President Trump Realigning Geo-Political Alliances, and Few Paying Attention…

Perhaps it’s because the complexity is difficult to distill; maybe it’s because some just can’t give President Trump any credit; or perhaps it’s because the scope is too challenging to comprehend against the constant belittlement meme du jour.  Regardless of reason, President Trump is fundamentally realigning international geo-political alliances and almost no-one is connecting the dots.

President Trump obviously held a long-ball strategy with the Chinese; he’s described the approach in his books and lived the approach in his business life:

At the outset, position yourself at the furthest oppositional point when it costs you nothing; then leverage inward toward your opponent as they expend their resources to meet your stance.

Almost no-one is noting the scope of what President Trump has accomplished simply by positioning himself at the furthest extreme from the best interests of China, and then working his leverage back toward dual-interests as the Chinese expend capital to meet the point of mutual benefit.

President Trump has expended nothing other than his sheer will, and yet he has leveraged gains that are jaw-droppingly consequential.

♦ What’s the goal of identifying China as a currency manipulator?  To stop China from manipulating currency, right?  Well, arm-chair opposition says President Trump has reversed his position simply by ‘not doing something’.   However, that opposition doesn’t seem to acknowledge the end-goal of the labeling has been achieved without expending an effort.   The doing is unnecessary when merely the threat of the doing changes the behavior of the doer.

In two days, April 6th and April 7th, President Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping.  What actions has President Trump taken, other than ‘not’ doing something, and what actions has President Xi Jinping taken?

At the outset, position yourself at the furthest oppositional point when it costs you nothing, and leverage inward toward your opponent as they expend their resources to meet your stance.

Think about this when considering the consequences:

♦  China agrees to the framework of a 100 day outline to assemble the trade way-points for renegotiated bi-lateral trade deals.

What did that action cost Trump?

♦ For the first time ever, China did not support Russia in a U.N. Security Council veto vote surrounding Syria.   China abstained.

What did that action cost Trump?

♦ China turned around 12 fully loaded cargo ships laden with imported coal from North Korea.  400,000 metric tonnes refused unloading.   China begins an embargo against North Korean coal.  China begins importing coking coal for steel-making from the U.S. coal mines.

What did that action cost Trump?

♦ Additionally, in furtherance of economic sanctions – China halts oil exports to North Korea.

What did that action cost Trump?

♦ Additionally, in furtherance of political isolation – China halts direct flights between Beijing, China and Pyongyang, North Korea.

What did that action cost Trump?

♦ And in the most stunning seismic shift of geo-political alliances, China says it is now open to discussions of a denuclearized North Korea, meaning getting rid of N-Korean nukes, WITHOUT N-Korea being included in the talks. Hello?  China, the United States, Japan, Russia and South Korea discussing how to de-nuke North Korea.  (A new Marshal Plan of sorts)

What did that action cost Trump?

See how this works?  What affirmative action did President Trump have to take in order to get China to move toward the position of mutual benefit?

Answer: None!

Foolish people think President Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Again:

…Position yourself at the furthest oppositional point when it costs you nothing, and leverage inward toward your opponent as they expend their resources to meet the position of mutual benefit… 

To gain all of the aforementioned action, massive benefits in U.S. interests, President Trump has done what?

“Not” labeling China as a currency manipulator is not affirmative action.  It is actually the absence of action; POTUS Trump is not doing something.  President Trump positioned himself at the furthest oppositional point during the election, and immediately thereafter.

He staked out this position with an intention to leverage action toward his needs.

The affirmative action President Trump is doing, very publicly, is complimenting the friendship he has begun with Xi Jinping; and praising President Xi for his character, warmth and leadership.

To build upon that mutually beneficial friendship – President Trump seeded the background by appointing Ambassador Terry Branstad, a 30-year personal friend of President Xi Jinping.

To enhance and amplify the friendship and personal respect – U.S. President Trump used Mar-a-Lago as the venue for their visit, not the White House.  And President Trump’s beautiful granddaughter, Arabella, sweetly serenaded the Chinese First Family in Mandarin Chinese song showing the utmost respect for the honored guests.

Unfortunately most people are unfamiliar with the severity of Chinese tradition as it relates to family and respect.  However, these gestures are intensely well received.  Russia’s Vladimir Putin can deliver nothing even remotely comparable to the charm of the granddaughter of the U.S. President singing for President Xi and his wife in their native tongue.

Do not underestimate the value of these gestures and how it was perceived by the recipients as personal respect – far above the level of traditional political respect which would be customary during such encounters.   President Trump made this visit personal, and his words after the meeting were all personal, not positional.

Whether or not people want to give President Trump credit for the approach, no-one should be able to challenge the outcomes all listed above.

Grandfather President Trump has highlighted Grandfather President Xi as a person, not a political figure.  Trump sets the relationship as personal, and with mutual human benefit.

One thing is certain, North Korea will NOT make any hostile action toward the U.S. because President Trump has elevated President Xi to a role beyond politics in the words highlighted within Chinese media.  The panda fur has not only been stroked perfectly, it has been elevated in its own magnanimity without even so much as a bow.

As a consequence it would now be a matter of personal disrespect for North Korea’s Kim Jung-un to take hostile action toward the U.S. President who has exhibited such personal respect to the regional Goliath.

Three things appear odd:  #1) How no-one amid almost all media can see how effective this approach by President Trump has been; and #2) Nothing has been expended in order to achieve these remarkable results; and #3) Accepting all of the above, Donald Trump has planned this out for a long, long time.

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560 Responses to President Trump Realigning Geo-Political Alliances, and Few Paying Attention…

  1. PBR Street Gang says:

    sundance, what an excellent, well thought out and well written account of how Our President Trump dealt with Xi of China! BRAVO!! I sure am glad that this blog of yours is here for me and everybody.


  2. Dan says:

    Thank you Sundance and the rest of you rag-tags! Happy Easter and God bless you fellow veterans(you have to be veterans of some DoD outfit to think as clearly as you do)!


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  4. Gary Keelin says:

    Very well done. Mr President.


  5. ax man says:

    There is likely some truth to this, but a few points:

    1) it too easily gives credit to Trump for these actions, and all based on words said during the campaign? (which everyone knows are B.S. words).

    2) it assumes China isn’t playing a counter-game of some kind, which could turn on a dime.

    3) it assumes that Trump is going to come out ahead in trade renegotiations, and team Trump is terrible on trade.

    4) it assumes N. Korea won’t do something desperate and horrific as a reaction to being pinned in a corner. (I don’t think they will, but they’ve already sent 600,000 people out of pyongyang recently)

    5) it ignores the harm to the North Korean people.

    6) since the Syria strategy is completely flawed, any move that supports that policy is bad

    7) increased tensions with Russia are not only bad, but will contribute to some extent to not getting re-elected


  6. ConsultantInAction says:

    I wonder if the Media will ever acknowledge the accomplishments of the President. … ?

    What’s even more Compelling; EPA…President Trump, having actually been in Business; he came to realize; EPA was nothing more than a Socialist Democratic Operative Organization. … .

    If you were to Poll all those employed at the EPA, you would soon find out; 85% are Democrats, Environmental Activist; you had to be, in order to get hires . … .

    The EPA sought out those that were Ideologically Opposed to their Agenda and would Destroy them . … . The Private E-Mails that were exchanged between the Director and her Cronies, proves just that . … . Where’s the FBI on this one . … ?

    A Side Note:
    IRS….Wow, This should be Trump’s Next Target . … .

    While Obama was in office, he had Operatives in the IRS… In fact; IRS Agents, were Transferred from Chicago’s Office, solely with the intent to collect More Taxes from those, that had actually paid 18-25% of their income. … . I know, a very close friend of mine had that happen to him . … .
    The Agent told him; We at the IRS, Feel you have not paid enough, Yet, that is. … .
    He had paid over 300K in Taxes . … . The Agent, then said; We at the IRS, feel you’ve made; Way Too Much Money, No one should make that much money . … . Really? Are They Kidding . … ?


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  9. Steve H Lau says:

    Not mentioned was one of the biggest leverage…..That Trump may not recognize the one China policy at the start and slowly got back to middle. That got China’s attention real fast. Brilliant


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  11. B Ratia says:

    Pres Trump may open his mouth seemingly at inappropriate moments, but his actions are surreptitious and beyond the understanding of the left leaners. His ways are subtle and ingenious, not crazy at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Mshna says:

    So well put. It must have been a real surprise for them to hear the song Mrs. Xi was known for coming from this little girl whose accent I’m told is pretty good. No accident, President Trump set this up beautifully. Nobody else could have done it. The libs would have just lectured their guests from a superior pulpit.


  13. Lynn Renee Scott says:

    I’m wondering… if President Trump’s greatest asset is that he has mastered the art of knowing the psyche of people. He certainly knows how to throw off most of his opponent’s as if, it’s strategically intentional. And he sure doesn’t care what you say about him!
    Mt Trump is certainly a phenomenon in our political world as well as being very entertaining. Let’s see…. He is also very secure and seems to have worked out his all rejection issues. He’s Bold. He’s Courageous. He’s Confident. He’s Prophetic and he is full of Wisdom. However, these are the very qualities his opponents don’t agree with, so they paint him with opposite colors. They the media try to convenience us Mr Trumps behaviors translate into he being… Childish. Irrational. Dumb. Impatient. Insecure. Ignorant.
    So we have to ask….How wise would it be to lay down your life as a fool so God could make you wise? Well, scripture says…. Stop deceiving yourselves. If you think you are wise by this world’s standards, you need to become a fool to be truly wise. Is it possible that God has had the ear of Mr Trump from the beginning and He continues to tell Mr Trump heavens secrets.
    I’ve been on the Trump Train from the beginning, but the thing I am getting clarity on these days is he intentionally has his opponent go down the wrong trails. This is his plan. Brilliant, plan I say!!!
    Maybe, we all should all just get clarity for ourselves… by going to God first for our news and let Him tell us the Prayer Agenda and stop worrying about how the goofy media is persuading the double minded masses.


  14. Allie Burgin says:

    I think POTUS is following the policy of all accomplished leaders. Gather good people around you that can get the job done and then get the obstacles out of their way, and let them do their job.


  15. Rachel Brown says:

    Thank you for the real true News! I’can see now what is really happening in some of the World situations .


  16. Mel Bowling says:

    The kind of insightful capability our great nation needs at this time. And, it benefits us all the more people realize that God has noted to us in the simplest terms many, many times in many, many ways that He is Almighty & In Control. Thanks so much for listening to His Spirit in penning this. MGB


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