House Speaker Paul Ryan Admits ObamaCare Repeal and Replace Bill Currently Being Written…

During an interview with Fox News Brett Baier, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan explains [06:00 portion] how the ObamaCare replacement bill is currently being written:


Staying out of the weeds – why this is important. Inherent within this Ryan outline is the admission there was never a replacement bill for Obamacare before today.

Why is that important?

the-big-club-2Because the admission proves that prior to President Trump there was no ACTUAL republican intention, an actual legislative position, to remove Obamacare.

Oh yeah, and it also proves Ryan lied to Hannity when he said the bill was currently being scored by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Huh, funny that.

Again, this evidences what we previously outlined when we said to repeal ObamaCare you must first remove The Big Club.

The Big Club, lobbyists and bureaucrats, actually write the legislation. The politicians simply sell the legislative constructs written by Lobbyists who are part of the Big Club.

The Big Club didn’t expect to lose the 2016 presidential election; either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton would have maintained the legislative priorities of the Big Club. Now, as a specific outcome of Trump winning, Paul Ryan is actually having to create/write legislation that is necessary only because President Trump is looming over his shoulder.

Donald Trump suit

trump suit 2

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179 Responses to House Speaker Paul Ryan Admits ObamaCare Repeal and Replace Bill Currently Being Written…

  1. Rip Tide says:

    Another problem that has not been mentioned that increases healthcare costs are lawsuits. We really need tort reform hugely! Although because that involves lawyers, and many congressmen are lawyers, I doubt whether they will change something for the better, that would hurt their fellow lawyers.

    Also, it would be nice if they all had to have the same plans that we have access to, instead of “special” government plans. They need to FEEL our PAIN!!

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    • Christian Kat says:

      No tort reform. Companies need to be held accountable. If you are for less regulation it is the best way to impact for good behavior. If you limit their liability to say 1M, then what is to keep them from becoming like the auto makers in the 70’s? Our mind set that companies shouldn’t “fail” is tantamount to participation trophies. Think about training a child if you could never punish beyond “you can’t have two cookies, only one.” This is why we have bad companies still doing bad things. This mentality is why we have snowflake generation because they are protected from reality. Actions have consequences. If you want to allow companies to be able to argue “intent” to mitigate the settlements, different story. Putting responsibility where it belongs would have saved us from the Banking mess we have now. Failure is one of the best learning tools. It provides incentive, promotes innovation, builds character and is one of the pillars of our Republic.

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    • tw says:

      I used to think tort reform and med-mal were a big issue. But growing older and being around medical doctors, I have really come to the conclusion that in the ‘medical industry’ the doctors and the doctors bar, as it were, does not do a good job of policing the bad doctors. In fact, the only mechanism that is policing and forcing out the bad doctors is the medical insurance industry and the tort bar. If you get enough ‘sealed’ settlements against you, only the insurance companies via the claims data, is the one whom basically telegraphs that the guy (or women) is a hack, when he attempts to change states and move his practice.

      I do think a change that could be made, to lower medical costs and improve results, is to allow a doctor to be more entrepreneurial. Right now, every Dr is treated like a potential criminal, if they ever owned an interest in for example, a medical lab in which a test was ordered. But, heck what do I know, I’m sure you can’t find example of abuse there too. To be sure, the entire third party payer scheme has so jacked up and deformed what could have been viewed as a competitive marketplace for healthcare, maybe it’s just FUBAR.

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  2. Gail says:

    I don’t want to have to buy something I don’t want to buy. I pay for my healthcare, not disease management, which is what the current conventional medical care is. I pay out of pocket and use preventive approaches.

    Repeal. No individual mandate.

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    • mike says:

      …especially if you have a serious illness that you have to pay cash anyway because the insurance companies won’t agree to the preferred treatment.

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  3. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    There is nothing in The Constitution that authorizes the federal government to dictate the purchase of any private product. Just repeal obamacare and allow the private industry to return.

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    • soozword says:

      Agree on principle but not on political reality. When both the executive AND the legislative branches seem committed to a replacement plan, I think a purely market-driven approach seems remote. There will likely be something enacted which will be anywhere in the range of a socialist Obamacare-lite (Ryan) version to a more market-driven or market-lite one (Trump/Price) with all sorts of in-between possibilities (Paul?).

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      • Shirley32 says:

        It’s about time the do nothings start to do what they were elected for. Enough of this BS. I guess you just have to be a good liar to be elected. Sure looks that way.

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      • mike says:

        Medicaid should be totally generic 2 cent pills. If you want Cadillac care, gotta pay somehow – cash or useful insurance. This is reality for most of the world.

        Socialized, la dolce vida Europe avoided this hard truth and is going extinct on the dole.

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        • mike says:

          PS: good care doesn’t have to be expensive. We mostly 1 – 5 cent pills, only some $1 pills for serious illnesses treated better.


    • Especially when many of us use chiropractors and acupuncture and massage and other non-medical pharmaceutical means for healing. Why should we pay for sick care that we don’t believe in? Why should we pay for drugs that are nothing but imitations of what you can buy at a health food store? I don’t have medical insurance when I am in USA and even when I am in Italy and am fully covered I don’t use their drugs much.

      Example, Metamucil is nothing but Psyllium seed and they charge $25, but the same thing I can buy at Sprouts or other health markets for $6 and you even get much more product! In fact, I think better quality too. In fact, it’s better since it doesn’t have any sugar added! Same thing with NAC (N-acetylcysteine) for colds and all around congestion. It’s the active ingredient in Flumacil. Flumacil is $35 at a pharmacy, for 30 day supply of 200 mg. But for $18 you can get an entire bottle at a healthfood store — same 200 mg that will last 6 months. The first thing I do when I need a perscription is look up the active ingredient and then find that ingredient in a healthfood store or online.

      But for things there are no equivalent for, I found a great pharmacy for those that need pharma prescriptions. The other day I got a quote from Walmart and Walgreens of $296 for a prescriptions I called a pharmacy in Phoenix and the same exact thing is only $45 for the same exact thing. They shipped to me in 2 days, cost for shipping: $6.

      1). MELROSE Pharmacy (Phoenix AZ)
      2). BlueSky Drugs, Canada

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  4. MASHALL says:

    He who controls the Lexicon, Controls the argument.

    Euphemisms further clouded by acronym “speak” enable FedGov to deceive millions.

    Mandate/Affordable to who?

    Health Care equals Health Insurance, No.

    Functional Insurance disregard pre-existing conditions?

    And of course the false argument that everyone will need acute health care services when they become old when millions die young or otherwise before they ever reach the hospital.

    The Cold hard Fact of Reality is approximately 90 die every day from US Highway accidents.

    Sad reality but we must force our lawmakers to deal with reality of life and not another “forced to buy” Insurance racket that they may never use.

    I side with Liberty.

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  5. MASHALL says:

    Illegal Aliens Healthcare?

    Stabilize and Deport.

    Not a Single American Citizen should be forced to fund the staggering monetary burden these Illegal Aliens are being allowed to force on our altruistic medical system. Imagine how many American citizens wait in line for Cancer treatments and Surgery and even Organ transplants behind these Illegal Aliens.

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    • Jen MG says:

      Spot on. Add to that the catastrophic costs of overuse and abuse of the emergency rooms across america. You have people new to this country who don’t understand the system or simply don’t care running to the ER for every ache, pain, sniffle, sore throat, headache, etc. It’s a huge burden to state medicaid setups. Believe me, I work on that end and see it every day. Adding insult to injury is that those on these welfare state insurances (Mass Health for example) pay no copayment on ER visits so there is no incentive for them not to use the ER for their primary care.

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    • But it’s worse than that. Why should any citizen be forced to fund the healthcare of any other citizen? At the heart of this is not Obamacare, it’s really a Takings – of my liberty and my choices. The tax stays in place under ANY “replacement”. I’d bet the farm on that one. It stays because the Republicans LOVE BIG TAXES because they LOVE BIG SPENDING.

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  6. I have written my Representative twice regarding Obamacare…in the last two weeks! If necessary, I will visit his local office in person to speak with a staff member. I do not want any replacement for a federal entitlement which, like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the oft-ignored HUD, is destructive of personal liberty and property rights. Hey! Call me crazy! I’m an American, and I don’t want government involved in anything except the military and building roads and bridges.

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  7. Ryan is owned by the Bushes and Romney who is owned by the Bushes. Nothing Obama does happens without approval of father Bush and Clintons. Of course they are not the top of the food chain, but certainly they are the top of the VISIBLE part of the food chain. Ryan is caught between two factions: his owners and his new boss We the People Trump. IMO THIS is what he was referring to, although he wouldn’t dare say it, when he said how “torn he is” about supporting Trump.

    Read between the lines.

    A small town Wisconsin boy who got in way way WAY over his head accepting bribes, dirty drug, arms human trafficking money we all know comes from keeping that Southern border open. He’s between a rock and a hard place, at least in his own mind. I have no doubt his handlers and owners gave him the go ahead to play along with Trump, even though behind the scenes he knows beyond all reason that the enemies — his owners and handlers — have evil intentions for Trump. THIS is why Ryan’s sudden willingness to “work with Trump” is coming from. As though they have assured him they will somehow remove or get rid of Trump anyway “so go ahead and play along, just don’t go too far.”

    I totally believe every politician is spied on and filmed and recorded some secret or indiscretion they are kept in check through blackmail upon rising in the ranks. Perhaps it was the dirty money or just being indebted to them for their contributions.

    He is NOT on board with Trump wholeheartedly. Even if he wanted to, he cannot, he’s OWNED, BOUGHT AND PAID FOR.

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  8. J says:

    Democrats passed Obamacare. Not a single Republican voted for it. So far so good. Americans do not want Government controlled healthcare. Now Republicans are in charge. They offer Government controlled healthcare. Typical. In Wash, DC., Progressives always win. BTW, I’m 65. Next year I’m eligible for Gov’t controlled healthcare, ‘Medicare’. Take it away. I’ve taken care of myself since I was 16. I paid into Medicare for almost 50 years. SS too. I considered those payments to be forced charitable contributions, though I don’t deduct them from my 10% offering to God. I am not a rich man, but if I need help, I’ll ask for it. Take your Gov’t charity (entitlements) and stick it. Americans have always taken care of each other. Government doesn’t do charity. They sell it that way. But…it always ends up as ‘entitlement’. That’s the way to destroy a society. Is it too late to burn Wash, DC to the ground, and salt the land?


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