Intel Chairman Devin Nunes: President-Elect Trump Was Under Surveillance By Obama Intel Community…

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes, held a brief press conference (video also included below) at approximately 1:00pm EDT and stated he has been provided intelligence reports brought to him by unnamed sources include ‘significant information’ about President-Elect Trump and his transition team.

1.) …”On numerous occasions the [Obama] intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump transition.”

2.)  “Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming administration; details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.”

3.) “Third, I have confirmed that additional names of Trump transition members were unmasked.”

4.) “Fourth and finally, I want to be clear; none of this surveillance was related to Russia, or the investigation of Russian activities, or of the Trump team.

“The House Intelligence Committee will thoroughly investigate surveillance and its subsequent dissemination, to determine a few things here that I want to read off:”

  • “Who was aware of it?”
  • “Why it was not disclosed to congress?”
  • “Who requested and authorized the additional unmasking?”
  • “Whether anyone directed the intelligence community to focus on Trump associates?”
  • “And whether any laws, regulations or procedures were violated?”

“I have asked the Directors of the FBI, NSA and CIA to expeditiously comply with my March 15th letter -that you all received a couple of weeks ago- and to provide a full account of these surveillance activities.”

Chairman Nunes said he has briefed House Speaker Paul Ryan earlier today and stated he will soon brief the White House.  ‘It’s all classified information,’ he said, and ‘has nothing to do with any criminal investigation. This is normal incidental collection, at least from what I was able to read.’

Nunes told reporters he was bothered by ‘why people would need to know that about President-Elect Trump or his transition team.’  But he declined to declare that the CIA, FBI or NSA was ‘spying’ on Trump.

“It all depends on one’s definition of spying.” … “I’m not going to get into legal definitions here, but clearly I have a concern.”  VIDEO BELOW:


Yellow Box = White Hat

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  1. Regina says:

    Wow – Jake is working Really Hard to make sure everyone understands that Trump was Not “wiretapped” and that Flynn gave everyone a perfect reason to unmask All the names – LOL

    Trump used “wiretap” the same way he talked about bleachbit – he likes to look like the clueless grandpa sometimes

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    • trapper says:

      “Trump used “wiretap” the same way he talked about bleachbit – he likes to look like the clueless grandpa sometimes.”


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    • Raffaella says:

      That was major gymnastics by Jake trying to lessen the damage on Obama.

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    • Trumped1 says:

      Its an interesting interview.
      Says the stuff he needed to share with the president cause its unfair the former administration knew about it all.
      Many more people in Trump team unmasked.
      He seems shaken somewhat.
      I hate that he offers no pushback against Tapper and doesnt put it into any reference about what it might indicate.
      Especially in regard to this:
      “WASHINGTON — In its final days, the Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.”


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      • The Demon Slick says:

        I’m going to enjoy watching certain presstitutes trying hard to pretend there isn’t egg splattered all over their faces. Especially Krauthammer. He was over the top bashing President Trump the last few nights. The lefties I expect it, but I used to respect Krauthammer. Since the campaign I can barely stand to look at him.

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      • Regina says:

        That was in January 17 – pretty sure this happened in 16, so they don’t have that out


    • andi lee says:

      I’m sure Tapper, Thrush, Smith, Anderson, Madden and a few other reporters, are in panic mode – desperate to know what Nunes knows so far, and “who” are the whistleblowers. The whistleblowers are unmasked. Discovery of those names are now high price tags.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      This word game needs to end once and for all.

      POTUS or someone on his behalf could tweet: “Once and for all when I say “wiretap” that is the same as “electronic surveillance.” If some in the media are too stupid to understand that, then they should find another profession.”

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      • Trumped1 says:

        And now they are hiding behind: “incidential collection”. Really? WTH?
        No one intended to incidentially collect the raw data of the Trump campaign and no one ever had any interest in it? I guess the unmasking and leaking was incidential too? SMH

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      • Regina says:

        He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing – the majority of Americans really don’t understand the level of surveillance going on regarding everything they do.

        hint – this forces the Press to define the difference between the two, and in the process they’ll also have to point out that it’s happening to All of us

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      • I copied this from an earlier post: (days ago)
        Wire Tapping:
        “Wiretapping is the surreptitious electronic monitoring of telephone, telegraph, cellular, fax or Internet-based communications.
        Wiretapping is achieved either through the placement of a monitoring device informally known as a bug on the wire in question or through built-in mechanisms in other communication technologies. Enforcement officials may tap into either for live monitoring or recording. Packet sniffers — programs used to capture data being transmitted on a network – are a commonly-used modern-day wiretapping tool. A variety of other tools, such as wiretap Trojans, are used for different applications. ”
        This should be posted/tweeted/ dispersed to every politician, news person, etc. Sean Spicer should have flash cards made and handed out to every idiot at the daily press briefing and make them sign that they received it before being allowed in.

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        • H.R. says:

          Silent Entity: “Sean Spicer should have flash cards made and handed out to every idiot at the daily press briefing and make them sign that they received it before being allowed in.”

          Ya think? These are jurinalists of the Yellow Stream Media you’re talking about. It would be total a waste of good ink, paper, and Sean Spicer’s time.


    • The President used ‘wiretap’ cause everyone, on a gut level gets what it means. ‘Surveillance’ a bit more esoteric of a word.

      But, in the end, same difference. The President speaks normal lingo.

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      • Athena the Warrior says:

        Wiretapping catches the ear. You immediately think spy stuff. It also caused a lot of people to go bat spit crazy denying that any wiretapping took place.

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    • iswhatitis says:

      Not *exactly* the same way Hiliary says about wiping the server; “What? Like with a cloth or something?”


      PDT means “wiretap” in the “vernacular” sense – everyone knows what he means although “wiretap” may *ALSO* have very specific technical/legal meanings that can differ.

      Same way as many folks call those little quad-copter’s “drones” which makes the pedant squeal because a “drone” is technically “autonomous” while most quad-copters are not. BUT – everyone knows what one means when they call those a “drone”.

      Or (and this is really cringe-worthy to some); the way people call a gun magazine a “clip”. If you ask me to hand you the empty clip at my side; I’ll gladly hand you the empty magazine without correcting the usage – while many would have to immediately stop the flow to declare “It’s a MAGAZINE, not a clip!! THIS is a clip!

      When President Trump says “wiretap” – “we” all know what he means (even those “we”‘s that act like they don’t due to legal/technical definitions).

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  2. maxmbj says:

    If Trump is proven correct on his “wiretap” (note quotes) claims, he becomes INVULNERABLE. The entire fake news industry hung their entire stinking self-impute credibility on him lying and if we find he wasn’t (and we already have found that now, haven’t we?) …

    The filthy, maggot-infested fake news self-important pajama boy media is DONE WITH THE TRUMP WAR. The Opposition Party will be officially defeated.

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  3. Sayit2016 says:

    I am SO bummed there is not a rally tonight !

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  4. maxmbj says:

    I propose a V-MiM* Day, parades and all.

    *Victory over Maggot-infested Media

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  5. Trumped1 says:

    STOP the FU**ING “Incidential Collection” B.S. Mr. Nunes!

    “WASHINGTON — In its final days, the Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.”

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    • Cowwow says:

      I don’t get it trumped. He was explaining procedure, very well I thought, that that was what the O administration was calling it, not his own words.

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      • Trumped1 says:

        The question needs to be asked: “Was it Incidential Collection”? Why is Nunes assuming it was incidential?
        And Nunes says Trump was wrong and it was incidential collection. Thsi makes no sense. Nunes isn’t a straight shooter.
        Obviously Obama opening the intelligence community to “incidential collected” data is NOT incidential… Why was Obama allowing the NSA to share incidential collected raw data; “..before applying privacy protections”?
        And then people got unmasked who are part of the “incidential collection”..
        I mean the implications are obvious and they point to Trump beeing “wiretapped”. But Nunes very clear says Trump is wrong.

        I hope you get what Im saying and see where Nunes doesnt want to go to. I hope someone else goes there…


        • smartyjones1 says:

          No need to get caught up in the “incidental” comment. That “finally, I want to be clear; none of this surveillance was related to Russia, or the investigation of Russian activities, or of the Trump team” as Nunes said is monumental.

          Remember, this is only the beginning. As I’ve said for some time, President Trump held the Ace of Spades and he hasn’t even laid it down. A fine black Mariah just made the scene.

          Enemedia is in full meltdown. Enjoy victory today! Tomorrow will come soon enough.

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          • Trumped1 says:

            I agree, the stone is rolling on this and Nunes did give it some momentum..
            But “incidential collection” is thrown around a lot and is what they hide behind.
            They just “incidentially” “wiretapped” Trump and no one had any interest in the content of that incidential raw data. But the whole Intelligence community had access to it.

            And Nunes is playing that game along. “Incidentiall collection” is how they mask the gathering of private information. The masking/unmasking is irrelevant if the whole IC has access to the raw data(!):

            “….to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.”

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            • WSB says:

              It sounds like a standard cover to me.

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            • Jeffrey Leyerle says:

              A memorable note about IC “words” (quoted from Politifact):
              At the tail end of a rare open session of the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 12, 2013, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., asked National Intelligence Director James Clapper whether intelligence officials collect data on Americans.

              Clapper responded “No, sir,” and, “Not wittingly.”

              In the following months, a series of news stories fueled by leaks from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden revealed that wasn’t the case. Reports showed the government was collecting and storing bulk metadata of American phone records, and had methods for capturing a vast amount of email and Internet data as well.

              Incidental….not wittingly, you get the idea. The intelligence community collects everything but claims to not collect anything. Wierdos.


        • I think the incidental means it was not tied to an investigation of Trump or any of his staff. Nunes went to great lengths to emphasize that several times in the presser and pushed back on the suggestion and the suggestion that it related to Russia. I see Nunes as a white hat, appalled that 1 1/2 yrs after Congress was caught up in being surveilled the situation he thought had been addressed is still happening.


        • John Galt says:

          “Incidental Collection” and “masking” are both hoaxes.

          Everything is collected. Everything is unmasked.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      Another Obama order President Trump needs to undo.

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  6. gamecock123 says:

    Fourth and finally, I want to be clear; none of this surveillance was related to Russia, or the investigation of Russian activities, or of the Trump tream………
    Hello SESSIONS? All call for AG SESSIONS!!!!

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  7. BakoCarl says:

    Hypothetical Dem musings –

    Hmmm. How can we get inside information on what Trump and his team are doing?
    Well, we could wiretap the server for Trump Tower.
    How would we do that?
    FISA wouldn’t grant permission if we came right out and said “Trump”.
    If we lie to FISA, we could go to jail.
    If we wiretap without FISA approval we could go to jail.
    I know. Let’s find a foreign source, like the guys that are living in Trump Tower three floors below Trump, and write up a FISA to be able to monitor them through the Trump Tower server. Then, we’ll collect everything that goes through that server.
    So, the FISA would be for a normal foreign intelligence collection for those guys three floors below Trump’s living quarters, and we’ll just happen to collect all comms to and from Trump and his gang as a normal incidental collection.
    Sounds good. Let’s get ‘er done!

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  8. gary says:

    Shouldn’t people that are both in and just left the FBI/CIA/NSA be given lie detector tests, and all their phones/computer data/contacts be gathered and investigated to find out how these people have used this TOP SECRET NSA gathered intelligence. I’m sure NSA has surveillance on ALL employees in these agencies, and all this info can be brought up, including data from other family members.

    Let’s see how the NSA/FBI/CIA like it if we use all this spy tech to examine them. The SHOE is on the other foot now. If employee’s look at any of this intelligence, they should have to be under surveillance 24/7 and all their contacts also under surveillance.

    It’s scary crazy, right?

    Now, most likely they will not go after average citizen, BUT, if you ever make an enemy (ex-wife, ex-boss, ex-employee, etc), someone can call the FBI and say : I’m not sure, but i think this person is doing suspicious things, and has mentioned he is mad at the government and seems very unstable.

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  9. History Teaches says:

    Can you imagine the media outrage if this had been the outgoing Bush team doing this to the incoming Obama team? Do you think the word ‘incidental’ would have had the slightest bearing on the overall self righteous angst of the leftist cheerleaders?

    As usual, the President is ten moves ahead of the opposition. It will be a curious exercise in parsing and spinning as this new plot turn unfolds. But the moral and factual high ground remains with the President.

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  10. Regina says:

    CNN “Are you saying there was no reason for Trump to have been in the intelligence reports?”
    Nunes – That’s what I’m saying

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  11. Kelly says:

    Aaaaaaaaaand…. the President receives daily intelligence reports based on FISA warrants. Obama knew what was occurring.

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  12. Joshua Chamberlain says:

    Deep State out of control . . .

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  13. wyntre says:

    Maxine Waters confirms POS Big Brother Database in 2013

    Don’t ever forget Maxine Waters admission, 4 years ago, the POS had a system to collect data on everyone.

    Yes, she is a moonbat but that little nugget of truth slipped out.

    Maxine Waters: “Well you know I don’t know and I think some people are missing something here. The President has put in place an organization that contains a kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very very powerful and whoever…and that database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to have to go down with that database and the concerns of those people are because they can’t get around it and he’s been very smart and it’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.”

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    • Trumped1 says:

      Well he shared that database with the whole “intelligence community”:

      “WASHINGTON — In its final days, the Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.”

      The deep state at work. Like with the FBI tools shared around freely(as per wikileaks vault leak) this database is now probably going around a lot.

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      • wyntre says:


        And Maxine provided the truth of its existence while the NYT provided proof the POS declassified all info and had it dispersed to 17 agencies staffed by his acolytes eager to do their master’s bidding.

        Destroy Trump at any cost.

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      • woohoowee says:

        I think they were doing it loooong before the” final days” of Obola’s Gangsta administration.


  14. NHVoter says:

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    • Jane in Florida says:

      Was there any spy agency surveillance of Clinton, her staff, DNC in November, December, January? If not, why not?


  15. aqua says:

    It looks like spying to me. But of course, I’m just a regular American who doesn’t think the government has a right to surveil, harass, spy, or audit someone just because they happened to run against Hillary Clinton.

    There is NO GOOD REASON for Obama to need to know, so it can only be a bad reason. And THAT is spying.

    Way worse than Watergate. Way, way worse.

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  16. nole2016 says:

    It appears OBAMA set up a police state in this country that one would expect to find in Russia….the Democrats/MSM appear to condone/approve of his/their actions. Why am I not shocked?

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  17. redsequin4 says:

    Our brilliant President knew about this all along, hence the “Tweet” about “wiretapping. He used the word wiretap as a general term for surveillance. The Left, MSM, knew that but continued to paint the President as a fool for using the word wiretap. Well they’re not laughing now are they?

    The consequences of this are staggering. So one or more of our spies were listening supposedly on some unrelated FISA warrant to Trump associates and even Trump himself. Then they included those private conversations (of Americans citizens) in Intelligence briefings, unmasking them, which is illegal. This happened in November, December and January when Obama was President. Hmmmm.

    Who knows what they captured? Did/do they want to blackmail the President and his aides? This is just stunning even though we knew it was happening, it’s still stunning when you hear it spoken. It’s super Deep State stuff. It’s down the rabbit hole stuff.

    Nunes ‘Unmasking’ Report Vindicates Trump Claims on Surveillance

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  18. Joe says:

    The real story here—and it’s frustrating, to say the least, that it is not emphasized—is that the actions of Attorney General Lynch in dramatically relaxing the dissemination of raw surveillance data in the last few weeks of the Obama administration cannot possibly have been anything but an act intended to unmask the identities of Trump et al. to the public. Of course the media would rather commit mass suicide than investigate that crime.

    The entirely predictable results of widening access to raw surveillance data are leaks, lots of them, which is demonstrated by the fact that a torrent of leaks began appearing everywhere within a day or two of Lynch’s unprecedented action.

    The need and, in point of fact, the requirement of concealing the identity of all “US persons” whose foreign communications have been “incidentally” surveilled, by whatever means, is a legal necessity flowing from the Fourth Amendment’s protection that such people be “secure in their persons from [warrent-less] searches.” It is for that reason that the 1978 FISA law criminalized such unmasking as a matter of statute.

    Lynch could not possibly have done what she did without Pres. Obama knowing about it and, indeed, approving it. Brennan and very likely Comey also at least knew of the cynical and criminally motivated maneuver; in all likelihood they approved of it: qui tacit consentiret videtur: “Silence equals consent,” is an ancient legal precept.

    Here is the real crime, and it’s a major felony: the Obama administration, with his certain knowledge and, hence, his approval, conspired to strip certain “US persons” in political opposition to them of their constitutional protections under the Fourth Amendment. in addition, to do so they capriciously and maliciously upended the explicit strictures of a statute nearly four decades old. The identities of US persons contained in raw surveillance data are to be marked and access to the data is to be very closely held. The contents of the conversations do not matter one bit, though in this case it also appears that the content was unimportant to thre reckless charge of collusion with the Russians in election tampering.

    If you give an arsonist a box of match what follows is predictable, and you are a co-conspirator in whatever destruction follows. Widening by 10-fold the number of members of the previous administration was as much as to take out an advertisement during the Super Bowl halftime.

    That is the true crime here and it should result in lengthy prison sentence for several individuals at least.

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    • Trumped1 says:

      Or/and muddying the waters that this sharing was already done before that order.

      16 agencies could have gotten the data and now the circle of who exactly leaked it is quiet large. Anyone in the IC theoreticly had access to the “incidential collection”.
      Of course we all can count 1+1 and know the Trump campaign was not “incidentially” surveilled.

      “WASHINGTON — In its final days, the Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.”

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      • Joe says:

        Whether it was incidental or intentional makes not a bit of difference to the seriousness of the unmasking.

        The NSA surveils Russians, in the US and out, constantly. That they “unintentionally” picked up conversations between Trump campaign officials and Russians is unremarkable. They almost certainly picked up conversations between Clinton campaign officials and Russians as well, and probably a hundred-thousand other people as well in the course of six months or so.

        NSA likely has thousands of hours of recordings between the Russians and US persons. What is not “incidental” or anything like it were the search requests for the names of specific “US persons,” e.g. “Michael Flynn,” by someone who simultaneously possessed 1) a need to know, and 2) clearance to access to raw-data searches, which would have been necessary to glean the needles one wanted from the haystack.

        Obama, Lynch, and Brennan (I am unsure as to Comey’s involvement before the fact) knew exactly what would ensue, which happened immediately: a torrent of leaks on a scale never seen before.

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        • Rejuvenated says:

          I just found an interesting blurb that feeds in to this but not sure how reliable the Free Beacon is:

          “It wasn’t very well reported, the Department of Justice revealed just last week that in fact some of these ties that they had witnessed between Trump Tower servers and Russian entities in fact, were stooged,” Kredo said.

          Kredo went on to explain that malware may have been installed on these servers to mimick contacts with Russian entities in an effort to portray that the Trump campaign had the Russian contacts.

          Wonder if this was an attempt to cover up if/when it blew up this far.

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          • George Hicks says:

            I had heard reports (forgot where) that their was some infiltration of a Trump-owned server in the Trump Building that was made to ping a Russian Bank numerous times to imitate contact with Russia.


      • Cowwow says:

        When the Chairman gave answers in that 2nd presser today, he did say his committee still did not have all the facts. I believe his remarks to the snarky press was to explain to them what they already knew, that so far as uncovered, this was brought out by incidental surveillance, hence no exact verbiage yet on explicit surveillance of the Trump transition uncovered.
        So he still technically called it incidental.

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    • Cowwow says:

      Yes Joe.


    • Rejuvenated says:

      Comey was involved in the release of info to all 17 agencies- SD had a blurb about the paperwork being signed off in December by Comey and one other I thought (can’t remember 😕) before it was sent to Lynch for sign off. Apparently it needed approval from the main intel agencies…. I’m going to see if I can find it and attach beneath.


      • Rejuvenated says:

        Clapper signed off Dec. 15:

        Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch signed the new rules, permitting the N.S.A. to disseminate “raw signals intelligence information,” on Jan. 3, after the director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., signed them on Dec. 15, according to a 23-page, largely declassified copy of the procedures.

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        • Trumped1 says:

          Thanks! This will be an important piece in the timeline.
          They wouldn’t have issued these rules if Clinton was elected.
          Without this the group of people who were able to leak the Trump “incidential collection” data would be very narrow. Now it could have been a lot of people who had access to it.

          I think the “incidental surveillance” was shared already prior and this is a very clumsy cover up. This will take some time to unravel who shared what when.

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    • Blade says:

      the actions of Attorney General Lynch in dramatically relaxing the dissemination of raw surveillance data in the last few weeks of the Obama administration cannot possibly have been anything but an act intended to unmask the identities of Trump et al. to the public. Of course the media would rather commit mass suicide than investigate that crime.

      Either that or a last minute ex post facto coverup of the months and years of spying on him and his inner circle ( and perhaps other candidates as well ). The idea is to hand access to the raw data off to a much longer potential perp list in those extra 16 agencies to bog down any investigation that arises. In the meantime they try to stain them with Russia, Russia, Russia to hopefully abort any chance of an investigation.

      The likelihood is that the 16-agency executive order was written for one or both of these reasons.

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  19. Someone explain the difference between this and watergate ?


    • smartyjones1 says:

      This is exponentially worse; far, far worse.

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    • WSB says:

      You’ll have a ball reading this. Talk about a swamp. It’s an old smelly swamp, and of course there is NO way Nixon could have ‘ordered illegal wiretaps’:

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    • Jeffrey Leyerle says:

      Same story, different characters. The main difference is technology to conduct spying has evolved dramatically since the early 1970’s. Watergate was GOP spying on DEMS, so there is also a role reversal.

      Trump is aware of his history and knows the game well. The Trumpgate scenario will surely unfold in a similar fashion as the previous. Coverup, exposure, evidence collection, hearings, indictments, prosecutions, resignations, and convictions of those complicit in the crime.

      This time it’s Oblama and his cronies rather than Nixon and his cronies. A very fun movie.


      • Blade says:

        There are several ways it could be similar to Watergate, especially is if we determine that Dumbo had no knowledge of the “wiretaps” i.e., spying of candidate and President-Elect Trump. That would be similar because Nixon had nothing to do with the break-in or the plumbers.

        Maybe Dumbo’s sycophants took it upon themselves to initiate the spying and kept it from him. That would be a direct comparison.

        Nixon engaged in a coverup after the fact. So that also presents a possible positive comparison if the executive order is determined to be part of an ad hoc coverup after the fact or maybe more things will surface.

        The likelihood IMHO is that Dumbo did know about the spying at some point, but it remains to be seen just how much he instigated personally,. Did he hide behind bogus FISA warrants or skip them entirely? Was he really dumb enough to think he could do something far worse than Watergate and get away with it? I’d be surprised but anything is possible given the people he surrounded himself with.

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  20. Sandra-VA says:

    Key statements by Nunes:

    Who issued the “tasking”?
    Who unmasked the names?

    Tasking implies a directive to specifically obtain the intelligence gathered. In other words, someone ORDERED it.

    Need to go back to Snowden’s revelations as to how the system works.

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    • Cowwow says:

      Back to Trumped1’s points…we know somebody ordered it and it wasn’t ‘incidential’ at all, but we are waiting for the true reveal with proof of who ordered it.

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  21. Janeka says:

    Looking forward to nightly news and their response, if any.. Bet the UK terror attacks will be 90% of the story tonight..

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  22. Trumppin says:

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  23. Beryl Bomb says:

    Nunez reads CTH. Someone posted those questions a short while ago. Either that or someone who posts here knew what Nunez was going to say before he said it.

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  24. cosmo221 says:

    Comeys been flushed out.

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    • smartyjones1 says:

      Maybe not. Comey’s answers were very limiting denying specifically involvement as to President Trump’s “tweets.” That what I heard (didn’t see everything) but I immediately thought, what a fine bit of lawyerly parsing.

      Took it as an admission, “He knew.” Bill Mitchell and others on twitter shared the same reaction.

      We knew this was coming and that’s why I said President Trump held the Ace of Spades.
      He still does. Wait until that comes smacking down. 😉

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  25. Nicole says:

    Mr French I am no troll….just a concerned supporter…

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  26. gary says:

    I think the Dems and Globalists were HAPPY with Obama or Clinton having access to all this spy tech stuff

    BUT …

    Now Trump has access to all this stuff, so I guess the Dems/Globalists will try to take away all that POWER, until a Dem/Globalist is back in POWER.

    Sound about right?

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  27. Kelly says:

    Just read transcripts of surveillance communications are coming soon – about Trump’s family.

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  28. Joe says:

    Waterboard Valerie Jarret

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  29. Bull Durham says:

    Nunes saw printed material in the form of reports, he said.
    NSA does not print out stuff. in report form.
    It produces transcripts of raw captures.
    Intel reports are written based on raw capture data. They use what NSA captures.

    So Rodgers had no idea that there were reports with unmasked names.

    These reports were from FBI or CIA.

    The fact that no MSM source has anything on this story, like WaPo or NYT would, shows that it is a closed circuit to Trump and then to Nunes. You saw Nunes reaction. He briefed Ryan, told Schiff, has press announcement, then told the WH he was coming over to brief them.

    Plenty of time for people to cover their asses and to set a meme for the MSM.

    Liked by 5 people

  30. Oldschool says:

    Where’s Mike Flynn?

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Trumppin says:

    So this could be the eqivolence of a nuke in the swamp 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Oldskool says:

    PTrump’s silver bullet is his ability to declassify whatever reports, warrants and anything else pertaining to this and order immediate disclosure. I’d probably here the boom here in NC.

    Liked by 3 people

  33. Rick says:

    Grab the pitchforks and lanterns. Many will be restless tonight.

    Not our President though, he sleeps his four hours very soundly. LOL!

    “Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I’ve told the truth in my tweet,
    If I smile before I wake,
    It’s because Obama’s going to jail, for heaven’s sake!”

    Liked by 12 people

  34. Sandra-VA says:

    I am listening to the tapes on this link:

    Only listened to first one and already so many things are falling into place!

    This is truly explosive stuff.

    My God, what is going on in this country? It is absolutely unbelievable how much power has been amassed.

    Liked by 11 people

  35. Dem leAder of Intel Committee, Adam Schiff is now spewing fauxrage over Nunez reporting to Trump BEFORE telling the committee. LOL. Sucks to be him.

    Liked by 7 people

  36. navysquid says:

    The press KNOWS what Pres Trump meany by “Wiretapped” as we all know we only have 140 characters to get a message across and so you use acronyms or KNOWN meanings to get that message across. This is all just Kabuki theater for them being the typical hypocrites that they always are…

    Liked by 4 people

  37. Trumped1 says:

    What a dirty game right in front of our faces:

    “Incidentiall collection” is how they mask the gathering of private information. The masking/unmasking is irrelevant if the whole IC has access to the raw data(!):

    “….to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.”


  38. It’s just about time to send the military in to secure all IC agency data centers.

    Liked by 3 people

  39. NJF says:

    This guy shiff can’t decide if he’s a dog or a pony in this show.

    Liked by 5 people

  40. George Hicks says:

    Schiff (right now) is trying to downplay this as best he can.
    Makes you wonder if he has any part in this??

    Liked by 6 people

  41. gary says:

    Maybe all USA citizens should have access to all this NSA material, level the playing field.
    So we can do google type search on anyone we want, and see everything they have ever done, including their Adult Activites and all their kids stuff.

    Sounds crazy, right?

    Well, there are people in the NSA and the 16 other agencies that are watching you and your kids and your pets, so why can’t you have access to all their stuff, are you less honorable or kind as these NSA people? Do you really know who these NSA people , who they really are? They are spy’s , right, so , DO you really know WHO THESE PEOPLE really are?

    Liked by 4 people

  42. So everyone is carefull not to point this all back to Obama.
    Was the unmasking done for political purposes? That seems to be another question.

    But if he’s the President how is it not all pointing back to him? And if it’s about Trump and friends, how in the world is it not political?

    Now, because it’s being collected through legal measures, does not mean that the information gathered is being properly handled.

    We don’t need a hypothetical example to point this scenario out.
    Obama ordered the surveillance, coordinated with his DOJ and other intel groups. It was all put together under some concocted Russian conspiracy spread by the Democrats and the MSM.

    An over reach by these Agencies was not only allowed but encouraged by Obama because of his on Political Legacy. And a left leaning Government, on every level, was more than willing to allow him whatever latatude he wanted or needed to stop Trump and ensure a Clinton victory.

    If this story is starting to sound familiar, it should. It was the song and dance number played by Comey at the Committee hearings. Just put Obamas name in place of Putin’s. Then Put Trumps name in place of Clintons. It’s the exact same play.

    Putin would have had to be the Greatest strategic mind the world has ever known to do what Comey accused him of at that hearing.
    Obama would have only needed to abuse his power and office, with willing help from others in his administration, that needed Hillary to succeed to give them all cover. The Obama agenda is the agenda of the Left. Hillary was 4 more years of that agenda.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. tee pee says:

    Remember during Watergate there was a “Deep Throat”? We need some Deep Throats and we need to protect them.

    Liked by 2 people

  44. MaxMBJ says:

    “Hi, I’m the media. I’m here to destroy Trump.”

    “What’s that crawling around under your skin?”

    “Maggots. I said I was the media. Pay attention.”

    “You remind me of Hel, goddess of the Norse underworld, beautiful in the face but snakes and scorpions in a decaying body.”

    “Beautiful face, eh? Thank you.”

    “That was the one difference. Yours is more of a Helen Thomas face.”


    Liked by 3 people

  45. MissingAndrew says:

    Monitoring….historically called “wiretap”
    Every smart person knows that. only an idiot will argue it.

    Telephone tapping (also wire tapping or wiretapping in American English) is the monitoring of telephone and Internet conversations by a third party, often by covert means. The wire tap received its name because, historically, the monitoring connection was an actual electrical tap on the telephone line. Legal wiretapping by a government agency is also called lawful interception. Passive wiretapping monitors or records the traffic, while active wiretapping alters or otherwise affects it.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. Mickey Wasp says:

    Poker playin’ ~
    Candidate Trump to Candidate Hillary – “I’ll call your pussy grabbin’ and raise you 650,000 emails and a Podesta email leak.”
    President Trump to the Media and Democrats – “I’ll call your Russian ruse and raise you a Obama Administration ‘wire tap’ surveillance.”

    Now who is rakin’ in the chips …

    Liked by 5 people

  47. Keln says:

    While I suspect SD may be right, as he often is, I’m not sure myself if I’d say Admiral Rogers is a “white hat”. Maybe I’m just too skeptical. And while I’m about 99% sure now that Comey is a “black hat” following his recent testimony, I still have that niggling 1% doubt in my mind. Some things still don’t all add up, and all of us have quite a bit of information hidden from us in all of this.

    “Who leaked”, “Who unmasked Flynn (and apparently others now), and “Who ordered an investigation into Trump/Russia” would go a long way in answering these questions. The American public deserves and answer to these questions, but Congress is apparently hellbent to not get those answers.

    Because they either know the answers or are afraid of the answers.

    Liked by 4 people

  48. Trumppin says:


    Nunes #ObamaGate


  49. Pinkie says:

    This gives Trump the ability to declare victory and move on which is what he should do.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. RckyMtn says:

    IN case anyone missed this, someone else posted this last night but I know how things get buried in threads. This info has obviously been in the hands of several people for a while and today they finally decide to come out with it.

    This is a must read given todays events

    Liked by 2 people

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