Sunday Talks – Kellyanne Conway vs Chris Wallace

The Sunday talk circuit is full of praetorian-guard-like propaganda. Today Fox News chief swamp-guide Chris Wallace was full of his customary misinformation and UniParty talking points as he interviewed Kellyanne Conway.

Chris Wallace Uses Manufactured Statistics to hide the falsity of his argument.  Wallace compares ALL refugees for his religious statistics; which includes the tens of thousands of (Unaccompanied Alien Children) South American refugees Obama allowed via his open border policy.

Regarding Mid-East Syrian Refugees:

The Obama administration resettled 13,210 Syrian refugees into the United States in 2016 — an increase of 675 percent over the same period in 2015. Of those, 13,100 (99.1 percent) were Muslims [12,966 Sunnis, 24 Shi’a, and 110 other Muslims] and 77 (0.5 percent) are Christians. Another 24 (0.18 percent) are Yazidis. (link)

  • 2016 Muslim refugees from Syria 13,100  (99.1%)
  • 2016 Christian refugees from Syria 77  (0.5%)
  • 2016 Yazidi refugees from Syria 21   (.018%)

*Note* The Christian population of Syria is 10%
*Note* U.S. Refugee Admission Statistics Link Here

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107 Responses to Sunday Talks – Kellyanne Conway vs Chris Wallace

  1. Howie says:

    Spot Cris Wallace. Win a prize.

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  2. tempo150101 says:

    And we aren’t talking about just any Christian communities here. We are talking about some of the oldest Christian communities, dating back to the beginnings of Christendom.

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  3. Fe says:

    KAC slapped swamp master around pretty good. Wallace is insufferable.

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    • seeingeye2 says:

      I thought he looked like he was in shock. I know I was!!

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Finally non-stop b*slap w/o interruption! On point. Indefensible Wally.

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    • LCSmom says:

      Did he just give in at the end? Wow. She was amazing. Both KAC and Priebus were excellent today. And the media was working off the same talking points again.

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      • screwauger says:

        That was a smirk of him holding back his thought that she had placed the tin foil hat on. He thinks he let her embarrass herself but, that’s why he is a shill for leftisit’s.


      • JMC says:

        I think he did give in. I think he was in as much admiration of her as we were and like us was totally awestruck. He seemed to be smiling.

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        • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

          I admired her performance. I don’t think Wallace as much admired her as he was in fear like Mattis’s bear…He took her advice towards the end and listened (lest he metaphorically get strangled by his own tongue by KAC.) I listened to her at the end and all I could muster was “DAMN” in exclamation and a deep sigh…

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    • Robie Catt says:

      The president is privy to national security intelligence.

      We are one week out from the Super Bowl. This action may be preventing some serious terrorist planning and activity. Think people, think.

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  4. I can’t bear to watch. I await the reviews of my fellow Treepers

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  5. RedBallExpress says:

    The MSM is predictable and vulnerable to a nonconformist like Trump.

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  6. gettherejustassoon says:

    Questioning, honest questioning I don’t mind at all. Indeed, I welcome it and the opportunity to be informed and learn. However, this adversarial stance, as exemplified by Wallace, that many in the media has is most annoying and unwelcome.

    I believe many others have well had it with the MSM and are hopeful that this administrations stand strong and tall against them after the manner of Kellyanne Conway.

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  7. What the media is doing right now is criminal. They are lying through their teeth and intentionally trying to stir up riot mobs with their false propaganda.

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  8. Burnt Toast says:

    Of 13,210 Syrian refugees into the United States in 2016, 12,966 were Sunnis.

    I had to look it up, Wiki says 74% of Syrians are Sunni.
    These are not refugees.

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    • Sentient says:

      They could be refugees. Some are targeted by isis for not fully aligning with isis or for being “hypocrites” (insufficiently warlike). Others have been collateral damage in Assad’s counter insurgency. Still, the Sunni jihadis started the war, have been funded by the US and Gulf States. Sunni refugees can go to Arabia or the Gulf States.

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      • Deb says:

        We should take the billions spent on their care, give it to Suadi Arabia and tell them to take in the refugees. No refugees, we don’t buy their oil.


        • bertdilbert says:

          Saudi probably funded the war and is responsible for the refugees (along with the US doing their bidding). Why should we pay them anything? We do not need Saudi oil.

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  9. Sentient says:

    Thanks for the numerical context, Sundance. Numbers matter to understanding the situation. I hope Trump administration staff continue to use detailed numbers to provide context, as well as detailed history of similar actions taken by Obama and Jimmy Carter. Most journalists are innumerate and will be exposed as idiots when presented with actual math.

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    • I rewatched Chris Wallace and how he set up his statistics: liar, liar, pants on fire. Trump was talking about Middle East refugees and how we haven’t been prioritizing Christians and CW used a inapt statistic. And it’s no accident – they had the Trump clip AND they had the non applicable statistic……AND they had the correct statistic.

      FNC intended to falsely claim Trump lied in the piece. INTENDED. No accident. No ‘this is where the answers led to’. A simple attempt to call Trump a liar, even though he wasn’t lying, it was the FNC staff. Sorry, FNC, but that’s cousin to Dan Rather’s behavior.

      Hard to believe that FNC is the enemy of a Republican WH. But Trump is not ‘any Republican’ and FNC isn’t a friend to populism. I only watch Red Eye, Tucker and Maria on Sunday now so Tucker is going over the side – I’ll catch clips on the internet. You try to take down a President, like FNC and the media are, you get punished.

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  10. ladypenquin says:

    I am convinced that Barack Obama hated the United States of America and that’s why he was only letting Muslims in…

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  11. feralcatsblog says:

    The few Christians that Obama let in may well have gotten in by saying they were muslims in order to not be murdered by the muslims they were traveling with.

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    • kallibella says:

      Agree. I don’t believe that they were admitted, IF and only IF in effect they were admitted, in the numbers Chris’ chart says. I don’t believe ANYTHING the MSM or any liberal non profit or any so-called non partisan organization puts out.
      They have lost credibility, especially since it is obvious that the chart is meant to favor obama and to slam President Trump.

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      • Chris’ chart is a red herring (doesn’t apply) even as FNC HAD the correct statistic, that would back up Trump. So this was a set up to call Trump a liar……..using a bad statistic.

        So your instincts are correct. If this were my organization, somebody is getting fired. You don’t call the President a liar unless you have a case. And if you build your case on a bad statistic when the applicable statistic is readily available, when the target is the President…….somebody needs to be fired at FNC. Don’t know if it’s Wallace or his producer but one of them knew exactly what they were doing.

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        • kallibella says:

          Agree. But I submit they are doing it with intentionality because President Trump and Bannon called them out due to their extreme fake news proclivities. They also attribute to President Trump words he didn’t speak; in the Hannity interview President Trump said not all in the media are liars. He made a point to say that there are exceptions. Unless Chris Wallace feels alluded to, then President Trump was not directing his criticism at CW.

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        • nimrodman says:

          Mumu Bobby said “… someone needs to be fired at FNC”

          Suggest your email your complaint and very sound reasoning with examples to

          You’ve done a very good job on focusing in on their blatant use of the false statistic and they should hear about it.

          You might also ask if they have an ombudsman you can direct your correspondence to and, if not, why not?

          “Fox News confirmed for me that they do not currently have an ombudsman. My request for who heads their internal standards and practices was not answered. In response to my question about public journalistic standards, the spokeswoman wrote in an email: “Not sure what you’re referring to in terms of a ‘public statement’ about journalistic standards that we follow daily as a news organization …”

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  12. kallibella says:

    Kellyanne Conway is just awesome at handling the fake news MSM!!!!
    Chris Wallace displayed himself like an entitled liberal who thinks his job is so much better just because he is in the MSM. Kellyanne reminded him that with the constitutional protection the media enjoy comes responsibility. She shut his mouth and he looked like a foolish and childish man!

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  13. Angus says:

    Chris Wallace is an Obama fan.


  14. Pam says:

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  15. Guy Bee says:

    CW asked some great questions. But his editorialization is swamp fever. Fortunately, he let KAC roll the last 3 minutes of the segment and she did a spectacular job of laying out the efficacy of the Trump agenda. CW has many loose facts and opinions. It is time to shore up the media. It is one thing to protect the 1st amendment. Free speech and the right to personal opinions is foundational. What is NOT foundational is the right to lie and call it fact. There should be a price to pay for outright lying. The only defense is limiting access. Reward the truthtellers and isolate the liars.

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  16. jstanley01 says:

    It is standard operating procedure before state visits for the heads of state to negotiate beforehand. That’s all that’s happening here, the flames coming off of Chris Wallace’s hairdo notwithstanding.


  17. clash108 says:

    As Kellyanne points out, if it is a Muslim ban, why only 7 Muslim countries out of 53 are being banned?

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  18. JC says:

    CW: “Do you know how offensive that is…?”
    Chris, try to imagine how little we care. One of the most offensive entities out there – the MSM – and you want us to feel sorry for you offensive liars? Really?

    You then proceeded to point your finger at Kellyanne and tried to lecture her on just how insulting President Trump’s truth-telling is to you and your huge cadre of leftist boot-licking word-thugs. Yep, that’ll inspire trust and confidence in everyone, Chris. There are millions of us watching and listening. Duh. Suck eggs, man.

    Good job, Kellyanne.

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  19. freddy says:

    Was McCain or Grahmn or Rubio on anywhere today…I’m sure they could not waste a chance to bash Trump….

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  20. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    She brings up the $60 billion trade imbalance (in Mexico’s favor), and he counters with “Can we really afford to lose Mexico as a trade partner?”

    Uhhh… considering we’d be SAVING $60 billion a year? Si, se puede. $0 is more than -$60 billion.

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  21. fedback says:

    three minute closing monologue from Kellyanne on media failure and dishonesty was quite epic

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  22. NJF says:

    Kellyann was beyond great today. So much so, by the end Chrissy seemed to just sit back in awe.

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  23. Marc says:

    I’m waiting for President Trump to stop trying to make nice with Fox. There’s no point because Murdoch is a globalist and wants open borders and “free trade” to rule. Trump is going against his financial interests so Murdoch’s puppets have to do as they’re instructed. Hannity will be as dim as can be, Dobbs will be prevented from delving to deep, Tucker will be pushed to do more arguing and less exposition, and Jessie will remain comic relief.

    Seems like RSBN is disappointing a lot of folks with the hiring of Youtube hoaxer Joey Salads. I just want real news coverage that goes in depth with topics instead of 2 minute soundbites in between commercials. There are enough opinionated talking heads on TV and radio as it is.

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    • TheseTruths says:

      What makes you think Pres. Trump is “trying to make nice with Fox”?


      • Marc says:

        On several occasions, he’s made nice tweets about Fox regarding their hosts and recently how well they did in their ratings. Pres. Trump is looking for an ally in the media with Fox News but it’s unlikely. They’re more negative towards him as President than they ever were before. Cavuto, Gasparino, Krauthammer, Shepherd Smith, and the entire weekend crew outside of primetime.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      Is Salads the guy w/ the beaky nose who offers a lot of ‘uhs’ when he speaks? If so, I couldn’t watch him for more than a minute. Really bad hire.

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  24. CheeseHead says:

    Miss Chrissy is still in shock from Nov 8th…

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    • TheseTruths says:

      Chris Wallace says Trump could be our next president, and the immediate laughter of whoever else was on that panel is exactly what Conway so eloquently talked about today.

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      • starfcker says:

        Chris interviewed Trump shortly after the August primary debate. He went on FNS and said, with his force of personality, he could get elected president. George will about soiled his diaper. I will look for the clip. (Kellyanne did blow him away)

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  25. Ono says:

    Wallace complains to Kelly that Steve Bannon say’s “The media has zero intelligence and zero integrity” is offensive to me”

    Chris…You just proved that statement as true!

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  26. Sentient says:

    The left – like Wallace – loves to bray on about follow-on effects of tariffs or a so-called “trade war”. They never present other related effects. If we tax imports from Mexico, some cars and some food may cost more in the US. So maybe Americans will buy more cars made in the US or food grown in the US. Then American companies and workers have more money to spend in the US, etc. I hate facile economic arguments falsely presented as the whole (sophisticated) truth.

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  27. mw says:

    Sundance, you are the absolute best. Thanks for always arming us with the facts. I’ve been reading your blog since the election. Your blog and the courtesy and knowledge of posters here, is the best on the internet, IMHO. Thanks for all you do for America. May God bless you abundantly!

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  28. The Recent Republican says:

    It might help if Muslims didn’t have so many internecine wars, each based upon the age-old Shia and Sunni conflict of “Mohammad loved us best.”

    They can all choke each other for all care. Bringing them here to turn their inbred ire upon the hated infidels is globalist policy of the worst kind. It’s the few Christians who get caught in the middle that should b saved.

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  29. Jeffrey Leyerle says:

    Chris Wallace and the MSM say protests are happening all across the country. Have there more protests besides the ones at LAX, SFO & JFK?


  30. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    13:10…Who has thin skin? The media sure don’t like being called out…14:28 CW mention of the first amendment – I don’t see how the press’s first amendment rights are being attacked. First amendment protects speech, it does NOT mean you have a right to not be offended… Dear lord, I hope I never tire of popcorn…

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  31. Mike diamond says:

    Chris Wallace????? Wonder if he is still on Hillary’s pay roll! I bet he is still writing Madonna love letters!


  32. katzkiner says:

    If team Trump announced they had found all the money lost/stolen in Iraq, Solendra, Greening the Ghetto, Shovel Ready Jobs, the Clinton State Department and every American taxpayer was going to get a $10,000 refund the Soros Rent-A-Mob protestors and Uniparty sleeze media would stampede to the nearest camera & mike to denounce Trump with outrage and fury.
    The media is like house training a stupid dog,
    you just have to keep sticking their nose in the poop.
    They are so afraid Trump is going to unleash an army of forensic accountants and began prosecutions with claw back proceedings they can’t sleep at night.
    There’s time.

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  33. Msher says:

    Question for anyone

    Media keeps talking about Trump offending our “ally” Mexico. Does anyone know of any way in which Mexico could be considered an “ally?” Seriously. I am not being facetious. What exactly do they do to help us? There used to be some sort of Americas defense treaty, the “Rio Treaty.” Mexico dropped out in 2004. We are neighbors and trading partners, but how “allies?” I’m not even referring to all the ways Mexico helps its citizens get money from U.S. taxpayers, or gives safe passage to illegals from Central America or gov’t officials take drug csrtel money or their border cops shoot at ours or how they kept imprisoned the American marine who accidentally crossed the border with rifles in his truck. Actually, I think Mexico should be classified as an enemy. But forgot all that. =On what is publically and officially true, why is Mexico referred to as an “ally?”

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  34. thesavvyinvester says:

    That last 2 minutes was epic. He will need Preparation H to deal with the butt-hurt, I disagree with him, she DID carve him a new one…

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  35. satmfs says:

    I just caught the last part of KAC’s beatdown of Wallass. He didn’t think she tore him a new one. She didn’t. She tore him two new ones. I hope he has nightmares about it.

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  36. Albaby says:

    KellyAnne killed it!!

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  37. Right out of the gate Wallace says “judges” as in plural when it was ONE judge. Just like when they would get ONE guy (clapper) and refer to him as “the intelligence community. KAC worked this chump over good.


  38. maiingankwe says:

    I have a question. So the 37,000 Christian refugees Wallace showed were mostly from Mexico and South America?

    I think Kelly Anne would have been in the right to have included Wallace and Fox News when it comes to deliberate misleading news/journalists. She could have easily have used the numbers that were presented and point out how Fox is misleading their viewers just like the rest of them. I know she is too much of a lady to do so, but she wouldn’t have been wrong.

    I would’ve taken great joy to have said something along the lines of, “Chris, do you and Fox realize only 98 Christians came from Syria in 2016, and the majority of the Christian refugees you had posted did not come from the Middle East!

    I’m thinking Kelly Anne did not have the numbers that were listed in the article above. Maybe we should send it their way for next time. I know she is too much of a lady to throw it in their face, however, Reince and Bannon have proved to be able to do otherwise. Let them have some fun. I understand this news will be too old by the time it is sent, I’m thinking to continuously send them information just in case for next time.

    It’s amazing how every time she calls the msm out, the interviewer ALWAYS claims their innocence, every single darn time.


  39. I was disappointed that KAC didn’t call out Wallace for his misleading statistics on Christian’s – she should have pointed out that President Trump was talking about refugees from Syria and that 99.1% of the refugees were Muslim and only 0.5% were Christian despite the fact that Christians represent 10% of the population and furthermore are at the greatest risk of getting their heads chopped off.

    KAC had a perfect opportunity to turn the tables on Wallace and to STRONGLY DENOUNCE Wallace for being deliberately misleading to his viewers but she let this slip. She needs to be better prepared before going on these Sunday shows or she should stay off the shows altogether.


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