Marco Rubio Demands T-Rex State Putin is “War Criminal”, Because Aleppo, Aleppo, Aleppo… Aleppo !

Senator Marco Rubio exited the confirmation hearing for Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State nominee and, important to note – RUSHED TO CNN, to tell media he was “uncertain” and “doubtful” if he’d support Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State.

Moments earlier Senator Marco Rubio engaged in the following questioning of T-Rex:


Important to remember, Marco Rubio openly supported John Kerry and voted yes on his confirmation.


While I shall never be accused of defending Vladimir Putin, factually, the assertion of who was/is the enemy in Syria -and as a consequence who was/is attacking whom- was/is entirely false. As repeatedly evidenced through exhaustive research, the U.S. administration allowed the rise of ISIS within Syria and specifically their central command base in Aleppo.

It is not propaganda that Christians and Secularists’ in Aleppo were able to celebrate Christmas only after the “Syrian rebels” were removed from the city a month ago. The rebels were ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and other extremist groups. So one has to wonder, what the fudge kind of nonsense is Rubio attempting here?

Unfortunately it is now clear there are multiple political agents, on both sides of the UniParty apparatus, who are willing to sell out the concept of freedom and liberty to gain shillings.

An entire consortium of professional republicans appear committed to advancing regime change, and an interventionist foreign policy.  Chief among them Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Orin Hatch and Marco Rubio along with a host of representatives from the House of Representatives including Paul Ryan and Adam Kinsinger types.


Who the heck is financing this nonsense?



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316 Responses to Marco Rubio Demands T-Rex State Putin is “War Criminal”, Because Aleppo, Aleppo, Aleppo… Aleppo !

  1. 2x4x8 says:

    Trump won the Cuban vote, yet Marco Rubio and Jim Acosta act like Mexican Jorge Ramos

    SD should mention the “other Cuban” Ted Cruz, who did a great job in the Senate hearings

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  2. Davey says:

    T-Rex should have answered with…Vlad Putin just defeated the ISIS war criminals in Allepo,Allepo,Allepo.

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  3. Bert Darrell says:

    Rubio was beaten so badly by Trump in Florida that he’s left with no leverage whatsoever. So, he’s playing “hard-to-get” now, hoping that Trump will throw him a bone if he votes for T-Rex. It won’t work. From what I heard today T-Rex will be approved with several Dem votes. IMHO, Marco’s vote is non-essential and he’ll remain a loser grasping for air. This guy is so stupid it’s hard to believe he made it to the senate. Who advises this guy?

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  4. paulraven1 says:

    B…b..but Roger Simon of PJ Media told us Marco Rubio was the best man running for president, absolutely top notch, no one better, boffo, I tell you, boffo.

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  5. Harry Lime says:

    I stumbled upon this while on youtube but I have to warn you it is really kind of creepy. I did, however, get a kick out of what they had Lyndsey Graham doing to John McCain in the background.

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  6. Marco has typical small guy syndrome. First he feels an unquenchable desire to ascend to the absolute highest post he can, simply because he could never measure “up”. Secondly, when confronted about (1) he gets defensive and venomous and has a lot of prepared stabs he attempts to dart the opponent with (usually flailing as he goes), but ends up doing himself more damage than his opponent. Third, the American public sees through his clever but immature posing. How enough people in Florida voted him back in to give the rest of us a PIA for the rest of his term is beyond comprehension. He’s only in it for himself. In ten years he’ll be a memory on the ash heap of Republican traitors who couldn’t live on dry land.

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    • Obama is not short at all and the description you’ve provided fits Obama even more so than Rubio. Also, keep in mind that many peoples of certain countries heights Rubio’s height is quite average. For example, Rubio would not be considered “small” in Italy and probably not in Cuba nor many other countries either. Rubio is not considered small for his genetic ancestry either. People often say that about Napoleon but being 5’6″ from Corsica is really not that short in comparison to others from that area.

      Many tall people are absolute jerks with inferiority complexes as well. Again, reference Obama…AND his big monstrous tall wife Mike.

      Where the inferiority complex comes from is WITHIN. People who feel small on THE INSIDE.

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  7. Travis McGee says:

    McCain and Graham have adopted him as their new mascot to take Ayotte’s place.

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  8. Marygrace Powers says:

    Lil Marco embarrassed himself once again/
    talking so fast on his “Limitless” pills/ rudely
    interrupting Tillerson/transparent Uniparty puppet/

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  9. Unfortunately the lie that Assad is a butcher who murdered 100,000’s of his people with the help of Vladimir Putin is so thoroughly ingrained by now that I don’t know what it will take to wake up the public at large to the truth. You never see this narrative challenged in any of the media – even FOX pushes this propaganda.

    In order for President Trump to do what needs to be done in Syria – President Trump will need to turn the narrative around 180 degrees. He should explain to the public the cold truth that the administration of Barack Obama armed and funded jihadists that include Al Nusra and ISIS in an illegal attempt to topple Assad. Assad did what any leader would do when facing foreign mercenaries.

    The blood of the 100,000’s of innocent victims in Syria is on the hands of Obama, Clinton, McCain et al and of course the Arab States and Turkey.

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  10. TwoLaine says:

    Marc0 RuB10 is a puppet. He came back in for a reason. Follow the puppet strings/MONEY on all of these Never TRUMPer UNIPityPartiers and you will find out who sent them and why.

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  11. Newman says:

    I always thought getting T-Rex past the no good RINOs McCain,Graham and Little Marco was going to be a challenge. The Uniparty traitors ain’t giving up their precious State Department to an outsider.

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  12. What a weasel Rubio is.
    Floridians need to swamp his office with their opinions.

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  13. Gail says:

    Rubio’s questioning reminds me of this:

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  14. xyzlatin says:

    I have just been watching partial segments of the whole 9 hours on youtube, including a segment with Rubio. Rubio was shown waiting for his turn, and he was jumping around, fidgeting, sweating and looking very bad tempered. He looked like a man wanting his meds quite frankly. When he then “questioned” T Rex, it was a long rambling lecture/homily or sermon, to TRex on morals.

    By this time, Rubio was calm. There was a striking difference in behaviour. Rubio wanted the Sec of State to be lecturing other countries about morals and Rubio ticked off Tillerson for not being moral enough. It was in appallingly bad taste and quite presumptuous. He virtually portrayed the Sec of State role as the world’s preacher. I cannot imagine how anyone would put this jumped up obnoxious p**ck in charge of a filling station, let alone be grooming him to be President of the US. People must be fooled by his boyish good looks, because this man has nothing else going for him.

    The other impression I got from several of the interrogators was how much the Church of Climatology has infected the USA. Man, are they ” true believers”. TRex handled it well, saying there were more than one scientific points of view. He is a very good diplomat, I was very impressed. 9 hours and no notes.

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    • xyzlatin says:

      And the impression I got of Tillerson was that of a perfectly composed relaxed individual, until someone said something which made him focus intently. There was a switch come on in his eyes, a slight tightness in the body, then a perfect response. Made me think of a wild beast, lolling around until a prey is spotted and then suddenly it has all focus. I would say this man is very formidable.

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    • Marc says:

      I believe the rumors of Little Marco being a pill popper are more true than false.

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      • In addition to Rubio’s past sexual indiscretions and monetary bribery, secret drug abuse could be one of the things the elite blackmail Rubio with. It’s not really secret to those that know the signs, but for the majority of Americans who don’t. I don’t have to see Rubio take a pill to know he was hopped up way beyond that of coffee, sugar, or the nicotine of cigs. You don’t have to be a doctor to make this observation, it’s easy to spot if you’ve had experience around drug users and in Hollyweird that is almost everyone.

        Blackmailing politicians is becoming well known these days but a basic understanding of how this works is outlined in Wayne Allyn Root’s article(s).


        “Why Obama and Hillary Must Stop Donald Trump at All Costs”
        “…I believe many key Republicans are being blackmailed. Whether they are having affairs, or secretly gay, or stealing taxpayer money, the National Security Agency knows everything.”

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        • NCPatrick says:

          or secretly gay, or stealing taxpayer money, the National Security Agency knows everything.”

          Moni, by accident I happened to see a movie yesterday that was incredibly sad and scary, The Good Shepherd. The storyline, according to Wikipedia, is loosely based on compilations of multiple characters who rose to prominence within the CIA and how they became what they were. I joined the movie an hour in, so really didn’t know who was who until I did some after research.

          I think the story is very much how it works in the intelligence agencies around the world, thru extensive use of blackmail and threats. Coming as it did in the midst of the actual furor in the headlines, this movie scared the heck out of me and caused me to say extra special prayers for President Trump.

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        • Guffman says:

          Agreed. Rubio was most definitely hopped up on some kind of stimulant. He was acting like a petulant child – ‘agree with everything I’m telling you or you’re wrong, and won’t get my vote!’ What an embarrassment Little Marco has turned out to be.
          T Rex’s carefully weighted responses and calm demeanor proved exactly why Trump made an excellent choice in this man for SoS.

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        • RP says:

          “…having affairs, or secretly gay, or stealing taxpayer money…”

          Sad thing is those sins/vices that not too long ago would ruin careers and land one in jail elicit a collective shrug and “meh” of a morally deficient America’s these days.

          Which is exactly why deep state needs to keep their pedophilia / pizzagate rings in tact and under tight control.


  15. BAM says:

    It’s fascinating to see certain politicians shine “sunlight” on themselves during the hearings. It really speaks to the fabulous quality of P.E. Trump’s nominees. Imo, there are many (pols) involved that have Achilles’ heels and/or monetary “rewards”.

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  16. Cetera says:

    Sundance, you said, “While I shall never be accused of defending Vladimir Putin…”

    I will. Unashamedly, and unabashedly. Vlad may be a horrible human being, a tyrant, etc. But he is the only leader of a nation, the only head of state, indeed, the only man in the past 8 years who fought to defend Christians from being beheaded by Muslims.

    I suppose you might be able to make a case for Al Sisi. That’s it. Vladimir Putin has been the sole defender of Christians and Christianity for nearly a decade. If forced to choose between him and any Western leader since the turn of the century, I’ll choose him. Finally, we have a man of honor and integrity in Trump. For a while, there, though, it looked like Putin might be the only heir to Western Civilization, and I don’t think anyone can claim Russia had much to do with that either.

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    • These RINOS lie so much. Another litmus test: If Putin was truly so bad, why is it that one of the closest allies of the United States, ITALY, was and still has such close ties and good relationship with Russia? Surely if Russia was as bad, Italy would not be such a close ally to USA. There has to be much more to this than that, obviously, the globalists took Berlusconi down to get him out of the way for Washington’s plan to get rid of and/or weaken Putin. I remember that time when Obama was first introduced, Berlusconi would not even shake his hand. I think he knew that Obama was going to go after Russia from the get go.

      Putin and Berlusconi “like brothers”

      Berlusconi served as Prime Minister of Italy in four governments:.
      Prime Minister of Italy 2001–2006; and 2008–2011
      and he served also in other capacities of the Italian government as well

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      • NOTE: During the time of Berlusconi was in office — the entire time close as a brother to Putin — Italy shared excellent relations with the United States and still does to this day. So how is it that suddenly Russia is the boogeyman? Obviously around thee time the globalists took down Berlusconi their target became apparent: Russia.

        There are two Americas: the people and the government of Washington DC. Washington is hated all around the world, but the people are beloved. Except by the islamics of course, they hate everyone. This is why I make the distinction of “Washington” and “The United States aka America,” because they are no longer one in the same. Trump is changing that. Thank God.

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        • amjean says:

          The simple answer is that Russia is a
          blockade to “one world government”.
          So is the US. Nothing more, nothing
          less. Follow the money and see where
          it leads you.

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        • RP says:

          One reason is Putin put out an international arrest warrant on the financier and de facto titular head of the cabal to over run our great country, George Soros.

          McCain and Graham both have proven financial debt to Soros – I’d bet my 1972 Elvis Presley black velvet painting that with nominal effort Rubio is linked to Soros as well.


  17. JoeS says:

    I keep harkening back to that debate that happened right before the South Carolina primary when PE Trump separated from the GOP on foreign policy, especially by slamming the Bush administration for phony intelligence leading to the war.

    Since then, their were those in the eGOP that knew forever would try to destroy PE Trump. That was heresy to them.

    That ENGAGED #NeverTrump, I believe, in a momentous way.

    That stance won PE Trump the general election, though. He would never have won it by being the eGOP.

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  18. sunnydaze says:

    Did Rubio ever badger anyone in the US Congress, etc. re. all of Hillary Clintons opponents/enemies that have wound up dead?

    I ask because he seems very bothered by the Putin opponents/enemies who died, but I don’t recall him ever even mentioning Hillary’s?

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    • asawasa says:

      think that would violate the unspoken rule of “i won’t talk about your skeletons if you don’t talk about mine” that is SOP in DC.

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    • Litmus test for sure. Rubio nor McCain ever speak against the atrocities of the islamic terrorists nor against his Nazi pals of Ukraine nor of the war crimes of Bush/Clinton/Obama. The only reason he can get away with his anti Putin mantra is because most Americans and the elite Dems and Repubs refuse to see their own war crimes. He’s mimicking lies for the liars.

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      • Wavetheshales says:

        Yep. Another case of “follow the money”, which often leads back to Soros and his multitudinous front groups, as well as those of the globalists. It will be interesting to
        see what comes out of the “World Economic Forum”‘s meeting in Davos next week (16th-20th)…..

        I think if PizzaGate really was exposed to the light (please, GOD, please), the swamp would be drained right quick, as well as Hollywierd, a lot of CaliPornia, and more than a few foreign swamps. Some of those are said to lead back to Soros, too….. their evil knows no bounds.

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  19. 3x1 says:

    Video of reporter photographing Tillersons notes after the hearing


  20. sunnydaze says:

    Sometimes I think Trump asked people to vote McCain and Rubio cuz he’s gonna use them to expose something outrageous that’ll shut the RINOs down for good.

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  21. furtive says:

    Rubio is an anchor baby, constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS. Notwithstanding his adolescent whiny personality, he is not a leader, except maybe – Cuba if he is funded to infiltrate the country as a “freedom fighter”…he’s too cowardly.

    His parents were illegals, who never naturalized until Marco was 7. They were brought to Miami & then, Las Vegas by pMeyer Lansky & were employed by his hotels after Castro’s rise. The Batista regime was enriched by the Mafia Havana gaming hotel industry.

    Norman Braman (a wealthier magnate than Trump) & a Jewish philanthropist is Marco’s sugar daddy/Svengali – since law school. Likely his interogation of T-Rex had Braman’s fingerprints all over it.

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  22. JEM says:

    Rubio, Rubio….did anybody promise to pay off your credit cards in return for your questioning?

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  23. Sandra-VA says:

    Rubio’s eyes were red. Clearly, he has a problem with “partying”. Just an observation..

    I believe that McCain and Graham have co-opted/co-erced Rubio into doing their bidding – he has clearly NOT learned his lesson from his attempt to become President, nor is he appreciative of Trump voters who allowed him a 2nd term after all he did to belittle Trump. He is a small man, not just in stature, but moral character.

    The more they push this “Putin” rhetoric, the more standing Putin gains. We are well aware of Benghazi, the weapons transfers to Syria (arming AQ) and that RUBIO, McCAIN and GRAHAM were privy to it all. The war crimes are on our side, not Russia – and for Rubio to do what he just did is sedition, IMO. He is simply part of a major cover-up attempt.

    He would have been better off to have been onside with the Trump adminsitration and loyal Republican… instead he has chosen to continue the path he was on prior to the election season.


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    • In my observation Rubio obviously was lit up at many of the debates. Not just his copious water drinking but the rapid speech and other obvious signs to those that know them. No, was not coffee and he doesn’t smoke cigs either. Hopped up!

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      • Illegal says:

        Cuban espresso will do this.

        There was a brain enhancing drug that all these society people were supposedly taking. I don’t recall the name.


  24. spren says:

    I watched Rubio’s interrogation of Tillerson. It was very strange indeed. Fox Business Channel did a spit screen of them during the questioning, and Rubio looked very demonic. Even my wife picked it out. His face was scrinched, his eyes were tight, and he was very distraught that Tillerson was not baiting on his feeble hook. Rex firmly and decisively responded to everything the Rube through at him and it incensed the Rube to no ends. It was fascinating to watch and behold how a mature master handled a little petulant punk like Rubio.

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  25. angryduc says:

    Rex Tillerson appears willing to give Lil Marco the bare bottom spanking he needs.

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  26. Mike diamond says:

    What did Rubik o say when Obama an kerry turned their back on israel?? Did we here his concern??

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  27. Sedanka says:

    Remember when Little Marco was the future of the Republican Party? Now he’s irreparably damaged goods.

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  28. Maria says:

    Little Marco, at it again.


  29. Howie says:

    I had to vote for the waiter. It was to stop the Senate from being run by Shumer and Co. Hated it But to other option. He is awful. The senate is going to be awful as usual.

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  30. Thorfinnr says:

    Little Marco luuuuuuvs him some Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi royals are ‘allegedly’ eyeball deep in child sex trafficking. One has to wonder.

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    • IMO Rubio has been in the bubbles of the bathhouse for the older perverted Washington DC elites more than his share of times. Just like Obama, where he got his start: knowing how to use rich old “white” men who love young guys. Another two-bit street hustler. Male hooker for the elite.

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      • Wavetheshales says:

        Yep. Shut down the “pizza parlor” and drain the swamp. Looking at other posts on the “spirit cooking” going on at parties in DC and LA (and who knows where else), the sooner these pervs are locked up, the better. For us, our children, and children everywhere. It is a global tragedy.

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  31. mg says:



  32. “Marco Rubio Demands T-Rex State Putin is ‘War Criminal'”

    Sure, Markino, just as soon as he states these presidents are:

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  33. Americans accusing others of being war criminals whilst not looking in the mirror first! If Rubio was president — God forbid — he would’ve started WWIII with a nuclear war against Russia. I heard his warmongering mantra the very first presidential debate. I was able to eliminate him from my choices for president the first minute he opened his mouth. Same with clueless Carly and the other 16 candidates all spewing “Look over there, Putin is the boogeyman, don’t look at our war crimes!” Only one who isn’t a warmonger is Trump. Rand Paul is better than the rest but even Rand Paul is brainwashed with cold war mentality and he was condemning Russia for Crimea which is another pro Washington warmongering lie and propaganda.

    Trump is the only choice for president who will focus on USA and not toppling foreign governments and committing murders all around the world.

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  34. Beverly says:

    Notice how Nervous Little Marco is here? He knows he’s out of his league. He’s a lickspittle, a toady, a born lackey. Nervously doing the bidding of his masters, just like he eagerly fell in line with the No Borders Gang of 8. Really contemptible.

    BTW, Marco, when are you going to address what AL QAEDA is doing in Aleppo? (crickets…)

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  35. Keln says:

    Obviously T-Rex was the adult in the room at that moment. Rubio is basing his entire argument on opinions and what is reported in the news, while Tillerson is saying “I need all of the facts, and I don’t have them”. Marco is demanding he be a fool like himself, while Rex is saying “I prefer wisdom”.

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  36. Trumped1 says:

    Aleppo was full of Jihadi Rebells and their Jihadi Familys.
    There is not much ideological difference between the Jihadi Rebells that took Aleppo and the Islamic State in Mosul.
    The moderate Rebels narrative was a lie from the start.
    There was much reason for many people in Syria to revolt vs. Assad and it was at the start a citizen uprising that got taken down violently by Assad. That was the moment the Jihadis took the movement completely over. (cooperating in many cases with the Islamic State factions directly)

    Putins fault was merely to work against the US deep state interests in Syria avoiding the loss of his base in the mediterranian and the takeover of Jihadis in Syria.

    The humanitarian crisis in Syria, which is ongoing beyond Aleppo(Al bab, Palmyra, Deir Ezzor) is a direct consquence of US deep state politics.
    In short: Rubio is full of shit

    Right now the white hat elements of the US military are conducting a rather strong operation with the SDF(Syrian Democratic Forces) vs. the Jihadi elements in Syria and are closing in on Raqqa.
    This is underreported in the media. Observing the known actions it seems that the US involvement is growing stronger with each day less on Obamas watch.
    Come the 20th I expect the Trump admin to increase the supplys to the rather secular, mostly kurdish but also multi ethnic fighting force of the SDF.
    Trump has a big chance to win influence and leverage in Syria through the SDF. The Islamic State defeat in Raqqah could be one of the first big wins of Trump and T-Rex on the international Scene.
    The final Stand of ISIS will be in my opinion in the city of Deir Ezzor.
    It could well be that this could mean a cooperation of RU and US forces looking at the battle map.
    ( )

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  37. myyellowbike says:

    Yeah, it is propaganda about whom is celebrating Xmas over there, there are Christians in the opposition leadership, George Sabra. Iran runs Syria, General Mattis just talked about how Iran was killing 15 US soldiers a month, Daddy Assad helped bombed 250 Marines, screw Assad and the unknowing Americans saying stuff like in the OP.


  38. itsy_bitsy says:

    If Rubio purposely works against the Trump administration I will personally work against him and hope to remove him from any Republican ticket in the future! Don’t throw your political career out the window Marco. Stay our of the negativity swirling around Graham and McCain. They are not working for the good of this country, but rather to weaken Trump’s administration before it even starts, and their purpose is completely self serving!

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  39. Jim Hinebaugh says:

    Little Rubio is trying to get even. He totally made an ass of himself running for President and most figured that out. He is simply a fast talking self serving swamp rat.

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    • decisiontime16 says:

      Instead of getting even, Marco should be ever so grateful he is back in the Senate. A man resurrected from political death after his petulant behavior during the primaries.


  40. Paul Killinger says:

    Yesterday Sen Marco Rubio put on full display the attitude that will preclude him from EVER becoming an occupant of the Oval Office.

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  41. myyellowbike says:

    Syria also attacked the Christian nation of Lebanon and has set up avowed Jihadis, Hezbollah in power. Daddy Assad killed 250 Marines, Bashar is partners with Soleimani and Iran whom killed 500 US soldiers in Iraq. The list goes on and on. Lt. General Michael Flynn actually is on record saying Bush created ISIS; though I think that’s wrong too.


  42. dreadnok89 says:

    Does this dummy rubio understand if you condemn putin for wsr crumes then you must also condemn our leaders for the same destruction? How many civilian deaths and hospitals did obumbla hit? The way tillerson is wording is cautious and smart.

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  43. Old Longshoreman says:

    We didn’t have a great choice on Election Day here in PBC, FL. As said previously we voted red rather than for Lil Marco. Unfortunately he’s doing exactly what he did the first time we put him across the finish line. Hopefully we can primary him out next time. It was actuallly comical to see him before the election fighting for all these local issues on local TV. You could see his disdain. Like a big league pitcher who got sent back to Triple A. Now he sees his chances on the national stage so I guarantee you it’s the last time we’ll hear from Lil Marco. At least on local issues that matter to us little folks who carried him. DTS, MAGA


    • ledeplorable says:

      If you are in a state where your DEMOCRAT senator is up for re-election in 2 years… should call that senators office and let them know how they vote on the cabinet nominees will influence your vote in 2 years.


    • furtive says:

      He had no job. The only money coming in was contributors. He hates being a senator. If trump knew he would vote against his picks he would have discouraged his campaign.

      If he continues this behaviour, trump will out him as disloyal.- He’ll never work in politics again.


  44. Patriot Lady says:

    Cruz. Rubio, –just 2 more arrogant, egomaniacs. With these Senate hearings it’s just another chance to get themselves in front of a camera– even a CNN camera– it doesn’t matter. They’re just like Chuckie Schumer– “the most dangerous place is between him and a camera.”


  45. ledeplorable says:

    There is a reason Rubio is called “little marco”. He has short man’s disease. (constantly tries to pull other down to his level to build himself up).
    Contact his office and tell him to stop.


  46. christinewjc says:

    Rubio needs to grow up…A LOT…before he ever runs for president again. On second thought, I don’t think he should ever run for president!

    Tillerson’s response to all of his detractors yesterday (at least the ones I saw before I watched Trump’s press conference) were all brilliant! How many others are noticing what I have noticed? I now see many (not all) politicians as ignorant in either their thinking or ideology; whereas those who have been successful in business (like Trump and Tillerson) have much more intelligence, savvy, knowledge and proper demeanor on how the world is and how to work successfully with our allies! They also have the smarts to not jump to conclusions regarding our enemies and are more thoughtful and wise in how to deal with them.

    Career politicians (like John McCain) are being revealed for what they are…in government for their own gain! See Lame Cherry’s latest post about McCain!

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  47. Sandpiper says:

    Marco if you talk about war crimes by President Putin why not look at the “WAR CRIMES” committed by the U S. Not just in the current Middle Eastern operations but really take a look at the Allied Plan to fire bomb civilian population centers


  48. “Who the heck is financing this nonsense?”



  49. jeans2nd says:

    “Who the heck is financing this nonsense?”

    Partially funded by US, the U.S. taxpayer and our Armed Forces Family. All the other money is foreign, probably Soros/Wahabbi/MB, some for us, some against us.

    Where is that Little Marco “For Sale At Any Price” sign?


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