U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Discusses Iran, North Korea and New Economic Sanctions Against Venezuela…

United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, recently visited the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) to review the ongoing JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) as they continue to monitor Iran’s nuclear program.

Ambassador Haley outlined a summary of the IAEA meeting and fielded additional questions about North Korea and Venezuela.  She will be traveling to Washington DC on Monday to brief President Trump and Secretary Tillerson.


As you might note from her remarks (see below), Ambassador Haley is keenly aware of the uniqueness, and effectiveness, of President Trump’s economic approach toward regional national security issues – specifically as it pertains to the recently announced Venezuela sanctions. Strong concise statements. Strong, short, effective and deliberate answers.

Economic tools

The corporate U.S. media are hopelessly deficient in their coverage and explanations of how strategic objectives for national security are being delivered through a Trump Doctrine via economic leverage. The results are stunningly effective, yet few have noticed, and even fewer seem willing to articulate.

The latest example of the geopolitical Trump Doctrine in action comes via Venezuela, and in the wake of a fraudulent Maduro election – the Trump administration’s economic and financial policy delivering sanctions against the rogue Maduro regime:

(Via LA Times) The Trump administration on Friday slapped sweeping financial sanctions on Venezuela, barring banks from any new financial deals with the government or state-run oil giant PDVSA.

The sanctions Trump signed by executive order are bound to dramatically escalate tensions between Venezuela and the U.S. and exacerbate the country’s economic crisis.

The White House said in a statement that the measures “are carefully calibrated to deny the [President Nicolas] Maduro dictatorship a critical source of financing to maintain its illegitimate rule, protect the United States financial system from complicity in Venezuela’s corruption and in the impoverishment of the Venezuelan people, and allow for humanitarian assistance.”

The new actions prohibit dealings in new debt and equity issued by the government of Venezuela and its state oil company. It also prohibits dealings in certain existing bonds owned by the Venezuelan public sector, as well as dividend payments to the government of Venezuela. (read more)


To appropriately conceptualize the strategic policy of the Trump Doctrine in action, it becomes necessary to remind ourselves the latest activity does not happen in a vacuum. In the multidimensional economic security approach of President Trump, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross play a critical role.

The financial and economic sanctions against Venezuela, while targeted, are only one small outcropping of a much larger geopolitical strategy that U.S. President Trump has initiated for the past eight months with jaw-dropping success:

From OPEC (Saudi Summit) to the EU and Baltic States (Poland Pre-G20); to North African energy development via President Macron (Libya and Mali); to walking away from the Paris Climate agreement; to discussions with Theresa May on a bilateral trade deal; to massive shipments of coal to U.K. and France; to closing a deal to deliver Ireland massive amounts of Texas LNG; to our own internal U.S. energy production policy with pipelines, Oil, Coal and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) etc.

President Trump has used all of those “allied” relationships to lower global energy prices.

The bigger part of the MSM’s ‘big-missed-picture‘ was how energy strategy impacted adversaries like Russia, Iran, China and recently Venezuela; while simultaneously supporting the larger America-First economic and geopolitical goals.

President Trump thinks seriously long-term, and really BIG picture.

Global energy, mostly oil, fuels the expansionist and interventionist structure that builds the very foundation of our geopolitical adversaries’ ability to continue their global influence. Diminish the value of oil and Donald Trump puts the squeeze on the financial resources of those nations dependent on energy as income.

Most of our current geopolitical adversaries Russia, Iran and Venezuela are dependent on high energy prices. Secondly, the downstream economic adversaries are dependent on high energy prices to maintain their economic position and alliances. As examples: China (as an geopolitical influence agent), and Mexico (as a NAFTA trade parasite), hold adverse interests to the U.S. on trade.

President Trump, by lowering global energy prices, has fractured the foundation of energy producing nations to influence geopolitical strategy; Trump has diminished their most powerful tool.

As a consequence, economic adversaries like China are put into a position of having to spend more money, directly, to aid their allies and to maintain their influence.

Think about how much financial strain is on China currently. North Korea is entirely financially dependent on China; Pakistan is financially dependent on China’s continued investment; Mexico is financially dependent on Chinese investment; Venezuela is dependent on Chinese loans and oil purchases; etc., etc. the list goes on.

The Trump Doctrine is confronting these relationships through economics. Each of these relationships is bleeding out money from China.

Conversely, on the income side of China’s ledgers, they are dependent on manufacturing and trade to keep their revenue stream viable. The Trump Doctrine of renegotiated trade relationships is also confronting China on the revenue side. China needs our market to sell their goods; China is dependent on access to the U.S. $20 trillion trade market.

See the squeeze?

The Trump Doctrine of using economic strategy is forcing China to spend more and yet simultaneously they are facing less income. And remember, as a combined result of their dependency on international trade and a trade surplus with the U.S., China’s central bank vault holds “dollars”.

However, China is also not operating in a vacuum. In addition to direct confrontation with the U.S. over various regional issues of opposition, there is an underlying multinational aspect where China is acting -somewhat in concert- at the request of multinational banks who also oppose President Trump’s nationalistic economic approach.

The network of global trade, and the corporations who dominate within it, is underwritten by massive multinational banks who have a vested interest in retention of global perspectives.  Nationalism and bilateral trade policy is adverse to their interests.  China is a useful tool for those financial institutions to protect their interests.

China’s primary defense threat, if you want to call it that, would be to dump dollars to retaliate against what President Trump is doing. However, if the value of the dollar drops, China has less value in their vault, and a lower dollar actually helps our exports.

#1) Big necessary expenditures. #2) Lower income to afford the expenditures. #3) And no substantive way to stop the incoming Trump policy driving #1 and #2.  President Trump has created a three-way geopolitical and financial squeeze against China and the economic adversaries within the multinationals.

Now, back to Venezuela – The United States was the only remaining cash purchaser of Venezuela oil. Both China and Russia purchase Maduro’s oil, however their current purchases are/were all made as offsets, repayments, for prior loans. It doesn’t generate additional revenue for Maduro if China and Russia to purchase more oil, it only pays down the Venezuelan debt.

This report was earlier in this month (we predicted today’s outcome from it):

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – A tanker carrying a cargo of about 1 million barrels of Venezuelan heavy crude has been stranded for more than a month off the coast of Louisiana for lack of a bank letter of credit to discharge, three sources have told Reuters.

The cargo’s fate adds to state-run oil company PDVSA’s precarious financial position. Revenue from the company’s oil sales, which have suffered because of low prices and declining production, account for more than 90 percent of the nation’s exports.

Major banks are cutting exposure to Venezuela as a result of political upheaval in the South American country. Some have closed accounts linked to officials of the OPEC member who have had sanctions leveled against them by the U.S. government and have refused to provide correspondent bank services or trade in government bonds.

Credit Suisse this month barred operations involving certain Venezuelan bonds and is now requiring that business with President Nicolas Maduro’s government and related entities undergo a reputation risk review.

[…] The tanker Karvounis carrying Venezuelan oil is anchored at South West Pass off the coast of Louisiana, according to Reuters vessel tracking data. PBF Energy Inc, the intended buyer of the cargo, has been trying unsuccessfully to find a bank willing to provide a letter of credit to discharge the oil, according to two trading and shipping sources.

Crude sellers typically request letters of credit from customers that guarantee payment within 30 days after a cargo is delivered. The documents must be issued by a bank and received before the parties agree to discharge.

It was not immediately clear which banks have denied letters of credit or if other U.S. refiners are affected. (read more)

Today’s additional sanctions by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin formally removes the ability of Venezuela to get underwriting for their most important export, oil. Essentially, Maduro is cut off from additional cash.

The only option for Maduro’s economic allies: China, Russia, Cuba etc., is to directly give more money to Venezuela. However, if they do so they run the risk of running afoul of Secretary Mnuchin’s sanctions and freezing their own international financial systems from engagement with U.S. banks. Chinese businesses cannot effectively trade with the U.S. market if they are cut off from access to the U.S. banking system.

See the leverage?

Now when you step back, and look at the bigger BIG PICTURE, and think about North Korea, Pakistan-Afghanistan, and the other geopolitical hot-button issues where China is involved…. And then overlay Russia’s lack of energy revenue and simultaneous drain on resources via Syria,… well, you begin to see how effective the Trump Doctrine is.

None of this happened this week, this month, or last month. This is a cumulative strategy mapped out long before the January inauguration and carried out ever since.

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86 Responses to U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Discusses Iran, North Korea and New Economic Sanctions Against Venezuela…

  1. A2 says:

    Go Haley. You give the wankers hell.

    Liked by 7 people

  2. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Checkmate and….Winning!
    Thank You, Sundance, for writing all these articles for us Treepers here.

    Liked by 25 people

  3. Donna in Oregon says:

    I’d be most interested how this situation would be handled by Amb Haley if our ships were attacked.

    US Navy collisions stoke cyber threat concerns


  4. M33 says:

    Should be required reading for all!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • As a carpenter, I love the toolkit analogies. There is an appropriate tool for every job. Remodeling is sometimes preferable to demolition.
      That being said, Thank you SD for educating me. I’m 63 yo and wrapping my head around the ‘weeds’ of economic policy has been a challenge. But I’m getting it. Makes me wonder if there has been an administration/President in recent history so willing and able to use economics as a policy lever to serve the interests of Americans?

      Liked by 16 people

    • fleporeblog says:

      All of this would not have been possible without the unleashing of our Energy Superpower. From coal to LNG and every other source in between.

      This Energy explosion has allowed us to take the upper hand with Russia and for different reasons eventually with China. Our President has been traveling to different countries or meeting with them in the US and is selling American coal and LNG. In doing so, it is feeding our economy but also buying us Massive Leverage with the two world powers that we need to resolve our two biggest issues; North Korea and eventually Iran.

      South Korea is paying for our protection by signing an agreement for $15 Billion in LNG. Ukraine got screwed with HRC losing and has to pay for their bet on her by purchasing coal to be able to use throughout the year. Poland and the Three Sea countries (11 total) decided that to distance their dependency on Russia, it would be smart to sign contracts with our companies to supply LNG. They are also building up their infrastructure to be able to pipe the LNG through each of the different countries. Our President assures them that the US will never use the fuel as a weapon against them.

      All of the things I just described is killing the Russians and their stronghold on these countries and their economy back in Russia. China will agree to massive amounts of LNG and coal to lower the import/export advantage they currently have. We will continue to take their trinkets but in return they will buy hundreds of billions of dollars in LNG and coal. The need is there for them with 1 billion plus Chinese living in China.

      Folks our President is beyond brilliant! Energy has served and will continue to serve two major purposes. It will be used to “Fuel” our Economic Train and it will continue to “Fuel” our leverage with Russia and China!

      That isn’t just winning. This is MAGASUPERWINNING!

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  5. American Made Man says:

    Thank you SD! Ambassador Haley did a great job….short, sweet and to the point.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. Kroesus says:

    “She will be traveling to Washington DC on Monday to debrief President Trump and Secretary Tillerson..”

    doubtful if she is to “debrief” those two to find out what they know but rather plans to BRIEF them on the status of those countries and the effects the sanctions and other actions are having on them

    Liked by 3 people

    • MfM says:

      They don’t need to be debriefed, they just need updating on what she felt and saw that were the unsaid messages. Trump planned this strategy, he just wants to see how it is working so that they can adjust if needed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kroesus says:

        I know what the process and intent is….the quote WAS from the article which has since been edited to now be correct…..debriefing is normally done after an event to get first hand knowledge from a witness or observer……briefing is a summarized version of knowledge used to impart the gist of a topic on a participant….do not worry about me as I am well educated


  7. gildie says:

    I’d say their next move to to go full narco.


  8. YvonneMarie says:

    Common sense investigative reporting from Sundance 💎👍

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  9. frank field says:

    Sundance! Thank you for taking me to school again… Another great read.

    Liked by 3 people

  10. trapper says:

    Is it just me, and the limited number of sources I have reduced myself to, or have European leaders, our partners in Western Civilization (except for Merkel), gone relatively quiet recently? Is it possible some understand the strategy taking shape and decided to shut up and let Pres Trump play his cards?

    Liked by 4 people

    • Bendix says:

      I kind of think he’s made them take a good hard look at the mess they’ve made for themselves.
      Maybe they’re hoping he’ll get them out of it.


  11. A complex strategy laid out so simple even I understand it; a Chinese cautionary tale.
    And the MSM is certainly lame, what an injustice they serve upon the American people. President Trump is the man! Thank you sir.

    Liked by 6 people

  12. Fish says:

    When we say Nikki Haley we always add, so awesome, to express our surprise and gratitude for PDTs best appointment. So has been remarkable. Everything that Bolton would have been.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. remuda2016 says:

    So far, I can’t find anything wrong with DJT as POTUS. Everybody ‘tweets’ so he does it too. We are better informed than any Americans in the past, and more aware of the politics than ever before. His pardon is fair and within his authority, and better than most past…as Obama and Clinton. Just consider this ‘blog’, which is more forum and townhall than comments page. And all of this because of Trump, who showed us the way and keeps on truckin’ despite the bumbling (D)’s and RINOs…

    Liked by 12 people

    • remuda2016 says:

      And just look at that ‘new/old’ Oval Office…! Stunning…!

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    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      0bama pardoned drug dealers, rapists and murderers among others. The ‘media’ had no problem with that.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Some Old Guy says:

        Assuming Flake made no public comment on Obama’s pardons, expect that fact to be used against him. In fact that strategy will be adapted and used again and again against selected uniparty senators and congressmen.

        Liked by 2 people

    • fangdog says:

      Once one realizes all which matters is who is in control. Trump has given us our Nation back representing at least 51% of its citizens. All else does not matter in terms of MAGA. It all becomes verbiage in the face of positive performance.

      For the most part in terms of substance, all can be ignored. However, it does create revenue for Big Business Media. Though destructive, it does give Libtards good feelings of actually doing something soothing for their corrupt dysfunctional egos.

      Carry on with undaunted determination for worthwhile MAGA achievements.


    • piper567 says:

      great comment: so true


  14. skipper1961 says:

    Remember, not long ago, when all of the “economists” were predicting that China would “overtake” OUR economy in like 5-6 years? Yeah, probably not so much, anymore.

    Liked by 3 people

  15. magagirl says:

    Sundance, are you going to be sending diplomas for all your students? I feel like I’m in school everyday with you, better than sitting in a college class. Thank you!

    Liked by 6 people

  16. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    Thank you, again, Sundance, for the great informative article on our POTUS’s strategies on these issues. I am so thankful that I found your site a couple of years ago! I so much depend on your insight and commentary on what is happening in our country and the world.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. NvMtnOldman says:

    Didn’t obozo gif the oil industry in Venezuela a ton of money while ignoring our companies??


  18. McMaster made mention of the combined approach in the presser yesterday military/economics/diplomacy

    Liked by 2 people

  19. jefcool64 says:

    It’s a multidimensional attack on China from all economic angles.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. fleporeblog says:

    Folks I decided to do some research on just what our President is accomplishing in the Energy Sector. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that even our VP is going around the globe 🌎 getting countries to buy our LNG. What I found is amazing. However, what I realized is that this revolution is truly in the beginning phases because we only have one company that has the ability at this point to finalize the LNG process and get it on ships 🚢 to get delivered throughout the world. The exciting part is that more and more areas will be able to do the same in the next few years (see the expansion below).


    From the article linked above:

    Growing pipeline networks have boosted gas exports to Mexico and are providing new domestic outlets for gas trapped in the Marcellus and Utica Shales. Pipeline export capacity to Mexico is expected to nearly double by 2019. Several interstate pipelines are under review to deliver gas to the Midwest, eastern Canada and Gulf Coast for export. Liquefied natural gas exports have increased six-fold in the last year, and five new terminal projects are expected to be completed within three years. While coal and natural gas compete as electric power fuels, they can both prosper if energy markets expand.

    Ukraine 🇺🇦 and our Coal:


    From the article linked above:

    Ukrainian state-owned energy firm Centrenergo has signed a contract with America’s Xcoal Energy & Resources to supply 700,000 tons of coal to Ukraine this year.

    “This contract was signed in fulfillment of the agreements between the presidents of Ukraine and the United States reached during our president’s visit to America in June,” said Centrenergo head Oleg Kozenko.

    The US company will deliver 700,000 tons of coal, sending a ship or two each month till the end of the year. Kozenko added that thanks to American coal, Kiev hopes to get through the heating season of 2017-2018 without a problem.

    Poland 🇵🇱 and our LNG (this has the potential to expand massively {include 10 additional Eastern European countries} for political reasons):


    From the article linked above:

    “Poland suddenly declared Russian gas — which it has purchased for decades — to be of poor quality. This is difficult to understand because Germany is happy with everything, but the Poles suddenly don’t like the gas for some reasons. But the pipeline gas will always be the cheapest,” the expert said.

    At the same time, Polish President Andrzej Duda declared that the country could become a hub through which American LNG would enter Central and Eastern Europe. According to him, this issue was raised at the talks with US President Donald Trump in early July.

    South Korea 🇰🇷 and our LNG:


    From the article linked above:

    Korea Gas Corp. and Cheniere Energy commenced a 20-year sales agreement to ship U.S. gas during the weekend.

    June 26 (UPI) — A gas company from Korea, one of the largest buyers of liquefied natural gas in the world, said it commenced a sales agreement with a U.S. supplier.

    The Korea Gas Corp. commenced a 20-year sales and purchase agreement with Cheniere Energy Inc., which operates the only facility in the United States with the permits necessary to export super-cooled LNG.

    China 🇨🇳 and our LNG:


    From the article linked above:

    Houston-based natural gas exporter, Cheniere Energy, Inc.’s LNG shares rallied more than 3.3% on May 12 to close at $48.68, following President Donald Trump’s recent trade deal with China. The deal aims at bolstering U.S. trade access and exports to China, including LNG exports, which will pave way for Chinese importers to secure LNG contracts from US suppliers.

    Until now, Chinese buyers did not purchase long-term LNG supplies from the U.S. directly. This deal will help the developers to target Chinese buyers directly and is also likely to support direct Chinese investment into liquefaction and upstream developments in U.S.

    Lithuania 🇱🇹 and our LNG:


    From the article linked above:

    United States Vice-President Mike Pence said in Tallinn on July 31st he was convinced that the shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) purchased by Lithuania from the US would be one of the many in the future, informs LETA/BNS.

    Speaking at a joint news conference with the presidents of the Baltic States, Pence stated that the shipment due to arrive in Lithuania in August would contribute to boosting regional energy security and stability.

    “The president and I were pleased to see a Lithuanian firm’s recent decision to purchase LNGfrom the US. And when the first delivery occurs next month it will benefit not only our prosperity, but it will contribute to regional security and stability,” said the US vice-president.

    France 🇫🇷, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 and Germany 🇩🇪 and our Coal:


    From the article linked above:

    This is all horrifying to the climate-change lobby, but they might note that U.S. coal exports are rising to countries that claim climate-change virtue. Exports to France increased 214% during the first quarter of this year amid a nuclear power plant outage. Other European countries like Germany and the U.K. are utilizing U.S. coal to stabilize unreliable renewable sources and make up for electric capacity lost from the shutdown of nuclear plants. First-quarter coal exports were up 94% to Germany and 282% to the U.K. Et tu, Angela Merkel?

    Ireland 🇮🇪 and our LNG:


    From the article linked above:

    American natural gas firm NextDecade has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Port of Cork to develop a new Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) and associated LNG import terminal infrastructure in Ireland

    Under the terms of the MOU, the potential development at the Port of Cork would receive LNG from NextDecade’s planned Rio Grande LNG project in South Texas. Estimated worth €338 million euros, or almost $400 million dollars.

    Liked by 3 people

    • fleporeblog says:

      Our first shipment of coal just left the dock for Ukraine 🇺🇦!


      From the article linked above:

      The Trump administration on Monday celebrated the first-ever shipment of U.S. coal to the Ukraine, saying it wants to make more of America’s abundant energy resources available to its allies.

      “This shipment will boost both of our country’s economies by supporting jobs in the coal and transportation industries,” said Energy Secretary Rick Perry. “The department and this administration look forward to making available even more of our abundant natural resources to allies like Ukraine in the future to promote their own energy security through diversity of supply and source.”

      Also guess who is visiting Ukraine 🇺🇦 in less than a week to work on more Energy deals!


      From the article linked above:

      Secretary of Energy Rick Perry will be leading a delegation to Ukraine next week to discuss boosting the energy partnership between both countries.

      “It is an honor to lead this delegation from the United States to the great country of Ukraine,” said Perry, who leaves Aug. 29. “I look forward to strengthening our relationship with such an important ally and furthering our work to ensure energy stability and security in the region.”

      Liked by 4 people

    • Black_Knight_Rides says:

      Where have all the Treepers gone … long time passing …

      This storm must have most pulling all-nighters.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Linda says:

    What really gets me is all of those things Sundance mentioned that are bleeding China right now are thing that prior presidents allowed to exist and even enabled because of their feckless foreign policy. That God for PTrump.

    Liked by 4 people

  22. Fromseatoshiningsea says:

    Enjoy this because we will never see this again. You’ll never see your president shift the pendulum the way Donald Trump is. The international market of high-pressure real estate development and financing incorporates every facet of business activity known to humanity and no President we have ever had has been more prepared to do what needs to be done then President Donald J Trump. In addition to trying to right the ship he has to navigate waters filled with landmines and torpedoes and those firing the torpedoes claim to be Americans. God bless this man

    Liked by 12 people

  23. zephyrbreeze says:

    These are the good old days!!

    As for Nikki, obviously Trump is racist and only likes white people.


  24. dayallaxeded says:

    Coast Guard needs to seize that tanker and force cargo offloading now. It’s a safety and environmental issue, indeed, a catastrophe waiting to happen during hurricane season.

    Liked by 3 people

  25. Howie says:

    Americans should start again. Being helpful to each other, and nice to each other. We should act in each others interest and be friends and have fun.


  26. Joe says:

    I trust Hailey about as much as I did the rattlesnakes I use to hunt for burritos ( I mean who doesn’t love a rattlesnake burrito?)

    But she gets that MAGA politics is where it is at these days so I can fake I like her as long as she can keep faking her MAGA.

    Isn’t that the way politics are supposed to work?


  27. Howie says:

    Our Black Americans are the best friends you co.uld ever get if ya reach out to hem. In a friendly way


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