Tennessee Church Usher Labeled Hero in Stopping Antioch Mass Shooter…

A man walks into a church and shoots seven people, you would think the media would be covering the story.  Alas the shooter profile doesn’t fit the preferred media narrative and all the victims were white.   However, as details emerge from the Antioch church shooting rampage, carried out by Sudanese gunman Emanuel Kidega Samson, the specific action of a young usher named Robert Engle is being heralded as saving the lives of many people.

Mr. Engle confronted the well-armed shooter, wrestled with him and then retrieved his own firearm in order to keep Emanuel Samson secure until police arrived.

NASHVILLE – A young church usher who confronted the suspect accused of opening fire at a church in Antioch, Tenn., on Sunday, is a “hero,” according to police — and his family says that’s no surprise at all.

Robert Engle, 22, an usher with the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, saw the suspected gunman, identified as 25-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson, and jumped to stop him, according to witnesses.

Engle “physically engaged” with Samson, investigators added. Ultimately the suspect was shot, and Engle suffered a “significant injury around his head” after being pistol-whipped.  Engle then ran to his car, grabbed a gun, and held the gunman at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived, witnesses said.

Later in the day, he released a statement rejecting the “hero” label, adding: “The real heroes are the police, first responders and medical staff and doctors who have helped me and everyone affected.”  (read more)


The shooter, identified as Emanuel Kidega Samson, a 25-year-old Rutherford County man from Sudan, accidentally shot himself after he was confronted by an armed member of the congregation and is being treated at the hospital, according to Metro Nashville Police.

Police say he previously attended the church. The woman killed has been identified as Melanie Smith, 39, of Smyrna.

[…] Police say the gunman wore a neoprene ski mask when he shot and killed a woman in the parking lot of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, as the service was ending shortly after 11 a.m. With his blue Nissan Xterra still running, the gunman then entered the rear sanctuary doors of the church and began “indiscriminately” shooting, police said. (more)

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82 Responses to Tennessee Church Usher Labeled Hero in Stopping Antioch Mass Shooter…

  1. RedBallExpress says:

    Robert Engle is a hero. I only wish I had his guts!

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  2. ginaswo says:

    God bless him. Thank you Jesus.

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  3. Skinner says:

    One good guy with a gun is all it takes…solid young man.

    Kinda wish he had emptied his magazine…

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  4. magatrump says:

    Thank you Jesus. Amen

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  5. Homesteader says:

    All ushers should be armed. Ours are.

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  6. Minnie says:

    As well he should be!!

    God bless Mr. Engle 🙏

    The potential destruction brought by the shooter is unknown but I guarantee Mr. Engle saved many lives on Sunday, the Lord’s Day!

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  7. MMinLamesa says:

    That’s exactly right sd. Had the shooter been white, it might have actually put the NFL crap below the fold. For a month.

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  8. Bendix says:

    We don’t have too many Sudanese in my area, but for the small number we have, there sure is a large portion of violent crime associated with them.

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    • Realist says:

      That goes for ALL BLACKS who whilst only forming about 13% of the population nevertheless commit OVER 50% of all the MURDERS and OVER 60% of all the VIOLENT crimes in the USA,


  9. He knows his priorities, much better than NFL .

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  10. Bil says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but no politician, including Trump, is taking about this. Is it that horrible to be a white person that they are ashamed to show solidarity with us?

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    • Sharon says:


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    • C R Lord says:

      The President has a lot on his plate. It is enough that he is doing all he can to silence the moronic democrats, liberal imbeciles and globalist pushers while doing everything mostly by himself to MAGA. He is a giant among men and the little mice previously named are scared to death of him because they are so used to having a weakling in charge and also because he isn’t bound to a political career like most of them and doesn’t bow down to either party.

      I believe it is permissible for our President to miss an issue or two here and there. I am certain none of us could handle all the attacks he has suffered and continue doing what is right while making his detractors look like complete fools.


  11. jetstream says:

    An incredibly brave man who took on the bulked up monster with a gun, unarmed. A true hero.

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  12. keeler says:

    Is this the second or third African-American spree shooter this year? There was the shootingsdown in Mississippi earlier this year, but I can’t remember if there were any others. (For the purposes of asking I am not thinking of police officer murders which, while horrific, are not the quite the same).

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  13. brschultz says:

    True Hero!

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  14. David says:

    Brave man. Well done.
    Something for you from Israel about border security. See below. Shalom.

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  15. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Sudan is 97% muslim. This is a muslim terrorist attack on United States soil.

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  16. indiamaAlria2020ot says:

    May Melanie Smith Rest in Peace. May AMERICA continue to produce HEROES like Robert
    Engle and Alejandro Villanueva.

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  17. tuskyou says:

    Good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun.
    Could have been much worse had he not intervened. Prayers for all involved, except of course the filthy murderer.

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  18. Frank says:

    You might say he was their guardian Engle.
    Not to make light of the situation, of course. A woman was still murdered that day. But it could have been a slaughter if not for that usher.

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  19. Katherine McCoun says:

    The murderer had a string of police related incidents in the weeks and months leading up to this weekend. This includes domestic violence, physical violence and threats and threats to commit suicide by shooting. His father had called the police. Why didn’t the police do more? Could they have been over cautious as a result of liberal activism and demands? He was a security guard! sMH

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  20. USA loves Melania says:

    Democrat party will nominate Emanuel Kidega Samson and Colin Kapernick as their 2020 ticket.

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  21. Pam says:

    Wow, there is no question that this guy is a hero. I know I wouldn’t have had the guts to have faced this thug and tackle him down. God bless him!

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  22. Howie says:

    The results of Afrocentric Social Justice. This has got to be stopped.

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    • scott467 says:

      The results of Hussein/Clinton/Soros/Alinsky Sedition.

      And yes, it has to be stopped.

      I wonder if there is anyone tasked with enforcing the laws of the United States and prosecuting sedition and treason and all of the other RICO-like crimes the Axis of Evil is committing on a daily basis?

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  23. iswhatitis says:

    .. if Obama had a son…

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  24. aredtailblog says:

    Kid’s a tough cookie with a good heart. Hope he continues to greater things down the road of life.

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  25. Laura says:

    THIS is the person Trump should invite to the Whitehouse!!!

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  26. BillRiser says:

    This heroic kid needs an invite to the White House.

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  27. rashamon says:

    Thank you, Mr. Engle, sir. You instill faith in America’s tomrrows at a time we truly need such. Bless you.

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  28. @ChunkyTWshngtn says:

    I am a member of the Church of Christ. Many of my brothers and sisters know a few people there. This man better be lucky he ran across a church member I think he would have been blown away otherwise.

    I am praying for him.

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  29. All American Snowflake says:

    What’d you want to bet that that church brought Samson here 20-years ago and decided that they were no longer going to sponsor him, read that support him anymore. Why do these people do that. We had a organ-player woman at the Methodist Church here in my area get a criminal out of prison and he ended up raping and murdering here in the basement of her church while she was there practicing. That’s a bad deal for everyone. Leave them in prison or in their own country and don’t move Heaven and Earth to get them here.

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  30. eeb says:

    Another day, another jihad the msm ignores. Sudan is 97% muslim. And what the hell was this violent specimen doing in our country all these years and not even a citizen???? He was already on the radar for FBI and ATF to show up so quickly and take over from local police. However, it’s going to become just another story covered up like the Orlando shooter’s missing wife, the San Bernardino neighbors, the Ohio jihadi’s family, the Oregon murderer’s mother and her cache of guns, the Las Vegas car rampage–anything that hints of muslim or black crime is off limits. This crime screams of hate against whites so it’s going to be buried forever. Just like all the social media accounts they scrubbed on him. Poof.
    Time to start holding the UN and contractors accountable for refugees.

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    • Great recap of recent like crimes. 😡

      Never ever EVER ever worried about stuff like this when I was a kid and in my 20’s to 40’s.

      It is absolute BS that we can’t walk our own streets or attend our churches, minding our own business, without worrying about attack from a 7th century throwback or some other Obama/soros hate-spawn.

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  31. Mike diamond says:

    Robert Engle is a real hero God bless him and may his full recovery be soon!

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    • auntiefran413 says:

      And then, Jim, you may have been charged with murder. 😦


      • justthefaxpleez says:

        LOL…….I’ll tell you right now a jury of his peers in Davidson county would have set this man free had it gone to trial. Trust me on that.


      • POP says:

        Not a chance, a still armed perp who has just shot 8 people is simply a dead man walking in the world of self defence….which you do understand includes defending other people?

        The general ignorance about self defence in the various US States is disturbing.

        Take no notice of auntiefran, she hasn’t a clue and is spreading dangerous implications that can get you killed.


  33. nimrodman says:

    Wait … what?

    This whole “black mass shooter” story rings false to me.
    It must be some kind of a setup or trap or false flag trick … or something.

    I’m CONSTANTLY told “All mass killers are white males”.
    You know – those kinda disaffected guys.
    “Loners” and all that.

    I’ve read that the FBI has even “profiled” them.
    You know – figured ’em out psycho-logically, kinda.

    Them Federal B-I fellas are pretty damn smart, right?
    They must know what they’re doing, right?

    And even out in the general “media” and on CNN and The View and like that,
    I’m CONSTANTLY told “All mass killers are white males”.

    CONSTANTLY, I tell ya …

    [and kudos to this hero, of course, and sympathy to the poor woman killed and others injured – no /s on those counts]

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  34. Nailbanger says:

    And then they wonder why they get profiled,,,
    Buncha violent stupid animals


  35. Realist says:

    Whenever the MEDIA and the ‘Authorities’ are being coy about releasing the identity of a TERRORIST SCUMBAG you know he’s either BLACK, MUSLIM or an IMMIGRANT or as in this case ALL THREE.


  36. Wow! What a great story when all this other nonsense is going on. Very inspiring. 👍


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