Robert Mueller Providing Lessons in Swamp Leverage…

As the Special Counsel Robert Mueller indictment documents show with increasing clarity, the entire enterprise surrounding the Washington DC Russian Investigation is not about law, it’s about creating and controlling leverage.

If you review anything within the ongoing political fiasco from the perspective of laws broken or unbroken and the application of the judiciary toward the endeavor of stopping such activity we will remain oblivious to the bigger picture. EXPLAINED HERE

It’s not about the law; it’s not about the judiciary; it’s not about what’s legal, or the illegality of behavior; only politics. These are not legal issues; the entities involved are not connected to legal or illegal application of laws as they relate to the rest of American society.

You cannot view the current action through the transactional prism of modern judicial proceedings as they relate to you and me. These are political struggles taking place inside the venue of the legal system. The players use the legal system to game out the optics and narrative of political battles for ideological wins and losses.

In essence, this is about leverage for political use.

The 2016 election caused the balance of power to shift favorably toward political forces that are external to the DC machine, ie. President Trump and the deplorables.

The subsequent action by Robert Mueller, Democrats, the Media (writ large), and President Trump is a confrontation over political goals and objectives. The DC machine, the “swamp” per se’, is attempting to frame leverage against actions adverse to their political interest.

The charging documents unsealed today are a case study in leverage and narrative exploitation. To save time, and rather than go through the entire indictment, Andrew McCarthy has a good deconstruction OUTLINED HERE.

Paul Manafort is being leveraged toward a political objective; his legal jeopardy is negligible. The documents, and the underlying charges, are intended to make life miserable for Mr. Manafort – not to end with some traditionally framed criminal consequence, ie. prison.

Mr. Manafort’s wealth is being held as leverage, compliance, toward his acquiescence within the game; nothing more. He’ll likely end up with some misdemeanor charge, a financial fine good enough for media optics and perhaps -at worst- some probation for not following the FARA rules. That’s it.

Conversely, on the other side of the political continuum, Tony and John Podesta are just now entering the process of being leveraged toward compliance on the Clinton side of the equation. Like Manafort, Tony Podesta most likely will not face legal jeopardy beyond a similar outcome.

In the backdrop to the Clinton dynamic you have Mueller putting the deeper part of the Deep Swamp and remaining black hat intelligence community, on notice to knock-it-off with the selling of U.S. policy toward gaining their own financial indulgences.

K-Street lobbyists, writ large, are also part of the intended recipient group of this message. There’s also a part of this dynamic where the familiar tug-of-war between Clinton camps and Obama camps are playing out within the party apparatus.

You can spot the internecine “leverage/tug-of-war” within the Washington Post (intelligence community leak) sacrificing Clinton to protect Obama over the Fusion GPS funding; in direct connection to Tony Podesta leaving the (Clinton Matrix of Influence) Podesta Group lobbying firm.

The optical play is to create a narrative where Podesta is to Clinton as Manafort is to Trump. This is the magnanimous and patriotic legacy optic of Robert Mueller playing the role of Solomon, splitting the baby and giving each political group a narrative for their purposes. However, in the background Mueller also appears to want foreign policy influence sales, and the larger risk from foreign policy influence sales becoming dangerous to U.S. policy, stopped.

Good thing too, because selling U.S. policy it’s damned dangerous.  There are trillions of dollars at stake.

Robert Mueller positioning himself as The Good Shepherd.

This is also the theater of pure politics. If Trump has political leverage he can execute his agenda; if Pelosi/Schumer have political leverage they can block Trump’s agenda. Robert Mueller is mediating the battle through the prism of the judicial system.

Again, the gamesmanship -currently being pitched through the media- is about political leverage. That leverage in DC is traded like baseball cards amid the upper tier of those who float in an entirely different orbit of influence from everyone else.

Chuck Schumer plays out his knowledge of the current situation by claiming “Trump needs to stay away from Mueller”. The media sells Schumer’s claim as if Bad Trump would impede an investigation; but that’s not the accurate dynamic.

Senator Schumer wants to keep his leverage right where it is currently; and stop ‘his side’ from feeling the effects of Mueller’s omnidirectional legal admonishments. If Mueller indicts Tony Podesta senator Schumer loses political leverage.

Nothing about the current dynamic is factually encompassing President Trump; it is all about optics, narratives and political leverage. However, everything about this dynamic is factually encompassing the existential threat that outsider Trump represents to the established way of life in the DC Swamp.

Toward the end goal of disrupting DC swamp-life, Mueller and Trump appear aligned in common cause. Robert Mueller from the perspective of trying to get the external influence agents to the U.S. stopped; and President Trump from the policy perspective of America-first, which coincidentally is in alignment with Mueller’s patriotic goals to stop influence agents.

That’s the bigger part of the BIG picture.  Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

Again, if you drop the legal prism and review everything from the perspective of gaining or losing political leverage it all makes sense.  Life imitates art – WATCH:


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462 Responses to Robert Mueller Providing Lessons in Swamp Leverage…

  1. Margaret Berger says:

    Does not pappy wearing a wire point to the past administration “spying” on a candidate? Don’t you have to have probable cause for that? Wonder what that was. What if pappy is the real weaponized small fish and Manafort and podesta are the squirrels?
    Mueller is not a good man. He is ruthless. The ends does not justify the means. He is not to be trusted.


  2. sukietawdry says:

    Mueller as patriot? That’s a take I hadn’t really considered. Won’t it be nice if it turns out to be true.


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