CNN Tries Another Michael Brown Con Job – Everything About The “New” Mike Brown Video is Fraud Here’s Proof…

I ignored the first few dozen email notifications requesting opinion about a recent claim by activist and self-described “journalist and reporter” Jason Pollock, because, quite frankly, I’m sick of deconstructing the grievance industry’s lies and false narratives.

The obvious motivation behind “Stranger Fruit”, the Pollock documentary, is to stir up political leverage toward a fraudulent civil lawsuit against the city of Ferguson Missouri.

If Jason Pollock and Mike Brown Sr. had just kept their BS to a minimum, I would never have engaged.  Unfortunately, they didn’t – and specifically because they chose CNN as the outlet to promote their Very Fake News – enough is enough. We can deconstruct their entire narrative with a simple highlight to our previous research of December 3rd 2014.

First their claims as outlined in two segments recently aired by CNN:

New video in Michael Brown case

“Director: Police lied about Michael Brown”

Everything about those two CNN produced segments, and specifically the accusations and claims by Jason Pollock in the interview about the police, are false.

What follows below is the simple evidence that proves their lies using our earlier research dated December 3rd 2014.  The exact video Jason Pollock claims the police withheld, was actually presented to the Ferguson grand jury and the FBI who investigated the entire event.

Here’s proof.  Our outline from December 3rd 2014.

Strange Coincidence – Between 1:16am CCTV and Dorian Johnson’s 7:00am “Meet-Up” With Mike Brown…

Grand Jury evidence shows that Mike Brown was one of a group of three people who went to the Ferguson Liquor Market at 1:13am on the same day as the shooting. The Grand Jury saw CCTV evidence of his visit approximately 10 hours before the cigarillo robbery at the same locale – this would have been overnight between Friday 8/8 and Saturday 8/9/14.


(page 172)

Additionally, according to robbery cohort Dorian Johnson’s somewhat sketchy grand jury testimony, he and Mike Brown met up at 7:00am outside the apartment where Mike Brown was staying. Dorian’s testimony is “sketchy” for several reasons, not the least of which is the time between 7:00am and the robbery at 11:50am is essentially unaccounted for and unreconciled – despite his testimony.


dorian page 25

(Page 26)

COMMON SENSE – On it’s surface the claim of unemployed Dorian Johnson, and his friend Mike Brown, both getting up that early on a Saturday morning just strikes as defying common sense for obvious reasons.

Assuming Mike Brown went directly home from the Liquor Mart empty handed, and went to bed, he would only have around 4 hours of sleep before meeting up with Dorian.

However, if going to bed were the objective, common sense would tell you he wouldn’t be at a liquor store trying to buy booze at 1:15am. A more probable explanation is a group of young guys hanging out and partying.

Either Mike Brown only got a few hours of sleep, OR he never went to bed that Friday night and stayed up with friends.

Considering an unlikely early wake-up for Dorian, the possibility exists that perhaps Dorian was one of those “friends” who was with Mike Brown at the liquor store, and stayed up all night.

big mike 3Dorian 1


The claims made by Jason Pollock are false.  The Ferguson Liquor Mart CCTV video was well known, not hidden, shown to the Grand Jury in 2014 and provided to the FBI.

The Ferguson Police department made no effort to hide or conceal it, nor did it have any relationship to the event between Officer Darren Wilson and Mike Brown Jr. other than to fill in a timeline of their activity, and to show a likelihood that Dorian Johnson was lying about the time of day when he said he hooked up with Big Mike.

The title of the Pollock “documentary” Stranger Fruit, is ironic considering the nick-name of another infamous BGI liar, Tracy “Fruit” Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin.  Fruit famously lied to FDLE investigators about Trayvon’s activity leading up to the assault on George Zimmerman.

BGI father-of-the-year Tracy “Fruit” Martin and 17-year-old Trayvon Martin were discussing the preferred effectiveness of illegal handgun types in cell phone messaging that was blocked from testimony during the trial of George Zimmerman.

Maybe that’s where Pollack got the idea for the name of his BS construct.

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244 Responses to CNN Tries Another Michael Brown Con Job – Everything About The “New” Mike Brown Video is Fraud Here’s Proof…

  1. yakmaster2 says:

    I call BS on Jason Pollack’s claim that he spent the entirety of two years devoting himself to his “investigation” of the Mike Brown case. If that readily available 1:13am video of Brown is his biggest *revelation* he had to have found that nothingburger within a few days. Didn’t have to dig deep for THAT.

    Pollack wants to make a name for himself and doesn’t care if Ferguson Market gets burned down or shut down in the process.
    I hope Pollack HAS doctored that video—not because the video itself proves anything about the lawful shooting of Mike Brown, but because Pollack and CNN deserve to be exposed as the SLOPPY lying opportunists they are. And on another note, if the Ferguson Police Chief who took over after the case was dismissed actually said he didn’t know about this video, he’s a nitwit too!!

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  2. maggiemoowho says:

    I’d like to see the parents of all those dead thugs arrested and charged with fraud and perjury.
    Thank God the CTH didn’t let those people get away with their lies, because innocent people would be sitting in jail right now.

    Best quote ever said. It was during the Trayvon Martin case:

    “Well, I don’t want to say too much else about this stuff – But I will say: you damn sure don’t want those CTH folks on your ass…”

    From a Police Officer (citation omitted purposely)

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  3. Lottacats says:

    “Stranger Fruit” Guess the Martin and Brown thug mamas feel cheated Hillary no longer takes their calls.
    CTH was humming on these cases, great work done here.


  4. nimrodman says:

    If the cigarillos were part of a consensual drug deal, why did a robbery report go out over police radio? Which Darren Wilson testified he heard on his radio before stopping M. Brown and assault on Wilson ensued.

    Who informed police of a robbery? Store clerk? Store owner? Bystander? Were police called to the store to assist? Or at least to take a complaint and file a report about a robbery?

    All are events that don’t add up to a consensual drug deal.

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  5. Nunya Bidness says:

    Excuse me for being dense, but I don’t see how this MJ deal narrative changes anything about this incident.

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    • nimrodman says:

      It doesn’t, but it’ll be promoted by The Left in order to restart the rioting and racial grievance processes anew.

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      • Tejas Rob says:

        >It doesn’t, but it’ll be promoted by The Left in order to restart the rioting and racial grievance processes anew.

        That’s exactly what this is. The Russian narrative has failed so the Dems will now stoke their ghetto thug army to riot.

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    • dginga says:

      That was my thought. Even if Brown was in the store at 1 AM and left a BAG of whatever behind the counter with the overnight clerk, it does NOT change the fact that he went back at 11AM and shoplifted. He did not go to the counter and ask for his white bag of stuff, he went in, grabbed the cigarillos and then assaulted the clerk on the way out. It was not likely to have been the same clerk, and if he was just going back for his own stuff, why would the day clerk report him for robbery?

      I am beyond disgusted with all of the race hustlers out there and their unceasing efforts to keep the BGI alive. I know people who live in the Ferguson area and they are appalled at how much all of this BS has hurt the community, and now the BGI is back for more.


      • joninmd22 says:

        Because I’d leave a bag of weed and walk away without taking something of value in exchange at that time.

        Sure, every street thug does that. Doh!


      • sixgeese says:

        The full video was released (apparently on Monday); I saw it on One America News Network today. It shows that the store clerk returns the bag claimed to be weed, and Michael Brown walks out with it. You can see the bag in his hand as he walks away from the counter. This part was edited out by Jason Pollock. Then Michael Brown puts his hand behind his back, so you can no longer see the bag as he walks out.


    • prolonged selfie at any cost says:

      thinking that the white dude producer really wants to promote himself


    • bill van brocklin says:

      it changes nothing. It’s all the left’s attempt to dehumanize police and create a racial war


  6. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    It took Pollock two years to get at this information? Gimme a break. He had it day one from the grand jury transcript. Either that or he is a pretty slow “investigative journalist.” As for the earlier video footage being pertinent to the later shooting–meh! Even the altercation with the store clerk really has no bearing, except to show that Brown had been in the store and may have been feeling cranky. What happened with the officer happened, and forensic evidence supports the officer’s narrative. This shooting was not something anyone–especially the officer or the Brown family–is happy about, but it was not injustified.


    • The Michael Brown case is being revived by the left as a means of rejuvenating the stalled “Black Lives Matter” meme. It’s no coincidence that this is being timed to launch in spring. As the weather warms, so will racial tensions. Prepare yourself for a Long, Hot, Summer. The SJWs are about to shift their Crazy Train into Hyperdrive.

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    • The Michael Brown case is being revived by the left as a means of rejuvenating the stalled “Black Lives Matter” meme. It’s no coincidence that this is being timed to launch in spring. As the weather warms, so will racial tensions. Prepare yourself for a Long, Hot, Summer. The SJWs are about to shift their Crazy Train into Hyperdrive.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Don Butler says:

        Don’t forget Loretta Lynch’s recent call for street violence.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Their main racial divider, Barrack Husian Obama pushed the racial division daily through every department of the government to create a divide we haven’t seen since the 60’s. Now that he isn’t constantly stoking the fires BLM isn’t rioting and destroying cities on a weekly basis so they have to rile them back up. Since the Brown thug started it all it is all they have to fall back on for riots. Russian hacking didn’t work and it has come out that Hillary and her team met with the Russians during the campaign so that can’t be a rioting issue either. Most people don’t care enough about muslims to riot and the pink hat thing is just pathetic. So it has to fall back on BLMers.

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  7. Sayit2016 says:

    It is quite interesting to see Polack’s righteous indignation on ( footage) information already known by the police, investigators, and Grand Jury. The documentary should be titled “FAKE DOCUMENTARY BY STRANGE FRUIT CAKES.”

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  8. Deadbeat says:

    Smells like PURPLE.


  9. west1890 says:

    Is it my imagination or are these “incidents” being scripted? A few years ago it was the ‘black youth in confrontation with police and is shot dead’ one after another after another. Then those abruptly ended and now we have the Muslim incidents-faked hate crimes, slaughter in nightclubs, etc. Now the ‘dead black youth issue is slammed back into the forefront. One would tend to think the evil hand of Soros is arranging the schedule.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Rino Hunters United! says:

    Just follow the ACTUAL BLOOD TRAIL THAT MIKE BROWN LEAVES BEHIND ON THE STREET…. That is hard evidence that he turns and runs straight at the cop…

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Richard Marpet says:

    What is BGI stand for?


  12. Pinkie says:

    Seems very long ago


  13. katherine009 says:

    I fail to see how depicting the slain criminal as a drug dealer too changes anything.


  14. 2minutelogic says:

    Presto Changeo!!!!

    Funny this “new” film and “documentary” comes out…this is another example of diversion by the media and the government!

    All you Christians better be preparing, the happenings in the Middle East are going to smack you right in the mouth if you all don’t stop this foolishness! The war is moving into Damascus as we speak…

    Damascus is under fire…the Isaiah 17 prophecy could be fulfilled very shortly!

    Once this is fulfilled you can be dam sure we are close to Jesus return!

    Don’t be fooled by all this stupidity thrown at you by the media and the government!

    Jesus told us to watch for his coming!



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