Smug CNN Moonbat Claims “There are already term limits in congress”…

trump-biglyEarlier today candidate Donald Trump announced a proposition to institute term limits for all members of congress:  A constitutional amendment for six years in the House, and twelve years in the Senate:

There is another major announcement I am going to make today as part of our pledge to drain the swamp in Washington. If I am elected President, I will push for a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.

Decades of failure in Washington, and decades of special interest dealing, must come to an end. We have to break the cycle of corruption, and we have to give new voices a chance to go into government service. The time for Congressional term limits has arrived.  ~ Donald Trump

brooke-baldwin-1Quick as a flash, CNN rushes to the microphones and typeset.

In what can only be described as the current intelligence customarily found amid the Clinton News Network, host and pundit Brooke Baldwin looks at her panel, smugly and condescendingly replying:

 …. “there are already term limits, so what does he mean”?

Watch video below:




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Yes, that is the jaw-droppingly rare Quadruple Penguin Award !

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463 Responses to Smug CNN Moonbat Claims “There are already term limits in congress”…

  1. Kristin says:

    It’s actually very sad we have these people telling us what is going on. Thankful I do not watch them. But I think at the same time it’s hilarious how dumb and stupid they are.

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  2. Trumped says:

    So we are up at least by 10. Or are these polls legit?
    I assume we soon enter the stage where some of the pollsters will get near the truth to save face on Nov 8th.

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    • bofh says:

      Traditional wisdom is that the polls converge with reality as the election gets close, so the pollsters can claim some accuracy (to get hired next time). The question this time, with this unprecedented election, is whether at least some of the pollsters are prepared to “take one for the team” and ride their fake numbers all the way to the election as a psy-op for the Clintons.

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    • remuda2016 says:

      “Where the presidential race stands today”
      AUG. 4, 2016
      UPDATED OCT 18, 2016
      Trump 44.9%
      Clinton 43.3%

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      • joshua3311 says:

        I’ve attempted to find the metrics for this LA Times polling but can’t find the rep/dem/ind split anywhere. It actually looks like they don’t even bother to ask that or factor it in, instead relying entirely on age/education/income/gender that matches census figures.
        The biggest fault I can find with this poll, and it’s admitted in the bottom paragraphs, is they use 2012 turnout model.
        Goes to show this election is going to be an absolute blowout if Trump is winning in this poll and they are using the depressed 2012 republican turnout model.


  3. Robear says:

    I think I saw Hillary’s fly come out of her mouth.

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  4. itsy_bitsy says:

    The utter stupidity of this woman and people like her is shocking! What school did she attend? She has a college education? Well she certainly made a jacka** of herself on that one! What a pile of unintelligent, egotistical morons these people are!

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  5. sunnydaze says:

    My gawd, people have been talking about term limits for Congress since the early 90’s , AT LEAST.

    What in the world did Ms. Brook think they were referring too all those years/decades?

    There is NO excuse for this level of stupidity in ANYONE, let alone a TV anchor.

    Evil Propagandist, I get, but why would CNN keep such a clearly STUPID person on their “team” ?

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  6. Beenthere says:

    I don’t think I can do better than Moonbat to describe Brooke. Oh —– but do let me try: dingbat or ditz or numbnut, bird-brain, bonehead, dolt, nitwit, buffoon,….

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  7. Ghostrider says:

    My impression of the CNN video clip was the condescending manner in which Baldwin reported on Trump. Listen to her intonation. She noticeably hates the man and everything about his campaign. The thing that got me is that she thinks she is playing to a like minded crowd, that it’s ok to insult the man, demean his policy proposals and personally mock him. She thinks she’s cool. But, she’s not. She has a cute face but she is definitely 5 bricks shy of a load. Americans heave figured progressives out. They are manipulating, conniving, dangerous, amoral and unethical people.

    Lord, God, we pray that you bless Trump on this eve of his third and final debate. We ask you to protect and guide Donald Trump the rest of his way to Election Day, achieve victory and help him restore our country to decency, a religious based culture and prosperity once again. Give courage and strength to us and our brothers and sisters to go vote for this man in order to defeat the corrupt, evil and wicked devil, Hillary Clinton. Amen.

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  8. deh3k says:

    Dana’s face was hilarious before she launched into a Government 101 explanation. Another example of why we should seek out our own information rather than letting the media feed us stupidity.

    How people in the news media learn to keep such a straight face amazes me. They are very much an extension of Hollywood – actors to a large extent.

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  9. Jim Rogers says:

    The only term-limits rule on representatives/senators is DEATH!!!

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  10. SR says:

    Hillary is attacking from last 2-3 weeks and Trump is defending as a good boxer. Now she is out of all the punches and Trump would start. I am hoping something big breaking news tomorrow before debate so her campaign would not have time to create a another lie.

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  11. Barry Odinga says:

    CNN is full of braindead Killary shills. Hang on, Hang on what a jackass.

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  12. In AZ says:

    Baldwin saying there is already term limits is playing the marxist / Alinsky game of disinformation

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I get the sense that they are willing to make an error – intentionally or otherwise – if it means they can attack Trump on anything he says, right out of the gate, to deflate his legitimacy.


  13. zenon9970 says:

    Hey guys, have a look at those two clowns at the bottom of the screen. Look at their arrogant smile while Brooke Baldwin states that there are already term limits. But after Dana Bash clarifies that there are no term limits in Congress there is no more even a trace of mockery on their faces. Those two bozos know no more about congressional elections then Poor Brooke.

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  14. Timothy says:

    El stupido!

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  15. MzMaryMac says:

    Good think you’re pretty honey.

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  16. alliwantissometruth says:

    The smug, pompous “journalists” believe since they were chosen to bring the “news” to the little people, they’re somehow smarter & more enlightened than the ignorant masses. They, like our politicians & other elite minded hacks, believe they’re superior & possess an intellect far beyond the average American

    Their actual intellectual & professional abilities show a much different reality..

    They’re educated? I believe around 60% have a Bachelors degree. (but in what?) Another 15% have a Masters & hardly any have a doctorate

    In other words, an academic education isn’t necessary. That’s fine of course, but having graduated high school or having a Bachelors is the norm for most people, so no great educational achievement is needed

    When it comes to journalism itself, most MSM “journalists have totally corrupted & perverted the original intent. The journalistic code of ethics means nothing to them. Their brand of “journalism” represents putting forth biased propaganda, with the intent to deceive

    That’s not journalism in the least, that’s outright lying & deception put forward by a bunch of unprincipled, dishonest miscreants. They’re not the educated professionals they purport to be, they’re lying, cheating lowlifes perpetrating fraud upon the American people

    And yet these people are held in high esteem? Utterly absurd

    The nitwit showcased here is the norm, because they’re all morons, morons who are all in on the phony progressive ideology. Morons without critical thinking skills who can’t comprehend common sense. Only idiots dismiss common sense & rational thought in favor of some pie in the sky utopian ideology

    The people here at the CTH could run circles around these intellectual lightweights


    • matt says:

      They are smarter. People continue to pay for cable, they support major ISPs which is basically the same thing, they buy magazines from similar corporations, and so on. They basically pay for their own stupid news, then complain about (like you’re doing), and then say they’re smarter — but they’re not. The real dupe is the people paying for this stuff and keeping them in business.


  17. Martin says:

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      so basically they have “lists of women” and “lists of blacks” and “lists of hispanics”?

      So we want to be on lists or in binders?

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      • John Galt says:

        super predators, standard rednecks, taco bowls, basement dwellers, baskets, buckets and food groups

        They probably cover all this stuff in libtard political science programs.

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    • matt says:

      I was actually surprised she didn’t try to place a “card” (race or sex) for her VP when Timmy was announced — sort of surprised Donald didn’t either. thought it was something you had to do now to appease the media.


  18. MzMaryMac says:

    The guy on bottom right – look at his eyes when she says it! LOL!


    • Notice, too, how he pinches his lips together. That’s a micro-expression called a “Lip Roll” that signals a conscious effort to suppress saying something. Yeah, like HOW STUPID Brooke was for saying that. Afterwards, he keeps looking off camera, probably because there are people making that very comment…


  19. Snow White says:

    😂😂😂😂It’s hilarious but also sad. If stupidity would hurt, all these wanna be dignified anchors, reporters, etc. would be screaming.


  20. Watcher says:

    I’ll bet most people that heard Brooks reporting that Trump is bs us believed it.
    Dana’s correction was probably not listened to.
    U.S. government has not been taught in schools for years.
    Glad I was not flying today or in the doctor’s office.


  21. Kudos to Ms. Bash for handling that situation so deftly. I doubt I could have been so gentle and restrained…


  22. Stringy theory says:

    I think this bwitch is ugly on the outside and on the inside. And she is dump as a rock, to boot.


  23. sundance says:

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  24. angie says:

    It’s scary how dumb some people are. This Brooke chick should be fired. Aren’t CNN’s ratings low enough?


  25. hellandahandbasket says:

    What I find amazing is that social media is all the rage for some who recognize the “following” as a clear indication as to who is more-liked. But the “following” numbers are ignored with the Presidential Election’s candidates, and what those numbers represent – which is Trump is UP by over 1/3rd:
    Trump 12,600,000 Followers
    Clinton 9,810,000 Followers
    Trump 11,489,796 Followers
    Clinton 7,179,205 Followers


  26. hellandahandbasket says:

    U.S. Term Limits (USTL), based out of Washington, D.C., advocates for term limits at all levels of government, and was established in the early 1990s:

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  27. Daniel says:

    Brooke Baldwin is a particularly egregious anchor. Her snide remarks about Trump and her subservience to BLM narratives are a constant.


  28. silverlakela says:

    Trump’s Drain The Swamp Speech!

    Pass this on – re-post and tweet!!!.

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  29. GREENMIRROR says:

    Another time where the in ear audio of Brooke Baldwin would be entertainment for hours!!!


  30. QuiteContrary says:

    Since when is it acceptable for a news anchor to show thinly veiled contempt toward a presidential candidate on-air? Why do they keep her on, given her arrogance and obvious bias? Is anyone aware of the actual requirements of that job at CNN? Clearly, this “news” anchor has no room to run down anyone else after that display of ignorance.

    I get almost all my news on the Internet these days, especially from news-aggregation sites that include reports from across the political spectrum. You can get up to speed in far less time than if you watch the cable channels or the networks.

    This is the first year I haven’t been glued to the TV news during an election. Why bother if they don’t cover the important wikileaks revelations and the jaw-dropping under-cover stings by Project Veritas? They ignore the most important news if it makes the side they’re rooting for look bad. Major media long ago crossed the line from news to propaganda and are now at times engaging in blatant disinformation. No wonder their audience is shrinking.

    I’d like to see Sharyl Attkisson replace Greta at FNC. I doubt that will happen because she cannot be controlled in this day and age when the broadcast “news” teams at most (all?) outlets reinforce the point of view set by the head honchos.

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  31. dmi60ex says:

    You can always count on Brooke to say something either, snarcky ,stupid ,unAmerican ,or just plain banal


  32. Gary says:

    you can see the expression on her face as it slowly starts to sink in that … “Oh, darn! Did I just say that … It is the President that has term limits … Trump was referring to Congress … ”

    I bet it will be years before she live this down, if ever.


  33. Gov Jay says:

    It’s getting hard to tell the difference between Saturday Night Live and CNN…


  34. Nessie 509 says:

    This is the same Info Babe who asked a wildlife expert: “What was the alligator thinking when it ate that little girl from Nebraska?”


  35. racerxx says:

    I’m more concerned about the big money affecting the process, particularly foreign money. I think we are really seeing the fruits of that in the past decade or so.


  36. mcfyre2012 says:



  37. I turned off the cable news a while back, just couldn’t deal with the constant attacks on my intelligence, so thanks for posting one of the finer moments in journalism for all to see.
    For some reason, the American public is convinced that the big brains (or is that big heads?) in DC and the Networks are so much capable than the rest of us. I think that’s part of the mystique of the old days (JFK, Churchill, FDR, Walter Cronkite, etc) all those names that were legends. We forget that the ONLY reason that the country works (has ever worked) is because MILLIONS of normal people wake up in the morning, go to work or school, and decide for one more day to do the right thing. The political class live off of us, not lead or take care of us.


  38. JJ says:

    Of course, 95% of her brain-dead viewers will now believe there are term limits.


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