It’s Beginning: Economic Micro-Riots Erupt in Mexico…

In 2015 we predicted if Donald Trump won the 2016 election, the Southern Border and Security Wall would not only happen as a construct of following through on a promise, but also factually happen as a function of avoiding the crisis of a neighboring economy in complete collapse.

trump nieto

What underpins that prediction is the hidden scale, and almost unquantifiable scope, of the exfiltration of U.S. dollars -legal and illegal- into Mexico.

American taxpayers as voters have no idea of the scale for how much money flows out of the U.S. into Mexico.  The reason no-one knows about it, and the reason economists cannot discuss it, is because the answer reveals a politically inconvenient discussion.

If accurate quantification was ever given sunlight, Americans, or more accurately ‘tax-paying Americans‘ would be able to see how much the United States actually subsidizes the nation of Mexico, and how much we’ve been ripped off.

…”this is what’s happening because our leaders are stupid, our politicians are stupid, …And the Mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning.”

~ Candidate Donald Trump

While the actual valuation of the outflow of dollars into Mexico is unknown, there are indicators it could be greater than our current economic trade deficit with China, $500+ billion.

Only a few indicators have ever reached visibility.  One such indicator being the outbound U.S. Western Union wire transfers, remittances, which now exceed the entire Mexican Energy Sector (oil and gas) combined.

mexico-money-1An honest evaluation of all possible currency transfer streams puts the outflow well over several hundred billion per year. Well over.

Truthfully, no-one can even comprehend the scale or scope of the peso dependency based on the dollar imports. It is simply an immeasurable quantification known only to someone who would have access to extensive internal data like Mexico’s Central Bank Chief, Mr. Agustin Carstens.

How many illicit pallets of U.S. dollars actually cross the southern border?  No-one really knows that either.  However, the scale of fraudulent U.S. treasury tax refunds to Mexican nationals is an order of magnitude greater than the quantifiable Western Union transfers.

“We’re talking about a multi-billion dollar fraud scheme here that’s taking place and no one is talking about it,” he said. The scheme involves illegal immigrants — illegal immigrants who are filing tax returns. (read much more)

Three stories, three economic red flags, which flew under the radar for most economically minded followers.

  • Mexico’s Central Banker, Agustin Carstens, ‘unexpectedly’ quitSEE HERE
  • The Peso is rapidly depreciating, and Mexican Inflation is beginning to lurch.
  • Mexico’s Finance Minister, Jose Antonio Meade, watches nervously as state controlled gasoline price setting is removed in favor of free market prices. – SEE HERE

(2016 Mexico)  […]  The move will phase out government-set gasoline prices, a practice that has prevailed in Mexico for decades, and replace them with market prices.

The change is one of the most tangible parts of a landmark energy reform program in Mexico, which in 2013 ended the 75-year monopoly of state oil company Pemex over nearly all facets of the sector, from crude production to retail fuel sales.

In April [2016], Mexico allowed private companies to import fuels for the first time, nine months ahead of what the energy reform program originally stipulated.  Gasoline prices in Mexico are higher than in the United States, where market prices prevail, and Pemex loses about $3 billion a year importing gasoline into Mexico.  (read more)

There’s more than just economic patriotism behind Ford Motor Company’s decision to cancel the $1.7 billion expenditure in Mexico.   Corporations use actuarial analysis as part of the entire Risk Management 5-year corporate forecast.

Mexico’s economy is beginning to do a bit more than tremor; and with an American business titan and patriotic political reformer taking office in the White House,… who campaigned on an absolute promise to renegotiate NAFTA, and the DC legislative priorities necessarily following the executive office expectation…. well, Mr. Carstens didn’t need to be an astrologist to note his place in the universe amid the economic planetary alignment.

….It begins like this:


Sometimes-violent protests and looting over gasoline price hikes in Mexico are continuing and officials say that so far they’ve left one policeman dead and five injured, 300 stores looted and over 600 people arrested.

The country’s business chambers says the combination of highway, port and terminal blockades and looting have forced many stores and businesses to close and threaten supplies of basic goods and fuel.

Mexicans were enraged by the 20-percent fuel price hike announced over the weekend as part of a government deregulation effort.

Since then, protesters have blockaded highways and gas stations and looting has broken out in some places.  Authorities said Thursday that one policeman was run over and killed and another seriously injured when they tried to stop robberies from a gas station in Mexico City.  (read more)

…. Do you still think that Mexico has leverage in the conversation about the Southern Border Security Wall.  Any leverage at all…?

trump neito 3trump tower grill 4

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478 Responses to It’s Beginning: Economic Micro-Riots Erupt in Mexico…

  1. BillRiser says:

    Obama has started building his own wall around his Washington DC home. Do as I say, not as I do. He needs to bring up the rest of the terrorist from Guantanamo and let them stay their behind his walls.

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  2. COLibertyBelle says:


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  3. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    I bet the U.S. taxpayer is subsidizing Mexico at minimum of over 1 TRILLION a year.

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  4. Serpentor says:

    Let Mexico invent and develop their own products to produce and export to the USA. I’d have no problem with that.

    But building our vehicles for us?

    Pure parasite.

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  5. Susa Glenn says:

    George Webb touches on Mexico situation (background history):


  6. BillRiser says:

    Illegal alien and mother of seven, Florida resident Marita Nelson, receives $240 in food stamps, monthly medications, $700 in Social Security and a housing allowance. And she has been receiving government assistance for over 20 YEARS – ever since she illegally entered the U.S. by swimming the Rio Grande — which up to 290,000 illegals have done since January.This is why we are 20 Trillion in debt besides sending what jobs we have to Mexico. In Arizona cross the border then go sign up for assistance.

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  7. Paco Loco says:

    24 months from now the wall will be in place, a large number of illegals will have departed the US and Trumps “reconciliation” program to get “work permits” to long time illegal residents without having them leave the US will also be in place. The anchor baby problem will be solved by the Sessions Justice Department or by a Presidential finding, clarifying that there is no birth right citizenship to those born in the US to illegal parents. The US is a tolerant nation and fifty years of screwed up immigration policy can’t be fixed over night.

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  8. bob says:

    I’m guessing the drug trade with Mexico is in the high hundreds of billions. Nothing against drugs but it seems like we can make our own meth and grow weed. Cocaine and Heroin might be a bit difficult though. One simple phone call from Trump to the Mexican President will yield a press conference in which the Mexican President agrees to fund “border security” for both nations. Trump’s give back will be allowing tourism to continue unabated. By June, with the dollar like it is, beer will cost 25 cents in resorts and a 14 day all inclusive vacation will be $500.


    • mossback says:

      In the late 80’s, the Peso was 15 to 1 USD…….a flight to Cozumel cost $600 for two and 6 days at a hotel cost $480.00 for two. I made the mistake of cashing a $100.00 American Express Travelers check on the way to the beach……..had money hanging all over me….. a taxi for a trip of 10 miles cost just under $550 pesos…….looks like those cheap days might return.


      • Those cheap days may return.

        But I will not return to Mexico for quite a while until they get their cartel violence under control.

        You can just never be quite sure where it will break out anymore down there.

        When Mexico gets it’s violent cartels under control.

        I will go back to their beautiful beaches.

        Until then, nada for me.

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      • It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that we’ve been maintaining Mexico to the tune of
        500 billion to a trillion dollars a year. When you start adding up the remittances, the drug money flows, the tourism (less of that now), as well as the investment of building cars and other items in the the country.
        Mexico IS NOT self sustaining economy. If you strip out all of the various parts of the monies going to Mexico from the United States, they would be bankrupt. Their peso would be back to the level of the 1950’s or worth about $0.08 a piece and income for the VAST majority would be about 500 pesos per week or $60.00 US.
        At the risk of sounding melodramatic, the opportunity for a civil war between the haves and havenots is quite high. You will see an immigration in reverse where the rich come to the US and the poor are left. You’re seeing this now in the Rio Grand Valley where the rich of the northern states of Mexico are building or buying mansions all along the Rio Grand on the US side. More of this will occur.


    • wondering999 says:

      Yes, but will they clean up the headless corpses that are laying in the bushes?


    • Major Styles says:

      I used to think there was “nothing against drugs,” either. But I can’t help think that being doped up 24/7 is one of the ways that the globalist f*cks keep us in line, shuffling along complacently.

      There’s no need to put down a revolt in Colorado, for example. They’ve already taken themselves out of the game with four hits of the chronic.

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Found this article from 2013 on the illicit drug trade:

      “An analysis of recent surveys and research studies places the size of the illegal U.S. drug market at $200 billion to $750 billion per year, with most estimates coming in between $400 billion and $500 billion.”

      The vast majority of the illicit drug trade comes through the land border between Mexico and the US.


  9. Duhders says:

    That doesn’t look much like gas that man has in his hands, nor does it look like any necessity for immediate requirements for sustaining life. Perhaps these are people we already deported back to Mexico?


  10. Major Styles says:

    On the bright side, it will be cheaper to bang hookers in Mexicali. 50 percent discount, I imagine.


    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Thats not even a good joke.


    • Assuming you’re not Mexican, if you wouldn’t “bang hookers” in your own country then why would you “bang” em in a foreign country?


      • OP says:

        Central America hookers are minors, child sex industry is alive and well down there…


        • That’s disgusting but it doesn’t answer why people that never utilize hookers within their own country might somehow believe it’s okay to pay for sex with a foreign hooker.
          Does their morality take a vacation while they’re on holiday, do they view foreigners as less human or perhaps do they behave so badly due to allowing their true selves an escape from the genie lamp?
          Why does the lolita express exist & why is it okay to sxxt all over other people in their back yard?


  11. Attorney says:

    Build the wall!


  12. Watcher says:

    Buy a few boxes of bullets. Enforce laws, problem solved.


  13. jfhdsiu says:

    My GrandMothers both told me when I was young that if I couldn’t say something nice about somebody that I shouldn’t say anything at all so I shall REFRAIN from commenting on Mexico’s well deserved and self inflicted plight and the subsequent unrest of it’s, (‘deserving of such’) citizens…….. I simply REFUSE to comment…….


  14. phil says:

    I live there and work in the us i myself bring at least 1000$ a month into the economy. How many more of us do the same thing.


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