Media Report: 25% of Current Florida Primary Ballots Never Voted Before, EVER…


[…] We’re in unprecedented, unchartered territory,” said Florida Chamber president and CEO Mark Wilson. “Nobody’s been polling these people, nobody’s been marketing to these people.”….

The “Monster Vote is the name attributed to the largest voting bloc in U.S. history.  The voters who have/had given up on the political process because it seemed futile to vote for a rigged system where nothing ever changes.  –Outlined Here

However, we first noted the surfacing of the Monster Vote in relation to the political outsider Donald Trump toward the end of 2015.  It was, and is, a rather controversial theorem because the voting bloc would make all media polling completely irrelevant.

Throughout the latter part of 2015 and into the first quarter of 2016 we put our research antenna on high alert to see if the indications were real.  We paid a statistician to model the data we collected. We made predictions which, if the bloc was accurate, would stun the professional political class.

Trump rally illinois 4

Tracking social media, geographic “non-media polling” and alternate media matrices led us to believe Trump would dominate in the presidential primary.  The predictions modeled the results with uncanny accuracy.  Gobsmacking accuracy.

A few months later the New York Times began quietly evolving it’s electoral modeling.  Washington Post political writer Bob Costa began talking about something that he too was noticing which tracked with our own research.   Large numbers of the electorate who never engaged in the political process before were becoming increasingly visible.

Throughout this entire year there have been indications the “Monster Vote” is very real, but you have to look carefully to see them – and, obviously, you must inoculate yourself from conformational bias.   400,000 donations to Trump less than $200 in June was one such example.  The social media app Zip App is yet another. 2,000,000 views of an innocuous Trump facebook video within 24 hours is another.

It’s a tenuous discussion because everyone wants to belittle anyone talking about it (looking at you Rush Limbaugh), and simultaneously those holding Cold Anger intensity don’t talk about it – everyone just goes about their business, yet everyone seems to know.

Well, the left-leaning Tampa Bay Times has just dropped a big bit of data which seems to also confirm the existence of this phenomenon:

“More than 25% of the inbound mail-in or absentee ballots in the upcoming primary, have NEVER VOTED BEFORE“:…

[…]  “This is huge,” said Marian Johnson, senior vice president of political strategy for the Florida Chamber and one of the foremost experts on Florida campaigns and politics. “I can envision election night when the votes are counted that certain people win that nobody thought had a chance, and that being attributed to this trend.”

As of Thursday morning, more than 855,000 primary ballots had been cast by mail. More than a quarter of those votes came from Floridians who had not voted in the last four primaries and another 20 percent from people who voted in just one of the last four primaries.

In other words, these are not “likely voters” surveyed by most pollsters or targeted by sophisticated political campaigns. The trend applies to Democrats and Republicans alike and across the state, said Johnson, who was shocked when she first spotted the trend developing weeks ago.

“The first thing I did was go back to my data people and said, ‘Are you sure you ran this right?’ “

They had. The data crunchers looked at who requested mail ballots and who is returning them, and categorized each voter by a zero, one, two, three or four — depending on how many of the last four primaries they voted in.

[…]  We’re in unprecedented, unchartered territory,” said Florida Chamber president and CEO Mark Wilson. “Nobody’s been polling these people, nobody’s been marketing to these people.”  (read more)

florida coc trump poll♦ Remember, even in honest scientific polling – the poll methodologies are based on “assumptions”, or inputs into the collected poll samples in order to make them representative of the anticipated turnout.

♦ Thanks to Donald Trump, historic turnout trends are obsolete. Additionally, historic demographics and party affiliations are also obsolete.  As a consequence any poll data that is relying on obsolete sample methodology is going to be significantly inaccurate.

If the current ballot data reported in Florida (which does indeed line up with the changes in the Florida voter data-base) extends even remotely similar to the other states throughout the nation, the prior prediction graphic below might even be understated:

Republican voter turnout projected 2

Look below the surface

Quietly below the surface you find The Monster Vote

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309 Responses to Media Report: 25% of Current Florida Primary Ballots Never Voted Before, EVER…

  1. Illegal says:

    This shows what has been written about the polling numbers. The polls rely on land line phone calls and this method is extremely flawed because most people today use cellphones.

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    • Prothonotary Warbler says:

      I haven’t had a landline phone for over a decade. And I’m far from one of those “early adopter” types; I’ve only had a smartphone for about nine months.

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      • ALEX69 says:

        I put one back in a few years back when my mom moved in after my dads death. She has 4 sisters 83 and up who only use landlines…They are all Trump and tough as nails like my mum.

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    • singtune says:

      I have a landline~! I have been called by mostly different Poll people 6 times since last Monday~! The Company that called me last Monday~~called again on Saturday.

      Perhaps I AM getting all these calls because I am one of the Few still with a landline. {We have Comcast for everything including security, so the Phone does Not run up our Bill.}

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      • mark4trump says:

        I have a landline — but I turned off the ringer & answering machine because all I got was marketing calls — Just like it to call out from a landline because I don’t have to worry about reception.

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      • cheryl says:

        I don’t know how but I did get called by a pollster on my cell phone. I guess my info was sold to someone when I ordered something on the internet.


    • SouthernbythegraceofGod says:

      I have a land line and a smart phone. If my caller I.D. doesn’t identify the caller, I don’t answer. So, never been polled and I’m voting for Trump, and so are all my friends.

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      • Somebody says:

        I have a land line AND I live in Florida. I get polls all the time, normally I hang up on them. However, I’ve been answering them and taking the stupid polls hoping to be asked if I support Trump or Clinton. I bet I’ve taken 50 or more polls in a week and a half to two weeks, not one single poll has asked me about the Presidential election….house and senate races yes, but POTUS race no.

        I’m back to hanging up on the polls, I gave it a couple of weeks hoping to weigh in and I haven’t had any luck. Another odd thing, none of my husband’s co-workers have been polled. Usually there are several out of the hundreds where he works that are polled, many of them are polled multiple times but nobody so far has been polled. I know this because they recently had a conversation about it and went searching for anyone that has been polled about the POTUS race……they couldn’t find anyone that has been polled. Once again this is in Florida.

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        • Carol in Oz says:

          Treepers may be interested to know the LSM here in Oz are reporting on the US election campaign by referencing US media like The NY Times, Washington Post, etc. Although the majority of the media here support every progressive viewpoint, they are reporting the US campaign along the lines of we are just telling you what the state of play is in the U.S. as it is being reported over there.
          So they constantly reference how far behind in the polls is Trump. Never refer to any of Hillary’s issues/failings/illegal activities, let alone pay for play and either ignored or downplayed the WikiLeaks dump. They also make regular reference to a high unfavourability rating in the polls for both candidates.
          In some ways this is true, as in Hillary being highly unfavourable with a large, possibly majority, proportion of the U.S. public and Donald being highly unfavourable with the majority of the U.S. media.

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          • Mari says:

            Thanks for the report. Some idiot, never trump woman on Fox Business network was talking today about Trump continuing to fall in the polls. Um, lady, you need to look at the latest polls, although that would require you to pull yoyr head out of your… As Dan Ackroyd would say to Jane Curtin on the old SNL skit “Jane you ignorant slut”.

            Don’t believe our mainstream media; we don’t.


    • chojun says:

      Yeah this is a major problem that pollsters face. A ‘mobile’ phone as such cannot be guaranteed to match a pollster’s geographic model (not always the case but it seems to be mostly the case) because the address tied to the phone may not be (probably isn’t) accurate.

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      • marcyo13 says:

        Wow! Just realized you’re right. On a cell phone, national geography doesn’t matter. I moved from NJ cross country to WA. Never changed phone number because it was easier and made no real difference in my bill, so I still have a NJ area code. I get called all the time by NJ politicians who see the NJ area code.

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    • Not just that either. When I do pick up, the line is usually dead for several seconds. If I wait for someone to come on the line it is either a robocall or a fundraising call. But it could also be a polling call. These calls are being dialed automatically on several phones. When someone picks up, the human, live caller has to jump over to the picked up call and talk to the person on the other end of the line. If it’s me, I’ve usually hung up by the time they get there!
      I’m sure I’m not the only person who has caught on to this little scam.


    • ladypenquin says:

      I love my landline, but fall into the group of never answering polls anymore, let alone all those please give money calls…


    • Scott says:

      86,000 Dems vs. 90,000 Reps or Bernie’s people vs. Donald’s; I believe it will be safe to say that Trump’s people at this point are a little more excited (and will turn out) than poor Bernie’s.


    • James O'Malley says:

      I’d say I’m shocked the polling organizations lied when they said “we also call cell phones” but I guess I really shouldn’t be. This chart is significantly more important than we realize: it’s irrefutable proof that polling is no longer an accurate reflection of anything, although recent events have proved as much.


  2. ALEX69 says:

    Look at the vote total and the disparity between republican and demos in total votes cast.

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    • pageoturner says:

      “Most of the crowd I met after the rally had never voted in their lives.” Said Nigel Farage after his speech at the Trump rally in Mississippi


    • Rino Hunters United! says:

      Dems are running these exact numbers in every state… they see their problem.

      Florida Primary totals March 15th, was still a close primary:
      GOP primary votes = 2,355,183
      Dem Primary votes = 1,702,878

      A difference of some 650,000 votes…. or 58% GOP to 42% Dem total.

      Yet the Real Clear Politics polling average has Hillary UP by 2.7% and most polls have her leading by 1-9%. Why? Because they are using Election voter ratios from the 2012 General instead of 2016 Primary ratio totals.

      In 2012 – in Florida – the results were basically 50%-50% Dem versus GOP. Obama won by .88% or about 70,000 votes of the 8.4 million cast. Very close – too close for me.

      I do not think it will be a 50/50 ratio this year.


  3. Bull Durham says:

    There’s something happening, folks.

    We’ve been there before.

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    • I remember those times. The protesters were the bad guys. They are still here. I wonder who their “Soros” was??? I always figured Chinese Communist sympathisers, but could have been someone else. Those pictures in that music vid of our guys show me that our guys in uniform have always been the good guys. The pix of the “protesters” were clearly not the good guys and still aren’t.

      The real protesters didn’t go to those gatherings, they were being sent by their dads to Canada – I know at least two guys whose dads told them not to join the military to fight in ‘Nam. One listened, one didn’t. At least they both survived.

      This is the 21st century. The Sixties are over and they aren’t coming back.


  4. Been predicting 287 at least MI+FL+PA+NV+IA+NH. I think a lot of North East & New England states will be in play, because we finally don’t have a super-ultra-social-conservative or Neoconservative.

    Trump is going to bring the wooden paddle out against HRC in the debates, figuratively. Pence should come across as the sensible family man, while he makes Kaine look like the coach you don’t want your kid alone with.

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    • I would count Oregon too….Lets not forget the voted 64% to make Pot Legal and the same folks voted 67% for not allowing Illegals to obtain Oregon Drivers Licenses.

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    • chojun says:

      I’m noticing that Pence is starting to get very impressive turnouts at his rallies.

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      • Nick says:

        Pence has really started to win me over. I think he was always a good guy, but was sort of brainwashed to follow the party line on certain things like free trade, when alot of people didnt know better. But he was never as bad as a Jeb, Ted, or Lil Marco, and it seems like Donald has been educating him and waking him up.

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        • Ej says:

          Pence runs Indiana like we all hope Trump would run the country. Literally, at this day, driving through Indiana is a nightmare, because most of the major roads are being resurfaced. I-90, Rt 30 and 41, etc. The entire state is working, they have a tax SURPLUS, great gun rights, low crime. It’s solid.

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  5. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    I am still not sure about the extent of SD’s “Monster” vote for Trump, but I do think the Democratic turn-out for Hilary will very low. That the repulsion Democrats have toward her will be greater than what the #NeverTrump syndicate will be able to accomplish on discouraging possible Trump support. I think the Evangelicals will turn out and that will help Trump. Hilary doesn’t cause that feeling to run up a Democrat’s leg like Obama did. Remember when Gore ran in 2000 the Democratic turn-out was very low and if he had not ran against a Bush but a rather a more popular Republican, he would have lost big time. Steve Forbes would have been better than GW Bush, but Steve could never connect with the working class like Trump.

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    • darththulhu says:

      Clinton is viscerally repulsive to anyone resembling a paleo-Leftie.

      Want a Democrat who isn’t a supine slave to Wall Street? Too bad, you got Clinton. Want a Democrat who isn’t a reckless warmonger? Too bad, you got Clinton. Want a Democrat who doesn’t want to sell off American industry to the highest bidder? Too bad, you got Clinton. Want a Democrat who cares, at all, about worker’s rights and wages? Too bad, you got Clinton.

      And then, if they do any real research and pay any actual attention to her … want a Democrat who isn’t an unindicted felon and a serial perjurer and a corrupt-to-her-core sellout? Too bad, you got Clinton.

      Democratic turnout on the top-line is going to be utterly abysmal.

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      • Nick says:

        We will get many Bernie people, a surprising number of Bernie people, that I can tell you. They are not all social justice warriors. Alot of them are union people, the unemployed, people working multiple jobs, students, retirees, disabled people, pretty much anyone who is losing or has lost everything under Uniparty rule. More and more of them see hope in Trump, like what they sought in Bernie but in a different package.

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    • Trump Wins over Democrat and Independent Voters!

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  6. Bull Durham says:

    Three weeks from now, Trump +6 to +10 in the battleground states.

    Clinton is eroding. She is incapable of campaigning. He negative campaign can’t save her.
    Democrats are scared at the top and indifferent at the bottom.
    Indies have a place to go this year.
    The other candidates are taking from Clinton.

    This is a Change Election. Clinton is not change.

    This is a Turnout Campaign. Dems turnout is lower than needed.

    Oct. will be massive pressure to dump her.

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    • janc1955 says:

      They’ll have to kill her. That sociopath isn’t going anywhere before election day.

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    • Nick says:

      I agree 100%. By the fall, more and more Dems will distance themselves from her and be working behind her back to preserve their down ballot positions. They will begin to fear that her collapse will the entire party with her, and that Donald’s stamina could bring about a Trumplican sweep of the House and Senate. This will especially terrifying to the donors because they will need every House and senate vote they can muster to try and oppose Donald’s agenda.


      • DMorgan says:

        They’ll just have to have ole Billl Jefferson keel over with a big one in early October to give her the big sympathy vote…


  7. Bocephus01 says:

    I think it is 1980 all over again. The msm tried to paint Reagan as a cowboying warmonger & once he hit the stage with Peanut Farmer minus the media filter the people saw the truth, game over.
    The first debate with Trump/Crooked Hill is going to be the knockout punch. I don’t even know if she can stand up for 90 minutes straight & her shrillness will be on full display for the country to see in the most viewed debate ever.

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  8. Vic Mazza says:

    Dear Americans,

    What the media does for Obama and Clinton is akin to what our beloved dogs do after deficating…they cover scat with grass… enough said.

    Vic Mazza, concerned American partriot

    P.S. If Colin Capernick? is so against the flag, perhaps the Black one ISIS uses will be more moving for him…earning millions…does very little to help his elleged gripe…just another hypocrat…i wonder how the Timlin family feels about this jackass.

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  9. JenMG says:

    Sundance signed off w/out my favorite closing: “it won’t be close, folks….it won’t even be close.” Your essays like this give me hope!!!

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    • Ashley says:

      Only thing is – half the time I don’t know which way Sundance’s wind is blowing. Esp. last week. One day he’s all cheery with his “it won’t be close” and then the next day, he’ll all doom and gloom. Which is it? Does the monster vote still seem likely?

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      • chojun says:

        There’s so much media dissonance right now in terms of the facts that we really won’t know for sure what’s going to happen until Nov 8. The debates will be a good general indicator as to how things are going.


        • chojun says:

          I might add that because this is a change election, and a political realignment is taking place right now, the pollsters can’t accurately model things. We really, seriously won’t know where things are until Nov 8. So it’s almost not even worth while to speculate at this point. It’s gut-check time. And by that, I mean let your gut feeling be your guide for now. The empirical evidence is few and far between and suppressed by the media but it’s there.

          A lot of people don’t appreciate what happened but Trump really, seriously did blow up the GOP. To craft an analogy – he erased the line dividing the Democrats and Republicans and walked to the front of the room. Without a clear boundary of party loyalty to sort people, we have shuffling going on right now and it will take time to see what group is standing with Trump and what group is standing with Clinton. Trump will have many Democrats (Bernie supporters, Rust belt workers, etc) and Clinton will have many Republicans (Bush-era neocons mainly).

          Since polls are pretty much universally garbage at this point, there are a couple of key indicators that we can base our confidence on:

          1) Trump set the tone and message of the election when he announced in 2015. No other candidate has been able to advance their own message or even identify one. Candidates are spending time responding to Trump’s campaign message instead of advancing their own (except for Ted Cruz – I think this is why he was able to strongly challenge Trump).
          2) Clinton has virtually no media presence. She emerges from time-to-time to give a speech and then disappears. And people are noticing.
          3) When CNN went full Trump-bashing their numbers dipped. They dropped behind MSNBC to 3rd place.
          4) Trump is able to fill local venues to (fire Marshall-mandated) capacity on a 2-4 days’ notice.
          5) Trump is nearly completely dominating social media. Trump releases Facebook/Instagram ads and gets 2M views in 24 hours. Here’s an example for just Facebook alone (little info thing I put together):

          Comments on Trump Facebook posts are strongly positive whilst Clinton posts are neutral to negative. Trump gets about 2-4x as many responses to his posts than Clinton. This is true for both Twitter and Facebook.
          6) The story is the same on Youtube. On RSBN, most Trump speeches hit 500K views within 1/2 to 1 week. Currently Trump’s Iowa speech (yesterday) has 230K views. Average live stream viewers I’d say is 22-24K. Here is the only stream available during Hillary’s speech:

          7) Republican primary participation was much stronger over 2012. Democrat participation was much weaker over 2008. Keep in mind that many Democrats were turned away from voting Trump because of primary rules.
          8) Pollsters are strongly oversampling Democrats in their polls, sometimes D+10. But Clinton only leads by 3-4 points currently. The poll weight, according to Gallup, should be D+0. Think about that for a moment.
          9) Romney’s final results with Blacks was 6%. Trump is currently sitting at 14% in some polls and his outreach only just began.

          So everyone keep their chins up. The fires of hell are going to burn fiercely between now and Nov 8. What would we expect if the enemy were winning?

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        • Supertalk says:

          In the Internet Driven world of “transparency”, Hillary and the Clin-Tones are the Anti-thesis of Open Books, Unashamed.
          If we loose this election, Clinton will fashion a system to silence the disagreeing Internet and they will destroy our 1st amendment rights as soon as they figure out how to take away our second amendment rights.
          But as of now, get out there and vote and respect your individual freedoms. Saddle up and Let’s ride together, and I promise, Liberty will never become a distant dream in the future.


      • mister549 says:

        It’s probably because Sundance wants us to think a little on our own. LOL.

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  10. Kent says:

    One simple fact I haven’t seen mentioned on this thread…

    Concerning the ‘monster vote’….

    It is and will always be anti-obama….not that hillary isn’t disgusting enough in her own right…but the fact of the matter is…

    We all see obama and his administration for the traitors they are.

    They can’t change that anymore than we can….

    But…everybody knows…


    Our current President is anti-American, a liar,, an enabler of terrorist states and a supporter of sharia/islamic supremacist expansion…

    Facts which are supported by his actions…….

    Welcome valerie jarrett into your homes, America…

    (lower case misspellings intentional)…………..

    Liked by 1 person

    • darththulhu says:

      Respectfully disagree with the emphasis.

      The black portion of the Monster Vote is never going to vilify Obama (at least not in comparison to Warmonger McCain and Distilled-Establishment-Filth Romney). The Bernie portion of the Monster Vote is also never going to vilify Obama. The non-Sharia muslim portion of the Monster Vote is never going to vilify Obama.

      All of those groups, and many besides, will nonetheless eagerly and unapologetically vilify everything Clinton.

      Many of these people are happy to call Clinton an incompetent bloodthirsty warmonger willing to sell the government to the highest bidder, and are willing to be convinced on accusations of treason, but they do not share remotely the same opinion of Obama, and you would do well not to pretend that they agree with you on that, because they do not.

      Their opinion of Obama is “Giant Disappointment”, not “Traitor”.

      The dude promised hope and change … and then he immediately caved-in to the UniParty Establishment. Everything he achieved domestically was riddled with half-measures at best, he handed a huge fraction of his foreign policy off to neocon Clinton and she promptly ran it into the ground, and in the face of 100% GOPe intransigence he stopped trying to sell his ideas and win elections for Congresspeople … instead choosing to lecture Americans and grossly-magnify Bush’s campaign of writing “executive orders” to avoid interacting with Congress at all.

      These groups of Monster Voters aren’t going to support more of the same, and they actively despise all the ways in which Clinton is obviously much, much worse … but that doesn’t mean that they regret voting against McCain and Romney, and it doesn’t remotely mean that they think Obama has turned out “worse” or “more traitorous” than either of those two would have turned out.

      And, quite honestly, they expect that Trump is going to end up disappointing them quite a bit, as well, because he is a human being and not a god, and the system is designed to seize up and prevent things from happening.

      Compared to the Ninth-Circle-of-Hades-Nightmare that would be President Clinton II, of course, they are all quite happy to Monster Vote for “Trump will probably disappoint me” to keep her far from the levers of power. (As the bumper sticker put it: “Get Disappointed by Someone New: Obama 2008”)

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  11. Brian Drake says:

    With Hillary staying hidden until the debate, you have to wonder how they think they can advance her agenda with surrogates. Nobody on the fence, or independent, wants to see Biden or a congressperson they’ve never heard of stumping for a presidential candidate. If you ignore the polls, there’s no indication that she’s accomplishing anything, or even will. Now if only I can convince some of the doom-and-gloom types I deal with. Got one “friend” who won’t listen to anything on this site, ignores news, the polls, etc., and still thinks Trump is toast. There’s no way to even reason with him if I talk slowly. One thing I’ve learned in this cycle: there are some people certifiably insane yet they walk freely among us.

    Liked by 4 people

    • darththulhu says:

      Just be enthusiastic about every Clinton debacle. Laugh enthusiastically at how she keeps hemorrhaging, while Trump keeps making plays for her voters. Be effusively thankful for WikiLeaks and Bernie defectors and Latinas for Trump and just happy about all of it.

      Sooner or later, he’ll be tempted to do some independent investigation, or will slink away and stop interacting with you. Either way, win-win.

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  12. ghzskr says:

    The report says they are new primary voters who haven’t voted in primaries. It doesn’t say if they’ve voted in general elections before.


  13. ghzskr says:

    Honestly, I’m not sure how you can assume that an increase in primary voter turnout means a corresponding increase in general election voter turnout for Trump. Couldn’t the new primary voters be general election voters who didn’t vote in the primaries in previous years?


  14. Dani TX says:

    I hope the newly registered voters in Florida are not Democrats from Puerto Rico who have moved to Florida in droves with the encouragement of Hillary Clinton. There is a huge push to register them and they are first time voters.


  15. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    This is a truly fascinating phenomenon, and it will be REALLY interesting to see how it plays out in November. One thing troubles me, and that is that absentee ballots are often not counted unless they are sufficient in number to affect the outcome of the election. And I guess we just take the word of election commissioners, etc. for that. Still, the volume, in Florida at least, seems great enough to be counted…


  16. Steve says:

    “..We’re in unprecedented, unchartered territory,” said Florida Chamber president and CEO Mark Wilson. “Nobody’s been polling these people, nobody’s been marketing to these people.”….”

    Well Mr.Smartypants, Big CEO Marky Wilson; somebody has been marketing to these people and that Yuuuge somebody is none other than the Master of Branding, the Yoda of Non-PC…………… Mr. Donald J. Trump!!

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  17. Wayne Robinson says:

    Do we realize what just happened this past week? The old Bitch tried to sick the hounds of hell on Mr. Trump. She called them but they didn’t really come . Always her tricks have served at her will but they aren’t doing her commands so well anymore. Her stick has wore out. Her name calling only makes her look bad , I believe the old cat is toothless and her cries are largely going unanswered. No one really cares what she has to say cause they already know she is going to be lieing anyway like president O , it’s always just more of the he same


  18. 46443ot says:

    Here is another analysis that concludes the same as Sundance (Monster vs Landslide) for slightly different reasons.


  19. Bill O Rights says:

    I am worried that we are about to witness unprecedented voter fraud.


  20. wodiej says:

    I believe we are going to see a lot of arrogance taken down a few notches.


  21. tax2much says:

    If poll numbers are in a national poll you must remember that the numbers from a couple of large blue states like CA and NY skew the results.

    If you remove those numbers and recalculate you will find Trump with a much higher poll number and Hillary with a much smaller one.

    Precisely why the Founding Fathers designed the electoral college in the first place.

    Trump Tsunami on the way.


  22. Ken says:

    I gues the media is wrong again, heard today on the clinton news network ( I was in an office working and it was on , only reason ) that Trumps is only getting the uneducated white vote . 🤔


    • Eliza says:

      Well they nailed that one! I have a Masters in Chemistry. I teach chemistry at the college level. I am a woman. I am enthusiastically voting for Trump!


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