Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Action To Strip DOJ Funding To Sanctuary Cities…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces the DOJ intends to crack down on municipal authorities who refuse to comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers to remove illegal alien criminals.

Attorney General Sessions announced if municipal authorities at city, county and state level, refuse to comply with U.S. immigration law they will lose federal funding provided by the Department of Justice through federal grants.  The DOJ will also take action to claw back any grant monies that have been provided to sanctuary cities who continue to refuse compliance.

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285 Responses to Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Action To Strip DOJ Funding To Sanctuary Cities…

  1. aqua says:

    LIberals are already screaming. How can anyone support illegal activity in any capacity? Makes no sense.

    Great job today. And really, no one is forcing any city to forego funds; just follow the law.

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  2. trumpsbamagirl says:

    Next- can we have all federal education money withheld for school districts that enroll illegals???

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  3. LibertyVibe says:

    I love Jeff and my President, but it think their response on this issue is too polite and will produce disastrously heartbreaking results. Why? Economic sanctions are equal to a slap on the wrist to Federal lawbreakers. If you or I decided to defy a Federal Order, would we get off so easily? NO. We would expect to go to prison. So should they? Session’s pussified response is unequal justice under the law. But here is the real problem: Those governing sanctuary cities do not care about us. They also have a huge problem with voter fraud. You can say that the people need to rise up, but that is pretty hard to do when everyone from the Governor down to the police chief is corrupt. Add to that unconstitutional surveillance, and the ability for the CIA to plant evidence and imprison anyone, and we don’t stand a chance. They don’t care about economic sanctions, because they will pass the cost on to the tax paying deplorables of the state. Jeff Sessions response (although I believe unintentional) shows he is naïve, and is still operating under “gentleman’s principles”. It shows that he still hasn’t realized who it is he is dealing with.


    • The Boss says:

      I understand the impression you and other may have. Don’t let AG Sessions’ soft-spoken demeanor fool you. He just hasn’t shown the big stick…yet.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Oh please…AG Sessions knows who he is dealing with.
      He’s been getting death threats from the Leftists.

      Do not mistake his deliberative demeanor as being “pussified” or “naïve”.

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    • kpm58 says:

      Just how far should the AG step over the line made by the Constitution and the legislated laws of our country?

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    • average Joe says:

      I’m from Alabama and remember when he was the local prosecutor and he was as tough as nails.I have nothing but trust in this Man.

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      • valuetruth says:

        President Trump and Senator Sessions go back many years. PDJT credits Sen. Sessions with laying the framework for then Candidate Trump’s campaign stand on the trail, with respect to what is necessary to regain control of our boarders and immigration system. Sen. Sessions demeanor has nothing to do with his iron-clad understanding of the rule of law, as well as the necessary tactics needed to reaffirm the law within our nation.

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      • LibertyVibe says:

        With all do respect…financial sanctions are not a tough – enough response for crimes that should be treated as criminal …and would be if they were committed by anyone else. Just wait until the next Kate Steinle or Jamiel. How much longer do we have to play these games?


      • Elizabeth Morgan Todd says:

        I am from Alabama too, Jeff Sessions knows exactly who and where the enemies are. He has been a Senator for many years now and respected by many in the House and Senate. And he doesn’t play!


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      This all has to be incremental in order to be feasible. We have to make as many municipalities and states comply on their own as possible. This is the same as getting as many people to self deport as possible by removing the immigration pulls that exist here for them. Then we move up to the next level, where there are less of them to deal with.

      This is common sense. You’re talking emotionally and we need to approach this logically. What are we, liberals????

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      • entagor says:

        It has to be incremental. You don’t hit a hornet’s nest with a baseball bat, even if the nest is in your living room

        The other side has created an army that believe anything other than their way would be the end of life on earth

        The survival instinct can break through brainwashing. People have to be shown they will survive and better under Trump actions. They used to call this deprogramming. This is easier than instigating WWIII before you have the resources in place


  4. Ono says:

    I loved the “we are going to claw back” upon money already given!!!

    Speaking from Ca.

    Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown…What’s in your wallet???

    American express won’t cover this one!


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  5. Midnight Rambler says:

    I’ll defend our AG on this one! Ya gotta start somewhere and we don’t need death blows…just keep that jab in their face every day.

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    • snaggletooths says:

      4.1 billion is a good chunk of change to miss out on for your counties, cities states , they will face blow back from their constituents come voting time no one wants to pay more in taxes because some liberals in charge want to cater to illegals.

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  6. MrE says:

    THANK YOU, AG SESSIONS!!! 😃😃😃🎉🎉🎉

    Now for the rest of the Fed agencies to follow suit…

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  7. Kaco says:

    Does anyone know if something is going on with that Leftist “slush fund” they found in the DOJ?


    • Barnacle Bill says:

      I hope they use it to pay for The Wall. Or to make it 10 ft higher and 20 ft deeper.

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      • Maquis says:

        Definitely 20 foot deeper in built up areas like California and some other spots on the border where they are free to dig a tunnel from one warehouse to another. The announced 6 foot depth is wholly in adequate for those areas, which have been tunnelled for years. We completely fill the tunnels found from our end, but the Mexicans, when caught, plug the hole, post a sleeping guard, and dig back to the tunnel from another warehouse. Saves ’em lots of time keeping those underground railroads humming.


  8. The Devilbat says:

    Purposely defying federal law surely must be a crime. Why not arrest these people?

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  9. Ziiggii says:

    Why not just arrest the SoB’s that refuse to enforce or obfuscate the enforcement of the US Immigration Laws???

    I bet it would only take a few times of someone being paraded out in hand-cuffs on National TV before these fools abandon this stance.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I hope Austin Sheriff Sally Hernandez is one of the first to get cuffed. She has released criminals, including violent sex offenders into our community this past month alone.

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  10. andyocoregon says:

    I’d like to see federal prosecution of city and state officials who harbor and assist criminal illegal aliens.

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  11. ScarletPimpernel says:

    Great news!!


  12. lorenetn says:

    The officials in these cities, counties and states should be arrested. They are criminals.

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  13. This move is brilliant! Coming from the land where our politicians spend their retirement in a jail cell, locking away the political opposition (ie. local level Democrats) definitely does not dull the voting population from supporting their policies because they will simply vote in a person just the same to fill their place. However, revoking funds is going to place a very real stress on every person in sanctuary communities, a stress that exists solely because of Democrat politicians. This is an excellent way to actually force a change in community opinion of policy. Also, remember liberals only love their policies as long as they don’t actually have to suffer the consequences.

    I must say, this is what winning the war looks like! #NotTiredYet 😀 😀 😀

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  14. Emily Summer says:

    Lets hope some activist judge doesn’t decide it is illegal and stays the order.


    • Maquis says:

      Let’s hope we arrest activist judges that attempt to block the legal actions of a very legitimate President with a very serious AG. There are arrests to be made and courts to be abolished. They have chosen to ignore their proper purpose and have presumed to take upon themselves the mantle of “Masters of the Universe.” It is activist judges that “have no standing.” On the other hand, We the People, do.

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    • winky says:

      I read somewhere that if that happens then legal citizens who are serving sentences ought to sue for discrimination. I for one think sanctuary cities are racist.

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  15. guitar107 says:

    About time to out an end to the specious sedition that has been going on.

    This chit been going on for too long: “no human is illegal”, “they are just ‘undocumented’ ‘”, and now “families have no borders”. Enough is enough!

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  16. winky says:

    I have always wondered if this would mean removing illegal alien prisoners from jails serving sentences for crimes. They are letting releasing criminals out on the streets because California jails are overcrowded. I am sure MANY are illegals.

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  17. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Got a sanctuary city?
    We got Extreme Netting.

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  18. The fight will be rule of law or rule by commie democrats

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  19. New Sherriff Tarrant County Texas (Ft Worth)

    Sat moring when several hundred illegals convicted of crimes and enabled by courts to use community service to avoid jail drive at county place to be assigned a community service job


    ICE officers and busses show up All arrested and hauls to federal dentition center!

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  20. jakeandcrew says:

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    • The Defiant One says:


      But to be honest, the insult to injury has already been done since the Illegal Alien’s father got a Lawyer to say the rape of the 14 year old girl in a school bathroom was consensual!

      One can hope the ILLEGAL ALIEN pleads no contest to spare the 14 year old girl from more pain.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I wonder if the son is also an illegal or an anchor baby. Hell at his age he may already have produced a few anchor babies.

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  21. sDee says:

    Why must the federal government give any money, to any city or county law enforcement agency in order to hold-over any one they suspect, with cause, to be in violation of federal statutes?

    Its there job. Hold them and inform the feds to pick them up. End of story.

    That way the federales get none of our money, depriving them of their only tool to promote globalist agendas at the the municipal levels.

    That leaves us more money to clean up our cities, as we see fit.


  22. CJ says:

    We get excited when a few illegals are arrested. However you would need to deport about 6,000 illegal aliens a day over a four years in order to remove 6 million of them.


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      And that’s not even half of them, most likely not even 25% of them.

      We need to set things up so that a many self deport as possible which I think i start of the Sessions/Trump strategy bc it is the most practical and cost effective. Cut off every single penny of any type of money or service to them, no free education, fine employers who hire them and landlords who rent to them.

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      • UKExpat says:

        I have been saying exactly the same for years turn off the BENEFITS SPIGOT and the ability for them to work without prosecution and they will be running back to Mexico themselves faster than you can say DEPORT.

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  23. Claw back. No scarier words exist in the bureaucratic world.

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  24. Tony Stark says:

    That’s certainly one way to cut the deficit.

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  25. UKExpat says:

    A country without borders is not a country and a country that does not enforce its OWN Immigration Laws is a FAILED STATE. OBOZO and the DemoncRATS had made America in to a FAILED STATE and Trump and Sessions are just setting things right.


  26. UKExpat says:

    SOCIALISM only works until it runs out of OTHER PEOPLES money to spend.

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  27. I think this lil Diddy is appropriate .. XD XD


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