Multinational Financial Interests Exit G7 Italy Meeting Tenuously Concerned…

To understand the larger objectives of the G7 Financial Ministers meeting it is important to understand the three-decade global financial construct they seek to protect. Global financial exploitation of national markets:

♦Multinational corporations purchase controlling interests in various national elements of developed industrial western nations.
♦The Multinational Corporations making the purchases are underwritten by massive global financial institutions, multinational banks.
♦The Multinational Banks and the Multinational Corporations then utilize lobbying interests to manipulate the internal political policy of the targeted nation state(s).
♦With control over the targeted national industry or interest, the multinationals then leverage export of the national asset (exfiltration) through trade agreements structured to the benefit of lesser developed nation states – where they have previously established a proactive financial footprint.

The ‘America First’ Trump-Trade Doctrine upsets the entire construct of this multinational export/control dynamic.  Team Trump focuses exclusively on bilateral trade deals with specific policy only looking out for the national interests of the United States.

Under President Trump’s Trade positions exfiltration of U.S. national wealth is essentially stopped.  This puts the multinational corporations, globalists who previously took a stake-hold in the U.S. economy with intention to export the wealth, in a position of holding interest of an asset they cannot exploit.

If you can see the ramifications, and can grasp the inherent anger, you can begin to understand the severity of the opposition to President Trump.

(Via Bloomberg) […] Finance chiefs in Italy at the weekend spoke of an improving relationship with their U.S. counterpart Steven Mnuchin, in a contrast to previous encounters. But with their gathering in Bari cementing rather than mending disagreements on free trade, the risk is that the diplomatic truce they achieved unwinds when Trump himself meets with G-7 leaders on the island of Sicily later this month. (read more)


Let the “unwinding” begin…

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108 Responses to Multinational Financial Interests Exit G7 Italy Meeting Tenuously Concerned…

  1. ZurichMike says:

    Beautifully succinct lesson. Thank you.

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  2. Another great article that teaches what many don’t know and understand. Keep up the great work Sundance! I notice your twitter followers are growing so you must be opening up minds.

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    What an incredible speech SD posted yesterday that our Wilburine gave to some of these globalist bastards! All the Globalist, CoC, Big Club and Uniparty members in that audience will walk away knowing their one world utopia is DEAD. The Wilburine said we could care less if the TPP countries decide to move forward. The US will negotiate with countries bilaterally. The EU must be scared to death! The Wilburine used an example with Canada and the EU that was held up by a province in Brussels. Those countries can play all they want in the EU allowing Muslims to destroy their countries, however, the US will negotiate with them individually. Germany will get screwed because of the bilateral negotiation with us.

    Congress has lost its cover! Now that Lighthizer has been confirmed, the Wilburine and him will be knocking on Senator’s doors with the 90 day letter in hand. We are the dominant market when it comes to trade in the entire world. With our Lion and Wilburine, we will never be embarrassed by the fact that we are the dominant country.

    From the article above:

    At the Bari meeting, Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, said that the U.S. doesn’t want to be protectionist “but we reserve our right to be protectionist, to the extent that we believe trade is not free and fair.” That epitomizes an economic doctrine whose implications for investors and world governments remains, for some officials, not fully articulated.


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  4. FL_GUY says:

    Thanks for the great information Sundance. In my opinion, the multinational corporations and banks violate every principle of the USA Constitution which is why they try to tear it down all the time. The Constitution of the United States of America is what makes the USA the best country on Earth. As I see it, by trying to destroy the Constitution, that makes these multi-national corporations and banks criminal organizations and they should be dealt with just like organized crime.

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  5. duchess01 says:

    ‘Tenuously Concerned’ – Definitely! – This is the ‘big one’ – the test of American resolve – that big smile on Mnuchin’s face has me hopeful – great synopsis, Sundance – Thanks for being you!

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  6. Malatrope says:

    Why am I reminded of “The Crimson Permanent Assurance” short that preceded Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”? Look it up if you haven’t seen it, it’s brilliant.

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  7. ginaswo says:


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  8. Anne says:

    President Trump, and his highly qualified team, are leading a remarkable revolution, all in the best interest of the people. Meanwhile, the “resistance” is fighting for the status quo and the best interests of the multinational corporations and the banks.

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  9. filia.aurea says:

    PDJT and team know we must grow the U.S. economy or we loose it all.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      The mystery can be explained by the fact that corporate profits — a cornerstone for stock prices — have enjoyed a renaissance this year following a prolonged “earnings recession.”

      Profits from S&P 500 companies surged by 14.9% during the first quarter, the fastest rate since 2011, according to CFRA Research. That’s a far cry from the painful decline of nearly 7% experienced at the start of 2015, back when stock prices were doing little.

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  10. Matt Musson says:

    Europe is toast but they are pretending not to know it yet. In the USA if you are 60 days late on your loan – you are officially in danger of foreclosure. In Italy if you are 270 days late but have made at least one partial payment – you are ‘current’.

    Italy currently has 20 times the number of overdue loans that the US which is 100 times in relative terms (our economy is bigger). And they are demographically incapable of growing their economy for at least the next 50 years.


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    • The EU has destroyed Italy. Just like it has with Spain, Greece, Portugal, etc.

      The EU is on its death bed and Italy will be what brings it down. The sooner it happens the better

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    • AmyB says:

      So, obviously, Italy can afford to rescue the many thousands of economic migrants in the boats and bring them to the shores of their country. These folks can be directly put to work building their economy. Oh wait, the youth unemployment rate is 43 percent and the economic migrants don’t want to stay there anyway, the country is too poor.

      I will never understand why the leaders AND the citizens of the countries in Europe are committing suicide of their cultures. I understand what the leaders say, I understand the words coming out of their mouths, but, to me, it is complete insanity.

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    • jonvil says:

      Thank you, I was unaware of that…years of internet info and not a hint of that fact…


  11. citizen817 says:

    Bastard Corporate Multi-Nationals Created These Problems…Our Wolverines are the answer!

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  12. WonkoTheSane says:

    I’m happy to see the re-emergence of bird flipping Mickey. He was prominent in the the less politically correct US, circa 1979, when Iran was holding American’s hostage. He was generally accompanied by the slogan “F* Iran”. Maybe now it can “FEU”.

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    • WonkoTheSane says:

      “can be”…second post here and WP already got me.

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    • KenG says:

      Yep. I was thinking about the Iran hostage mess this morning.
      Back when the memes were circulated on paper. Kinda wish I could get my hands on some. They were awesome.


      • WonkoTheSane says:

        Yeah, on paper, business sized cards and iron-ons… remember those? You could get them just about anywhere. I remember one that said “Iran sucks. Camel jockeys go home.”


  13. CharterOakie says:

    For decades (more than 3, frankly) too many countries have paid lip service to the post-WW II Anglo-American fetish called “global free trade and democracy” but in practice have been more protectionist if not downright mercantile in their economic and trade policies.

    And they’ve free-loaded on US defense policy and expenditures. In fact US *blood* in addition to treasure.

    Trump and his team are telling them the party is over. And instead of thanking their benefactors and offering to at least clean up after the party, if not help pay for it, they want to whine and lecture us instead.


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    • Jeffrey Leyerle says:

      “My revelation came upon reading Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. It was that there is a cost to everything ..”

      ~ David Mamet

      From David Mamet’s book, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture.


  14. The Boss says:

    The world will be better off once the US stops getting sucked dry and begins to grow GDP at substantially higher levels than the femboy president ever achieved in the last 8 years. Rather than have the US sink to the lowest level economically, the rest of the world can rise to our’s.

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  15. dakkie says:

    Russia, Turkey and China Mean to Plot the Globalist Revival of the Silk Road


  16. Yes this is well presented on on point. However it runs counter to the narrative of Trump is making America great because worldwide stock markets are bubbling to new highs even as G7 central banks engage in over $200B in monthly asset purchases (aka theft from the masses)

    So because what Sundance writes is true, why are we cheerleading stock prices shooting the moon in the US and around the world when all that does is give more power to this entrenched power structure? Why, instead are we not voicing a demand for Trump to restore truth, accountability and honesty in the asset markets US workers, investors, retirees, etc. are required to invest and save in. Today, more than ever before, our economic system is built on lies with outcomes determined by a select few operating out of New York, Brussels, Tokyo, Beijing, London, etc. to the detriment of the middle class voter that put Trump over the finish line.

    If it feels good cheerleading these temporary doses of monetary heroin, we should recognize as our middle class falls further and further behind it will empower Trumps enemies that are perceived to be anti status quo, like Sanders, Warren, etc. when the next cycle comes.

    Jefferson “”I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

    its time to start dealing with international debt dynamics that are robbing the people of the world blind to preserve the position of a new age nobility. No more kicking the can for the status quo on the basis of MOAR DEBT.

    Bring on a jubilee Trump. Bring forward the reset.


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      To fund fed govt, Consumption tax only.
      If corporate taxes encourage companies to go overseas, this is the minimum effect.

      But to encourage individuals to save, it is maximal.

      To be realistic and humane, and reduce the degree this would be “regressive,” make certain things tax-free, like we do with food.

      Rent, mortgage, food, healthcare, and undergarments tax free.


  17. chancebarns says:

    “And I sincerely believe, with you (John Taylor), that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”
    ~ Thomas Jefferson 1816

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    • The single most dangerous economic weapon against America is still in existence inside our border and with no mention of ever doing away with it. Some even think it is actually a “federal” “reserve” when it is completely the opposite as a private printing press of fiat paper. Maybe someone here, or Sundance… can explain how America will truly be free with liberty and sovereignty again with this privately owned fiat currency debt machine and economic manipulator in place? A debt society might as well be called a dead society for it only works for the banksters.

      “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”
      ~Thomas Jefferson

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      • Federal Reserve = Citizen Impoverishment


      • Chance says:

        “Specie [gold and silver coin] is the most perfect medium because it will preserve its own level; because, having intrinsic and universal value, it can never die in our hands, and it is the surest resource of reliance in time of war.” ~Thomas Jefferson to John Wayles Eppes, 1813

        “Paper is poverty,… it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.”~Letter to Edward Carrington, 1788

        “Experience has proved to us that a dollar of silver disappears for every dollar of paper emitted.” ~Letter to James Monroe, 1791

        “It is a [disputed] question, whether the circulation of paper, rather than of specie [gold and silver coin], is a good or an evil… I believe it to be one of those cases where mercantile clamor will bear down reason, until it is corrected by ruin.” ~Letter to John W. Eppes, 1813

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      • JAS says:

        “Give a man a gun, and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob the world.”

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  18. Mike says:

    America needs and deserves to have both physical and economic borders, asap. MAGA!

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  19. Weeper says:

    TY SD

    When Mickey pulls out the finger….watch out!!!

    America First!!!

    MAGA!!! 🦁🚂📢🌳🇺🇸

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  20. Oldskool says:

    One would think that a critical partner to PTrump would be the U.S. Chamber of Commerce but I have not read about any involvement by them with any of the many meetings with industry execs or foreign reps or even meeting with the President concerning developing business. Let’s guess why. It is apparently an organization who’s “pay to play” business model was copied by the Clinton Foundation. They funnel payola and drafted legislation to politicians for in exchange for votes. Want to drain the swamp, launch a RICO investigation against that entity.

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  21. andi lee says:

    There you have it.

    Globalists v WE THE PEOPLE; WEP illegally enslaved by “CITIZENS UNITED”, courtesy of US Congress – plain and simple.


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  22. Question Everything says:

    There is turmoil all around the world and we no longer have a manufacturing base here in the US. It is imperative for the sake of our national security that we rebuild our manufacturing abilities ASAP. Not only will it help rebuild our nations economy it will also help keep us safe or at least give us the ability to build and manufacture our own goods in the time of war.This countries ability to mass produce and manufacture was a huge part of winning WWII. Somehow I don’t think China will continue to supply our needs if they ever become a wartime enemy.

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    • Question Everything says:

      If we provide a company friendly atmosphere here in the US you can bank on many companies wanting to be located within our borders because of the security, stability, infrastructure and a educated workforce that is provided here in the US. Yes they will pay higher wages but it will be worth it because there will not be a threat of losing an entire plant (GM) to a socialist / communist government or worse.

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      • Ad rem says:

        I’ve noticed that your comments keep landing in moderation, however, upon checking, I see that you’re not on our moderation list. I’m thinking that your email addy might be what’s causing the confusion. We have several people on both our mod and blacklist that use the same name as you do in your email address. If you could possibly find another email to use, I think that would take care of the problem.


      • Paco Loco says:

        We have to deal with the monopolies like Google, Amazon, and FB. Tesla is truly a ward of the state and will never be profitable without the support of the US gov. More competition and lower taxes. MAGA


  23. El Torito says:

    Hopefully during Trump’s Presidency, laws will be passed ( and existing laws applied) that outlaw politicians taking donations from Global Institutions, essentially selling our country down the sh/tter. We must destroy any possibility of this evil ever occurring again.

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    • Maquis says:

      Very much “Like.” MAGA, yes, but identifying and rectifying how we got here, and teaching it, will bless as many generations as the original MAGA fix.


      • Penalty for Foreign Contributions:
        Forfeiture of ALL Assets and Federal Benefits.
        No brainer.


        • Maquis says:


          Every ill that has led to this low point must be named, shamed, and punished.

          I really want someone to get us off this stupid “cloture” business. It’s an extention of a Marxist change to fillibuster rules in the Seventies that gave us the tyranny of the Minority.

          This is a huge part of how the Deep State Puppets thwarted common sense legislation and forced poison pills into every right-minded law passed.

          Sundance is the only modern-day journalist managing to keep up with “Trump Time.” His observations, along with appropriate White House, Congressional, and General FACTUAL Records will enable someone to write the definitive effort made to undo the barnacled accretion of two-hundred years of corruption and malfeasance that brought us nearly to our knees. Nearly facing Mecca while we were at it.

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  24. Janice says:

    Once again I go to my knees at God’s gift to us! How many of us have prayed for the restoration of this blessed country and her people? I am so very thankful for Sundance! I found him June 2016 and have been digging thru archives and trying to keep up ever since! It what us old timers call A Happening! Love you folks!

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  25. Tonawanda says:

    BO averaged 1.55% growth in 8 years, and never reached 3%.

    I understand the FNM (Fake News Media) will have some negative spin when Trump does better.

    But the spin will have to be about as bad as the Russia Narrative, especially because Trump is taking so much constructive action daily for all the world to see.

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  26. Sylvia Avery says:

    FTA–If you can see the ramifications, and can grasp the inherent anger, you can begin to understand the severity of the opposition to President Trump.

    Inherent anger….I have your inherent anger right here. Our country and our wealth have been stolen from us while we were sleeping by the globalists. I am furious. I am also so profoundly grateful to President Trump for seeing the situation clearly and working so hard to correct it. God bless him.

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  27. President Trump is forcing EVERYTHING-AMERICAN down Globalist Throats!

    FTA: Under President Trump’s Trade positions exfiltration of U.S. national wealth is essentially stopped.  This puts the multinational corporations, globalists who previously took a stake-hold in the U.S. economy with intention to export the wealth, in a position of holding interest of an asset they cannot exploit.

    “Exfiltration of national wealth”:
    Brilliant imagery.

    “Holding assets they cannot exploit”:
    ESPECIALLY as President Trump forces them to BUY AMERICAN and HIRE AMERICAN, ending Visa theft of American Jobs and forcing Globalists to pay for and compete for American-Citizen Workers … whose short supply will force Globalists to PAY FAR MORE and TRAIN FAR MORE than ever before.

    The “expected value” of Globalist Holdings (both foreign and domestic) is taking a dive, and investing AGAINST America is a fools’ errand now OUT of the QUESTION.

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  28. MJB says:

    Is exfiltration the same thing as “looting”?

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    • Maquis says:



    • sundance says:

      I use the term “exfiltration” very specifically here because the purchase of the U.S. asset (asset = operation, farm, company, organization etc.) is really more of an infiltration of U.S. sovereignty by a foreign -globalist- owner.

      The export of the U.S. assets as an outcome of the purchase is more of an export of the worth of the asset; therefore “exfiltration” seems more appropriate than “export”.

      But yes, the exfiltration is a looting.


  29. thluckyone says:

    [BIG ole silly grin] THANK YOU, SUNDANCE! [thLuckyOne lying on the floor kicking legs in the air, gasping for breath and LAUGHING] LOL! ROTFL! No, Mr. President, I hardly know Mr. Mnuchin but I LOVE our Mr. Mnuchin! [thLuckyOne face down on arm, giggling and pounding hand on desk] WINNING! THANK YOU, PRESIDENT TRUMP! TASTE ECONOMIC DEATH, exploitative blood suckers! Surely you can get by with only one chalet in France, non? Oh, HAH HAH HAH HAH! NO, Hillary. It’s OUR turn! [thluckyOne giggling, sputtering] MAGA!! MAGA!! HIDE AND WATCH, GLOBALIST DEATH EATERS! WE.WILL.MAKE AMERICA. GREAT, AGAIN!! Trade with us fairly, or DIE!!


  30. Craig W. Gordon says:

    Trumps “killers” in negotiation are gettin’er dun buddy!

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  31. KenG says:

    Trump is stopping “mercantilism”:
    A hand-to-mouth subsistence economic model considered immoral by many intelligent statesman


    • Doug says:

      its really like colonialism in many ways too… the whole purpose of the british empire was to loot the colonies and use their cheap labor back home to produce things with the looted raw materials from said colonies and then to ship back to the rest of the world those finished goods… they gave just enough to the peons to make sure they were better off than the colonies and then the rest was kept for the elite class running the uk and the colonies.

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        Also, the whole — well, maybe not the whole, but primary — purpose of the Soviet empire was to loot their satellites,use their “industrial development” and natural resources for the Soviet elites’ advantages. Russians citizens had already been depleted (and murdered) by their elites, so satellites were necessary. Once the satellites were impoverished, the Soviet Union imploded — thanks to their elites and thanks to Ronald Reagan.


  32. Doug says:

    Sundance what resources would you say the global elite were and are trying to ex-filtrate from the US? seems to me like technology and other intellectual property is the big one.


    • sundance says:

      Yes and more. The exfiltration is more than just products and services, it actually goes to raw materials and a parasitic type of an operation.

      The United States is the host economic organism, and the global elites are parasites strip mining our economy.


      • Beverly says:

        They are cannibals, whom President Trump and his band of merry men have disturbed at their grisly feast. No wonder the heathen rage!


  33. Texian says:

    This is nothing but Globalist Monopolistic Socialist Fascism. It is worse than the NDSAP of Germany, in part, in that it doesn’t even favor a particular Nation’s working populous; It exploits the world population into poverty to massively favor the few woven into the fabric of global corporations – which include complicit corrupt politicians. In this facet they make the Nazis’ look virginal..


  34. William Ford says:

    A host of powerful enemies is arrayed against President Trump. He has only a slim majority of the American people on his side and few allies in the Congress. The problem is that the will of the people is fickle and can be manipulated by the fake news media. Very scary times.


  35. Beverly says:

    1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?
    2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,
    3 ‘Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.’
    4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.
    5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.
    6 Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.
    7 I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, ‘Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.
    8 Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.
    9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.’
    10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.
    11 Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.
    12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.
    [Psalm 2, King James Version]


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