the sensations they were feeling in their genitalia at the moment.
    Life’s a bI!#h

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    • ladypenquin says:

      Good. I’m enjoying his misery considering how much pain the (and Bill Clinton started it) Obama era put the rest of us through. Don’t think the fires of H*ll can burn hot enough for these people. He’s thinking “how could it have all gone so wrong?” We’re thinking, thank God we stopped the fascist leftist takeover of this country.

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  23. Forgive me if this has already been asked but all of a sudden Comey and Tapper look like twins. Am I wrong?

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  24. Howie says:

    Tapper makes one of the most illiterate statements ever. “He fired the checks and balances.” Tapper wins a Clapper.

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  25. ladypenquin says:

    I really like the description, “former journalist Jake Tapper.” Going to be my new reference description for Jake.

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  26. Duhders says:

    Clapper uhhhh sounds uhhh more uhhhh like uhhhh Droopy uhhhh Dog every dat. Sounds as though he is having trouble forming a coherent sentence. Perhaps trying to mislead “on the fly” isn’t this man’s strong suit?

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  27. dobbsfan says:


    I had to smile this morning when I read this write up. Sundance has such a spirited writing style.

    “Moonbattery”……I know it’s probably an old word used here at the Treehouse a lot, but I’m relatively new here…..and I get such a kick out of some of the words you all use to describe liberals and their inane comments. 😛

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  28. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    This remark by Clapper is so silly as to be meaningless. The “co-equal” branches of government are essentially unrelated to criminal investigation or intelligence gathering in their purest sense. The FBI and all the other alphabet spying agencies are purely 20th Century addenda, all subordinate in the Executive branch. They in no way relate to the concept of “checks and balances.” Yet most products of 21st Century public education are so ignorant of both history and civics thst they are easily misled by the propaganda masters

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    • deanbrh says:

      If the co-equal branches were actually co-equal, judges in Washington and Hawaii wouldn’t have been able to stop President Trump’s EO on immigration. So, I don’t get it!


      • dayallaxeded says:

        Think of any two conflicting co-equal branches like bullets vs. bullet-proof armor–they are equal in a sense. Neither can overrule the other completely, but they can conceivably prevent the other from operating in particular circumstances. The courts are supposed to be the last line of defense against government usurpation of power beyond that allowed by the Constitution. Unfortunately, as we should be fully clear on now, far too many judges, lawyers, government officials, and people in the general populace think that the Constitution is just an anachronism and that Congress and established agencies can do just about anything they want.

        The courts’ overweening deference to legislation and its evil bastard child, administrative rule making needs to come to a screeching halt and strict Constitutional construction and scrutiny needs to be applied to all fedrool actions. The size, complexity, and cost of fedrool goobermint would reduce dramatically in fairly short order–no more fedrool edumakashun department, all fedrool dictates to local businesses and individuals regarding their associations or choices of how, when, and with whom to do business should end, etc., etc., including all clearly extra-constitutional “health care” laws. While people love to blame Justice Roberts for upholding <0-don't-care, what he really did was follow the longstanding rule that the court will not overturn legislation enacted by the alleged elected "representatives of the people" in Congress, if there is any way to validate the legislation. That is a good rule, if the Constitution is also being strictly applied as written, but a very bad rule, if it amounts to a rubber stamp for even grossly unconstitutional actions by Congress. Elections should have consequences in what comes out of DC, but the Constitution must remain sacrosanct through every administration!

        Well, a guy can dream, right?

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  29. Bendix says:

    I had been wondering how people Jake’s age had missed the “checks and balances” stuff in school.
    I guess he heard the phrase before, but didn’t know what it meant.
    I bet Bill Clinton wishes he had been as zealous about firing Linda Tripp as he had been over the travel office workers.

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      Jake and most of his ilk are just utterly debased, intellectually lazy, and/or too stupid to have real jobs. They mostly just spew words that are spoon fed to them through teleprompters and ear pieces, without knowing what they mean. Textbook shills.

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  30. waicool says:

    if there is a “politiburo” in the USA, we are witnessing the rejected remnants of their failed braintrust in this telling tap and clap episode

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  31. Richard_Iowa says:

    Ah yes, Jimmy the General. The one who blatantly lied to congress and to the American people about collecting data on everyone in America. He is now a second act rock star of the progressives, as they continue to improve and enhance their violence against those who disagree with the ideology of the Democrats. BTW Jimmy. Were you ever charged with purjury? What’s the saying? “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t be chunking stones,” or somthing like that.


  32. Carrie says:




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  33. Full disclaimer: events, moments and situations always have a song that matches in my lyrical mind. Strange but it’s how I relate to many people, memories, and events.


  34. MK says:

    Sad Sad Sad commentary and demonstrative evidence as to how stupid news organizations have become. To purposely forward this reasoning is to place the Republic in jeopardy and know the enemy is no longer resides in distance shores but within our borders.

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  35. Patriot Lady says:

    There really was no pertinent topic today for this post, so I decided on the closest possible item for my bit of humor: Moonbat brothers, Tapper and Clapper…..
    Hey ‘fellow refugees’ (my husband’s endearing moniker for us treepers– every time one of you sends a like, he tells me, “You’ve got another drive-by from a refugee.” 😎
    Anyway, back to the subject — Let’s have some fun today……
    I have a perpetual calendar. For those of you wrinkling your brows and scratching your heads– a perpetual calendar is a homemade wooden wall calendar with individual square wooden pieces denoting the months and dates. Each month you flip to the name of the month and move the date pieces for that month under the weekdays. I have special pieces painted with simple little icons to denote each month’s holidays, family birthdays and anniversaries. It’s really clever and pretty, but needless to say, we need a real calendar in the house in order to set up the perpetual one each month.
    For this month I have a US flag to represent Memorial Day, May 29th, a birthday cake for May 12th, my daughter-in-law’s birthday, and a pregnant lady for Mother’s Day. However, I just noticed that on May 27, Ramadan begins. (The publishers of our real calendar were so thoughtful to include it on theirs– sarc.) So, not wanting to neglect all my Islam friends and family (sarc), I would like to create a date piece with a drawing to represent Ramadan. A few suggestions emerged from my husband– a stick of dynamite, an IED, a machete, or perhaps a severed head. If any of you have some other ideas, we will take them under consideration. We are an equal opportunity religious household. 😎

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  36. unconqueredone says:

    The most disturbing thing is that the “professional” government class actually do believe they are a co-equal branch of government. They are but functionaries of the actual branches of government and don’t even accept that they aren’t even a branch of government,

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  37. calbear84 says:

    All I can say is, thank God Hillary didn’t win.

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  38. Sayit2016 says:

    Clapper is lying… watch how he looks down and sideways….liar liar pants on fire !

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  39. artichoke says:

    This is so wrong, so weasel-worded, it brings into fresh question everything else he’s said in a supposedly serious way.


  40. Mike diamond says:

    Its amazing,did clapper speak up over Obamas bad Iran deal??did he speak up over Hillary play for play on bills charity deals,did he speak up about Obama slaming the door on Israel!???did he speak up about Loretta lynch and bill Clinton’s meeting on her airplane??did he speak up when Obama on open mic ask Russian president to help him get elected for his second term???where has clapper been??now all of a sudden he is worried about Russia and president trump!????wow! And tapper looks so depressed!

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  41. Mike diamond says:

    Did clapper speak up when Donna Brazil gave the presidential debate questions to to Hillary in advance of the debate,did he speak up when IRS Louis learner picked on the tea party’s tax returns!did he speak up when Obama tried to meddle in Israels election,he didn’t want bb to win!has clapper ever spoke up on all these issues when Obama was president???did he speak up when hillary used bleach bit on her computer to wipe all the info out????ana now he wants to talk about then founding fathers !???????? Its beyond amazing !

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  42. That blithering idiot cue ball was the Director of National Intelligence? That’s scary!


  43. David Rowley says:

    It is so sad that the average American has no understanding of the workings of government, that they blindly follow CNN and the rest of the liters at the alphabet news outlets. Donald has the constitutional right to APPOINT the head of the FBI without any “congressional approval”. Trumps revamping of education needs a constitutional civics class in high school to educate future Americans about how our government actually works


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