Hillary’s Pardon – Will He or Won’t He? CNN Indicators Point to “YES”!…

Will President Obama pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office?  A question curiously non-discussed in the media.

Obama & Clinton Focushillary clinton and president obama hug

However, when you accept that CNN’s broadcasted narratives, ie. the preferred positions of the U.S. Department of State, are generally good predictors of the political forecast, all signs point to yes.

Specifically, CNN’s broadcasted push surrounding the current story lines around FBI Director James Comey:  •#1. “Under IG Investigation“,  •#2. “Driving Wedge between Trump and Comey“, and •#3. “Incoming Deputy Attorney General“… well, the architecture of the necessary narrative to support a Clinton Pardon is clearly being framed.

All of the indicators are building toward one very specific conclusion.

This activity, as understood by those inside the FBI who watch closely, is the most likely the reason for the mysterious FBI Secret Document Release, in an attempt to make a pardon more difficult.  However, notice how none of the traditional left-wing U.S. media are reporting on the mysterious release.

Initially the FBI release four parts to their document library.

Someone inside the FBI added Part 5 on Sunday. The original link to the FBI document dump is HERE. The attached Part 5 pdf file is 300 pages and is downloadable.

Our review of the release is HERE – and we have transferred the content to a viewable and embed format below:

(Via Katica) Please keep in mind that this release was not a Sunday doc dump. It is still not on the FBI Vault site. https://vault.fbi.gov/hillary-r.-clinton  And the FBI Vault Twitter account has not Tweeted it out. https://twitter.com/FBIRecordsVault  Nor has the FBI released a statement on it.

[…]  We have no idea if/when they were going to release it. The FBI has made no mention of the document as of yet either. I do hope that a news site does an article on that aspect of it. (more)

With no major media, especially CNN, presenting the content of the release within their broadcast, it would appear the intent is to position/protect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to receive the benefit of an Obama pardon under the auspices of avoiding a malicious political investigation by any incoming swamp draining agents.

…that’s our estimation.  What’s yours?



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695 Responses to Hillary’s Pardon – Will He or Won’t He? CNN Indicators Point to “YES”!…

  1. VegasGuy says:

    SD wrote
    “…….it would appear the intent is to position/protect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to receive the benefit of an Obama pardon under the auspices of avoiding a malicious political investigation by any incoming swamp draining agents.”

    That could be a 100% correct analysis. Yet. I have a gut feeling that a pardon isn’t in the works for quit a few reasons, the most glaring being that a pardon of Hillary exposes all of her underlings to potential prosecution. And, if there is any connection to Obama himself within their actions, he effectively includes himself in any potential investigations by exposing the underlings. Additionally, considering his praise of her during the campaign, a pardon would amount to Obama having lied to “his people”. Not really good for his so called Legacy.

    If she is pardoned, the underlings will instantly start “singing” in attempts for plea deals. It’s human nature…..their criminal actions are intertwined and they are all co-dependent on each other for covering their actions. There is most certainly a real threat and clearly, in some instances, a connection back to Obama.

    IMO, the IG “investigating” the FBI actions (regarding how applied Comey policy & procedure) is a gambit. to place the focus on him (Comey) verses her Hillary). If the outcome turns out to be that Comey erred or strayed from FBI protocol, then the original result remains that “nothing criminal in her actions” occurred as he originally stated. Comey, in essence, “takes one for the team” and the whole Hillary issue goes away, at least from the Federal prospective.

    Any additional follow up, be it the AG office, Congress, or a “Special Investigator” will amount to a continued “witch hunt” and hounding of a candidate that lost. It would amount to a futile effort with little following or support.

    IMO, the intent is to place the onus on Pres. Trump to make the next move. He (Trump), could “fire” the current IG ( an appointment position), or he could let the IG investigation proceed. All ammunition for the Left to use against Trump as “fodder” for the argument of continued prosecution of Hillary for no reasonable result other than personal satisfaction.

    On the other hand, Sessions, if appointed, could ignore the results of the IG, or Sessions could order the investigation stopped. Again more “fodder” and distraction for the Trump administration from getting on with his agenda.

    The end result, regardless of the procession of events, places Trump in the position of either backing Comey or a continuing attempt to hurt Hillary. Again, more “fodder”, and again more distraction.

    So, thinking back to Trump’s post election statement (and position), of his intent on continued “investigation“ of Hillary, (paraphrasing..)…”Just let it go…’ is the correct solution and Trump, insightfully, got this right. Morally, ethically, and legally she clearly should be prosecuted, but, for the greater good of the country, this issue should just go away.

    IMHO, the IG “investigation will proceed, Trump ill not replace the IG, Sessions will not interfere, the result will be placing Comey as the “over zealous” individual who over stepped FBI policy & procedure, the original assessment of “no criminal intent” remains. and…….ergo….no need for a pardon.

    Just the way I see it. Seems to save face all around although it will be a bit messy as it proceeds.

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    • Keln says:

      This is roughly how I see it, as far as prosecuting her on the emails, etc.

      The Clinton Foundation investigation, however, is another matter entirely. That is a key piece in swamp draining that must be done.

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      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        Then, TRUMP should Bankrupt the hell out of her and leave her Broke as a joke…..

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        • MaineCoon says:

          This is what I see as the final blow. Take their income. They probably squirreled plenty away, but to be faced with the reality of no friends, no donation income, no telephone calls, no pay-for-play scenarios, no influence, no more jetting to islands, would be deserving. The only face they’d see is each others and their own in a mirror.

          I don’t see them every going to jail although they both deserve to.


    • R Burgess says:

      Malicious prosecution? Hardly. You’re implying that Hillary should simply be given a pass, well, because she’s Hillary. Prosecuting Hillary would hardly be called malicious except by those on the left. She is well deserving of having every law book thrown at her.

      She’s an attorney and she damn well knows the law and has used her expertise to bend, brake, ignore and subvert the law as well as having all her cronies in charge of looking out for her.

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    • That stupid cow will try to run again in four years.
      Put a stake through her god dam heart.


      • Blondsense says:

        Please be mindful that this site is largely full of Christians. If possible, please refrain from using His name in vain on when posting.

        Cheers and God bless!


  2. John Galt says:

    “that’s our estimation. What’s yours?”

    I’m in at pretty good odds.

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    • anthonydog says:

      More Kabuki. The IG is an insider. It appears the recent FBI dump is connected to the road leading to a pardon for corrupt Hillary Clinton.

      Claims will be made that Trump cannot be trusted to be fair based upon the words he and his supporters used throughout the race to the White House. (“Lock her up”)

      A few smatterings will be heard of Trump acting as an agent for his good friend Vladamir Putin. Further charges will be made that Trump and Putin hold a combined desire “to get even with Hillary.” We will hear that meme echoed throughout the canyons of the deep state for the need for a fair and balanced review. We will hear of the core principles of our democracy (as they never us the proper word Republic) and to the right for a Constitutionally demanded fair hearing. The MSM chorus will commence with “Trump cannot be trusted not to politicize the Justice Department.” Obama and his coven of traitors will turn the narrative on Trump with claims against Trump that is everything The Obama Traitors actually are and have done.

      As they now believe they have thoroughly muddied the waters, the fair and balanced white knight Barack Hussein Obama will ride in to the defense of the Lady in Waiting and pardon Crooked Hillary.

      That pardon would not happen if there were no previous charges as the legality of a pardon advanced before the charges are even made will hold water in the courts. Those who proffer an opinion that this is business as usual, that granting a pardon in advance of charges, will be lying through their teeth.

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  3. Bubba says:

    My guess. No pardon. No prossecution. Too many powerful people/govts involved in the Clinton Foundation. A former pres (obama) involved in the emails. It would overtake the whole Trump admin and agenda. You think the leftwing loons are acting up now? Too bad because these people need to be brought to justice. But, for the good of the country and for Trump, this needs to die on the vine. There may be a faux investigation for public consumption (like Bengazi) but nothing will come of it. Cynically, clinton & obama knew all along that there could be no prosecution for these reasons. They knew that they could get away with it because of the politics involved. Shameful.


    • “But, for the good of the country and for Trump, this needs to die on the vine.”???

      For these evil traitors to walk away scott free would be terrible for this nation. It would set a precedent of anything goes, which I admit may already be in place.

      There can be no such thing as too big to fail, jail or hang in our nation as it damn sure leaves the rest of us as too small not too. We already know this is how “they” think.

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:


        Trying to keep up with all the corrupt DC insiders’ evil minutiae and machinations is enough to make a person blind.

        It’s the broad, long-range strategy that Trump is perusing .

        No good to “win” the current battle, to just “lose the war.”

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      • Bubba says:

        I agree with your concerns and I’m not happy about them skating. But, this is not precedent setting. Unfortunately, all pres admins in modern times have had corruption, illegality, and/or scandal. It’s been an unwritten agreement to let the previous admin slide “for the sake of the nation” and to prevent the current admin from getting bogged down. I love and trust Trump but, like Reagan in Iran-Contra, there will most likely be some issues in his admin and he will be looking for the next admin to comply with the unwritten agreement. Trump can’t control everything & everyone in the gov’t. It’s too big and too ubiquitous. We need to live in the world as it is, not as we wish it was.


  4. mary kate conly says:

    My gut says no pardon, Trump doesn’t move quickly on an investigation, and with a few months hilbag gets chucked into a van like a side of beef, for one last ride. Then she succumbs to a bought of “pneumonia”, this time for real, where her lungs fill with fluid and she suffocates herself, the fluid placed there by her many debtors willing to put an end to her theft & deceit. NO ONE likes her. Her “team” is only in it for the $$ and access. I read almost everyone of the Pedestal emails. She is not respected and not liked by her own “insiders”. Powerful people are now very angry with her. She’s powerless. And she has the ability to pull others down with her. I think she’s at risk at being arkancided by her former donors.

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    • That would be justice enough for me at this point. I pray already that the Grim Reaper is following her closely…

      But, go after all the others involved in the entire krooked klinton “foundation” (oil, money, and kids trafficking) scam.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Thanks Mary Kate for the insight.

      I agree with your insight.

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    • kittytrump84 says:

      I hope the pneumonia is a lingering type


    • piper567 says:

      what a sad, sad story…somebody should point out to all of these evil ones how it works when they voluntarily cross over to the dark side. It never ends well.
      I heard a Preacher once say, “Something you have to understand about blind people is that that they are blind.” This is useful truism disguised as a DUH. Into a room full of blind folk, you can walk in with even a tactical flashlight on full, and none of them will see the light. They are blind.
      This has been tremendously helpful to me in stabilizing my incredulity and potential damage to myself…these morons in Congress, and just Dems in general, really challenge a person’s blood pressure.
      This is a spiritual war we are engaged in, no doubt, and these folk are helping us along in our understanding of this fact.
      Weapons need to match the battle.

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  5. Bit confused – but then I’m Canadian. How can someone be pardoned when they have not been charged and/or convicted of any crimes? Do you pardon them for anything they they might have done in the past or will do in the future?

    I don’t think there is anything that Obama can do for Hillary since, as far as I know, she has not been charged with anything.

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    • Larry says:

      Look at Nixon – pardoned without being charged – precedent is there.

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      • SteveInCO says:

        If I had a nickel for every commenter on this thread who simply asserted–despite this very famous precedent–that Obama can’t pardon someone who hasn’t been charged, I could buy myself lunch at a restaurant.

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        • Notmeagain says:

          At a very nice one. And if you add everyone else on the ‘net who said that, you could buy the restaurant and redecorate it. It shows what a perverted power it is, that people reject the idea out of hand.


          • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

            Agreed Notmeagain, we have to break out of the old modes of thinking that the Fed agencies and Lie-stream media have been brainwashing us with for almost a century now.

            Why a person could even buy Comet Pizza – the 50th most powerful entity in the national, Federal Government – according to GQ. (Is that Gentleman’s or Geezer’s Quarterly?)


        • muffyroberts says:

          We know she can be pardoned without being charged of a crime. However She is going to have to confess to something to be pardoned for.


      • Tyler McKinley says:

        But he served as POUS. Would that have added a diff component?


      • Yes, Nixon was given a pardon. But has that pardon ever been challenged in court? I do not think it was.
        I have heard some media discussing past pardons and the parameters required to meet qualifications to be accepted. Nixon’s pardon did not meet that.
        Even with a pardon, Hillary can be compelled to spill the beans on the email,TK,SC info and who was involved(including Obama). If she is found to with old or perjure testimony, then she can face new charges.


    • Keln says:

      I can see someone brought up Nixon already. That’s not a clear case of not being charged, since he was, at the very least, charged with 3 articles of impeachment which would have likely opened him up for criminal charges after. So there was at least “something” to put a handle on in that case. It would at least be reasonable to show that charges were pending, and offenses were committed.

      In the case of Clinton, there are no kinds of charges at all. So it would be a precedent-setting pardon if Obama did that.

      Constitutionally, the answer is unclear as to whether or not such a pardon is allowed. It simply hasn’t been brought to the Court (that I’m aware of), so as it stands, a President can pardon someone prior to being charged for any crime. The language in Article II of the Constitution is simply:

      “…,and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.”

      “Offenses” does not necessarily mean charges. But without offenses being identified, what is the pardon for? That’s the unclear bit, unless the President lists specific offenses. Can he list no offenses? I don’t know. At least in Nixon’s case, the offenses were clear, and could be listed, using the articles of impeachment. In Hillary’s case, not so clear, as the current, official stance of Obama’s Justice department is that she committed no offenses.

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      • muffyroberts says:

        Thank you. That is what I have been saying . She has to confess, in some way, to something. Obama just can’t pardon her for nothing, just in case something pops up.


        • geri670 says:

          I don’t think that’s true. I was listening to judge Napolitono on Fox. Obammy can pardon her for any FUTURE crimes she could be indicted on, but she has to AGREE to the pardon. No confession required. He also said Trump can fire Comey, which is looking more like it every day. Judge Nap is rarely wrong in his


      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Since when has any of that stopped “Crazy Obama?”

        But anything Obama does, can be undone so easy peasy!

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      • Yes, I think you are quite right.
        Offences,crimes that are to be pardoned are always listed and weighed when presented to a president to sign. Nixon was an abberation.
        And I think that a court will someday need to make clear exactly what our Framers intended in the pardon powers of the president.


        • Keln says:

          It was an aberration, but at least in Nixon’s case, there were offenses that could have been listed, and on that I think Constitutionally speaking, it would pass muster.

          And in that case, at least drawing from the writings of the Framers concerning Pardons (which I read earlier today), the use of the pardon was in keeping with the spirit of having such a pardon.

          That being, to pardon someone if by doing so it served in the best interests of the Nation. Whether we may agree or not today, at least Ford’s stated purpose in pardoning Nixon was to put the whole thing behind us and spare the nation a long and painful trial of a former US president, which he said he felt would do more damage to us as a nation than help.

          The merits of that feeling can be debated, but if that was President Ford’s feelings about it, then it was in keeping with the whole purpose of the Pardon.

          With Clinton, on the other hand, there is neither an official list of offenses, nor any reasonable argument concerning “good of the country”. It would be, and could only be seen as, political protection from the law.

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    • SWOhio says:

      Please read my comment above. I hope it will help clarify the process.


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Maureen, I like your thinking.

      RE: “I don’t think there is anything that Obama can do for Hillary…”

      Not really is my opinion also – especially considering Obama has the “reverse Midas touch” eh?


  6. bertdilbert says:

    They will say the pardon was necessary to protect her from the Russian influence that would bear on Trump to go for a political prosecution.

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  7. Trumpire says:

    Pardon her or don’t pardon her. There are many legal avenues to get her (them) even after a pardon. Kind of pointless and even more detrimental to Obama and everyone else than if he doesn’t.

    Just like executive orders that can be wiped out immediately. They built their corrupt kingdom on a swampland. Castles in the sand. Trump is a builder he knows that it truly ‘the’ dumbest thing you can do.

    They are all screwed.

    By the way, love Trump’s tweets! Especially the ones today! It’s like we are all co-Presidents with him. In on all the action.

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  8. Rebel Mope says:

    An interesting new post at the Office of Pardon Attorney today:


  9. Terry Ritter says:



  10. unconqueredone says:

    A little projection here: Obama does NOT issue a pardon. The Clinton’s value is now in the red anyway- why save her?
    BUT, surprising everyone including Obama, in order to “repair” a nation “torn” after a “divisive” election, Trump pardons her and Bill. But the behind the scenes deal that Trump forces on the Clintons, their foundation, and even Chelsea is they vanish from the public eye and remove themselves from all political activity. This leaves all the underlings and maybe even Obama vulnerable to prosecution should there be any illegal activity unearthed, permanently compromising them. The Clintons are washed up, but those “rising stars” who were involved are compromised in the wake of their fall and pardon.

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    • Notmeagain says:

      He may be magnanimous (I think he is) but he is also righteous, and also looks at the long game. Your scenario fills two of those–I don’t think he will let her get away with being unjust though.


      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Hillary’s entire past of non-stop evil and crimes is like velcro catching and holding her for justice to catch up on her……..


        • unconqueredone says:

          Very true, but sometimes justice is delayed until the next life. This could be one of those times. It’s good for my sanity to believe in inevitable justice- no one every really gets away with anything.


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Good thinking there.


  11. dreadnok89 says:

    Of course the cia wanted hillary. They get ro keep there jobs


  12. Jimmy Jack says:

    That was my position as of Nov 8th. He will pardon Hillary and claim it is to save her from “crazy stupid” Trump’s “hateful ignorant misogynistic” prosecution of faithful civil servant and philanthropist Hillary. This is why Trump said he wouldn’t prosecute her – to debunk that narrative before it’s stated.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Methinks Wikileaks is about to go “all postal” on Hillary and Obama’s Democrat Party’s…..


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Jimmy Jack, I think you have some contact with the Reddit Kids doing research on Pizza-gate.

      Please pass this on to them – although I know they very well may have already been checking it.

      They need to investigate the Hollywood connections to this. (I believe there have been several men in that Hollywood industry there convert to moslem beliefs in the past few years.)

      This is a starting point.


      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Sorry admin, I don’t know where those links between the pictures came from because I didn’t use that web page (with the hot links above).

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      • psadie says:

        I saw a couple of interviews with Corey Feldman talking about his and Corey Haim’s sexual abuse at the hands of very powerful Hollywood elites. He contends that is why CH killed himself. Several others have come forward as kid actors and have said the same thing…predators everywhere. CF should come out and name them or at least give the names to Trump’s DOJ Sessions and let them match up with Pizzagate. I’ll bet that is explosive!


    • muffyroberts says:

      That sounds plausible. Obama and the NWO could probably get away with that she excuse.


  13. Dems B. Dcvrs says:

    If Obama issues Hillary a Pardon (pre charges, pre arrest, pre trial, pre judgment) then it is PROOF that Hillary is Guilty.

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  14. Apfelcobbler says:

    Wow, all of the Dems are certainly on the exact same page after today’s mtg. Obama kicked Comey to the curb yesterday, and so he must have his plan in place.



  15. Len says:

    Trump is baiting Obama to pardon Hillary with his “guilty as hell” tweet today. A pardon sullies both Zero and Hillary and gets HC issue off Trump’s plate.

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  16. jogreggre says:

    This is the best news site in America.

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  17. freddy says:

    To say all these agencies are corrupt is way underestimating the problems we are allowed to witness because of the Trump hysteria……..It’s getting worse and something is coming down the pike here soon. You can feel it. The left is past hysteria especially blacks. They feel like their father is leaving them and the stepdad is gonna beat them……Stupid I know…….They worked for Sessions my favorite senator for years and now turn on him like rabbid dogs…It will be duly noted…Sharpton and all the rest are beyond crazy…Did you see where the General of the National Guard in DC just got fired and no reason given……..Pre planning for violence or what……


    • Ed Marquis says:

      I’ve read that it is standard practice for the DC National Guard General to step down when there is a new president since it a presidential appointment. He tended his resignation and it was accepted.


  18. taminator013 says:

    How can someone get pardoned for a crime for which they haven’t been convicted? If he could pardon people for any crimes that they may be convicted of in the future then he could give pardons now to anyone who may be convicted of a crime at a later date. Blanket pardons for anyone with an Arab name. Or any person living or dead who is a registered democrat. Maybe anyone with an Hispanic name. We could also have color standards for blanket pardons. Any person having a skin tone at a minimum level of browness would automatically be pardoned unless the aforementioned color is caused by excessive sun exposure on Caucasian skin………..

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      Ford pardoned Nixon who was not charged with a crime (which has been mentioned about 1 million times on this site 😉 ).

      Also, it is not possible for the President to do blanket pardons under the conditions you present. There is a very stringent process that must be observed and there is a special division at the DoJ with a competent Attorney in the lead who reviews all requests for pardons.


  19. freddy says:

    What we have to fear is Pelosi and McCain holding hearings on Russian hacking..That will be love fest for old codgers but again try for a the political hit between the eyes with more fake info McCain dug up while in the Baltics with Grahmn…You can almost predict things that will happen anymore……


  20. Oldskool says:

    If Obama pardons her he’ll have to pardon himself also as it has been reported he was emailing her too, so he was sending who knows what over insecure devices. I imagine a deal was made during that closed door meeting he had with Trump to let him slide if he doesn’t pardon Hillary and charges are later brought against her. Her losing the election has cost him what he envisioned as his legacy so I don’t see him rescuing her.


  21. I think a pardon would be a good thing, hopefully Obama’s goons will eliminate Hillary as she’s a very big liability once pardoned.
    A Hillary pardon leaves little reason for USAG Sessions to waste time spinning his wheels in the Hillary Clinton quagmire, he can concentrate his efforts elsewhere on the Clinton Foundation (Bill, Chelsea & execs).


  22. wasntme says:

    Clinton News Network says clinton is getting a pardon. Can’t wait to hear the spin for why the dems presidential candidate in the last election needs a pardon. Must be because of the russians.

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  23. Naslod says:

    ok… my brief opinion on this… “it all depends” I think it all rests on what happens in the future. it all just depends…


  24. frogstamper says:

    Speculation on this issue is way above my pay grade.
    This is what I believe.
    President Trump “sees all and knows all.”
    He does not choose to lose.
    His primary objective is to Make America Great Again.
    And he knows what that will take.
    The rest of us need to wait and see.
    As an aside, kind of – You know, when people ask about my belief in Christ, one of the things I think is:
    I would rather believe in Him and then die someday and discover I was wrong than live my life without Him.
    For me, it is kind of the same with Trump. I would rather be a supporter of Trump and trust that he knows exactly what he is doing than any other alternative.
    Especially after watching clips of these hearings. What a bunch of jealous, pompous, ego-driven people. They actually believe they own the government and run it – just like the industrial Titans in this country run their own businesses.
    After watching and listening to some of them…yep, I’m stickin’ with Trump.
    I believe he’s the “man with the plan.”

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  25. Southpaw says:

    Hillary was thrown off Watergate commission. Bill was disbarred. They don’t care about being criminals. It is a badge of honor to them. They are mafia, southern style. Take away power and money, that is all they care about. Get Soros!

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  26. RebelR says:

    A pardon is a government decision to allow a person who has been convicted of a crime to be free and absolved of that conviction, as if never convicted. So HRC hasn’t yet been convicted, so how’s a pardon gonna happen??


  27. Mad Major says:

    The pardon authority of the executive/ president is found in Article II section 2 of the Constitution. Some regulations have been promulgated and a pardon apparatus constructed, but the President is quite unrestrained pardon authority. So far, Obama has shown a propensity to stretch his authority. Who in the country would approve of a HRC pardon ? Who would be disappointed? What is the risk / downside to granting a pardon? Would granting HRC a pardon disturb Trump? Who benefits from an HRC pardon? Who suffers ?The answers to these questions suggests Obama will grant the pardon . Legacy does not enter into the equation. Daniel Simpson Day has no grade point average, Barack Hussein Obama has no legacy.


  28. Grace Anne says:

    My guess is it really doesn’t matter. I don’t think obama in his “self-greatness” would even think about helping her out. TPTB may want her pardoned for self-preservation. Regardless, CF will be investigated and in her words to Matt Lauer, “if I go down everyone goes down.” What surrounds the clintons and what they are involved in IS the epicenter of the swamp. To drain the swamp. this is THE plug to pull. Someone said today, “She’s guilty as hell.” Can’t wait to here that sucking sound. This is a must to MAGA!

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  29. prof robinson says:

    Ok…but wouldn’t pardoning hillary also be a tacit admission of guilt?


  30. jameswlee2014 says:

    Churchill made the most eloquent observation on the current situation of both Obama and Hillary. Also, why just concentrate on Hillary, does anyone believe Obama is above suspicion? Maybe he will knife Hillary in the back like an American ally, and just pardon himself. Here it is from the Great Briton:

    “Tyrants ride to and fro upon the backs of tigers they dare not dismount”


  31. Rex says:

    No pardon?
    What will happen to the pile of corrupt cash that belongs to the Clinton Foundation?

    The Clinton’s fellow travelers care more about this since the music stopped playing.


  32. p'odwats says:

    Pardon or not Hillary is done as a political candidate and the Clintons are finished as a force in American politics. The DNC and other Democrat powerbrokers will see to that. They can put on the public spectacle of blaming the Russians, but privately they’re pissed at Hillary for losing a race that waa greased for her to win. She had the media in her back pocket, millions of illegal aliens voting for her, and big city and state Democrat machines rigging and stealing votes, and she still lost!


  33. itswoot says:

    I’ve skimmed through the last two pages of this topic to see if the death of Justice Antonin Scalia was discussed (without any luck).

    What if Hillary Clinton is implicated in the near future for being involved in the assassination of Scalia? Many people believe that he was assassinated, including myself. If so, how would that boomerang back on Obama if he gave Hillary a pardon before news of that came out?

    What brought this to mind is the Wikileaks released email exchange of John Podesta where “wet works” (assassination) was discussed four days prior to the death of Scalia. If Hillary Clinton was to be directly tied to the killing of a Supreme Court Justice, every other law breaking evil she has committed up to now would pale in comparison.


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  34. If Obama pardons her, the doesn’t that alsoclear HIM of any investigation going forward….i.e. Emails found wth his alias’ on them?


  35. fred5678 says:

    I don’t want her pardoned — I want her and Bubba DESTITUTE and living on food stamps in an Arkansas trailer park, after the FBI White Hats publish all the Clinton Foundation graft and the courts confiscate all their $$$$$ from book royalties and foundation donations.

    THAT would be just desserts!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • fred5678 says:

      Meant to say I WANT her pardoned — the whole world will then know she NEEDED a pardon because she was guilty, but I want her humiliated and dead broke.

      Liked by 1 person

  36. luckybamboo says:

    Random thought – what is to a pardon? Perhaps it is a complete defense to charges, perhaps not. Is it an automatic stop to an investigation and indictment? If not, it leaves it to the courts to decide. This might take years. If there is potential illegality and a political decision to proceed, I wonder whether a “pardon” ends the matter. Possibly, it makes the issues more palatable on a political level.

    Liked by 1 person

    • John in Indy says:

      A question – If a pardon is a complete defense to charges for the conduct of the pardoned person for the times it affects, does this also act in the manner of a grant of use immunity, allowing a prosecutor to force, through sanctions for contempt, the testimony of that person pardoned as to the conduct of other people involved in the crimes in which the person pardoned (HR C) participated?
      John in Indy


  37. jeans2nd says:

    “…that’s our estimation. What’s yours?”

    Accepting all the arguments presented in this post as factual and true (which I do), only one estimation. Who is going to pardon Obama, aka BO Lost Keny OB? and we still have the Clinton Foundation remaining


  38. Sue in MT says:

    OMG, Chuck Woolsey! But why is he commenting on the CIA? Hmm….


  39. John Galt says:

    Liked by 2 people

  40. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    I also think she’ll get a last-minute pardon. If she doesn’t, there’s the threat of her talking, naming names, to try to cut a deal with the prosecutor.


  41. katherine009 says:

    The only reason I can think of that Obama would decide against pardoning Hillary is that it would be the greatest possible gift to Trump’s presidency that he could ever bestow. And it will gall him for the rest of his life to do that.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Chris Hiscock says:

    pardon her for what? if barry knows of any crimes hillbilly has committed, he should be reporting them to Law Enforcement, as all American Citizens are bound by law to do.

    can’t pardon for allegations, no matter if they turn out to be true.


  43. BigMamaTEA says:

    **Attention all Treeps…..this is O/T of this thread, but I told her I would announce this.

    karensundstrom ‘s husband passed over tonight. She is exhausted, and grieving. I suggested that she go over to the Prayer thread. Should you wish to…(it’s in the upper right top, click on the flickering candle)

    karensundstrom is part of our Treeper family. Some probably have had more convos with her than others; but that doesn’t matter. Now, we must stand with our family member. I suggested she attempt to get some rest tonight, but maybe right now, please know that she is reading at least over in the Prayer thread.

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  44. UKExpat says:

    Surely issuing a pardon to somebody both you and they insist has done nothing wrong would be the height of HYPOCRISY and an admission of GUILT too of course.


  45. Roger Lindley says:

    What will she be pardoned for? She hasn’t been indicted for anything.


  46. John says:

    I am saying now that he has left, no pardon is forthcoming.


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