Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo and Senator Blunt Discuss Senate Tax Bill…

When Senator Blunt rises from the darkest and deepest part of the swamp to talk about senate Tax legislation (always written by the biggest K-St donors) you know the sausage is rotten.  Decepticon Blunt is only visible when the little people are conscripted to wash the cigar residue from the Senate’s Corinthian leather.

Senators: Blunt, Cornyn, McConnell, Hatch, Portman, Thune, McCain, Cochran, Murkowski, Graham and Corker will NEVER allow the income tax position of common-folk to supersede their corporate porkulous-minded financial interests.

CTH needed to be patient to see the architecture, and see if they retained their traditional approach at swamp constructs,… Now it’s visible, I can guarantee you this bill is destined to fail.  Maria Bartiromo knows it… she knows, and she’s playing the game; but you can see it behind her eyes… she knows.


Accepting that Donald Trump has exceptionally keen instincts, he had to know -in advance- where this was headed. The only purpose this bill serves is ammunition within the ‘big ugly’ to showcase, yet again, the corruption and ineptitude of the GOPe wing of the UniParty and how they are mere salespeople for their financiers on Wall Street/K-Street.

Forget tax reform; like the budget and O-care, it’s a moot point to discuss now.

President Trump needed three things from congress. Only Three Things:

¹♦Approval of his budget reducing $1 trillion in federal spending. – They failed.
²♦The repeal of and replacement of ObamaCare. They failed.
³♦Tax reform to generate middle-class tax cuts and international corporate competitiveness. – They failed.

It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.


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235 Responses to Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo and Senator Blunt Discuss Senate Tax Bill…

  1. Jeff C-C says:

    Glad this is fated to die. I hope that Trump will favor tax reform that supports Deplorables rather than the rich.


  2. jmclever says:

    I am wondering how much the freezing if akl those Saudi bank accounts will affect the 2018 elections. Perhaps the true patriots and tea partiers will be able to compete and be heard without all that foreign cash coming in? Maybe, just maybe, this will be a different game. Here’s hoping! MAGA!


    • Maquis says:

      Interesting observation. Let’s hope that there is an effect. Though Soros and his ilk need taken down too.

      Socialists and Islamists, they just keep working towards our destruction. Would seem an odd pairing, but Totalitarianism and Hate are clearly their mutual attractions.


  3. thedoc00 says:

    Sadly, Mitch and his RINO allies are no actively flying Kamikaze missions in support of the Democrat Party. The elections is 2018 are less than 50-50 the Republicans can hold on to the their majority on the congress. They Democrats will not get the 60% they need but there will be enough untrustworthy RINO’s to make the impeachment hearings and Presidential veto’s a near run thing. On the bright side, the Republicans will get the surprise of their lives when Trump collaborates with the Democrats to gain partial installation of his agenda.


    • Stephen Duval says:

      The Dems are not going to help Trump get his agenda. Immigration – Dems are Open Borders. Trade – this is one area where their might be progress but the Dems idea of free trade and fair trade is the other side has to submit to EPA regulation. Stop being policeman to the world – not sure Trump supports this after appointing McMaster as National Security Adviser (see Afghanistan strategy). Obamacare – Dems want to replace with government run monopoly, opposite of competition. Energy Policy – Dems want solar and wind subsidies to replace fossil fuels because of Global Warming vs Gorebull Warming is a hoax. Not a lot of room to compromise with the Marxist Dems.


  4. van winkle says:

    while the Potus is away the congress has done absolutely nothing except tear down the original planned policy…..i hope he vetoes it when he gets in on his table.. This of course is no surprise
    VP Pence has no spine and is probably to much of a good ole boy to say anything.


    • Stephen Duval says:

      Pence is GOPe. He has been a total loser with respect to getting the Trump agenda thru Congress which is the reason that he is Vice President. His job was to get the swamp to cooperate with Trump. Total failure unless you look at it from the GOPe perspective.

      Pence was instrumental in taking out Flynn who was more aligned with Trump on foreign policy and could have protected Trump from the Intell Agencies. With McMaster, there is continuity between Obama and Trump foreign policy ignoring letting the military go after ISIS and grandstanding about NKorea.

      China is the number one problem, still waiting. Islamist ideology and the Muslim Brotherhood are more important than Iran within the US. The Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the national security agencies. McMaster is a leading advocate of “The Muslim Brotherhood are our friends; Islam is the Religion of Peace”.


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