Marco Rubio Demands T-Rex State Putin is “War Criminal”, Because Aleppo, Aleppo, Aleppo… Aleppo !

Senator Marco Rubio exited the confirmation hearing for Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State nominee and, important to note – RUSHED TO CNN, to tell media he was “uncertain” and “doubtful” if he’d support Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State.

Moments earlier Senator Marco Rubio engaged in the following questioning of T-Rex:


Important to remember, Marco Rubio openly supported John Kerry and voted yes on his confirmation.


While I shall never be accused of defending Vladimir Putin, factually, the assertion of who was/is the enemy in Syria -and as a consequence who was/is attacking whom- was/is entirely false. As repeatedly evidenced through exhaustive research, the U.S. administration allowed the rise of ISIS within Syria and specifically their central command base in Aleppo.

It is not propaganda that Christians and Secularists’ in Aleppo were able to celebrate Christmas only after the “Syrian rebels” were removed from the city a month ago. The rebels were ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and other extremist groups. So one has to wonder, what the fudge kind of nonsense is Rubio attempting here?

Unfortunately it is now clear there are multiple political agents, on both sides of the UniParty apparatus, who are willing to sell out the concept of freedom and liberty to gain shillings.

An entire consortium of professional republicans appear committed to advancing regime change, and an interventionist foreign policy.  Chief among them Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Orin Hatch and Marco Rubio along with a host of representatives from the House of Representatives including Paul Ryan and Adam Kinsinger types.


Who the heck is financing this nonsense?



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316 Responses to Marco Rubio Demands T-Rex State Putin is “War Criminal”, Because Aleppo, Aleppo, Aleppo… Aleppo !

  1. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Little Marco . . . the mouse that roared.

    Steven Seagal for Ambassador to Russia.

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  2. General P. Malaise says:

    rubio is one compromised POS.

    he could be a stand-in for obama, that’s how bad he is.

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  3. Cow wow says:

    Grrrr Marco!

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  4. Really? Well, how about I demand li’l marco rubio declare juan diablo mcamnesty and lindthey grahamnasty as war criminals because Middle East, Middle East, Middle East!!!

    And open borders, li’l marco… open, porous borders that stinkin’ murderous rapists and the worst of Mexico’s trash are using to invade the US.

    FFS. It’s way beyond ridiculous, can’t wait for the real work to begin!

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  5. Pam says:

    The little rat globalist needs to go!

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  6. MrE says:

    Until today, I’d almost forgotten Sir Marco of Amnesty was still around. I was much happier, too.

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  7. freepetta says:

    Little Marco would rather have the SAVAGES of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and Al qaeda running Syria then the true president. Pathetic!

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  8. These neocons Rubio, McCain & Lindsey are disgraceful.. along with Paul Ryan.. their constituents should be demanding a recall if possible!!

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  9. freddy says:

    I used to think politicians had intelligence and wisdom.Then I watch Rubio and he has to know demanding a man like Rex Tillerson call Putin a war criminal at a hearing is a dead end…Who would even try that.So he’s either a complete idiot or he’s throwing shade for someone else……..His questioning was so strange he had to have been coerced to do it…McCain and Lindsay who just got back from the Baltics on a dirt on Trump expedition. All of this glaring and I would have thought a little more stealth would have been used…………Just heard Clapper denounced the documents used and they were not CIA produced nor were they leaked from them…..I’d say McCain sent his daughter to Buzzfeed and he called CNN…………..Great story for guys like me who love to figure…. who done it …..stuff.

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  10. BobW462 says:

    Li’l Marco needs to look around his own infested hovel before he starts crying “war criminal”.

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  11. John says:

    Nothing like leading questions Little Marco. The public domain…like CNN…

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  12. Interesting that what Rubio is saying about Putin could also be said about Hillary.

    I thought Rubio sounded ignorant; why would a SOS be declaring someone a war criminal. I just thought it was a dumb line of questioning that was not intended to elicit a response, but to make a point or set-up future actions….a scheme. I’m sure McCain and Graham are in on it.

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  13. Rubio got on my nerves too. I prefer Tillerson’s measured approach. He needs to see all the classified data to call Putin a war criminal. Why should Tillerson jump to conclusions? Why risk souring the relationship with Russia with hawkish language? Tillerson understands that Russia is dangerous, but there is still a need for a measured response. Rubio seems hotheaded, and I recall the disaster in Libya that he spearheaded. I admire Tillerson for sticking to his principles. I just left the Rubio fan club, not that I was ever in it.

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  14. lin says:

    Marco lil Marco ….Remember how the sweat poured off his face during the debates?…he;s a wilted flower, a cut throat liberal in a republican vest.

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  15. anarchist335 says:

    The look on Rex’s face was priceless! He barely managed to contain his scorn for Little Marco. Aleppo should be a nonstarter for anyone that knows that ISIS was in control there and if any outfit should be bombed, that would be ISIS. MSM does “reporting” from 2000 miles away and don’t know sh*t about Syria or Aleppo. Not a big surprise.

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    • georgiafl says:

      US weapons were found in Aleppo when ISIS skedaddled – maybe that’s what lil Marco was trying to pin on Russia? Wonder if any of the White Hats could trace the serial numbers and find out if these weapons were ever in Libya or even…Mexico via Fast N’ Furious (TM).

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    • Patriot1783 says:

      Yes did you see Mr Tillson’s eyes move along the panel while Rubio was speaking? Almost like conveying the thought to the other members, seriously?
      Is this the best ya got?

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  16. debmonson says:

    Apparently little marco didnt read the memo from TRUMP on draining the swamp the posturing and preening that these lifetime politicos have used in the past will NO LONGER WORK except to lose them their jobs. Little marco must have also missed the memo that those rebels that Putin helped to blast back to hell WERE ISIS!!!!!!! So Aleppo that marco…

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  17. pcockroft says:

    Marco Rubio should resign his post as US senator.

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  18. Non sequeter: Always Trust Trump!!

    *Trump helped Rubio get re-elected. What is Trump’s long game with lil marco?
    *Is DJT giving him enough rope, or a short pair of briefs shall we say so Trump can pants him like DJT did to the media today?..hat tip Grace Anne “to expose all the junk”😉
    *Did Trump just have to support lili to 1st attain the Presidency, D wouldnt be preferable, and DJT wld just deal with lili later?
    Hat Tip SD: What to think?…. what to think? Hmmmmmmmm

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  19. El Torito says:

    Marco looks like he’s been staying out late in the park again.

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  20. spacette55 says:

    I cannot provide an exact link to the video, but something interesting on the Weiner laptop was mentioned by Steve Pieczenik on one of the Alex Jones broadcasts. The NYPD has proof via the Weiner laptop that one of the GOP members of the Gang of Eight is implicated in the Lolita Express scandal. The GOP Gang of Eight members included John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio. Could that account for the recent behavior of McCain, Graham and.or Rubio?

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  21. lastinillinois says:

    This is very obviously an “all hands on deck” effort to blame the Russians for EVERYTHING possible.
    I mean, c’mon, throw us a bone here Uni-Party! Can’t you find a way to blame anyone else for ANYTHING?

    The neos are itching to start a war – they want it bad – their financiers are getting nervous.

    oh, by the way, I wonder if 1 reason to attack Russia might be because the neos believe they know where Eric Braverman is, offered refuge in Russia is a possibility I read recently.
    Maybe a missile finds its way to wherever they think Braverman might be?

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  22. LKA in LA says:

    Rubio should have been voted out. He will sell out the country for a buck. He is slime. If you guys visit his district you will see that it is full of fraud. He is for illegials and that is it. He will betray again. And again.

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  23. I have no doubt, Vlad Putin is a hard man. In fact, I rather think the Russian people are of a stout lot. Nor do I doubt Putin supports Western Civilization. Yet parts of our ‘leadership’ are willing to spill blood in support of ISIS (Read that Obama – ISIS, not Isil…) a group that would hasten the end of Western culture.

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  24. rsanchez1990 says:

    Why couldn’t Carlos Beruff beat this fool in the primary? And now we have to wait six more years for our next chance to vote him out.

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  25. snaggletooths says:

    Rubio with one of the worse no show voting records but he will show up to vote no on T-Rex? !

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  26. janc1955 says:

    My observations: 1) I thought lil Marco was working as Chris Christie’s toothpick these days. Had no idea he still had a job in D.C. 2) I watched a bit of the Tillerson inquisition today (as much as I could take), and it seems we only have one enemy in the world: teh Putin. Apparently we are no longer threatened by ISIS, Iran, China, or any other bad actors on the globe. It’s all about Putin, baby. RussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussia.

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  27. Archie says:

    Why is the Uniparty shooting their loads during confirmation hearings? They lose all their leverage and bargaining positions for the next 4 years.

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  28. gamecock123 says:

    Looks like somebody bought Marco off, I hope Marco is going through hell as we speak.

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  29. One would think Marco had learned his lesson when he was Trumped during the primary debates.
    One would think Marco was smart enough to understand the message Tillerson was sending today when he answered verbally and facially during Marco’s interrogation.
    One would think ……

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  30. NHVoter says:

    Rubio is an insufferable D bag. He is an idiot who wouldn’t even be able to run a lemonade stand. I find him loathsome and overrated and totally undeserving of a second Senate term.

    I imagine that Trump has already called him and drop kicked him. Perhaps he’s sent Christie to heckle Rubio. 🙂

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  31. mike philly says:

    IMO who pays these guys? Saudi Arabia. The Sauds want a natural gas pipeline through Syria to sell gas to the EU which they now get from Russia

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  32. Mr. Morris says:

    John McCain said he has intimate knowledge of ISIS, does Marco Rubio share that ISIS knowledge?

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  33. MacKenzie says:

    T-Rex: “Senator, Vladimir Putin MAY or may NOT be a war criminal, but you, sir, are, without doubt, a foam boy.”

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  34. Bull Durham says:

    The context of Putin as a war criminal is “projection” of the worst sort.
    Putin and Russia were invited by the sovereign government of Syria. It has gotten UNSC approval for some of its military-diplomatic-political actions also.

    The US and its lofty 62-nation coalition is illegal in Syria. They are the war criminals. They have neither Syrian invitation to be there to fight ISIS, nor UNSC approval of their actions.

    So every bomb, mortar, bullet, missile fired by the US is a war crime in Syria.

    And Aleppo, as a urban battle will be studied for years as to how the Russians captured the city in six months of tactics of air power, artillery, special forces, diplomacy, conflict resolution, amnesty, and rewards, as well as medical and humanitarian support.

    The freeing of 80,000 in East Aleppo left the neocon warmongers aghast. Since then the Russian sappers have cleared 2500 buildings from IEDs and uncovered mass executions by “terrorists”, vast ammo supplies and weapons recently (during the final month of the battle) delivered from US and NATO countries for use by ISIS and al Nusra.

    War crimes? Yes, Obama, Carter, NATO, the Gulf States, all up to their foreheads in war crimes.

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  35. Rex says:

    Marco Rubbero Rubio resists Rex after relishing Hanoi John.
    Let it be written.

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  36. JoeS says:

    Great point on Little Marco voting for Kerry’s confirmation. I think we should call him baby Marco now or Micro Marco. Maybe boy Marco.

    Rex Tillerson answered the question as to whether he would have invaded Iraq in today’s hearings. He answered it well in that he said that it is obvious that the situation is not better than when we invaded.

    That answer is SOOOO correct. The same is true for aiding “rebels” in Syria. People can say what they will about Assad and the Russians, but, the situation became a lot worse with armed “rebels” of all the craziest persuasions.

    Christians have celebrated the birth of Christ for several thousand years in Syria prior to the arming of the rebels. Syria is BIBLICAL. For crying out loud, the Apostle Paul was, in one of my favorite Bible stories (Acts 9), converted on the road to Damascus!

    Now hundreds of thousands are dead, millions are migrating and living in tents. So many of the most sane citizens of Syria are the dead ones or the ones living in tents somewhere.


    Now who are the war criminals-Marco?

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  37. sunnydaze says:

    Christians in Aleppo celebrated Christmas for the 1st time in 5 years this year.

    They hung huge posters of Putin, Assad and someone else (??) in the Main Square while celebrating.

    Rubio is an effing idiot.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Nasrallah, the clerical leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon was the third man on the posters.

      Hezbollah have lost over 5000 fighters since the war began. They are Shiites, close to Syrian Allawites (Assad’s ethnicity). Iran supplies them but they are elite soldiers,with one of the best special forces in the world. They have been for several months now doing what the Russian Spetsnaz taught them, they go into the strongholds and assassinate the leaderships of ISIS groups. Has a demoralizing effect when the leaders are found double-tapped, two rounds in the forehead. Sends a message of fear back on the radicals.

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    • Jason Ross says:

      Those celebrating in Aleppo were mostly Alawites, who also celebrate Christmas. And the third poster was of Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran.
      Remember, it’s Sunni rebel militias who are beheading any Yadzidi/Christian/Shiite they can get their hands on.


  38. Walt says:

    Lil Marco is a war criminal in Libya. I think they are all getting scared for what they did there. It is the key to this whole mess. All the lies are because they are covering up for what was truly happening Bengazhi they all colluded together left and right.

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  39. Bronx Baller says:

    Where was Rubio these last 8 to 0 years demanding Putin be charged as a war criminal, has he raised this issue in the last as a resolution or statement in the Senate chambers? So why today when it’s sole purpose is a weapon to harm the nomination of Tillerson?

    Do all these rabid anti-Russian congress critters realize that the most likely outcome of their gesticulating against Russia is greatly increased tensions and most likely war / kinetic reaction (Obama speak)?

    Where is a factual discovery, introspection, rationalism, and strength of diplomacy? These individuals strike me as people who receive their understanding of what is happening via the MSM, Twitter, and Facebook and driven by third parties who have selfious and dark intentions which are contrary to we the people who elected DjT to rebuild America and our standing in the world. We did not vote for Worrld War III.

    Rubio read 99% of his verbal diarrhea of which 100% reminded me of some leftist barfly in some sports bar after the 8th mai tai. Embarrassing.

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  40. ledeplorable says:

    I contacted Rubio’s office to complain about his “performance”.

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  41. We really need grassroots Trump type Republicans to replace these RINO Rubio/McCain types.

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  42. justfactsplz says:

    In the picture above in Sundance’s article there is a guy standing behind Rubio with dark hair. He looks like the same man that was standing in the same spot behind Hildabeast on her plane during a pressor. Is he come kind of media handler?


  43. rsanchez1990 says:

    Marco brings up Putin’s approval rating pre and post the Chechen campaign, but he doesn’t stop to ask why.

    Marco, this was clearly something the Russian people wanted. The Chechens are Islamist insurgents and terrorists who have carried out terrorist attacks around Russia. They are of the same ilk that Putin is now taking down in Syria. The Chechens and ISIS share a deadly ideology. They are enemies of the largely Orthodox Christian Russians.

    Marco is an idiot.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Marco has apparently forgotten the Beslan theater hostage crisis in which armed Chechens, who were Muslim terrorists, held 870 people hostage. Almost 400 people died when Russian special forces stormed the theater in an effort to end the siege-after the Chechens shot two of the hostages to make their point.
      The Russian people didn’t need Putin to tell them how to feel about Chechens.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        Beslan was the school massacre by Wahhabi Chechens.
        The Theater massacre was in Moscow.

        If you probe deeply into the carnage of the two Chechen wars, you will read of brutality and heinous savagery against Russians living in Chechnya and against Russian troops and police. Makes some of the ISIS stuff look tame.

        Putin could have used nukes and the Russian people would have applauded.

        The war was smartly ended when Putin turned full responsibility over to Chechen loyalists who then defeated the radicals. He promised to rebuild Grozny and help them recover.
        He kept the promise. Grozny is a beautiful city.

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  44. 3x1 says:

    The dirt on foam boy is massive.

    Term limits forces compromised politicians OUT.

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  45. NHVoter says:

    Little Marco is now a hero to MoveOn. Hilarious.


  46. Look at Rex look around as little idiot is talking. Can’t you just imagine how asinine he must feel taking questions from (or listening to the grandstanding of) these clowns is?

    I wish he would’ve looked down at his watch and started instagramming his granddaughter or something while Rubio was “filling him in” on all of Putin’s atrocities.

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  47. Illegal says:

    Everyone needs to go to his Senate page and remind him Trump won FL and the voters expect the Senator to support the President Elect.

    You will need a FL zipcode
    I think any address will work so 123 Main Street plus a FL city and its zip Kissimmee, FL 34741 for example.

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  48. NHVoter says:


  49. Ziiggii says:

    I would post a very popular meme from 4chan as a response to this article, but it would not be very genteel.

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  50. Bil says:

    If i were little Mario ( as someone here called him earlier), I’d be embarrassed to even talk to a guy like T-Rex. Little Mario sounds like a boy who didn’t reach puberty while T-Rex sounds like a mature man with a very impressive voice.

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