The Peoples President…

For a select group of dedicated people today marks a moment on a specific timeline over seven years long.

2008 and 2009 were tough years for advocates of small government and constitutional freedom.  The Auto-bailout, TARP, Omnibus and a trillion dollar “stimulus” signaled fiscal irresponsibility toward many; but a small group understood the larger issues which would tear apart a constitutional republic.  We connected, and more importantly, we assembled.

EnoughAfter another defeat at 1:38am on December 23rd 2009, we knew our heels were over the precipice of the abyss.  Act, or be acted upon.

Within four days the urgent message was transmitted though every possible resource that we could muster.

Meeting at the old mill, we rode that night, December 27th 2009, with urgency.  Our destination was Wrentham Massachusetts.

Three intense weeks and thousands of like-minded supporter notifications later, we finally had a win.  Ted Kennedy’s people’s seat was secured at least temporarily.  This was battlefield triage; everyone, every-darned-person was clear-eyed that Scott Brown was only buying us time to catch our breath….. Again, unfortunately, we were right.

While the media and pundits discussed the shocking Massachusetts upset, we did not have time to celebrate – instead we built out a flexible six year strategy with four primary objectives.

Flexibility was built within our plan, but failure could not an option:

  • Goal #1 – Win the House in 2010, and try to pick off a few Senate seats.
  • Goal #2 – Retain the House 2012, and gain half of the necessary Senate seats.
  • Goal #3 – Retain the House 2014, and gain the second half of the Senate Seats.
  • Goal #4 – Retain the House, retain the Senate, and work our asses off to win the Presidency in 2016.

We all knew the challenges.  No-one was naive to the scope, and many people called us fools.  We also knew were not just confronting left-wing ideology, but we were going to end up confronting the entire UniParty apparatus.

We well understood the benefactors of Tarp, Omnibus, ARRA, and ObamaCare were not Democrats.  These were easily identifiable as constructs of a financial and professional political class that supersedes party construct.  Porkulous, QE1, QE2 and continual Omnibus bills only provided factual evidence in that regard.


We won some targeted political objectives and we lost many more.  The defeats did not come from Democratic opposition, but rather from the entrenched GOPe.  Early on, after defeating Karl Rove’s campaign for Republican Mike Castle, we became Republican targets.  [Yes, Rove was Castle’s campaign mgr.]

Taking down Bob Bennett, sent a shock wave through the ENTIRE system.  We knew it was only a matter of time before the party leadership viewed us as a risk.  Taking out Mike Castle only ensured the eye of Saron would target us.  After Trey Grayson, we began fighting a two-headed UniParty dragon.

Sarah+Palin+Attends+Campaign+Event+Texas+Governor+2DP1CXctUR9lAfter defeating Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the backlash was fierce.  Hutchinson had the endorsements of George W Bush, George H W Bush, James Baker and Dick Cheney.

Just who did we think we were to defeat such established bona fides?

The GOPe was furious.

The GOPe never fight Democrats; instead they reserve their full arsenal for their own internal defense. Even if it means giving Senate seats to Democrats, the goal is retention of incumbency and with it power.  All scotched-earth techniques are deployed.  In 2012 former GOPe CIA Director, Porter Goss, worked to block a challenge to Senate Democrat Bill Nelson in Florida by supporting GOPe preferred Connie Mack Jr for the race.  Pushing the weakest challenger is also a strategy.

In addition, the GOPe adjusted the severity of their protectionist strategy and openly began providing material support to Democrats. This was never more clear than the spring 2014 when the GOPe used Democrats to support Thad Cochran. By calling their own party member Chris McDaniel (R) a racist the GOPe apparatus were again sending a message.


Oh yes, we had many losses.  However, those loses were almost exclusively due to an entrenched party apparatus who would rather see their party lose to Democrats so long as the addresses on the GOPe leadership business cards never changed.

Lose to a Democrat and they are out of the majority.  Lose to a Conservative Tea Party candidate and they are out of a job.

The IRS targeting the Tea Party was just as beneficial to the GOPe goals, as it was to the Obama administrations re-election efforts.  Ergo, a committee steered to nowhere…. and so it went.  We were watching.

After five years of following their meeting schedule and thoroughly understanding their playbook (as good as they knew it themselves); by the fall of 2014 we knew the deployment strategy for a Republican Jeb Bush, next-in-line, presidential candidacy.  Bush or Clinton, it matters not to the UniParty – same/same.

It only matters to those without gilded parachutes who refuse to accept the self-fulfilling abyss.

Seven years ago, we had a long-term plan.  Four larger goals; four objectives.  Despite dozens of setbacks, often forcing us to accept a net gain of inches, eventually we arrived at a moment when the fourth goal was reached.

Today, during his inaugural address, President Donald Trump spoke to each and every person who worked long tireless hours to deliver on that long-term plan.

Few thought we would endure. Even fewer thought success was a possibility.

However, it is important to understand, although it was the most challenging of the goals, President Trump was not a singular accomplishment.  President Trump was the fourth battle won in a long, brutal, and hard-fought war.

Today, we cannot help but look back over the past seven years and feel a strong sense of accomplishment.  It is fitting and proper to do so.

And with all four interim goals solidly achieved….

….We dance tonight, because tomorrow the real work begins.


The Peoples President

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329 Responses to The Peoples President…

  1. Lucille says:

    Much work to be done and this is one of President Trump’s missions…to have Americans once again honor life in the womb:

    President Donald Trump Will Sign Executive Order Sunday to Defund International Planned Parenthood
    By Steven Ertelt – Janury 20, 2017 | 2:24PM WASHINGTON, DC

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    • Southern Son says:

      Yes!!, Defund!!!
      This is More I even expected, when back in 2009, I traveled with two Patriots that I met, the morning we left to Protest oboCare.
      I cannot find reference to that day anywhere.
      Enemedia claimed 10,000 of us.
      Those that were there, know that We filled the area from the Capitol steps, to the Reflecting pool.
      I ask a DC Policeman, and he estimated 40 to 50,000.
      This was only Two days notice!
      I Googled, Michelle Bachmans House Call…nothing.
      Steve Bannon probably remembers.
      I scored Jon Voights autograph!
      I met Levin, and was impressed when he shoved part of obo’s bill, off the Lecturn.
      Sad, that he has turned.
      Except for THE Conservative Treehouse, and #bestelectionever!!, I had given up.

      No Quarter!!

      Press ON!!

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  2. Ip Siscr says:

    All glory laud and honor to our Redeemer King who by his ineffable grace and through His servant Donald Trump now President has given our beloved country another chance to serve Him in spirit and in truth. May we ever be thankful and strive to be worthy of His overwhelming charity !

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  3. bessie2003 says:

    Thank you. Thank you for the foresight and patience and love of country. What comes to mind while reading this is that while you and the others were gathering together, piecing together and discovering the strategy and finding ways to vocalize against the thing that was growing, taking over the country, there were like-minded American’s who were wondering, asking in prayer what we, as individuals, could do.

    When the Tea Party gatherings first sprang up my heart sang. But also just as suddenly saw how the news media, both political parties and the entertainment industry vehemently demonized people who were perhaps for the very first time in their lives saying “wait!”; “we don’t want this!”; “listen to us!” What I saw in the eyes of the politicians, from both parties, was genuine, outright, unhinged fear. It had never occurred to them that the people might actually have something to say.

    Watching how the press, politicians, entertainers fawned over their manufactured Occupy people while at the same time Tea Party people were subjected to the weaponized IRS and other regulating agencies of the government this seared into my understanding that this darkness went deeper than anyone I knew had imagined.

    That was my awakening to how bad things had gotten. And that is when – and I believe it was in answer of prayer – I found this beautiful place, this wonderful Conservative Treehouse, a true Last Refuge, with branches and limbs where one could climb onto, rest a spell, let our concerns out so they could slip away, while saying a few prayers,sharing and learning, through your insightful writing, to understand what we were seeing. This I believe created the focus, that gave an energy to share with our friends, neighbors, family members (who would listen) the encouragement needed to get out and vote for our new President of the United States.

    Thank you.

    I have a feeling now that the real work begins. Yeah!

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    • Excellent post Bessie!

      I couldn’t understand why leftest occupies didn’t even have to get a permit and were allowed to stay for weeks!
      Teaparty groups had to get permits and pay.

      Remember how the tea party marchers left DC clean and tidy while occupies left eveyplace filthy?

      My favorite part of your post:
      “Watching how the press, politicians, entertainers fawned over their manufactured Occupy people while at the same time Tea Party people were subjected to the weaponized IRS and other regulating agencies of the government this seared into my understanding that this darkness went deeper than anyone I knew had imagined.

      That was my awakening to how bad things had gotten.”

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      Beautiful post, Bessie.

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    • Southern Son says:

      YES, Bessie!

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  4. Ivehadit says:

    Sundance et al, with the deepest of gratitude, THANK YOU.

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  5. mariposa232 says:

    Sundance , may you be blessed ! Seventy times seventy times ! Amen !

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  6. Robert says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for everything you’ve done. You’ve helped us to understand what is really going on. You’re an invaluable analyst and truth teller. You have always given me hope during the dark times of this campaign, when I began to despair. Please keep up your good work, we need you for the good fight! May God Bless you and yours in this glorious New Year!

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  7. Rip Tide says:

    Sundance thank you for your commitment to the truth. You are a very great leader.

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  8. Dixie says:

    That video was fantastic. I didn’t want it to end.


  9. Ip Siscr says:

    Sundance, there are really no words to express the debt and the gratitude owed to you for your work in bringing this day to pass. May Almighty God bless you abundantly.

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  10. Anita says:

    Did you guys really put that video together? America Rising?

    I began to get skeptical when Bush 43 said “We have to break the market to fix it”. I began following blogs and absorbing as much as possible. Then THAT video came out and lit a fire under me that stayed hot til election day ’16. I passed that video around dozens and dozens of times. And those people passed it probably dozens and dozens more times.Then I found the Treehouse a couple years ago. Who knows, but just maybe that video is what helped turn Michigan red this year.

    Thanks for leading the pack Sundance and crew.
    (seriously curious weather you made the video)


  11. deanbrh says:

    A million thanks, Sundance. You were fighting for Right long before I even got here. You are God sent and I am forever grateful.

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  12. andi lee says:

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    • Anita says:

      Fake News. SMH

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      • fuzzi says:

        So similar to the cameras that wouldn’t show the size of the crowds at Trump rallies… 😡

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        • or patriots (“tea party”) at the mall 9/12/09 – a crowd by which i judge all others. all because glenn beck said “you are not alone”. what i needed to hear, what i needed to see. and the media went savage – “thousands gather”, “teabaggers”, “tin foil”… but the million or more Americans who came from across the country saw, and knew the truth and saw the media lies and told their friends.
          donald trump saw the 9/12 spontaneous gathering. and he knew – this was his army, the movement he needed to wrest power from the corrupt. the first critical piece of the puzzle.
          we have a magnificent leader in President Donald J. Trump.
          he is a gift from God in our darkest hour. we are living the second American revolution. we just beat the bastards back at the bridge in Concord, turned the tide.
          we have miles to go before we sleep.

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  13. HonorDefendBuckeye says:

    With an extra attentiveness to those placing themselves on the line in our military and who have earned that respect. We have much to do; dangers have been left to fester —

    “Then out spake brave Horatius
    The Captain of the Gate
    To every man upon this earth
    Death cometh soon or late

    And how can man die better
    Then facing fearful odds
    For the ashes of his fathers
    And the temples of his gods?

    —Lord Thomas Macaulay

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  14. Lady K says:

    Sundance, thank you from my heart for your courage! Everytime I think I won’t cry anymore, here come the tears. I shudder when I think of how close we came to losing our country and the battles that were fought to preserve our way of life. I know we must continue letting our voices be heard, but now, it is so much easier with a real leader and this amazing Treehouse! MAGA!

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  15. Patriot Lady says:

    And 1 victory you may have forgotten, but still vivid to us Ohioans– Speaker of the House, John Boehner, resigning in disgrace in 2015! 🙂
    Also another thing to remember is the number of times we were deceived by candidates who ran as ‘Tea Party conservatives’, but turned out to be a GOPe:
    1. Marco Rubio
    2. Ted Cruz
    3. Mia Love
    4. Mike Lee
    5. Pat Toomey
    6. Jeff Flake
    7. Trey Goudy
    Those are a few– any others? In reality, we need to ‘drain the swamp’ of about 99% of Congress!

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    • jeans2nd says:

      We Ohioans need to stay particularly focused, P Lady. Rob Portman is still on the list. Electing Jane Timken as head of the Ohio RNC was just the start.

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      • Patriot Lady says:

        Exactly right about Portman!! I collected signatures to get Portman’s opponent, Independent Tom Connors on the ballot, and then campaigned in 3 counties for Tom.
        And about Jane Timken– as a matter of fact I just sent her a post card congratulating her on her victory and suggested #2 on our ‘to-do list’: Get Josh Mandel elected as governor or the US Senate.
        Here’s Jane’s address. Please send her a card also:
        Ms. Jane Timken
        Ohio GOP Headquarters
        211 South Fifth St.
        Columbus, Ohio 43215
        M A A A Make America, America Again 😎


  16. tradmomof3 says:

    As a Long time follower Sundance & Company I say thank you patriots. Thank you for giving me hope, knowledge, rest, and comfort on this long journey. You were here for me when everyone else thought I was crazy for supporting Trump. Before Wikileaks, Pizzagate, Reddit, Voat, you were here first and remained a steady, safe refuge from all of the madness, scorn, and gaslighting. God bless you for your hard work for our Republic. Onward we march together forever united as the band of deplorables.

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  17. tradmomof3 says:

    Donald John Trump sworn in as POTUS 45 on his 70 year 7 month 7 day of life. 777 Sign from God.

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  18. yohio says:

    Makes you feel good seeing in print what we have achieved, so many have worked so hard for several years. The payoff was at 12:01 today, in our President Trump. I hope everyone enjoys the long hard fought victory for tomorrow the rebuilding of our nation begins and the draining of the swamp commences.

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  19. nightmare on k st says:

    Breaking News:

    CoC Tom Donahue admitted to hospital with heart attack, sharing a room with HW Bush

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  20. Eliza says:

    Trump needs to be careful about the GOPe loyalists, or let’s just say the socialist/globalist loyalists left behind in the govt. We need to keep praying!

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  21. Ace says:

    To me, the key was exposing the Republican party for what it really is. When that secret was out of the bag, we had a fighting chance.

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  22. Scott says:

    Remember Mississippi Treepers! The battle is engaged and the war will be long and hard but the beachhead is taken…pass it on to your children, the fight will be theirs as well!

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  23. Jeff says:

    So damn glad I found this page !! Battle won …the war rages . reporting for duty !!


  24. jeans2nd says:

    The TEA Party is now the T Party. Seems fitting.

    American Morse Code:
    TEA _ . ._
    T _


  25. QuiteContrary says:

    Martha Coakley went on a tropical vacay over the holidays, smack dab in the middle of a six-week runoff against Scott Brown. Boston media reported that Coakley had no plans to go out and shake hands but would meet with local party bosses instead. Coakley and the Dems realized too late that Brown was a real threat. Coakley was a terrible candidate. She has zero charisma and always looks constipated.

    Scott Brown campaigned on a much different platform than he followed once he got to DC. He rode that Tea Party wave and then, like so many others, cozied up to the GOP leadership. His next campaign was “I’m a Republican, but I’m not that bad,” which is always a loser.

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  26. Talibistan says:

    I took great notice at the demise of Eric Cantor…

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  27. MaineCoon says:

    Thank you for this post. It explains the years for which I had no explanation/understanding of GOPe/UniParty. I joined Trump Train on day 1 and stumbled across CTH thereafter. SD/CTH & Treepers have totally educated me. I am humbly grateful.

    Yesterday, I cried & clapped as I watched the President Trump and First Lady Melania.

    My General restoration contractor and his Spanish-speaking furniture restorer were at my home when the Inauguration started. The Mexican got so excited to see Trump and in facial and hand actions relayed his love for Trump (and dislike for Mooch’s face). Contractor had same comments. So much fun!

    Thank you to Franklin Graham for explaining that the rain started when Trump got up to speak and
    God’s Word says that rain is a blessing from God.

    I look forward to receiving my Trump Train SD/CTH marching orders as we get to work.

    Thank you President Trump for making your campaign now a matter of Administration policy in the Inauguration speech. He’s the real deal!


  28. pjb535i says:

    November 8, 2016 was not an election. It was a peaceful revolution. This date marks the peaceful overthrow of not just two dynasties (the Clintons and the Bushes) but also of a regime of lobbyists, special interests, deficit spenders, entitlement dependents, mediocrity and regulation, subservience to the global economy, and passivity in the face of MASSIVE lawlessness – especially illegal immigration. This date marks the victory of the grass-roots opposition over the proponents of the fundamental transformation of America into a socialist system.

    Thank you patriot brothers and sisters one and all. And most of all thank you Lord God Almighty.

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  29. The Boss says:

    Love the seven-year timeline the select group of dedicated people developed. It fills in some blanks for me. The ending of the post….

    FTA: “…However, it is important to understand, although it was the most challenging of the goals, President Trump was not a singular accomplishment. President Trump was the fourth battle won in a long, brutal, and hard-fought war. Today, we cannot help but look back over the past seven years and feel a strong sense of accomplishment. It is fitting and proper to do so. And with all four interim goals solidly achieved….
    ….We dance tonight, because tomorrow the real work begins.”

    What kind of ‘real work’ can we all do now? Besides joining my local GOP, volunteering in several states for Trump, helping a decent congressman get re-elected, and working as a volunteer in support of our LEOs, I can do more. This nightmare of Obama the radical islamist and candidate Hillary the criminal must never again happen.

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  30. Sedanka says:

    Sundance updated the title of his post from “The Tea Party President” to “The People’s President.” The Tea Party was a bridge to what we have now with the Trump movement – something much bigger and more powerful.

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  31. fuzzi says:

    Anyone want to identify the Shameful Seven for me? Most of those faces I do not recognize…


  32. jojo says:

    I thought CRUZ was in the mix with the shameful seven,he was in the leadership of the SRRC. I’m so proud of your work Sundance and the CITIZEN SELECTED & ELECTED PRESIDENT that you helped win. I’m not tired of winning yet.


  33. WVPatriot says:

    Thank you Sundance and all of the Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits of The Last Refuge for keeping the faith…God bless us all! A miracle in our lifetime.

    I believe that America and its sublime exceptionalism is a gift from our Lord God Almighty. We must become vigilant stewards of our treasure.


  34. William Murphy says:

    Sundance, thank you. I remember that video and the big rallies, and the slurs from the media and politicians. Those were heady, spontaneous days, and finally now we’ve taken Reagan’s party back. Goals 1 -4 seemed like a dream back then. A doable dream. A must-do dream.
    When you write your book, please include what has also been accomplished at the county/district/state levels >Importantly, 2020 will be the next census. It is awesome – we have killed the Dem’ tap roots in most states across the nation, and the Dems have no young bench, little new bark.
    But I worry. I always worry.
    Yes, things look good, especially the 2018 Senate odds, but remember this: We trusted them, we fell asleep. Don’t ever fall asleep again. EVER.


  35. William Murphy says:

    Like i said, I worry. I worry alot.

    imho, if Trump solves only things economic and financial, we’re finished. Only a temporary stay of execution. Again, imho.

    So, I worry, does godless modernity hold the seeds of its own destruction?

    Recently I read, “Motherhood was the best 4 years of my life.”

    Today, for the most part, we park the toddlers at daycare, and the grandparents at ofttimes desolate nursing homes.

    Today this is the only financially feasable course. Understatedly, it wasn’t always this way.

    What happened? Someone older, smarter help me with this.

    The nuclear family, its destruction/reconstruction. I get it. I lived thru’ it, I saw the ravages of monetary inflation, such that, if women today left the workforce (use your majic wand), the middle class would vanish! Enslaved by the gov’t. It’s true – what would happen to federal tax revenues? This is a recent event. For millenia, it wasn’t this way.

    Q: Is this sufficient payment for “reparations” yet? Paid-in-full YET?

    The extended family – I was too young to understand. What happened to the extended family and grandparents? It pre-dates me, as I said. All I have are a few tea leaves of forgotten/ignored history.

    I found the 1956 Federal Highway Act (41,000 miles), which economically doomed alot of towns. Just drive across the country. But, it seems their grandfolks were abandoned and doomed too, when corporatism saw that they could easily transfer their childeren or grandchildren to far, distant cities, in the name of efficiency. I know, they said the 41,000 miles were for military defense. Invading armies?
    Goodbye Norman Rockwell. So, how’s that nihilist scientism working for ya today, Wall Street? Or, relatedly globalism? What an uholy mess that appears unfixable.

    I do know that within 10 years, they had to create Medicare and Medicaid. What a salve for the collective’s conscience.

    Would some older guys who were there better illuminate this for me, please?

    I do know also that within 10 years of the Johnson Amendment (church gag order) in 1955, our society, beginning in the 1960s, just disintegrated, shattered. Look around you today.
    I do believe that the repeal of the Johnson Amendment is sorely overdue. It’s a beginning, just like Sundance’s GOAL # 1 (see Sundance’s “The Peoples President”, Jan.20, 2017). The ACLU will howl.
    Then on to their Educational Morass, where they’re constantly manufacturing new Leftist Orcs. CULTURAL GOAL #2, Sundance ?

    Yep, today it seems an impossible dream. But, a doable dream, a must-do dream.

    I worry if Trump (or anyone) can solve the problem of the Original Three Horsemen, which has, since ~1900, metastisized in many forms, and now permeates throughout – Darwin, Marx, Freud and all their minions, all godless.

    Finally, after Donald’s ascension, I, among many, have been disturbed by the frequency and brutishness of threats against him. I shall seriously pray that he be protected from some random, sick Gavrilo Princip of June 28, 1914 fame. It looks like the cancer has developed its own immune system. These people are crazy – please pray for Donald.

    Somewhere I’ve read that a people’s material condition will inevitably rise/fall to thier moral condition. I subscribe to that. Dismiss it at your own risk, imho.

    All praise to the Lord.


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