Nigel Farage Highlights Europe’s Ruling Class Disconnect With EU Voters – European Parliament, Strasbourg…

European Parliament, Strasbourg, 14 February 2017 – Nigel Farage highlights the disconnect between the ruling class and the disenfranchised voting electorate:

[Transcript] I feel like I’m attending a meeting of a religious sect here this morning, it’s as if the global revolution of 2016; Brexit, Trump, the Italian rejection of the referendum has completely bypassed you.

You can’t face up to the fact that this bandwagon is going to roll across Europe in these elections in 2017. A lot of citizens now recognize this form of centralized government simply doesn’t work. Whether it’s the miseries inflicted upon a country like Greece by the euro, the unemployment caused by bad regulation or the feeling that none of us are as safe in our cities because of the disastrous Common Asylum Policy.

But at the heart of it is a fundamental point, Mr Verhofstadt this morning said that people want more Europe; they don’t, the people want less Europe. And we see this again and again when people have referendums and they reject aspects of EU membership.

But something more fundamental is going on out there. Yes you can say they’re lying, and I have no doubt that many of you here when you hear what I have to say will probably despise your own voters.

Because just last week, Chatham House, the reputable group, published a massive survey from ten European member states and only twenty percent of people want immigration from Muslim countries to continue. Just twenty percent want us to keep on allowing people in from Muslim countries, which means your voters have a harder line position on this than Donald Trump, or myself or frankly any party sitting in this Parliament and that is where we’re going.

♦ All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped?


♦ Agree 71%
♦ Disagree 9%

♦ Agree 64%
♦ Disagree 12%

♦ Agree 47%
♦ Disagree 23%

♦ Agree 65%
♦ Disagree 18%

♦ Agree 51%
♦ Disagree 23%

♦ Agree 61%
♦ Disagree 16%

♦ Agree 41%
♦ Disagree 32%

♦ Agree 58%
♦ Disagree 20%

♦ Agree 53%
♦ Disagree 19%

♦ Agree 64%
♦ Disagree 13%

♦ Agree 55%
♦ Disagree 20%

And I simply cannot believe that you’re blind to the fact that even Mrs Merkel has now made a U-turn and wants to send people back. Even Mr Schulz thinks that it’s a good idea, the fact is the European Union has no future at all in its current form and I suspect you’re in for as bigger shock in 2017 as you were in 2016.


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54 Responses to Nigel Farage Highlights Europe’s Ruling Class Disconnect With EU Voters – European Parliament, Strasbourg…

  1. Sandra says:

    Who is the bozo sitting behind Farage? He’s the guy who held up a sign in an earlier video, right? He just refuses to get it. These a-holes in their positions of power don’t give a crap what the citizens want. Oh please let the citizens of each European country reject the EU! Put the a-holes out of their jobs.

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    • Sandra says:

      I think it’s James Carver, UKIP MEP.


    • Michael says:

      Never mind that one. Look at the scoundrel behind no. 21. That’s Frans Timmermans, a Dutch socialist (of course), and a lunatic globalist who is of the opinion that Europe should STEP UP immigration from muslim countries. The sad thing is, Timmermans is First Vice President of the European Commission.

      They say that you got to know your enemies if you want to win the war. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, get to know one particular enemy: Frans Timmermans. And you shouldn’t be fooled by an earlier admission of this creep that “most immigrants have only economical reasons for migration”. It won’t stop him of letting them in.

      It’s curious that his creature hails from The Netherlands, famous for the story of the boy who averted disaster by keeping his finger on a tiny hole in the dyke. Timmermans is one who would blast that tiny hole wide open.

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      • Sandra says:

        Thanks for the extra info. These EU threads make me realize how woefully ignorant I am about European politics. This will be my year to learn just like last year was my year to learn about the swamp here in the US. 🙂

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  2. Tee says:

    Farage and Trump remind me of Churchill and Patton, and the stakes today are about the same as in WWII.

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    God bless Nigel Farage! He has the balls to stand up to them and tell them what is so obvious and to get their heads out of the sand. Will they? Absolutely not but at least they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

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  4. shirley49 says:

    I wonder if Farage could be Trumps communication advisor. He would be great.

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  5. BobBoxBody says:

    Love listening to Farage speak. He’s able to be both articulate and scathing at the same time, while still having a biting edge of humor on his regular dressdowns to the EU.

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  6. barton2016 says:

    haha. they look pissed.

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    • DebbieUK says:

      But it doesn’t matter what he says to them they just don’t get it .Its like they don’t care about being publicly humiliated.
      I think the EU gravy train is so huge ,they even have their own private shopping malls. So as long as the money keeps rolling they really don’t give a damn.

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      • decisiontime16 says:


        What stood behind Germany’s “Refugees Welcome” policy in 2015? To what extent was it driven by values and by the desire to change the country’s population dynamics in order to have more young and skilled workforce? Has the policy paid for itself?

        Behind Germany´s (and the whole Western Europe´s) policies stand the irrational ideologies of multiculturalism, of Europeanism, of humanrightism supplemented by plans to create a new European society and a new European man. The European political elites consider the migrants a perfect instrument for it, for liquidating the European society as we know it.
        Demographic problems or labour-force problems are irrelevant in this respect.

        Why do Western European societies choose to downplay connection between migration and rise in Islamic radicalism. Where will this lead Europe?

        “European societies” didn´t do this. It was done by European elites, by the European political establishment. Ordinary people would never do such a mistake.European political elites are more interested in dismantling nation-states in Europe than in fighting terrorism. Mass migration, not terrorism, will destroy Europe.

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      • Ace says:

        They get it.
        They want hordes of military age male muslims in your neighborhoods…
        But not their gated communties.

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        • Tee says:

          Elite Globalists, “Please leave your borders wide open to invading hordes and in the meantime spend your lifeblood on a proxy war w/ russia”, “trust us!” “It will be good for business”


      • jeans2nd says:

        Debbie – read yesterday that you British are terrified of new journalism rules being proposed by Parliment and are begging for return to the jurisdiction of the EU. We call this Fake News here in the Colonies. Enjoy the laugh.

        Journalists who publish leaked information will be jailed under new Tory legislation
        FTA “One can only surmise that our impending exit from the jurisdiction of the CJEU will mean that any protection afforded by the judgement will be short lived, if it ever materialises at all.”


      • Beverly says:

        They are the Piggies.

        Alas, the Piggies are always with us.


    • more like somebody farted but no one is rude enough to admit it

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    • Dixie says:

      If it rained in that chamber, all of them would drown.

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  7. Bob says:

    Listen closely to the German reps response. When you think about it, it’s the under lying reason that the Dems and the left in general are going nuts. One World Governance, pure and simple. Unfortunately the Republicans won’t admit it.

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  8. alliwantissometruth says:

    It’s the elitist political class. It’s not that they don’t get it, they do, but they just don’t care, because they actually believe they own their perspective countries. They actually believe they alone are entitled to decide which direction everything goes

    Just as in America, where we fled a tyrannic oligarchy to form a government by the people, our government today has returned to a sense of nobility, where they, “our betters”, rule over us peasants

    Screw every one of them. These aristocrats need a serious beat down to show them they’re nothing but peasants too, elected to watch over our interests

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  9. Seems to me he’s getting more applause than in earlier videos.

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  10. Pam says:

    Farage, like President Trump, doesn’t care if he steps on a few people’s toes. He tells the truth without apology. Great man!

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  11. bob says:

    What can we do to help the European people? PS. The survey included Muslims. You take them out of the equation and we are looking more at 65/15

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  12. kinthenorthwest says:

    Someone posted this but with no reference—yes/no or ???
    “Obama’s ambassador to Russia was in Russia a month before Obama was elected in 2008 talking with Russian officials.”


    • Dixie says:

      I didn’t see that comment, but obama himself was making the rounds of foreign countries prior to being elected. It was in the comments in Sundance’s post about his take on Flynn and was regarding the Logan act.

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Not on here–it was on another site..So I was trying to figure it out..
        Still searching.
        I remember his concert in Germany? LOL


  13. Ambassador Beyrle was nominated by President George W. Bush on May 13, 2008 to be the United States Ambassador to the Russian Federation, and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on June 27. He continued as Obama’s ambassador until 2011.


  14. If I had a British flag, I would be waving it right now.

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  15. kinthenorthwest says:

    In 2008, i just could not figure out how a man with a Muslim type name could get elected as President, just 7 short years after 911.
    However, 2008 was the year I really woke up. I woke up to the corruption of what was happening in DC and with our political parties. I also woke up as how the Internet can be manipulated in so many ways. Can’t tell you how many sites i personally saw get white washed overnight( Wright & the black panthers were two I distinctly remember). Then there were the sites getting eaten up by viruses-the host of many of FOX news shows had to take down their sites more than once.
    Honestly, I don’t think that what is happening to America and the world just started in the last 8 years or decade. I think that this globalist mentality with a Muslim slant has been in the works for several decades. The globalist people needed to have the right people in the right places being listened to & trusted in order to get this far..
    Right now I leave all in the hands of the Lord…For it does seem that we have some good people really trying to turn it around before it it way too late.

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  16. hugofitch1 says:

    Nigel Farage is THE most charismatic politician on the world stage today. The fact that he’s right is a big relief for our side. As PM, he would make the UK great again.

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  17. Major Styles says:

    The Gloabists holding onto their power…praying that Europe will remain in the sodomized cuckoldry position.


  18. cyn3wulf says:

    “…the fact is the European Union has no future at all in its current form and I suspect you’re in for as bigger shock in 2017 as you were in 2016.”

    Make it so.

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  19. MaineCoon says:

    His message has been on point for years. Now he includes Trump’s concurring message with his. It resinates with Brexites et al.


  20. silverlakela says:

    Inside The Secret Campaign To Oust Flynn

    “The Obama administration knew that Flynn was going to release the secret documents around the Iran deal, which would blow up their myth that it was a good deal…they all knew their little sacred agreement with Iran was going to go off the books. So they got rid of Flynn before any of the [secret] agreements even surfaced.”


  21. UKExpat says:

    The EU Numpties and the UK REMAINIACS and their LEFTARD supporters word wide keep trying to pass off FAKE NEWS such as ‘The EU will expel all the UK Nationals in the EU when BREXIT happens’ Oh no they WONT because there are FAR MORE EU nationals in the UK than there are Brits in the EU. The other big SCARE STORY they are trying to foist on the British public and the world is ‘The EU will cutt off all Trade with UK after BREXIT or make it far too expensive to process’ Oh no they WONT the EU exports FAR MORE to the UK than the UK exports to Europe so they would be cutting off their noses to spite their faces and the EU is already in FINANCIAL CRISIS. LEFTARDS and their MEDIA all over the world over are trying their best to destabilize BREXIT and TRUMP too but they will not succeed because the PEOPLE have seen through their FAKE NEWS BS.


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