Mark Levin Discusses Wire Tapping that James Clapper Denies Ever Existed…

Mark “Old Yeller” Levin appears on Fox and Friends to present his case against the Obama administration’s spying on Donald Trump. However, the flaw in Levin’s presentation is that he uses multiple media reports to frame his argument.  DNI Director James Clapper stated this morning, that no wire tapping ever took place.

In essence, while well presented, the underlying Levin framework against President Obama is based on multiple Fake News reports of wire tapping that is non existent.



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209 Responses to Mark Levin Discusses Wire Tapping that James Clapper Denies Ever Existed…

  1. Joe Dan's cousin says:

    Sundance is just going to
    let us go until someone
    Guessed what he is
    Through en out there

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  2. MIKE says:

    Publish the FISA requests. The first request in June specified Candidate Trump by name, and was denied. The second request was “narrowed”, which I think was simply eliminating Candidate Trumps’ name from the warrant details. Regardless, who or why would get a wire tapp approved and then not use it? Everyone knew that the administration at the time had a heart on to find a way to torch OUR NEW PRESIDENT

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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      The Dems and UniParty know he has it. It is an ace up his sleeve to use if needed. He is calling their bluff or bs right now. All in due time.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      Unfortunately we have zero proof that the FISA warrants were ever requested or granted to DoJ. Please Show me a link that verifies the FISA warrant was granted and used.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Ah – and if FISA warrants were never requested or granted, then was surveillance conducted without warrant?

        In other words, entirely illegal?

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        • Paco Loco says:

          Exactamente. Show us the FISA warrant. If one was never granted, who authorized the tap on the TrumpTower server? Who ordered the taps on the Whitehouse in January that captured the calls with Mex and Oz ? Flynn was taped because the call was to the Russian ambassador. POTUS was taped doing regular business. That’s the real scandal.

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          • kimosaabe says:

            What your asking is essentially the same thing as we have been asking those “17 intelligence agencies”. Show us the damn proof that confirm your claims Trump was involved in a vast Russian conspiracy.


  3. Texmom says:

    And now Comey is begging the Justice Dept. to say there was no wiretapping, to cover himself. WHY is this guy still there and what dangerous game is he playing???

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  4. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Levin is just trying to up his failing ‘NYTimes’ like numbers.

    He’s a #NeverTrumper.

    He’s done great damage to his franchise and he knows it.

    All “Old Yeller’ is doing is a little yelling, “Hey, it’s me. Over here, ‘The Great One’, remember me?”

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  5. anthohmy says:

    I saw a long Levin post quoted on Reddit yesterday, which looked, exactly like a plagiarized Sundance post a couple of days before, systematically laying out the wiretapping the NYT and other Obama surrogates reported on. Reminded me of Chuck.

    Also the kids (?) on reddit have been up in arms about a 3 Billion dollar slush fund the DOJ had via the not-enough-as-it-was fines Warren was all up in arms about. But I’ve been thinking about it. What about all the money the banks paid back, $400 + billion Where did that get reallocated to?

    And that TARP money that rolled over year after year, wasn’t that like a multi-trillion dollar slush fund(s).? I was reading a Hillary email after Les sent me off on a couple of day run down that rabbit hole again and noticed she was arranging a “1.5 billion package” for Libya as it fell apart, like they didn’t have their own money. I got to wondering how that happens, Hillary just gives away packages of billions of dollars?

    Does Bill help facilitate any of that?

    Is there a commission involved?

    Do we get a list of everything the State or other Departments spent?

    No wonder they are freaking out.

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    • anthohmy says:

      Confession: I often paraphrase Sundance in casual conversations (aka not on national television ) without attributing the Treehouse because I am trying the 95% left wing brigade on my Facebook feed understand what is going on and if I use the word “Conservative” in a post, it will be like throwing pepper spray in their eyes. The goal is to try to calm things down over there…

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    • starfcker says:

      Anthohmy, chuck was plagerizing pretty hard. If I remember correctly Sundance talked to him directly and he sort of weaseled out of it, and just continued doing it. Haven’t heard him mentioned in a long time.


  6. dbobway says:

    How do you defend wrong doing?

    Change the subject.

    I’m ready to win one of these.

    Is that possible?


  7. milktrader says:

    The Comey news is puzzling. Damn I need a defogger.

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  8. jjan67 says:

    I trust President Trump.
    I do not believe for a minute that he based his tweets on Levins proof.
    Trump has a 100% track record of knowing how to play the media.
    Everything so far is speculation.
    When the answer comes it will be something unexpected and absolutely correct.

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    • Marc says:

      Fox News is parroting the other news networks and casting the blame on Breitbart(with a pic of Steve Bannon overlayed on screen) and claiming Trump is tweeting from an unreliable source. The totally ignore that HeatSt, The Guardian, the NYT, and others have been saying this for months. This is pure Uniparty distortion.

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  9. Minnie says:

    Right now, Fox quoting NYT (right??) – FBI director asks DOJ to reject Pres. Trump’s wiretapping claim.
    Since my head is swimming, is this Comey asking DOJ to deny or affirm the claim? I don’t trust any of them.

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  10. Howie says:

    They had to wire Trump to do due diligence on the John McCain report to James Comey about Trump hiring hookers to pee on the bed Obama slept in.

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  11. litlbit2 says:

    Trump sits back a lets the current DOJ and others go all in.
    Since there are so many involved it will be very easy to go at it again from different angles. Why rush then get’m all.
    Go President Trump and the Trump cabinet, we got your back. OUR President Trump!

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  12. Howie says:

    Kookie Komey. What a kook.

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  13. TwoLaine says:

    Eff ML. I’m not watching anything with him in it. He’s old Smelly as far as I’m concerned. He’s just trying to be relevant again and taking credit for something not of his making. BOO! Faux just keeps going lower and lower. The hired creep ms. Harf-Wit, had on Cheeto-Face Looney-Tune Beck, Russian Limbaugh, and now Old Smeller. I forgot the RedState a-ole, and any others traitors I may have missed.


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  14. Ziiggii says:

    LOL not fair SD….. 😂 not fair!

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  15. Obama's boyfriend says:

    Sorry the author lets his hatred of Levin block the obvious truth of what Levin presented. Shame on you sir.


    • Marc says:

      Levin is only now crawled out of his hole to shill his book and new pay to watch tv network, CRTV. Levin knows to say the right words to pull the audience in but he won’t be loyal to the MAGA agenda. Michelle Malkin is his lackey and she’s doing the same thing today yet 9 months ago she was basically NeverTrump.

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  16. Ghostrider says:

    I believe Levin. He is fired up. I actually like what he did Thursday night and today on Fox & Friends. He is calling the media’s bluff and calling them out. He is not acting like a radio host; more like a former chief of staff of an AG , which he was. He knows how the game is played in DC. From what I see, only Rush and Mark have spoken out against the media for the lies they have been telling about Trump. But, his angle here is, if the NYT, Wash Post, and McClatchy printed it publically, and it says right in their reports Trump was wiretapped, then hold them accountable to what they are reporting by going after the Left’s Big Dog: Obama.

    Putting Obama on the hot seat is a brilliant move. The left was never expecting it. Trump has just set a message back to the Progressive Persians….THIS IS SPARTA!

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  17. Political Reviewer says:

    So. Are we placing any bets yet on who will be the first person to be Arkancided?

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  18. UKExpat says:

    Adolph Hitler left no FINGERPRINTS anywhere on the Genocide of the JEWS but does anybody seriously doubt that he was to blame – of course not because he and his NAZIS created the atmosphere where it was possible and DESIRABLE and then his NAZIS , and many THOUSANDS of ‘Normal’ Germans too, did the deeds . Similarly OBOZO and the DemoncRATS created the feverish ‘The RUSSKIES are coming’ atmosphere and his Political ACTIVISTS and ideological DemoncRATS EMBEDDED across all the alphabet organs of Govt did the rest.


  19. Ejay says:

    Video of Levin is removed!


  20. kimosaabe says:


  21. Ton Ganski says:

    Levin also assumes that if there were justification for spying on Trump, that Obama would have known “unless he’s Helen Keller” (Ms Keller could wrangle Levin into a logical corner with little or no effort). A primary reason for the FISA process is in existence is to keep the PresidentI out of the investigative loop. If there was enough on which to call in all those agencies and involve to FISA process, it would only have gotten to the President of there were train to believe it was a problem. To conflate the personal involvement of the President with the FISA process or other due process is to either be ignorant of how this works, it to purposely gin up more hatred of Obama. in not sure which it is with Levin given he had proven both in the past – hell, he makes a living doing it.


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