NBC Report: Trump Selects Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, With Deputy John Bolton…

According to NBC Andrea Mitchell’s reporting, President-elect Donald Trump has selected Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as the nominee for Secretary of State.

According to a recent broadcast report NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said two transition sources informed her Tillerson’s selection is planned to be announced sometime next week.


Mitchell also reported that former Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton, would be utilized as Tillerson’s deputy at the State Department.  (Video Report Here)

Suffice to say, anyone who has followed politics for any substantive amount of time knows the inherent issue with an operational entity, The U.S. State Department, whose entire mission has been at the epicenter of left-wing globalist advocacy.

If you go back to rethinking the larger State Dept. challenge, Trump’s nominee, any nominee, will essentially be in charge of a U.S. Department that is comprised almost exclusively of Kerry/Clinton/Obama/Bush/UniParty/GOPe big “G” Globalists.

These entities see themselves as a complete and separate structure of government. They also function as a complete and separate ideological structure of government:


When you accept the scope of the challenge, and recognize it is almost impossible to change the participants therein; and further accept these career embeds will work earnestly and diligently to undermine the structure of a Trump administration at every opportunity; perhaps only then can you identify the specific skill set of a leader who knows how to deliver results within MASSIVELY COMPLEX organizations.

Leaders who know how to operate complex global organizations, mega scale corporations, which, by their very nature, may contain hostile agents to the larger corporate mission – ie. Exxon/Mobil – are not commonplace.  Hence, the jaw-dropping compensation those elite titans of industry command.


This is where a hammer (Tillerson) and a scalpel (Bolton) can be a unique partnership toward the deconstruction and restructuring. We knew it was going to take some out-of-the-box thinking to find the specific skills needed if Donald Trump was indeed intending to cut down the anti-American endeavors within the enterprise of the State Department.

Deconstruction and realignment while simultaneously managing/controlling the amount of damage internal agents can do toward larger administration objectives is a tenuous undertaking.  Taking the rotting vehicle down to the frame and cutting out the cancerous rust is going to be an epic battle with ZERO Washington DC supporters as Trump endeavors through the restoration phase.

It can be anticipated the leadership within both wings of the UniParty (Democrat and Republican) will actually prefer to impede such an effort:

“There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than the creation of a new order of things. … Whenever his enemies have occasion to attack the innovator they do so with the passion of partisans, while the others defend him sluggishly so that the innovator and his party alike are vulnerable.”

~ Niccolo Machiavelli

Additionally, the potential economic battle -brought about by foreign nations who take exception to the pending trade realignments- can also be predicted to be waged on the destabilizing battlefield of global oil and energy (dollars as global trade currency).   A looming Tillerson brings another unique attribute into the necessary America-First defense armory.

Worth Watching Tillerson (October 24th 2016) Speech:


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492 Responses to NBC Report: Trump Selects Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, With Deputy John Bolton…

  1. Joe says:

    There’s no point in my becoming a True Believer in any particular nominee at this point–Jeff Sessions excluded. I’m content to await developments and find it fascinating to watch as The Donald does his thing. So far, so good. Whatever he does–it isn’t Hillary doing it. Winning.
    Charlie Sheen was probably never a Boy Scout…but who knows? They don’t ALL turn out to be astronauts and Captains of Industry.


    • KitKat says:

      Like he said on the video, if they adhere to the Scouting values that they’ve been taught, they will succeed in whatever endeavor they choose.


  2. Should it surprise anyone that the CEO of America’s largest oil company has dealings with Putin, whose country’s largest earnings come from oil?

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  3. Kenyon Hull says:

    Rex Tillerson did not have socialist and “embeds” working for him at Exxon. Everybody was working towards moving the company into a robust and profitable position for the shareholders. No comparison with the State Dept.


  4. suejeanne1 says:

    John McCain has been popping up now, voicing concern about Rex Tillerson’s Russian connections – but John McCain was NOT worried about Global Crossing and the People’s Republic of China – he was quite all right with Global Crossing obtaining a contract to handle OUR Defense Department communications. Li Ka-Shing, owner of Hutchison-Wampoa (that operates both ends of the Panama Canal) is directly connected with the People’s Liberation Army and was an investor/backer of Global Crossing, in the background.
    Why all the hubbub recently about the dangers of the Russians? Is China actually worried about the US and Russia teaming up to defeat ISIS and perhaps bring a modicum of tranquility all around? China seems to show up in areas where American eyes and ears have retreated, where travel is discouraged – in the 1990’s they were in the Sudan, helping El-Bashir by protecting oil fields with troops they sent. The Chinese were in Pakistan advising the military –
    wouldn’t it work out beautifully if the Chinese could move down through Pakistan as a corridor to the Middle East, moving across the Persian Gulf to press on the Arabian Peninsula and meanwhile they have people on the other side of the AP, to swing up across the Red Sea. The old pincer move. They could really help Saudi Arabia, Yemen and everyone else on the AP to “protect their oil” from all these terrorists that have done the dirty work of destabilization of a region. Then China will have plenty more “lebensraum” across the AP and Africa.
    I wish someone would remind everyone about John McCain and Global Crossing and ask him squarely, “why were you all right with the Chinese having a direct conduit to our Defense Department communications?”


  5. Excellent choice. I’m not tired of winning.

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  6. angryduc says:

    I’m a boy scout. He gives a great speech here. However, depending on your views he may or may not be a good choice according to the folks at the rightstuff radio Tillerson allegedly implemented the “normalization” of homosexual movement into the boy scouts. While I don’t feel the need to persecute homosexuals advancing such a movement in the BSA and into the minds of young boys is not something I agree with. http://po.st/MXEdLG @ 02:52:14

    A key element to the further empire building of progressives both on the left and the right is the implementation of policies to encourage and support homosexuality. In fact Obama tersely grew angry with the country of Niger when they rejected the acceptance of homosexuality in their aids ridden country. Within weeks they were being slaughtered by Boko Haram. (obozo isis in africa) https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/nigerian-bishop-us-wont-help-us-fight-boko-haram-because-of-their-populatio

    This sort of terrorism I cannot support. Period.

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