President-Elect Trump Anticipated to Nominate Andrew Puzder as Labor Secretary…

It is being widely reported that President-elect Donald Trump is intending to nominate Andrew Puzder as Labor Secretary. The move will likely fire up the SEIU and affiliated labor activists in opposition. Similarly there will be those amid the more conservative ranks that see Puzder as less than their desired nominee.


However, CTH has an alternate perspective on the nomination essentially hopeful that Donald Trump is intending to finally bring closure to a labor issue with over twenty years of economic crisis, and hundreds of millions spent on litigation as the backdrop.

Most people are oblivious to a reality that began within the U.S. Department of Labor under the administration of George W Bush. The issue encapsulates thusly:

  • Under federal statue it is unlawful to hire an illegal alien who is not eligible to work in the U.S.
  • However, under existing EEOC legal interpretations (Disparate Impact Rulings), it is unlawful NOT to hire an illegal alien who is not eligible to work in the U.S.

Within that strange and very specific dichotomy you find the problem with the modern interpretations of “disparate impact” as they apply to employment screening and employment eligibility.

The problem began under President Bush’s tenure (and EEOC policy), and exploded under President Obama’s Labor Department.

According to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) legal findings, interpretations and rulings, it us unlawful to have a hiring eligibility practice that disproportionately discriminates (adverse impact) against any federally protect category of personage; it’s called the “disparate impact” ruling.

If, as a measure of the outcome, you engage in a pre-qualification standard for hiring, that disproportionately impacts a federally protected category (race, religion, age, gender etc.), with a statistically significant consequence of not allowing the applicant to be eligible for employment, you run the risk of violating EEOC hiring regulations.

Meaning…. if your standard of employment screening includes a check for employment eligibility, and the outcome of that employment eligibility check discriminates more against (more adversely impacts) Mexicans (example), as contrast against all other applicants, then the employment screening itself is unlawful.

Now, to the layperson this might sound bizzaro, even impossible to believe. However, unless you’ve actually sat in front of the fully weaponized EEOC during a legal proceeding to hear this argument, it might sound nuts – because it is. But that’s also reality.

It’s the perfect confluence of events, a situation created by the UniParty, whose political endeavors have long remained to keep illegal immigration influxes open, and to hide the structures for how illegal aliens retain employment. This is an outcome of the Dem/Gope (UniParty) working together, yet selling divergent appearances.

The application of this EEOC standard has mostly targeted large, corporate, institutional employers with large and diverse workforces.  Large scale regional companies, or national companies who hire thousands of employees are the preferred targets for this EEOC weaponization.   It’s simply a matter of scale and benefit.

To the extent that President Donald Trump (who we can guarantee is well versed and personally familiar with this nudge-nudge-wink-wink scheme) is going to try and finally end two decades of this nonsense through the appointment of Andrew Pudzer, GREAT.

It is going to take several areas of governmental systems coming together to force congress to deal with the issue, and ultimately eliminate this counter intuitive double standard.  The UniParty ( from unions to Wall Street ) will fight against employment eligibility reform with intense and violent opposition.


History of research examples using “Disparate Impact” HERE

How Illegal Aliens gain employment Expanded HERE

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234 Responses to President-Elect Trump Anticipated to Nominate Andrew Puzder as Labor Secretary…

  1. Bubba says:

    Can you say compartmentalization? Who cares what Puzder thinks about anything (including immigration) except what his job description entails as Labor Sec? Trump knows why he’s chosing all of his cabinet picks. It’s to chose the best available talent to do a specific job in a specific area. Remember that if he choses someone that you don’t necessarily like (such as Romney) (but I hope not).

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  2. tazz2293 says:

    Puzder as Labor Secretary is clear as mud.


  3. deplorable says:

    Thank you for explaining this contradiction between federal employment laws and EEOC regulations (laws?). I have never heard this explained by the mainstream media. This is just further evidence that the system is fixed.

    This contradiction must have been pushed by the “Cheap Labor Lobby” and U.S. Chamber of Commerce – their goal: a huge and over-abundant supply of desperate workers seeking jobs and health insurance.


  4. deplorable says:

    The more I read about Puzder it sounds like he is an awful candidate for the job. Supported amnesty and gang-of-eight bill, believes the “jobs that Americans won’t do” myth, has shown preferences for illegal labor (probably because they are more desperate and servile) … Good Grief! This sounds like somebody that Tom Donahue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce would have picked. Certainly a Wall Street pick – not a Main Street pick.


    • nimrodman says:

      “jobs that Americans won’t do”

      They do them if it were necessary for them to eat.

      We need to get back to “You don’t get a seat at the dinner table if you haven’t helped to prepare the meal.

      We’re supporting an underclass to sit around and blow blunts all day while importing a second underclass to do the work the first underclass won’t do or is not compelled to do.

      So we’re paying twice for every one unit of productivity.

      Actually at least twice and a half or so, because much of the second working underclass is on govt benefits as well. And that’s before even beginning to count the education costs, costs for criminal behavior, etc.

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  5. sDee says:

    Disparate impact in federal housing regulations is something we battle in local governments. HUD no longer had to prove intentional racial or ethnic housing discrimination in predominantly white neighborhoods.

    HUD has simply declared disparate impact – that low density zoning (esp in white suburban areas) is prima facie evidence of discrimination because blacks , hispanics, etc cannot afford single family homes on city size lots.

    So HUD forces high density rezoning through legal threats tied to grant money. HUD and Habitat for Humanity come in and build section 8 condos and townhouses in suburban and upscale neighborhoods.

    I hope Ben Carson has the courage to target this immediately.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Additionally, now HUD is paying the exorbitant rents in deluxe hi-end neighborhoods to place urban criminals in those well-to-do areas.

      But not too well-to-do, I don’t think. Not among the true elites.

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  6. jdvalk says:

    Disparate imacpt is also being used as a political sledgehammer of nonsense in HUD with huge impacts and needs to be addressed asap.

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  8. Boudica says:

    WOW Sundance. You are better than any college class EVER!!!


  9. pjb535i says:

    Right to Work legislation has been percolating at the grass roots level all through the Obama administration. State legislatures have slowly turned the tide against big labor IN SPITE of Obama’s appointments to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board). We at the grass roots therefore have the wind at are back and momentum on our side even as the Trump administration takes shape.

    This will remain a battle royale since the coffers of Big Labor are among, if not THE biggest cash registers for funding leftist-socialist political activity from the presidency all the way down to dog-catcher. Under the Street Agitator, er, Community Organizer Obama, the battlefield has been tilted in favor of the left, and STILL we’ve turned the tide on them at the states level.

    I’m sure Trump is in the process of assembling some of the highest caliber Howitzers in our arsenal. We troops on the ground have been waiting patiently for this day.


  10. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    Thomas Lifson over at American Thinker once again pays his respect to “the estimable Sundance of Conservative Treehouse [who] explains what is really going on.”

    “So many reasons to love the designation of Andrew Puzder as head of the Department of Labor….”

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  11. AGMartin says:

    “Meaning…. if your standard of employment screening includes a check for employment eligibility, and the outcome of that employment eligibility check discriminates more against (more adversely impacts) Mexicans (example), as contrast against all other applicants, then the employment screening itself is unlawful.”

    This could be used to the employer advantage if the one hiring was cynical: have someone else do the screening first, hire a bunch of people who you know are illegals (with minimal screening to keep the associated costs down) to boost your minority hiring statistics, dump them when you do the official screening.


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