FBI Releases Unusual Sunday Document Dump RE: “Clinton Investigation – Mishandling Classified Information”…

crooked clintonsNot sure what drives the timing, but it would seem rather unusual for the FBI to release a document dump of investigative files relating to the “Clinton Mishandling of Classified Information” on a Sunday.  Regardless, that’s what they have done.

Initially the FBI release four parts to their document library.

Today they added Part 5. The original link to the FBI document dump is HERE.  The attached Part 5 pdf file is 300 pages and is downloadable.

We have not yet had time to review all the content.  However, we have transferred the content to a viewable and embed format below:

If you are reviewing, feel free to use the comments section for your findings.

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323 Responses to FBI Releases Unusual Sunday Document Dump RE: “Clinton Investigation – Mishandling Classified Information”…

  1. realcapedcrusader says:

    I was reading the Eric Braverman page, and remembered the NOC list was a plot from Mission Impossible 1996. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117060/synopsis


  2. andi lee says:

    Pg. 113-114
    CD4 (counterespionage?) admonishes 2 SSA for dicussing sensitive information of FBI investigation of the “protectee mission” > Requested info of location, server, involvement, email, etc. Request of SSA asisstance denied by Mgr of SSA. Needed legal request of asistance through proper agencies and channels.


  3. andi lee says:


    Numbered Boxes of email paper documents collected from Katherine Turner, Esq. – Williams & Connolly LLP:

    Begs to ask, where is box #:

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  4. andi lee says:

    Pg. 125 -128
    08/14/2015 FBI COLLECTION LOG


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  5. andi lee says:

    Pg. 238-240
    FBI – Collected Item Log
    (S) Partner Katherine Turner
    (S) Banker Box of docs – 4
    (b1) (b3) (b7c) (b7E)

    Pg. 241-242
    FBI Collected Item Log
    (S) Collected from: CHS
    (S) USB Thumbdrive
    (b1) (b7) (b7E)

    Pg. 243-245
    FBI Collected Item Log
    (S) Partner Katherine M.Turner
    (S) Apple CPU – 3
    (S) Thumbdrive – 2 (1 Label-HC P…)
    (S) Lenovo CPU – 3


  6. Jimmy Jack says:

    Page 299 – Sidney Blumenthal while at CGI/CF received classified material by email. He has no security clearance or authorization to access these. Illegal both for sender and receiver.

    Also, Huma has been under FBI investigation since 2013.

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  7. Ohio Hayseed says:

    Hello, Treepers!
    I’ve just finished listening to the Assange presser, and two things stood out that I thought wiser minds than mine might use in regard to the FBI data dump on Sunday night.
    One, Julian was asked what we should do before Obama leaves office. He responded this this a most important question, as document destruction is a top priority. He has offered a $30,000 reward for information revealing document destruction. In responding to another question, Julian remarked that Obama and HRC have prosecuted 3X more journalistic sources than any other administration; clearly, whistleblowers suffer greatly.
    So I’m thinking this data dump is by a “white hat,” protecting data from being destroyed, while remaining anonymous as to avoid prosecution?

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Hayseed – we Ohioans think alike. Did not hear Assange presser, but wholeheartedly concur with your conclusion – “this data dump is by a “white hat,” protecting data from being destroyed, while remaining anonymous as to avoid prosecution” (North Coast)


  8. The Sunday doc dump is a preemptive defensive move against the wikileaks interview that is scheduled for today (Monday) where the topic of conversation is supposed to be the US intelligence agency conclusions that “it’s the Russians”.


  9. Athena the Warrior says:

    Was this a White Hat move to release this intelligence eleven days out? By releasing it on a Sunday during a Wild Card playoff game between the Packers and Giants it looks like a document dump. However, had they released it earlier even if it was post-election, it could have been used as a political football by the Democrats.

    The information still gets out and the Democrats are further damaged if Obama uses it to pardon Hillary.


    • jbrickley says:

      I don’t believe Obama likes Hillary at all. There was a lot of tense moments between the Obama’s and the Clintons over the last eight years. I suspect Obama is going to try to boot strap a new party to take over the failed Democrat party. CAIRSocialism? KAWP, etc.


      • jedi757 says:

        No doubt there is no love lost between Obama and the Clinton’s, but sometimes the enemy of your enemy is your friend (i.e. Hillary 1000X more palatable than Trump to Obama–plus he/she knows where a lot of bodies are buried.)


      • James O'Malley says:

        People have already suggested as much, but more along the lines of reforming the Democratic Party into something even harder left, urban, and elitist. The following link describes what he has in mind:


        It seems that his basic goal is to push for changes that would focus the party’s attention more leftwards, while also ditching what remains of their blue collar base in favor of urban, wealthy, globalist interests. He’ll remain a threat even after he leaves office. That’s why I hope the FBI has something on him that they can use to lock him up. He’s not done trying to destroy everything this nation stands for.


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Yeah, Obie may have a rude awakening. The focus won’t be on him anymore. Oh, he’ll still have his groupies; but he won’t have POWER anymore.

          After the 2012 election….Obie turned is OFA= Obama for America, into OFA = Organizing for America, it’s full of a lot of his original campaign people from 2008. (They went on an “organizing spree” in Israel, and Canada, etc to “help” elections.)

          The only thing Obie knows how to do is “community organize” and read prepared speeches with a teleprompter.


  10. jbrickley says:

    Dum Dum Daaaa!!!!, the frog marching approaches. If the FBI arrests her and she goes on trial, I’ll throw a huge party! Orange is the new Black baby!


  11. Sandra-VA says:

    Having just finished reading all those pages (phew!), it seems clear that this was a very serious investigation; roadblocks from higher authorities (State, DHS); Blumenthal somehow was able to obtain classified information; Justin Cooper is very entwined in the whole thing; USS were being asked for information; they also had CI’s in play; Pagliano must be a key to something since he is so protected; Huma under criminal investigation for several years.

    So, I would say this investigation is following a path and it will eventually lead to prosecutions, if allowed to continue.

    Very interesting!

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    • KillinEmSoftly says:

      expect a Presidential pardon on any open investigations into the Clinton’s and any other Obama “players” in the next 11 days….


    • andi lee says:

      Sandra, I agree about Cooper, but I do remember reading Sundance’s prior FBI docs, Cooper was specifically called “SA Justin Cooper”. Maybe possible, two different men but when you look at Podesta emails, you’ll find this:

      Also, Cooper emails appears 10 times in Podesta emails, one of those times is an email, photo attached of two beautiful asian women, one child, sharing a plate of pizza at an outdoor picnic-looking table. Cooper, one word response was, “Nice”.

      The photo, turns out, was encrypted with other layers of data, a gateway to another photo(s) or video. It was determined, the encryption used a special access program and comes from the highest levels of our Intelligence community. (There was also an ongoing search to match these two women with two asian journalists that went missing in the past, an event where Bill Clinton sent a plane, thought to be Epstein’s, to pick up two women, “human rights workers” in Asia rescuing children. The reddit page-link was scrubbed & shutdown)


  12. Secret Service leaking, stonewalling, and getting admonished.


  13. Like

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