China and Syria – Seismic Comments From Secretary Tillerson Today in Palm Beach Florida…

Secretary Rex Tillerson delivered very important remarks today in Palm Beach Florida ahead of ongoing discussions with the Chinese delegation and President Xi Jinping meeting with President Donald Trump.

Following the segment by T-Rex outlining the parameters for the meetings today and tomorrow, Tillerson communicated a position of the Trump administration that Syrian leader Bashir Assad should step down from power.

“With the acts that he has taken, it would seem that there would be no rule for [Assad] to govern the Syrian people.

The process by which Assad would leave is something that I think requires and international community effort, both to first defeat ISIS within Syria, to stabilize the Syrian country to avoid further civil war, and then to work collectively with our partners around the world through a political process that would lead to Assad leaving.”


Neither Secretary Tillserson or President Trump are proposing military action to remove Assad.  However, the remarks by Secretary Tillerson about Syria and Bashir Assad are a shift in approach, and were almost simultaneously communicated by President Trump (albeit with nuance) aboard Air-Force One en route to Palm Beach.   See below:


Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One, Trump said Thursday that what happened in Syria is “a disgrace to humanity.” Asked if Assad should go, Trump said, “He’s there, and I guess he’s running things so something should happen.” The Syrian remarks are toward the end of this video segment:


In essence ISIS is continuing to be degraded.  But what comes after ISIS is eliminated as a threat?  It would be imprudent to believe Bashir Assad could remain in power and not see another rise in extremism using him as a polarizing figure, and visible reason for ongoing conflict and jihadist recruitment.

Again, to emphasize, nothing is publicly stated or happens in a vacuum. The remarks by Secretary Tillerson and President Trump should be absorbed around the understanding that dozens of high level and direct conversations have taken place between the Trump administration and key affected regional participants.

Neither Secretary Tillerson, nor President Trump, would be leaning forward on the position to remove Assad politically without that position being the recommendation of the aforementioned “Freedom Alliance“:

♦ Fattah al-Sisi (Egypt), ♦ King Abdullah II (Jordan), ♦ Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), ♦ Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian Authority), ♦ King Salman and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Saudi Arabia).

My personal summary of this rather stark shift in public positioning leads me to believe the regional assembly of partners that President Trump has assembled have all indicated the removal of Assad is inherently necessary for larger regional efforts toward peace.

Again, Trump and T-Rex would not be taking a position in opposition to the interests of these regional leaders.  Too much effort has been invested into the early communication and building of trust amid these regional heads-of-state.

That said, we must reset our perspectives and reassess with the new information provided.

Thinking in larger terms, the discussion about who to blame for the chemical attack, and the political removal of Bashir Assad are not mutually exclusive. Meaning, it is quite possible for President Trump and the U.S. team to understand it was NOT Assad who carried out the attack, and yet still use the appearance of Assad’s culpability (compromised position) to gain the political leverage for Assad to step down.

This reality is, in my opinion, what we are seeing.

MOSCOW (AP) — President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said Thursday that Russia’s support for Syrian President Bashar Assad is not unconditional, but that the country demands a full investigation of the suspected chemical attack on a rebel-held province in Syria before the United Nations takes any action.

[…] Peskov told The Associated Press in an interview that “unconditional support is not possible in this current world,” but added that “it is not correct to say that Moscow can convince Mr. Assad to do whatever is wanted in Moscow. This is totally wrong.” (link)


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1,196 Responses to China and Syria – Seismic Comments From Secretary Tillerson Today in Palm Beach Florida…

  1. NHVoter says:

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  2. Pam says:


  3. azgulch says:

    I’m not happy. For 4 years he said he would stay out of Syria. One gas attack, proven or unproven, and he attacks Syria. What the hell?

    He just broke a promise to me.

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    • liberty, not license says:

      Yes. What was all that during the campaign about how he was against the Iraq war, etc. etc.? I am confused and angry. I hope there are better explanations that what we have so far.

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  4. Gabriel says:

    I didn’t sign up for this @#$% when I voted for him

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  5. Am77 says:

    I don’t know how much longer I can support Trump now.


    • andyocoregon says:

      Then you weren’t much of a supporter anyway. All presidents have military crises eventually. Give this time to congeal.


      • Bert Darrell says:

        Andyocoregon: just FYI. The new trolling technique used by the rabid left consists of sending out a bunch of trolls on a target. One of them posts a comment and the others quickly support it and express a lack of confidence on the POTUS, thus conveying the fake notion that the POTUS has made a mistake and his base is mad about it. It’s a recently deployed Globalinsky Trollinsky tactic but it’s quickly wearing out. Just wait for POTUS to explain what he did and why he did it. You know that he’s very good and keeping in touch with his supporters. The reign of the king Obama Liar The First is over and there is no going back no matter how many trolls come to visit here.


  6. OnlyInAmerica says:

    Relax guys, Prez Trump is just taking out two dirty, rotten birds with one stone. Also sending a message to kim jung.

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  7. andyocoregon says:

    Bill Clinton used to fire cruise missiles into strategic targets in Iraq every time Saddam got out of line. The Dems applauded that. They should be happy with what President Trump is doing.

    My only concern is if Assad gets removed from office, who or what will replace him?

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    • IMO, we have lots of cycles to go before Assad might leave.

      Much to learn in terms of outcomes, reactions and proposals to America, as President Trump continues with his bilateral deal-making…


  8. Scotty19541 says:

    I read that the US Military had foolproof evidence that Assad regime did the attack. I can only assume that report was 100% correct as I do not see President Trump pulling the trigger unless he was 100% certain. I can only pray he was right and not the victim of some neocon set-up. I have also seen where Russia was given notification of the cruise missle attack on the airbase so hopefully no Russian casualties. Whatever comes down I trust President Trump 100% and will support him totally. God Bless President Donald J. Trump!

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  9. kallibella says:

    The target is a base where chemical weapons are stored not the Syrian people!!!
    Come on people, get a grip!!! President Trump is trying to disable Assad’s chemical weapons.

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  10. Trumpedinillinos says:

    Look, I heard a former general on the radio today and he mentioned that we have clear satellite views of Syria which would show where the planes took off from and where they went when the chemical weapons were used. Those of you that are saying negative things about Trump need to ask yourself whether you have always thought trump is an idiot or just think he is because of this. I tend to think he is brilliant and that if he made this decision it is because he was convinced with very clear evidence that the planes came from the airfields he hit. Relax and wait to see what happens before over reacting. If he had another reason like Sundance suspects, so be it.

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    • Kathy says:

      I’ve read the Syrian military bombed a place where the rebels were storing chemical weapons. Planes could have taken off from airfield and bombed the rebels stash. Why would Assad use chemical weapons now?

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  11. NoOneButTrump says:

    I urge everyone to trust President Trump. I believe he wouldn’t take this step without seeing evidence with his own eyes that Assad was indeed behind this. We have evil people running the deep state, but we are the USA and we have access to facts via technology. This is a “measured response.” Looks like Trump is sending a message to Assad the same way Pres Reagan sent a message to Qaddafi in Libya in the 1980s. Well aimed messages work.

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  12. Mike says:

    Trump is doing what he believes is right. He is sending a message to Assad. He has been attacking ISIS. He is creating key alliances for escalation conquest and administration in Syria. Next move is Putin’s and Iran.

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  13. From one of Trump’s biggest supporters on social media:

    I think after this rash decision to attack Syria without a shred of evidence that Assad gassed his own people is going to cost Trump a ton of support. I see many hard core supporters on social media expressing disgust over this action.

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  14. Joe Knuckles says:

    Well, if you are going to do it, go in with overwhelming force for a decisive victory.

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    • ronheinzkaboot says:

      there can be no decisive victory in Syria. It’s a powder keg. 3 nation states, how many other military organizations operating there?, no valid successor to replace Assad,
      We can’t let Iran get control of that strategic location.
      Who would US troops be fighting for in Syria? Hezbullah, ISIS, Iran,Al Queda…?

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    • Joe, we can look forward to hearing more tomorrow on what doing “it” meant.

      Buy popcorn before it sells out.


  15. I voted for Trump and stand by him now what do any of you who are pearl clutching think Hilary be doing about now? For one
    She sure wouldn’t be watching nominee Neil gorsutch being confirmed into the SC tomorrow nite because she would have nominated a straight out commie to the bench we don’t get the intelligence reports President Trump is privy to.

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    • ronheinzkaboot says:

      This would have happened before the chemical attack if HRC was elected.
      I am not abandoning Trump. I am just very concerned about military action in Syria.
      And more concerned about how Russia or Iran will react.
      All I can do is pray and contact my congressman about having any use of force be authorized by Congress.
      I am on Trump’s side, America’s side, the side of peace and Christians in the Middle East

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    • TreeperInTraining says:

      Hillary would be bombing Syrian airbases right now.


  16. oldschool64 says:



  17. SR says:

    This strike would keep all RINO and neo in line and follow the order from big daddy. Now there will be change in senate, congress and some MSM tune. This is a message to China, North Korea, NATO, middle east and others. This may be necessary for long term MAGA plan.

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  18. AndrewJackson says:

    How many people have died in the Syrian war? Hundreds of thousands? And now a hundred or so die and we don’t know exactly how or why and now we act. I am sure there is some long game in here (display of strength for xi, Russia), but, this seems a bit rash.


    • CheshireCat says:

      Russia and China will be driven closer together. China will be even less likely to pull back North Korea.


    • ronheinzkaboot says:

      you can’t allow the use of Syrian gas to just be tolerated. You have to send a clear message that it will not be considered just another weapon.
      We have troops on the border of Syria. I think it was the gas that changed everything.
      The Russians/Iranians through Assad could use gas on our troops.
      Trump had already given Assad a chance to fall in line, said he would consider him but using gas is a line. Such a boneheaded move by Assad.


      • Kaiser Roll says:

        The US was fine with Saddam gassing Kurds and Iranians in the 1980s. Rumsfeld approved the shipments.


        • ronheinzkaboot says:

          That was laptop warrior Rumsfeld.
          We have real soldiers in charge now.
          It I a new era.
          Also We couldn’t eliminate Saddam.
          We cannot take out Assad yet either.
          This is a precision attack.
          Its the Russia and Iranian counter action is what is scary


  19. andymilken says:

    Looks like the swamp is draining the president. Very disappointed w/ the decision. That SOB Saudi always has the hands to something, It is the pipeline. Hopefully, he won’t be remembered as the president who started WWIII. It appears it is “business” as usual.

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  20. So what is the deal? had the government been feeding estrogen to the populace for the last 8 years


  21. CheshireCat says:

    Damn Sons of John McCain, Mattis and McMasters to Hell.


  22. AJ says:

    LOL, Ha ha. After the responses I have seen to the bombing it’s no wonder the GOP is in tatters. Geez Louise people, get a grip.

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  23. andi lee says:

    Niki Haley, at UNSC this evening, fiercing arguing cause of conflicting analysis’ into Syria chemical attack, UNSC shuts down vote, and cancels remainder of council meeting.

    Russia has provided documents of evidence to council.

    An hour later, US bombs targeted area(s) in Syria. Hopeful, praying for their safety, the target wasn’t Bob Levinson or Austin T. (Sincerely, GOY, McCain!)


    • andi lee says:

      Oh! In the article, Turkey is making the claims of chemical proof of autopsies. 24-hour turn-around of chemical analysis, included.

      Here in America, that turn-around period, is generally 6 weeks. (Not my field, though, so, what do I know?)


      • yucki says:

        Frisky Sultan Wannabe won’t get bogged down by tedious technical details. He channeling Truth and Justice by the grace of the Muslim Bros. An OttoMan of Action.


  24. BobBoxBody says:

    I agree with Sundance’s assessment here. Trump wouldn’t have done this if the “Freedom Alliance” didn’t think it was necessary to do so for whatever reason. Trump inherited a mess, and he’s gotta get his hands dirty and clean it up, simple as that. Do the hard thing now, so that in the longterm we get some stability in the region. He’s playing the long game, The rest of you whining about this seem to think Trump wouldn’t have to break a few eggs to make an omelet with the mess that Obummer and Hiltlery left them in the Middle East.

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  25. NHVoter says:


  26. FINALLY: Trump trumps EVERYONE.

    0. Missile Barrage DEMONSTRATES that President Trump will not tolerate breaches of the Geneva Convention and International Agreements on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    1. Missile Barrage KILLS the Russia narrative.

    2. Missile Barrage PROVES to ALL opponents that President Trump is DEADLY UNPREDICTABLE.

    3. Missile Barrage WARNS Chinese President – during his State Visit Dinner, for all the world to see – that he WILL produce a Nork military solution if he doesn’t solve the problem NOW.

    4. Missile Barrage CONVINCES the emerging Mideast Freedom Alliance that they ALL will benefit from joining the Trump Team.

    5. Missile Barrage PERSUADES the Palestinians and Hamas that they’re better off making a DEAL NOW with President Trump, Israel and Egypt than facing an existential threat if they continue their terrorism.

    6. Missile Barrage ALERTS Iran, Hezbollah and the rest of the Islamist Terrorists that they’re next.

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      If you think I’m not “DEADLY UNPREDICTABLE” keep it up:
      • Deep State, you’re in my cross hairs.
      • Investigators, don’t think I’ll wait for your delaying tactics.

      Congress, get off your tails to pass the Trump Agenda.

      If you thought a Senate Vote was “nuclear”, guess what I have in store for you!.

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    • Trump’s Syrian Missile Barrage can REENLIST Congressional Naysayers

      McCain, Graham, Sasse, Kinsinger et al got their wish for a Mideast military action:
      • The warmongers got a cruise missile attack of unprecedented scale for a single target.
      ○ 50 missiles was a “statement” sized attack.
      • This was a “precision” attack on a focused target.
      ○ No legitimate claims of collateral damage.
      • The attack put no Americans at risk.
      ○ No needless American carnage.

      Congressional Naysayers must now support President Trump or be primaried and run out of town.
      • Military-Industrial Corporate Donors had a limited payday.
      ○ Time to persuade pay-to-play Politicians to support Trump.
      • Politicians owe Trump for listening and decisively acting.
      • Any further warmongering will brand them as unhinged.
      • NO fig leaf left to mask their malevolence.

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  27. NEWFTEA says:

    Lots of unfamiliar posters here, pearl-clutching concern trolls saying “I can’t trust Trump anymore.” As though you ever did.

    Chemical weapons are WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. This is not Saddam in a relatively isolated civil war. This is WMD being used brazenly, front and center on the world’s stage.

    International affairs don’t exist in a vacuum. Don’t forget North Korea’s savage little crud-stirrer keeps threatening to use nukes, another WMD.

    The U.S. attack is a warning: don’t do it, or we’ll come after you. Historical parallel: Hitler got away with increasingly aggressive acts of war, leading to world war, precisely because the world stood by and did nothing.

    P.S. Who cares what Russia thinks? They invaded their neighbor, twice, for no good reason. All this agonizing on behalf of Russia frankly sounds a lot like the Dems of the 1980s. And Putin is evil–he was a senior officer in the Disssident Directorate, an organization known for hunting down, torturing, even murdering, people like Treepers for even the possible vague appearance of opposing the Communist state.


  28. Major Styles says:

    My guess is that the orchestrators of this mess will be celebrating Passover soon.


  29. alegenoa says:

    I wrote about the whole issue and my relief in finding out that CTH and others didn’t buy the “Assad did it” narrative, despite the unilateral consensus in the US (involving even some alternative voices for years).
    I’m sorry to say in this case Trump is playing a part I don’t like, because, although part of a larger strategy that is probably understandable, such actions would encourage terrorists to use chemical weapons against civilians in the future.


  30. moe ham head says:

    I got 50 bucks that says the US had a hand in the chemical attacks
    no doubt in my mind


  31. Could this be a seized opportunity for the big picture-It had crossed my mind that President Trump and his people may know it wasn’t Asad, but it works for them? I refuse, at this point, to believe it’s all a bad move.


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