Muh Russians – President Obama Gives “Rebel Alliance” Best Gift for New Year…

There are many facets being discussed by various political tribes about President Obama pitching a ‘vast Russian election hacking conspiracy’ narrative.   However, though he absolutely never intended to do so, President Obama has just given us one of the best gifts, transparent propaganda.

white house - obama - year endBy claiming to provide evidence of “Russian hacking”, that substantively contains zero evidence of Russian hacking, the outgoing President has placed himself in the position of proving -for us- something we are continually trying to prove about him.

Many are missing the reality of an entire generation of techno-skilled younger people who will hear and see this Presidential ‘hacking claim’ and immediately go check it out.

What they will discover, much faster than the generation above them, is how ridiculous the Obama claim factually is.  The result can be eye-opening when they try to reconcile the abject nonsense, and find themselves perhaps reminded of how their parent’s generation have been warning them of the Obama propaganda.

Years of eye-rolling can quickly turn into ‘eyes-wide-open‘ amid the face of brutal absurdity.   OMG – Soylent Green is, in reality, people.


Many patriotic Americans rightly express concern about youthful generations being exposed to ideological indoctrination and leftist influences.  Indeed, it is absolutely true that political outcomes are downstream from pop culture influence.  The political influence of generational Frankfurt School Fabians have targeted this ‘pop culture’ genre for decades.

Furthermore, rightly, more voices would argue the historic failure of conservatives to engage in the popularity venue means we have conceded the battle space.   However, with the election of Donald Trump the counter-culture paradigm has flipped.

When you understand counter-culture you begin to see that President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t need to address the “Russia stole muh election” narrative directly.  Instead he’d probably be better off allowing reality to ridicule the meme.  In essence, message toward the larger audience to make up their own mind etc.

The facts, the reality and the truth are all on the side of the vulgarian rebel alliance. Any effort to demand conformity of opinion, when faced with the brutally absurd, only creates a situation where the influenced observer recognizes the emperor really doesn’t have any clothes – yet their familiar tribe contains people convinced he does.

When this very specific set of circumstances aligns – the crazy tribe always loses, even if they are led by President Obama.


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320 Responses to Muh Russians – President Obama Gives “Rebel Alliance” Best Gift for New Year…

  1. Once inaugurated, President Trump will announce:

    Obama’s “RUSSIAN RUSE” was simply a distraction.
    • Obama was COVERING his FAILED REGIME CHANGE in Syria
    • Obama was FAKING Russia involvement in his FAILED ELECTION of HILLARY

    Trump will work with Russia to DEFEAT ISIS, notwithstanding Obama’s opposition.

    Trump will RECOGNIZE JERUSALEM as Capital of Israel, notwithstanding Russia’s opposition.

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    • Pending Trump Tweets:

      Russia may soon share what President O whispered he’d give them with his “future flexibility” after his 2012 Reelection.

      Is President O trying to cover for his giveaway of America’s Uranium to Russia?

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    • Anthonydog says:

      How do we know Onama doesn’t work for Russia? What was his “Flexibility” remark about?

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      • Anthonydog says:

        And why the Uranium I deal where Russia received 20% of U.S. uranium …and what of building a Silicon Valley outside of Moscow (Solokov).

        While Hillary received $144 million and Podesta $35 million…it certainly appears the Obama administration was all in for Russia. After all, Obama took down the missile defense system that protected Poland and said nothing when the entire Polush government died in a suspicious plane “accident” upon landing in Russia.

        It appears Obama’s “Red Line” in Syria was but Kabuki.
        Obama did nothing as Putin took Crimea.
        Obama has handed Russia dominance in the Middle East.
        Obama enriched Iran which empowers the Axis of Evil that includes Russia.
        Obama’s refugee crisis has over run our European allies and neutered NATO.
        Why did Obama immediately remove our tanks from Europe– first time sine WWII.
        Those high oil prices after closing our drilling down lifted Russia and the Middle East.
        Obama armed and created ISIS. Cui bono?

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    • deplorabledooku says:

      I think Putin has the real story on who and what Barry really is, so Barry playing tough guy now may just force the Russian intelligence to spill the beans in retaliation.

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    • Tommy Tunes says:

      I tell ya something stinks to high heaven …. something is going to happen ….

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    • drdeb says:

      The truth is coming! God bless and protect our President-Elect and We The People who own that White House.

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  2. GForce says:

    Sundance is correct, “the emperor has no clothes” and many, especially the younger generations will see it for what it is. IMHO it will be too late.

    An important and more sinister point that is being missed is, “THE EMPEROR’S HANDLERS DO NOT CARE!” They have convinced him to make this temporary concession of ego, appearing his foolish self with this “Russian hack story” in order to achieve a greater goal.

    Just reflect on what happened after Benghazi. How many days did this ilk officially blame it on a video? How many faux protests around the Middle East mysteriously got coordinated with thousands screaming in the streets (printed signs included)? Meanwhile the truth was being covered up about what was really going on in Benghazi ( some say weapons transfer, who knows).

    How many years have the investigations gone on and still nothing? The point I’m trying to make is there are only a few weeks left before they loose their grip on the Executive office. That is absolutely more than enough time to create the appearance of an escalation with Russia. In fact it’s the perfect amount of time to act, get out, and leave the mess for future congressional hearings.

    Now I don’t believe Putin will actually bite, but it won’t matter. The “appearance” of an escalation, with the help of the 24/7 MSM, is the objective here. Create confusion and outrage, and then strike.

    IMHO there will be an actual physical strike coordinated by this ilk. The strike will not be against Russia or its interests. It will be against the U.S. or its interests and then this ilk will creatively “Benghazi Style” blame it on the Russians. I don’t think it’s any accident the cease fire in Syria was immediately put in place, Putin knows the potential of being set up and wants to keep everything on the ground so to speak…

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    • WSB says:

      I agree. From Reddit, there is assumption that this is just the beginning of a larger purge.

      BTW, does anyone here have more knowledge on just who Arash Aramash is? Fox has had him on quite a bit recently. He was just on with Eric Bolling in BOR’s time slot.

      He has a very disturbing agenda it seems, accusing Eric’s questioning of where the evidence is on the ‘hacking’ events. He actually asked Eric and another guest if they were on the side of Russia…”who are you going to believe, the US Government or the Russians?” His tone put Eric into a corner. Eric became very defensive. However a good question, Arash…who do we believe?

      I am only getting a passing blip that Arash was from Stanford and may have been with Al-Jeezera America and Huffington Post, but no additional bio info.

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      • LBB says:

        I have noticed Arash more recently too. The thing that stands out about him most, is how loyal he is too O. Makes me wonder why. There are news segments on Utube he done. Also found some older work of his on a ME publication.

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        • WSB says:

          Thank you for the link. I had seen this earlier but thanks to you, I had another look.

          No addresses anywhere, but when I went to the ad agency link, the upper right exposed the phone number as the “Unified number in Kingdom” with a 920 prefix. Must be SA.

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      • Kent says:

        I absolutely do not believe any member of the obama administration to speak the truth…… if they tell me the sky is blue I’ll check for myself, thank you….yet the question is begged…who do we believe?

        Not the liars…

        Skillfully crafted words are not the measure of truth…and truth will never be found in what we call ‘the mainstream media’ these days…

        ‘The Truth’ will be evidenced by deeds.

        Words will be utilized to mislead and obfuscate the truth.

        Observe the deeds…skip the video.

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    • lbmomblog says:

      i understand. good points. Putin knows the potential of being set up, and he knows trump is trustable on this. the thing is that his people will be concerned as well …they are reading this bs as well. God Please stay with us, Amen.

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        I personally think Putin is rolling his eyes on this one… This is so stupid- Obama ” show of force” in expelling Russian is laughable….they will be back in 90 days . Russsssssssiaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

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    • Good war rooming! False flags are a hallmark of the administration. The adults will see it for what it is and hopefully move forward as PE Trump recommends.

      Worst case, they will try and disrupt the 1-20 date.

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    • RE: “The strike will not be against Russia or its interests. It will be against the U.S. or its interests”

      BINGO: CIA Specialty.
      Benghazi was a dress rehearsal.
      America has been sleeping with the ENEMY WITHIN.

      Guess why the Federal Government has been “evaluating” cyber defenses inside both State Governments and Corporations.

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    • Johnny says:

      You want the skinny on Benghazi then watch every DAY episode to find out. Powerful info from George Webb.

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  3. Sam says:

    Love the image of Obama with his friend Harvey looking at the Washington monument.

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  4. Garrison Hall says:

    The problem with guys like Obama (and, once presumes, those in his immediate advisors, is that they have grown up woefully ignorant of even basic mechanical processes. If you haven’t been exposed at a relatively early age to even rudimentary mechanical processes, adulthood usually means that you are soundly ill-equipped to function in the modern world. Obama’s the kind of guy who has never changed a tire in his entire life, would have no more idea of how to hang a door, unstick a window, or chase down and fix a roof leak, than he would know how to fly. Obama probably sees himself as a kind of “post-technological” kind of guy, someone who’s above having to know how to keep things working, when in fact he’s simply so naive about mechanical things that he’ll believe shuck-and-jive explanation that he’s told. The contrast with Donald Trump couldn’t be greater . . . and Obama knows it. .

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    • If BHO was chosen years (16+) ago as the one they would create to be president, he’s been groomed and protected. A whole story has been created including photos, personal accounts and all. BHO was a character to play a role as president in order to push the globalist agendas. BHO agreed with their Marxist views and was the perfect character.

      Black so all criticism would be called racist. Black so Americans would feel good about electing the first Black president. He’s polished and a good speaker. Plausible deniability would be set up so he could continue to push the puppet masters (Soros etc all) plan.

      When HRC lost, the plan fell apart. So now the are going to burn the house down, destroying info and relationships.

      It’s almost like the Puppet master has lost his mind and is instructing BHO to do incompetent actions, some that will come back to severely hurt them. I see this Israel issue coming straight from Soros and BHO is only happy to do it. The Russian issue is to stir the chit and maybe use a cover for a fals flag.

      BHO could care less about the American people, even the DNC and Hillary. The Puppet master will use who ever they want in 2020, even a good obedient Republican.

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      • One correction: he is not a good speaker, he is a good reader…Without teleprompter only “ooo, eee, oky dokie, aaaaaaaa”

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      • dn421 says:

        Soros has said specifically that Trump is a “threat to the NWO”. You are probably right about Soros going scorched earth through Obama.

        I have said for months here – as many of you did – that these last days would be very, very dangerous. Sadly, I was right. I am praying daily for a hedge of protection for Trump and Americans as well as for forgiveness from the Lord for our nation turning on Israel.

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  5. LP says:

    In my opinion given the timing, this resurfacing ‘hacking’ story backed up by sanctions and expulsions is due to the Russia, Turkey and Iran conference in Moscow and brokered cease-fire in Syria sans participation by the U.S.

    The Obama/Clinton/Kerry (along with their Congressional and Intel supporters) foreign policy has proven to be a deadly and ghastly failure. Thus the vacuum has been filled by Russia and the other key players.

    There is no question if you survey the foreign press (of all political alignments), that Obama is not only viewed as a lame duck who has been ineffectual, but has lost all credibility by these 11th hour otiose gestures.

    Some may argue Mr Trump’s presidency will be hampered or damaged at the outset by there soon to be powerless losers. The rest of the world is not so naive. They know where power resides and that goes into full effect 20 January 2017.

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  6. Very good post, thank you


  7. rf121 says:

    Donald should just invite Vlad to the inauguration as his special guest. Splody head time.

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  8. The Narcissist is at his most dangerous when his false self has been threatened. Obama losing his legacy and America becoming a great and powerful country again for all of its citizens, whitey too, destroys everything Obama has worked toward. What happens next is that the true Obama is discovered or outed. Not being reported is that a Federal Appeals Court has revived suits over Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails, saying the Federal Govt must sue Hillary Clinton in a quest to find her deleted emails.

    Suppose Obama knows what is in those emails. What if they contain very damaging information about him and his administration? Would any distraction be enough to keep President Trump’s attention focused on other things? I’m saying, perhaps this is Obama’s intention. Or, perhaps he is just “angry” like the SJW Snowflakes attacking every outlet that aligns itself with the Conservative movement. Narcissists have the maturity of 4 yr olds. This may be a meltdown we are seeing from loss of adoring and fawning attention. His time in the WH is over in 20 days. He’s trying to keep it going. That’s what I think. More good news is that the Clintons will soon be toast.

    Happy New Year Y’all!

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  9. Texasranger says:

    Who’s Doing The Hacking.?

    Matt Drudge questions if US government is behind ‘biggest’ Cyber-Attack on Drudge Report website ‘since site’s inception’

    Via the Twitter account for his Drudge Report, he said his news-aggregation site is the victim of the “biggest DDoS since site’s inception,” referring to a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

    “Is the US government attacking DRUDGE REPORT?” he asked, adding that there was “VERY suspicious routing [and timing].”

    Full Story Washington Times Dec-29-2016:

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  10. luke says:

    I for one think this Russian hack accusation requires that we must now demand greater accountability in our electoral process. Implement Mandatory voter ID to ensure that Putin cannot send a bunch of Russian Nationals over here to game our system. Thoroughly purge the voter registration rosters so that no dead Ruskies can cast a ballot. I think it would be fitting to dub this crusade something in the realm of The Clinton/Stein Voter Reform Legislation or thereabouts.

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  11. Christine says:

    Greetings from Australia, fellow Treepers! Basking in glorious 30C Queensland summer. Wishing you all a magnificent, joyous 2017.

    This cartoon posted on Reddit/r/The Donald thread a few hours ago is hilarious. Perfectly captures Obama’s latest juvenile idiocy with Russia. (I’d greatly appreciate help posting the cartoon, rather than just the link, thank you).

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    • deanbrh says:

      When dealing with such an ignorant immature person, it seems to me we must be very careful we do not provoke or prod him enough to light the torch that will scorch the earth. I guess reading the Millennial Report has spooked me something fierce tonight. There is soooo much at stake ! But i wonder how much of that report is “fake news”, given the Rudy Giuliani piece about him investigating pedo-ring was labeled “false” when I mentioned it on CTH. Who are the writers of the Millennial Report and do Sundance and Company regard it as truth? Doesn’t it seem like 20 days is tantamount to at least a year? I feel like a bomb has the fuse lit and we’re watching it slowly burn, hoping we get to the 20th before it explodes.


  12. Christine says:

    oh cool, the cartoon posted

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    • Harry Lime says:

      Love Australia and love the cartoon! Happy New Year Christine!

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      • Christine says:

        Thank you, Harry! After several years based in London + Singapore as an international lawyer, it was a joy to return home. Now getting ready to celebrate NYE on a glorious Queensland beach, with close friends, bikinis + champagne. Gotta love Christmas + NYE in the Southern Hemisphere! And The Conservative Treehouse. My favourite online discovery of 2016.

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  13. Totally Domestic says:

    BO is just PO’d because Russia bombed his pet Isis. This is his parting shot.

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  14. itswoot says:

    Benito Hussein Muslimini

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  15. Rob says:

    I’m sorry to say it, but IMHO it’s highly unlikely that the “younger generation” will spend 10 seconds investigating the veracity of any news story.

    When they don’t have the time to get their news from that South African guy who replaced John Stewart, they’re getting it from 128-byte thought fragments.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      No, head to Reddit. It is mostly young people and they AGGRESSIVELY search this stuff out and spread that info extensively.

      You are greatly underestimating young people right now – they are not all snowflake leftists. The Z generation is the most conservative since WWII.

      Go to a Milo Yiannopolous event – all engaged and enthusiastic conservative young people who want the swamp drained and question all old media.

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  16. Okeydoker says:

    Love the reference to soylent green. Been a long time since i heard that phrase.


  17. daughnworks247 says:

    As SOON as the info about the Russian Embassy “Lame Duck” tweet crossed the wires, I thought to myself, “OMG – GOBSMACK. Sundance is going to have a FIELD DAY with this one”.
    My jaw hit the floor.
    Emperor Obama has no clothes and is running/shrieking down Pennsylvania Avenue.
    And Sundance is CORRECT again.
    My 19 year old came downstairs (home from college for the holiday) and gave me an itemized report of LACK of a HACK.
    Counter-culture is rising.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Good phrase – Counter culture is rising. Yes, it is. It is an amazing time to be alive even if it is sometimes scary on this bumpy ride.

      That Russian meme tweet was glorious.


  18. tempo150101 says:

    The funniest thing Putin could do right now is give a speech lambasting the US government and the press for acting like the Soviet government used to act.

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  19. I think everyone familiar with the internet, especially young people familiar with the internet, know the difference between a leak and a hack.

    The word tricks of the wicked purposely confused the two by referring to LEAKS as HACKS. I don’t watch teLIEvision BUT I sure hope those on the good side have clearly pointed this out and refused to go on with any discourse if the leak was being referred to as a “hack.”

    Same twist on words, e.g., illegal alien becomes illegal immigrant then becomes immigrant, then becomes a legitimate citizen of sorts, giving the impression the foreign alien in US is “just another immigrant coming in through Ellis Island”

    So, that leaves their target audience all those who only watch TV and don’t know the internet well; AND those who do but don’t care but clearly hear the dog whistle to pretend and go along (the SNOWFLAKES and the POLITICIANS like Rubio that are illuminati bought and paid and who have so much they’re being blackmailed for: sex acts and bribery money from Clinton Foundation, foreign monies, the drug distribution via open borders, child trafficking, arms sales to our enemies, and more.


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  20. David R. Graham says:

    Teilhard, when searching for a metaphor to describe what he observed in the geological record as the consequence of compression and aggregation, employed the term polymerization, from the manufacture of plastics, then somewhat of a novelty. Recently the metaphor of preference cascade is used to describe the same phenomenon, namely, to use another metaphor, when a whole town, rather than one child, realizes a passing emperor is naked. I think sundance is referencing that phenomenon in this post, and I think accurately. The Tea Party is not a political party, it is a movement that has the nature of a party, a good time, an happy occasion, D-R Uniparty and its federal IC be damned, so to speak.

    The video by George Webb and others behind it are thought-inducing. Tying P4 (GEN [Ret.] Petraeus) to a Clinton Foundation oil, arms and child trafficking operation in MENA exceeds my capacity to credit at this time. Clinton Foundation nefarious operations of any kind do not exceed my capacity to credit at any time.

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  21. Jimmy Jack says:

    Great piece Sundance. Thanks.

    We are living in Wonderland.


  22. itsy_bitsy says:

    Obama the loser! Obama the lair! He and his cronies have just proved both!


  23. Bob Thoms says:

    i suspect Team Trump is having backchannel conversations with Putin???

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  24. Another Scott says:

    Has anyone noticed that the cybersecurity firm hired by the DNC, CrowdStrike, contributed much of the information to the “report”? That little fact is barely mentioned by media outlets. Doesn’t that seem a little fishy too? Don’t forget, even though the Democrats lost the presidency and congress, they still control the most powerful institution, the major news organizations and they will fight Trump tooth and nail for as long as they can…..


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