Nikki Haley Confirmed as U.S. Ambassador To U.N. – McConnell and Cornyn Maintain GOPe Trickery…

Nikki Haley confirmed; gee, no surprise here.  Pay attention to the trend, it’s GOPe transparent.  UniParty defenders Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn are only working on confirmations for GOPe (UniParty) preferred candidates.

[…]  Haley, the governor of South Carolina and a rising GOP star, was approved with wide bipartisan support, 96-4. (link)

rubio haleynikki haley


The transparency within McConnell’s Machiavellian scheme is brutally obvious with Lisa Murkowski simultaneously slow-rolling Rick Perry for Energy Secretary.  Follow these Senatorial historic names folks, they are all entrenched operatives of the UniParty working earnestly in an almost predictable fashion.

Remember, it was only last year when Nikki Haley delivered the rebuttal speech to the President Obama State of the Union and castigated candidate Trump,  Don’t forget it was Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan who commissioned and approved of that rebuttal, then handed it to Haley to rehearse and deliver.

The enemy is NOT just Chuck Schumer, the real enemy is the entire UniParty apparatus which includes the GOPe swamp protection crew.  President Trump is an existential threat to the GOPe just as much as President Trump is an adversary to the visible democrats.   The GOPe just scheme it behind closed door.

[…]  The Senate Commerce Committee easily cleared businessman Wilbur Ross to be secretary of commerce and Elaine Chao to be secretary of transportation. The Senate Banking Committee cleared Dr. Ben Carson to be secretary of housing and urban development. (link)

But where’s their vote Mitch?

[…]  Aides in both parties were tight-lipped for hours about why Energy Committee Chairman Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and ranking Democrat Maria Cantwell of Washington called off the committee votes for energy secretary nominee Rick Perry and interior secretary Ryan Zinke. (link)

Oh, that would be Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who LOST her primary to a republican challenger Joe Miller in 2010 and yet she ran in the general election as a “write in” and returned to the swamp without losing any seniority or committee status.  Oh, sure McConnell and Cornyn said they would strip her of her committee position because she defied the will of the electorate – BUT THEY NEVER DID.

Does that pattern ring a bell?  It should, it repeated in 2014 when Senator Thad Cochran lost his primary to Chris McDaniel in Mississippi – and the same GOPe swamp leadership came to Cochran’s defense and assistance and paid Democrats to support the incumbent in a constructed and manipulated republican primary runoff.   The Swamp Dwellers have a history of protecting the swamp.

Oh, but Murkowski just had a ‘miscommunication‘ or something, right Mitch?

Those who do not learn from HISTORY – are doomed to repeat it.   We have been fighting these lying bastards for over ten consecutive years.  So many people just don’t understand how this Machiavellian crew operates.

Nothing is what it appears to be.

Everything these Swamp Creatures do is UniParty constructed political lies and schemes. All of it.  Every Bit.  Almost everything is exactly the opposite of what it appears to be.

It is so hard to teach people what’s really going on behind the scenes in the deep layers of the corporate funded swamp.  This is why so many people are falling for the DACA controversy.  Just like in all other instances, the professional political swamp protection committee are using their GOPe media agents and psy-ops very effectively – and people are falling for it…

trump-drain-the-swamp-2Look below the surfaceconfirmation-calendar-1(Graphic Credit)

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238 Responses to Nikki Haley Confirmed as U.S. Ambassador To U.N. – McConnell and Cornyn Maintain GOPe Trickery…

  1. wheatietoo says:

    I love it!

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  2. Shadrach says:

    I’m actually pretty impressed he got his two top priorities so quickly (Kelly and Mattis). He must have busted some heads. Then Brennan behaved so inexcusably that they had no choice but to push Pompeo. That and Trump’s brief at the CIA made the optics really bad.

    I was kinda guessing Haley was the tit for tat for those 3. But I don’t know much.

    If they have sense, they’ll do Mnuchin soon. And maybe Tillerson. If there’s a crisis at one of the agencies, and Congress is slow-rolling the appointment for that agency, imagine the consequences. It would be a $…storm. My guess is those two will be done soon because of the risk of that happening.

    We shall see. I also think Sessions and DeVos will be pretty late in the game. Maybe even last. Just my guesses, I’ll be watching and interested to see how it plays out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people interested in the political process or aware of who all these people are than we are seeing now. It’s actually pretty awesome.

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  3. lastinillinois says:

    Is this the true reason for the delay?
    They are putting together another treasonous amnesty bill?

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  4. Rachel says:

    “Those who do not learn from HISTORY – are doomed to repeat it. We have been fighting these lying bastards for over ten consecutive years. So many people just don’t understand how this Machiavellian crew operates”. This is such a profound statement.

    President Trump, I believe is aware of how the UniParty operates and who is a part of it. He will eventually drain the swamp of all of the Lawmakers who are trying to hold onto power, but for now, he must walk softly. He established a foundation of strength during the transition to POTUS, and I believe the UniParty is very afraid of him. They are trying to hold on, but eventually POTUS will get them…..HE IS A LION! He is shrewd, and I will always believe he is operating on the principals in his book, The Art of the Deal.

    Bannon is just as shrewd as POTUS. He is closer to him than the Chief of Staff (who is a part of the UniParty). Bannon has his back and will not let any snakes slither into the White House to do harm to our America First agenda.

    Nikki Haley is the queen of the UniParty and she will “try” to do their bidding, but will fail. She has to do what POTUS wants or she will be fired.

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    • I believe that Reince took a big red pill.

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      • Rachel says:

        At times, Reince does look lost. I think he thought he would be able to persuade President Trump to agree to the agenda of the UniParty. Guess he found out that POTUS is not playing games. He has been showing signs of loyalty, but I believe he is still in the back room dealing with the UniParty. I hope he will voluntarily step down as Chief of Staff after our First 100 Days.

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        • unconqueredone says:

          Perhaps that was the lion’s plan?


        • Benson II says:

          I’m probably wrong but I don’t see Reince as a true uni-party die hard. He had to work with them and support them which means he’s no promoter of conservative values but please show me anyone but Trump and very very few others who have been. We’ve all been sullied by the leftist take over whether by being uninformed or duped along the way in what we considered minor scuffles we let them win. Reince didn’t wait to see if Trump was going to be a winner he helped him become a winner at a crucial time. I think Trump was correct to give him a chance to see if he could continue to deliver.

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    • mztore says:

      Just hope she is out a job soon…..if and when we can get the U.S. our of the UN. You are right, she is not to be trusted.


  5. Paul Revere says:

    Somebody should do some home work and create a list of the actors holding up the wheels of progress in our House and Senate. We the people have spoken, they better damn well get on board! I want to know early so I can start the wheels of overthrow now for the vote that comes two years from now.
    It is absolutely shameful how these phony’s we elected are behaving. This movement is going to role right over them and the time is now to begin the process of removing the slime from our Capitol.
    Please, somebody who is in the know, publish a list!

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    • starfcker says:

      Here’s the list McConnell, Mitch (r) Kentucky. Cornyn, John (r) Texas. Your welcome.

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      • kowalski says:

        Don’t Forget. Donald has Mitch by the balls through his wife’s cabinet position appointment!

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        • Benson II says:

          Slight leverage depending on how bad she wants to keep the job and if she’s willing to make McConnell’s life miserable to keep it. Or maybe it would be bad for his re-election to see her lose the job. Not sure how the McConnell’s view it so don’t know how much leverage it affords Trump. I think she was qualified for the job and if it gives Trump some leverage, good.

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    • Jeff C-C says:

      Trump makes me laugh. He plays hard ball (“hard bawl”, when said with a New York accent). They won’t approve Pruitt? That’s fine. The EPA won’t do business until an administrator is approved.

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  6. deh3k says:

    Infuriating. Definitely Cold Anger.

    The link has a video of Haley stating we will try to influence Trump to see things our way. Then the Senate confirms her 96 to 4. They are not hearing us and don’t want to hear us.

    Trump’s inaugural address was 100% on the mark describing Washington DC.

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  7. True Colors says:

    Shipping Nikki Haley off to the U.N. is a classic, classic “lateral arabesque”

    Brilliant move by Trump.


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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      He’s shipping Haley off to the U.N., and there’s a bill that was introduced in Congress to withdraw the US from the U.N.

      Let’s put Nikki Haley out of a job!

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    • pocketnuke61 says:

      So, isn’t it poetic justice that she will have to sit in front of the UN Assembly and support Pres Trump and his policies. She is close enough that he can reign her in if she decides to go rogue. Very smooth!!

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    • Ken Tassey says:

      Yes, when I was with the Caterpillar dealer in Orlando years ago,one of the owners told me that when he had someone in mgt. that was causing a problem, he would promote them to branch manager of one of the underperforming branches and then in a few months close it and let everyone go. Trump will shut down the UN and Haley will go with it and she will now be out of the power structure of the GOP E and career over. Shrewd.

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  8. dianeax says:

    I’m sure McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the stupid GOPe are patting themselves on the back for getting Nikki Haley confirmed, completely forgetting Trump’s plan to diminish the UN. Bahaha!

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  9. truthandjustice says:

    Newt Gingrich on Hannity saying McConnell told him every single one of the nominees will be confirmed. Both were complimentary re McDonnell. Hmm………….?

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    • Deb says:

      That’s how things get done in the world of politics.

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    • chris says:

      “Newt Gingrich on Hannity saying McConnell told him every single one of the nominees will be confirmed. ”

      I missed that interview.. and have heard that they all will be confirmed eventually from different sources.., but yes it does appear to me these confirmation hold-ups are all part of the Uniparty cooperation..oh the RINOs will point fingers at the DIMs and howl obstruction,
      .. but it is sooo transparent.. the DIMs lost.. the ball is in the RINO court .
      DIMs are simply playing their reciprocal ,Uniparty part.. they will play their part and howl too of course..but they have no power by themselves.. only in UNISON with the RINOs can a chorus be heard , or make a difference.
      So it’s off to some phoney RINO retreat, where the REAL obstructionist RINO pearl clutchers will meet for some hand wringing , strategising to determine which one of them will be trotted out in front of the bought and paid for MSM to pronounce the BS,.. “horrors” that will insue following a Trump cabinet confirmation .. more masks to fall..

      WINNING !!

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  10. osugagal says:

    Hi, does anyone have a working number for McConnell? I have tried numerous times to get through on the number listed on his Senate website. I get a recording that either says, “all lines are busy call again”, or “our office is closed”. On his website, sending an email is limited to those with a KY address. I plan to burn his phone line up and suggest everyone else do the same for the delays he is permitting on the confirmation votes. Thanks

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  11. Ivehadit says:

    WE WILL NEVER FORGET what is going on now. EVER. Inexcusable. You people in the Senate have forgotten who you work for…but maybe not!
    Just watched O’Reilly on youtube…he was up to no good tonight-he talked about a poll taken minutes after the inauguration but doesn’t mention the Rasmussen poll that shows our Donald with a FIFTY-SEVEN percent APPROVAL. Constant meme manufacturing and we are sick of it!

    Dear Media: Can anyone hear your voices if no one is listening?

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    • WSB says:

      Maybe Lou can cover this tomorrow. Getting really tired of the passive aggressive Fox coverage.

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    • Smplyamsd says:

      I am glad others are not fooled by Bill O’Reilly He is a very clever and very subtle shill for the establishment. It is carefully concealed, but once you are looking for it, it becomes very obvious. I put him right up there with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, the CoC, and the rest of the establishment. He and Cavuto should not be simply dismissed as just another biased TV hack. They wield a tremendous amount of power due to their massive bully pulpits and gives them influence over millions. Bill is certainly a part of “why we lose”


  12. mg says:

    Have no Fear Steve Bannon is here, he just hired Jessica Hahn to keep dogging that traitorous hack Paul Ryan, as well as Dr. Sebastian Gorka to help with killing Jihad. Winning with White Hats. The uniparty hacks will be exposed and then FIRED.

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  13. Apparently any one committee member can initiate a delay for “more time”. In Sessions case it is allegedly to review more paperwork.

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  14. not2worryluv says:

    Lisa Murkiwski another political GOPe family dynasty hailing from Alaska where she’s done nothing for her constituents other than curry favor from the GOPe Machine.

    Trump needs to step in and personally show McConnell how pulling the plug on the Swamp works.

    Give Mitch the timeline to get it done and if it’s not done on time and as directed: call we the people who are now the Board of Deplorable Employers to deliver the edict – Mitch You’re Fired. Gather your box of stuff and get ‘Em outta here and sure to delete all his security access on the way out.

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  15. Victoria Wod says:

    Respectable Senator Tillis,
    We’ve been following your week under our beloved President Trump and are concerned that you are not supporting immigration as presented by our new president and We The People. We want the exact plan that President Trump has promised us and it is also the plan that earned you our votes. We are weary beyond all tolerance of the notion of “working with the dems” and including some of their policies in the plan. As you probably know, we call them The Gang of Eight and we see exactly what is happening in Washington and watch every vote cast. You may notice that this year, our county, Madison, went Bright Red for the first time in years. It voted that way because of the tireless work we invested and we insist that you support President Trump’s immigration guidelines explicitly and without argument, new ideas or delays. His plan is the one we want and we truly don’t care about being flexible in the least. We are paying daily attention to all that is happening in The Swamp and expect you and all other Republicans to perform accordingly and with gusto.
    Thanks for the time,
    Victoria Wood

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  16. I love Trump, but some insiders in SC know Nikki Haley to be a liar. I talked with two of them. One was on her staff and the other was a family friend. She must have been able to hide it well from Trump.


  17. satmfs says:

    Trump needs to call McConnell and Cornyn to his office, give them a priority order list of candidates, slap them upside their heads and tell them to get those and all the other confirmations done now. If they can’t get it done, replace them with ones who can and will.

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  18. Sevenwheel says:

    And Trump’s response to this strategy: Look at what he has done with the EPA. Freeze all agency grants and contracts. Hiring freeze. Agency wide media blackout. Agency wide social-media ban.

    If Congress slow-walks his nominees, Trump will effectively shut down their agencies. And Trump holds all the cards. Thousands of agency workers sitting around doing nothing and waiting? How about sending them home. Unpaid leave. If they sit around waiting for too long, well maybe their jobs aren’t really that important.

    And here is my guilty little dream. Once immigration enforcement begins in earnest, it’s going to take a lot of clerical workers to process all those deportations. Instead of laying off all those starry-eyed snowflake social justice warriors infesting the government, Trump reassigns them to INS and puts them to work processing deportation paperwork. And if they don’t like it they can resign and go work in the private sector.

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  19. OmaMAGA says:

    I’d like to see a graphic with the uni-party crew along their worst offenses against Trump since inauguration. Named and shamed. The electorate needs to be paying close attention here.

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  20. Oldskool says:

    In keeping with the theme of Draining the Swamp and trying to restore the citizen’s confidence in our representatives, it would be fun to watch the stepping and fetching if President Trump announced an initiative of in-depth comprehensive “audits” of members of congress, starting with the leadership, to check for compliance with the ethics, financial reporting and income tax reporting requirements for the members of both houses of congress. Most interesting would be the results of a good old fashioned IRS administered Net Worth Analysis which tests for unreported income. I believe we would be amazed at the members that all of a sudden realized they needed to be home spending more time with their families.

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  21. Wayne Keller says:

    So what’s McConnell got against Sessions and Perry?


  22. Angry Dumbo says:

    “Say what you mean and mean what you say.”
    General George S. Patton, Jr.

    Apparently a President keeping their campaign promises is something new to the swamp critters. : ))

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  23. jnearen says:

    You have federal judges openly calling DOJ lawyers dishonest, but no vote on Sessions. BS!


  24. unconqueredone says:

    If the RINO’s thought the “black blok” protests clogged the DC area, just wait until the fly-over bloc shows up if they don’t get their act together and assist Trump.

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  25. sha44ss says:

    Nikki Haley will go down with the drain with the UN slime.


  26. Ken says:

    Yes and I choked on my pen when I had to vote for that balless hack Tillis.

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  27. Patriot Lady says:

    Just one suggestion– Please stop calling Congress a ‘swamp’. You’re insulting swamps! Label the US Congress what it really is– a cesspool- septic tank- toilet bowl! The President really needs a plunger, a bottle of Drano and a nice new toilet bowl brush. From now on, every time I scrub my toilet I will think of Congress and wish it were just as easy to get rid of those germs!

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  28. All American Snowflake says:

    Arcan Cetin is a legal permanent resident from Turkey who came to the USA in his teens as a child refugee and graduated from school here. He was not a legal American citizen yet he voted in Washington State. He attacked a mall and murdered five Americans, however.


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