Oh My – New York Times Quietly Discusses Data Evidence of “The Monster Vote”…


“subtlety”, “nuance”, “twitches”, “tremors”, “fine tuning”, these the less visible notations a researcher can find when they look into the quiet data the smart-set stroll past.

Angel of Death - Demonic False PurityHowever, that said, when the New York Times is noticed shuffling around in the same data sets, you just know they are attempting to quantify the reality behind the stats the MSM consistently, and fraudulently, represent.  In addition, when they stop looking over their shoulder and begin polishing off the dirt from the glowing nugget, well,.. they wouldn’t be standing next to us if they didn’t suspect we were mining in a more lucrative locale.

CTH readers already know the scope of the research we’ve put into this election. Our spidey senses also anticipate a certain republican candidate has previously invested in a very similar endeavor.  Indeed, it would be impossible for us to predict so accurately were it not for an accidental synergy and ideological alignment therein.

In a rare admission today, the New York Times is walking back over 10 years of prior demographic presentations regarding the U.S. electorate.  In essence what they are saying is the voting base is far less ethnically diverse and far more white than historic leftist presentations.

Oh my.

The New York Times is also outlining something, carefully, without actually outlining the something they need to be careful about.  Candidate Donald Trump’s “potential” broad-based coalition is far larger than candidate Hillary Clinton’s “potential” identity-brand political coalition.

Everyone who follows presidential politics should go read THE ARTICLE HERE; and pay close attention to the data sets which accompany the presentation (expand to expand the detail).  We would particularly draw your attention to the following:

nyt vote data

Why is that 10 million figure important?

Back in February 2016, after compiling approximately two years of non quantifiable voter trend and sentiment data, the first four primary races were held: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

That was the first time we were able to overlay the non quantifiable (data assembly) with the empirical results of four primary contests.   You might remember we found a jaw-dropping trend that was narrowing toward one possible reasonable conclusion; but we didn’t want to get out in front of our skis, so we asked a professional statistician to review –then summarize– our model.

Every prediction from that late February analysis has proven accurate.  The remaining prediction was this:

[…]  In 2008 21.9 million Republicans voted in the primary and 58.1 million voted in the general election (265% increase).   In 2012 19.2 million primary -vs- 59.2 million in the general (308% increase).

If those increases are even remotely maintained given the scope of the current increase in Republican Primary participation, the general election vote would be through the roof.

And here is where you begin to understand the potential scope of the 2016 primary voter for the Republican nominee, Donald J Trump.  This is the bottom line the media and establishment republicans do not want to see discussed.  This is the potential for the “Trump Effect”:

Republican voter turnout projected

That jaw-dropping number, 7.2 million more potential votes than Barack Obama carried in 2008 and almost 13 million more than Mitt Romney carried in 2012, is the least result achievable when you turn out THE MONSTER VOTE.

Remember, this same predictive model NAILED the turnout on both the GOP Primary side and the Democrat primary side. – SEE HERE

What the New York Times is statistically beginning to quantify is the existence of The Monster Vote.  If you look closely at the data behind their newly discovered 10 million potential/predictable voters, you’ll notice the additional votes carry to exactly what we predicted in February.

Even if Republican projection turnout was off by 5 million votes, Trump still wins in a landslide.  Heck, even if the projection turnout was off by a staggering 10 million votes, the republican nominee (Trump) would still gets more votes than President Obama did in 2012 and it is highly doubtful Hillary could turn out that level of support. –link

♦ Even the fact the NYT would write such an article tells you there are interests (financial interests, globalists) who are looking closely and trying to quantify the challenge they have in front of them.

♦ Remember, even in honest scientific polling – the poll methodologies are based on “assumptions”, or inputs into the collected poll samples in order to make them representative of the anticipated turnout.

♦ Thanks to Donald Trump, historic turnout trends are obsolete. Additionally, historic demographics and party affiliations are also obsolete.  As a consequence any poll data that is relying on obsolete sample methodology is going to be significantly inaccurate.

Trump rally illinois 4

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359 Responses to Oh My – New York Times Quietly Discusses Data Evidence of “The Monster Vote”…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    Something else some of them are finally figuring out today too. I heard someone say this on the tubes today

    “TRUMP doesn’t seem to need the politicians.”

    Yeah, you got that right, WE DON’T NEED ANY STINKIN” POLITICIANS! 🙂

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  2. SD, NYT read your column and copying to a certain extent! They know what’s ahead but don’t want acknowledge it as yet!

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  3. litlbit2 says:

    Amazed that the possibility of 73,000,000,000 voters against the DNC, GOPe, MSM etc and nyt, MSNBC, CBS, abc, CNN, fox, Kaulthammer, rove, kelly, Obama as an examples believe we are listening to their Pinocchio dribble. It is over the folks are awake the con game and the so called leaders will look back on 2016 as the year they collapsed their world. God Bless Donald J. Trump and the folks to make America great again.

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    • mamadogsite says:

      Well, it hasn’t collapsed yet…have to keep pushing forward.

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      • Yes mamadogsite, we have a lot of work ahead of us.

        Even after Trump’s eight years, we will have a lot of work to do.

        The people in charge now will not give up what they have worked so hard to get. But we will win this. And we will Make America Great Again.

        And we will keep it that way for a long, long time.

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        • Malatrope says:

          I wonder what the world would be like if we had had the internet at the end of Reagan’s terms.

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          • The Defiant One says:

            The most easiest thing that would have happened if a Reaganite was POTUS during 1988-1992, China would have had a good chance of becoming a democratic free nation, as a Reaganite would have supported the people of China striving for a free nation, unlike GHWB who sat by and let Tienanmen Square freedom protests be snuffed out.

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            • Joshua says:

              That’s kind of the opposite of what Tienanmen Square was about. It was a student rebellion. They were demanding more socialism after their school budgets were cut. They were also angry about the number of Africans in the colleges that seemed to them to be the beneficiary of what the natives had lost. There was also a high degree of racism against those students. Yeah, it was a kid thumbing his nose at the regime which is always cool, but not exactly something that was going to have repercussions or turn China into anything remotely democratic or free.


          • People would be even stupider than they are today. It’s a net loss.


        • doubledenvy says:

          My Trump Training Class is this Saturday from 9 to 5 with lunch provided , Here in Elko Nevada. I had 3 people in last week to RSVP and to make certain I am attending. That’s never happened to me before. The positivity and confidence with the RSVP Team makes me want to go see who these people are. These Trump people are fun

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    • KillingEmSoftly says:

      Yea, I’d be amazed by the possibility of 73,000,000,000 voters against them too – considering that’s roughly 10X the world population of 7,400,000,000. Of course you meant 73,000,000.


  4. MissV says:

    I wonder how many smug Congress critters are even aware the monster vote is out there and will soon rain havoc upon their cozy little cocoons.

    Paul Ryan, foremost among them.

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    • WSB says:

      I’d rather not tell them. They’re all so comfy at the moment.

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      • PatriotKate says:

        We all have a lot of work to do between now and the election. We cannot rely just on Mr. Trump to get people motivated to vote for him. We have to make sure people understand that he’s the only one who can guide the ship in a massive 180 degree turn.

        We have to make sure that, if people understand nothing else, they need to know the importance of the Supreme Court. We must tell everyone we encounter the importance of voting. If they can’t vote for the man himself, then vote for him only because it prevents the democrats from finally changing our country forever.

        I was actually watching a video of a Christian talk show. The host said “To Not Vote is To Vote and don’t forget that.” I think he was appealing to the Cruz die-hards.

        We’ll likely be up against electronic voter fraud, so we must overcome that possibility with massive numbers.

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        • WSB says:

          I think everything will be thrown at Mr. Trump and his supporters. That’s why it’s so important not to become a snowflake. Rise in the face of the Alinsky tactics. Trump does.

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      • Irene Matthews says:

        I’m not sure they’re all that comfy. I think they see the handwriting on the wall, even if they keep insisting it’s not there.

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    • FiscallyConservative says:

      I don’t know if the Renee Elmers loss is any clue, but I can bet the Monster Vote will only vote for Trump and minimal down ticket races which could hurt the republicans. They way they are acting, they deserve to lose. Although Trump needs both houses.

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      • R-C says:

        I’m going to put some thought into that “Trump needs both houses” notion. Not sure he does…Trump seems to get things done no matter what. Hmm…needs more analysis.

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        • psadie says:

          Let him use EXECUTIVE ORDERS like Obama to get things done!

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        • PatriotKate says:

          I agree. When Harry Reid retires Chuck Shumer is likely to be the next Democrat leader. If the democrats take the Senate, he’ll be Majority Leader. I don’t know that much about Shumer other than I disagree with his stands. Yet, he seems more reasonable to negotiate with. I do think that Trump could actually work with Chuck Shumer and still get what he wants. Actually, Trump working with Shumer may be easier than the snake-in-the-grass, or was that Turtle McConnell.

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          • Shumer and Reid rent a townhouse together in DC. They are good friends. Shumer never has town halls, never holds a rally, never speaks to his constituents. Ever. I know, I am one. I vote against him every year but he is still in office. With that said, I think Trump will try to work with Shumer.

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            • WSB says:

              If there is a way in Hell this year to vote for Wendy Long, maybe riding coattails with Trump, whom she supports, we need to do just that. Schumer is a schmuck…so ask me how I really feel.

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        • His agenda is pretty much already law.


        • WSB says:

          Yes, I’ve been wondering the same. Although I don’t know if too many BlueDogs are really left in either chamber. Many were thrown out in 2010 and 2014.

          There is a vet from HAWAII…Tulsi Gabbard. She is one example of what I would consider a traditional JFK Democrat who may vote with the common sense America First doctrine that Trump is supporting. I would be interested to hear her thoughts.


    • girlkansas says:

      It started with Rep. Eric Cantor.

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  5. v4ni11ista says:

    Sung to the tune of “Monster Mash”
    The “Monster Vote”

    I was on here reading Sundance, late one night
    when my eyes beheld a new, awesome sight.
    The Monster Voters from this land did rise
    and suddenly, to my surprise,

    They did The Vote! They did The Monster Vote!
    When The Don spoke, they said his chance was remote.
    The Monster Vote! It caught on with the Folk.
    The Monster Vote! Or is it Donster Vote?

    From their social laboratories both west and east,
    the liberal fools and ghouls all come to feast
    and the RINOs came down from their lofty abodes,
    all to get a jolt from The Don’s Electrodes.

    And We did Vote! We did the Monster Vote!
    The Country’s Broke. While the liberals all toke.
    The Monster Vote! Trump is our last hope.
    Vote out the dopes with The Monster Vote!

    The scene, it was a-rockin, the ghouls digging to the sound
    of liberals showing up and knocking people to the ground.
    The Soros financed Brown Shirts and the Back Lives Matter crowd,
    the vocal group, La Raza made Barack Obama proud!

    And now we’ll Vote! We’ll do the Monster Vote!
    Jeb Bush would choke. His whole run was a joke.
    The Monster Vote! Now get on the Trump Boat!
    Come on and Vote! Come join the Monster Vote!

    Out of Cruz’s coffin, his voice did ring.
    Seems that he was troubled by just one thing.
    When violent rioters at Trump rallies hit,
    Cruz, et al, all said that they all deserved it.

    Then comes The Vote! Here comes the Monster Vote!
    Cantor we smote. With The Monster Vote!
    On a high note, is The Monster Vote!
    God give us hope! With the Monster Vote!

    Now the Monster Vote is cool, it’s all part of Don’s plan.
    He’s made The Monster Vote the hit of the land.
    And for citizens here, this vote is meant to
    keep the wolves at bay that Barack brought to you.

    And then we’ll dance! We’ll do the Donster Mash,
    The Donster Mash! It’ll catch on in a flash!
    The Donster Mash. And we’ll all have more cash!
    The Donster Mash. Come do the Donster Mash!

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  6. PremAmerica says:

    This is a big deal. But y’all know that already.

    But pay attention to the last two bullet points. It means that no explicit skewing of polls is needed. Just a lazy pollster who replicates prior election-year models.

    I am sure most of you saw the faux FOX poll today. Add to it the fact that the Wall Street Journal has been trashing Donald Trump every single day with multiple articles.. This is the Murdoch enterprises.

    But I do not believe that their goal is to support Hillary over Trump. This is a desperate ploy to force Trump to pick Marco Rubio or even Jeb Bush. Yes, do not be shocked. Jeb Bush.

    Newt Gingrich is on their team. He has been bought by Murdoch enterprises.

    That’s why Trump has so many rallies coming up. He is sending them a message. We have to show up in huge numbers for Trump.

    (BTW, Roger Stone is a bit wacky. But he is a Trump loyalist. It is Ed Rollins and others like him that are Bush/Rubio/Murdoch agents.)

    Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh are NOW out friends. This is politics. It’s the way it goes.

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    • PremAmerica says:

      Laura and Rush are “OUR” friends………

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    • Pam says:

      “(BTW, Roger Stone is a bit wacky. But he is a Trump loyalist. It is Ed Rollins and others like him that are Bush/Rubio/Murdoch agents.)”

      THIS. A lot of what he has predicted has come to pass so far. Yeah, he may seem crazy at times, but he is 100% loyal to Trump. As far as Newt goes, I totally agree. He is totally part of the globalist scheme.

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    • Martin says:

      I don’t trust Ingraham and Limbaugh.

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    • No, they do support Hillary. They just know Trump can win and must stop him so they get someone else in. No other person they could put in now or at anytime prior to the election could win. They know it.

      The Uniparty just needs to do what they are paid to do – continue the open borders and globalization of America, as well as continuing to follow the orders of their masters the Sauds to allow the muslim invasion to continue.

      Don’t be fooled. It is a Uniparty. They don’t care if the Dems win. What do you think McCain was? Romney? Strong candidates? HAH! Never.

      They wanted Jeb and would have been happy when Hillary won.


    • nancyg22 says:

      I hope it’s not Jeb Bush. I wouldn’t put it past the globalists to assassinate Trump so Jeb could step in as pres.

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      • marblenecltr says:

        For himself and the country, Trump should choose a vice president as unacceptable to those meetings held in Dresden now and seeking David Rockefeller’s “supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers” for they are “surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.” He declared that at the Bilderberg meeting in 1991, also in Germany (Baden), a meeting attended by Bill Clinton, where he was declared the next U. S. president.


  7. aredtailblog says:

    Now THIS is exciting news.

    Not that we should lose sight of scoping out any trickery even with the statistics on our side.

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  8. JoD says:

    “Join or Die”……..Ben Franklin

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  9. Kristin says:

    Donald Trump is also on the Boldrrberg menu I read…..
    Thank you Sundance. Great piece!

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  10. Raven says:

    “…less educated than the exit polls indicated.”

    I guess us old people, who were not educated under Common Core and had to learn our multiplication table, learn to make basic change using quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies, had to learn how to write a ‘Thank You’ note to Grandma and then make out an envelope to mail it to her, learn about our countries history and world geography, and countless other things no longer required in order to get a college degree, might be “less educated” than today’s graduating class who cannot even read our nation’s Declaration of Independence (yet alone understand it).

    In that case I am less educated, and glad of it.

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    • boutis says:

      Me too. I’m old and only have a master’s degree that required economics, statistics, and reading ability. That silly stuff isn’t needed any longer.

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    • MfM says:

      Fifty years ago you didn’t need a college degree to get a good job and rise in a company. If you are attracting older voters of course they are very likely to be less educated. Check even forty years ago college wasn’t for everyone. That doesn’t mean they are dumb, some of the most intelligent people I know only have a HS diploma.

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      • WSB says:

        You mean the highly skilled voter? That’s the category. Yep.

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      • Modernlove says:

        Exactly right! I learned my trade thru mentors and on the job experience back in the mid 80s. It was not considered low-class to do that. My training carried me thru 2010, and then the bottom fell out. Now every single job posting for the work I used to do requires a degree. I don’t even get a reply when they see my age or education. I wonder if they assume I did not get the indoctrination they want to see in their employees.

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  11. velvetfoot says:

    I know that DJT wouldn’t want to be over confident.

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  12. Arkindole says:

    “…beginning to quantify is the existence of The Monster Vote.”
    They’ve known it all along. Like all liberal rot they are now turning up the temperature on the other liberal frogs, as you imply.

    White guilt and the lack of an breathing republican candidate got zero where he is. White guilt is now a goner and we definitely have a fire breathing candidate.

    As my mid-20 last duckling said the other day, “…people my age will never vote for Hillary…they hate her; some will vote for Trump because of the economy, but most will just stay home or go to their part time job.”

    The Dems can kiss that 20 something demo good bye. Pajama boys are as large a myth as any of Charlie Sheen’s laugh track sitcoms and their own self worth.

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  13. bigdrov1x says:

    Megyn Kelly leads her show with some fox poll showing Trump behind?? I immediately turned the channel because my blood pressure was starting to blow up!! I dont know why I do this to myself, guess it is just a conditioned response to turn on fox? Hope I didnt add to her ratings too much. I vannot stand that slag, she and Hildabeast are a tossup to me now who I despise more.

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    • At least wait until 10 pm E/T to turn on Fox; Hannity is much better. Or, better yet, Lou Dobbs on FBN at 7 pm E/T.

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      • skidly says:

        Except both of them have been shilling nonstop for Newt Gingrich for VP. Both of them are old enough to know exactly what Gingrich is about from the 1990’s.

        So, they either have amnesia or are controlled opposition. As of late Dobbs is doing a ridiculous poll for vp choice, awful one of the choices should be none of the above.

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        • WSB says:

          I will admit that I have been a Newt fan for many years, only because he has a great mind, great debating skills, is thoughtful and has a superb understanding of history. However, I never did indepth research on him until after finding CTH, and just in the last few months.

          I still think Newt has more fun thinking rather than being drawn into a power grab. I could be wrong but that’s the impression I get. I remember people laughing at him when he advocated private sector space exploration, set with competition stipends. I never thought that was odd. I also know he has been excoriated by the Establishment at times, so maybe his act is a ruse?

          Oh well.


        • Agree. I don’t want Gingrich involved with Donald, especially VP.


    • Venus says:

      Manipulated data — polled 5% less Rep. than last month to show drop. I posted on it below.

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    • R-C says:

      And you’re tuning in to Megyn Kelly because…?

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      • Sherlock says:

        Got to know what the enemy is doing in order to try to counter it at every step. I haven’t been able to sit through more than 10 minutes straight though for months.

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        • WSB says:

          The stats for PA in the NYT comparison are remarkable…42% from exit polls, and 46%/47% from the census driven data? That’s quite something.


        • R-C says:

          a. We already know what Kelly is doing. She’s opposing Trump.

          b. Every time somebody tunes in to her freak-show, her ratings go up. In other words, helping ‘the enemy’.


  14. marblenecltr says:

    Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Almost all Americans want America to be great again, but, it seems, very few in media or high political office are concerned.

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    • redsequin4 says:

      It’s clear to Vulgarians the elites think America is their money machine, their playtoy, their pathway to power. The Congress, except for a few patriots, like Jeff Sessions, care nothing about the people. That has been made clear this primary season. But now we have a voice, a clear voice in Donald Trump and they can’t stand it. They can’t stand that he is standing up for us and has the courage to take on the whole world for us forgotten Americans, who’ve been pushed aside for so long in our own country. The globalist elites better be worried and afraid because we are no longer silent. We will speak so loudly in November it will wash away the stench and absolute corruption that has captured our Republic. DT will chase those roaches out of our Capital and once again, after so many decades, the American people will take control of their government.

      “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”…Thomas Jefferson writing to James Madison, January 30th, 1787

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  15. Joan Sands says:

    I can’t remember now how I found theconservativetreehouse.com last year – but it turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. Now I am going to copy this page and post it on Donald Trump’s Facebook page. Thank you, Sundance, for all you do and for helping me to remain somewhat sane.

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    • Bob says:

      They are the same voters that were dragged out to vote for Obama. We need to keep in mind that this election is about blocking a communist revolution in our Country and we need to keep calling it what it is. The dirty tricks haven’t even started yet. Wait for the buses to start going from one county to another.

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  16. Venus says:

    Speaking about dishonest polls — Fox just released a poll today with Hillary 42/Trump 39 and Megyn Kelly and Krauthammer are crowing that Trump’s support is “slipping” (last FOX poll had it Hillary 42/Trump 45). So, having learned from Sundance, I looked at the internals of the poll. Fox polled 41% Dems and 35% Reps this time;
    Last time Fox Polled 41% Dem to 40% Reps.
    Fox manipulated the poll to show Hillary in the lead — and it’s still within the MOE.

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    • Jonigma says:

      It’s because they want the narrative that Hillary has the momentum. This was all designed. The moment I learned that Trump used the same verbiage about the Judge back in Feb with no uproar, it means to me it was all coordinated to either remove him at Convention or force Trump to pick a GOPe VP.

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      • These people don’t seem to understand yet jonigma, that Trump has his own plans.

        It doesn’t matter what they design, it does not matter what they plan, they can not force him to do any thing he does not want to do.

        I think they are about to really “loose it”.

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    • Martin says:


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    • I told my husband the same thing when we saw the poll on Fox earlier this evening. I didn’t even see the internals of the poll to know they manipulated it by weighting the poll with dems versus Reps. I credit that due to all I’ve learned so far by reading Sundance’s polling posts. This site has been a wonderful political learning experience and I thank God for leading me to CTH.

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    • WSB says:

      If someone could tweet or post this on Krauthammer’s and Kelly’s accounts, the rest of their followers need to see this. The whole world needs to see this. Thanks in advance!

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  17. MeThePeople says:

    I am the last one in the class to connect the dots.
    If anyone had any doubts about the danger of Mexican gangs and illegals; witness the judge, mayor and police chief all ganging up illegally against our candidate.
    LA RAZA!!!
    Did they possibly think they could get away with it?
    Well if BHO and Hillary can get away with their crap, you figure these guys will get the medal of Honor awarded to scum bags.


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  18. daughnworks247 says:

    Folks, Sundance provides us links all the time but this one, you really do need to read (a couple of times) because it changes everything.
    Here is the original NYTimes article by Cohn: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/10/upshot/there-are-more-white-voters-than-people-think-thats-good-news-for-trump.html?smid=tw-share&_r=1

    So, if Obama did much better with whites than previously thought, are we no longer “racist” when we hate his policies?
    GOP post mortem on the demo of the election should be headed straight for the garbage. This is why the data is so important = Garbage in, garbage out. GOPe spent millions based on a false premise.
    I cannot WAIT to send this to Henry Barbour, one of the three who did the GOPe autopsy.
    Missing the black turnout from 88% (original estimate) to actual of 55% (lower than 2008) in Ohio is an enormous miss. Leads me to believe “they” don’t know what in the heck they are doing.
    The missing hard-right Republican voter of 2012 is also a fallacy as this data suggests (WOW). This bombshell completely undermines Cruz’s entire campaign strategy. Oopsie-daisy.
    In the table which calculates the share of “white working class vote w/out college degree” needed by Trump, Cohn uses a number assuming 5% less among Hispanics and College degreed whites than earned by Romney. BUT Cohn forgets Romney’s deplorable number among blacks (4%) and that Trump will likely improve in this demo.

    Sundance is reaaaalllllly onto something here.

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  19. Duhders says:

    On the flip side (1/2 glass empty viewpoint), this is saying that less educated, older white electorate gave Obama the WH. Where was the government to protect them from this scam?


    • WSB says:

      The government never vetted him. NEVER vetted him.


      • I found an interesting thing on Texas Secretary of State’s page for the form that one fills out to run for POTUS. (form to go to state RNC party) There is NO question asking the candidate whether they are a “natural born citizen,” but only asking whether he/she is a citizen. So each state RNC’s party is supposed to vet the candidate. But remember, the globalists of each party is making the rules and now they’ve co-opted the process by trying to change the meme about what constitutes a “natural born citizen.” By design, because Dems tried to change the POTUS requirements ten times before 2008 and were unsuccessful. So they pivoted.

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        • WSB says:

          I remember that very well. McCaskill and others created a declaration for McCain, as well. I wonder if Illinois has something in the DNC book. What a shock if not! Also, I remember, neither Clinton or Obama had enough signatures to even be on the Indiana ballot. Never any consequences for anyone, though.

          So, Cruz was able to answer…??? If ‘yes’, that may be fraud right there.


    • Linda says:

      I have a sneaking suspicion this is partly due to republicans always talking about doing away with social security. If you’re a working class person who has lost income in the last 20 years, or worse – lost your job – social security is about all you have left.


  20. TrumpOrDie says:

    The gold standard for surveys is the General Social Survey. Largest probability sample of the American population, highest quality, longest history (ongoing since 1972).

    It takes awhile for election data to come out — it’s given during the summer of even-numbered years now, and it takes another year for the data to be made available. So, the 2012 election could not be analyzed until 2015, when most people had lost interest.

    I find the same end result as the NYT analysis — 29% of voters were white, non-Hispanic, less than bachelor’s degree, age 45+.

    Age 45+ was 64%

    Less than bachelor’s was 63%

    Non-Hispanic white was 72%

    The estimates for older age and less-educated show and older and less-educated electorate than the exit polls (in line with the Census estimates), while the race/ethnicity estimate showed a group that was as non-Hispanic white as the exit polls said.

    Looks like the exit polls aren’t so bad about figuring out race/ethnicity, but were awful at the class and age estimates. At any rate, joke’s on the Clinton campaign!

    Liked by 1 person

    • WSB says:

      So, what was the reason for Obama moving the jurisdiction of the Census to the Executive Branch? To manipulate the results? Are these results real? The Census was issued in 2010, no?

      Liked by 1 person

    • WSB says:

      Another question…does anyone here now understand the off-polling in the Democrat primary for Bernie?


  21. With new and crossover votes I’ll say 80 million.


  22. Martin says:

    Liked by 5 people

  23. Elemeno P. says:

    I want to believe that what your article says will come to pass. But as I do not trust polling data I remain skeptical. The number of voters has definitely increased beyond expectations and that is a good thing. But can we trust that on the actual election day the crooks who have been running scams will not convert our votes from Trump to Hillary?

    I think voter fraud will be rampant in this election since there are so many in power who can control the levers are at risk. Maybe my skepticism has turned to paranoia and conspiracy theory BS. But given the performance of our elected leaders, the uncontrolled bureaucracies, the unjust judiciary, and the imperial presidency, I think my fears are warranted.

    Liked by 3 people

  24. Ace says:

    This means they have only one option remaining.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Jill says:

    Census Bureau:
    Hispanics made up 7.3% of all voters in 2014, up from 5.3% in the 2002 midterm election, but down from the 8.4% in 2012 Presidential election.

    “Overall, across the last three election cycles, the voting population has grown more racially and
    ethnically diverse. Still, despite this recent diversification, non-Hispanic Whites continued to make up a larger share of voters than of the eligible population, while Hispanics continued to make up
    a smaller share of voters than of the eligible population. Meanwhile, non-Hispanic Blacks reported voting at a level not statistically different from their eligibility in 2010 and 2014.”


    Liked by 2 people

    • WSB says:

      Which is starting to bother me because of the switch in the Census management being moved to the Executive branch when Obama moved in. What was the reason it was moved?


  26. big bad mike says:

    Lame Cherry whispers..”Trump will win the General by more than 17%.”. If you look at Hillary & Obama Closely – they already know this.

    Liked by 4 people

    • WSB says:

      OH, I love that! I always sneak over there just in case there is something juicy.

      BTW, Cruz and and Rubio seem to have gotten off easily. Where has the madam’s book gone? I thought the unveiling was to be in late May. Keeping powder dry in case either try to make a comeback? Ted’s been so quiet lately.


      • I don’t trust the so-called “Republicans” in Texas and I live here. When HRC says that she’ll take Texas, I’m not surprised at her confidence. The Post and Email has sent hundred of FOIA requests for both Obama’s and Cruz’s vetting documents, with no results. Cruz is slime, as are his supporters.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I need to add that after Obama’s election, local Texas education districts called for an emergency training of History teachers. Obama’s political operative, The Congressional Record’s false interpretation of what constitutes “natural born citizens” was pushed as the narrative regarding NBC so that “teachers” could explain to students Obama’s legality. So they’ve been graduating TX students who object to anyone who questions his and Cruz’s narrative about being legal candidates. Cool, huh?


        • WSB says:

          Stepford wives.


  27. Bull Durham says:

    Lesson in History

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    I just got the weirdest poll call. Apparently, we have a Republican named Nancy Pelosi running for the state legislature here in Colorado? Bizarre!

    I was asked to choose between Republican Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Brittany Pettersen.

    I expressed my confusion over this several times during the call, because I associate the name Nancy Pelosi with the far-left Democrat House Minority Leader in DC, for whom I would never vote for any political office.


  29. Sherlock says:

    This may help turn out the vote a bit.
    Founder of Curiel group La Raza Lawyers– “Whites: Go Back to Europe.”

    Liked by 5 people

  30. CItizen Dale eloquently stated what ,IMO, we all are feeling. TRUMP 2016. MAGA!

    Liked by 2 people

  31. eric says:



    Liked by 3 people

  32. Going purely on votes cast (and NOT the electoral college):
    The total number of people who voted for Hillary in the primaries was 16,015,681.
    The total for Sanders was 12,287,030. Calculate that at least 15% of Sanders’ (2,287,030) voters will vote for Trump.
    Trump got 13,400,000 votes.
    Cruz: 7,729,494
    Rubio: 3,513,387
    Kasich: 4,201,695
    Total votes cast for all four GOP candidates: 28,844,576

    Even if (conservatively speaking) HALF of Cruz/Rubio/Kaisch voters (leaving out the votes cast for the other 13 GOP challengers) vote for Trump in the General Election, he will walk away with
    (at a minimum) 21,122,288 votes.

    Now, add Bernie Sanders’ 15% (1,843,054) to Trump’s total =
    22,965,342 votes (conservative estimate)

    Trump will have such a commanding position, the reluctant GOPe will have to get on board.
    He has already remodeled and remade a totally new Republican Party.
    As Sen. Jeff Sessions said to the GOP: Adapt to Trump or die

    Liked by 4 people

  33. Prof. Woland says:

    Another danger for liberals, is that in order to get 90+% turnout of women, blacks, and latinos, the Democrats will have to truly Trump the Shark (original). The level of sex and race baiting they will need to engage in will destroy whatever moral legitimacy they have for the next 100 years,

    Liked by 2 people

  34. mariner says:

    The fly in this ointment is that if the UniParty is able to quantify the Monster Vote, they can tell how much fraud to apply to steal the election.

    We’d be better off if they remained as clueless as they’ve been until now.


  35. jello333 says:

    Just today, I started seeing a lot of Bernie supporters who aren’t just anti-Hillary. A lot of them are also starting to get pretty angry at Bernie himself… since he’s started saying that he’ll actively work to help Hillary if it comes to that. They are NOT happy about that. Add to that the fact that Elizabeth Warren has now come out for Hillary, when Bernie supporters had been begging her for months to come out in support of him… and they’re also not happy with Warren.

    So yeah, if Donald and WE handle this right, there’ll be more and more people coming over to our side, even if Bernie himself asks them to support Hillary (and maybe Warren VP).

    Liked by 1 person

  36. oldgrunt68 says:

    These idiots meeting in Utah with Romney need to know what Mark Steyn said yesterday.
    ‘It is easier for the Base to find new political leaders(elite) than it is for the political leaders(elite) to find or create a new base.

    Liked by 2 people

    • daughnworks247 says:

      Col Ralph Peters, who was suspended from Fox for 2 weeks for calling Obama a pu$$- on national television, said of Hillary yesterday. Paraphrasing:
      “I’m sick and tired of Obama and pundits talking about Hillary’s experience (as a positive). If all that mattered was experience, then hookers would make the best wives.”
      You should have seen the ladies on the panel squirm.

      Liked by 4 people

  37. wasntme says:

    I guess I have a problem being called “less educated”. I may not have a college degree, or be able to write absolutely nothing in 5000 words or more, but I have over 40 years of common sense on the job training. You can’t get that in school.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HeatherMae says:

      People with practical skills will be more valuable then Dr.’s soon.


    • daughnworks247 says:

      Andrew Carnegie had no college degree.
      I’ll take a man rich in common sense, any day. Common sense is a far more rare commodity than today’s sheepskin diplomas.


  38. Eric Kennedy says:

    This guy – like Sundance – has been pretty spot on… But he still says it comes down to a few states… Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.


  39. bitterlyclinging says:

    Perhaps the reason Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News is now all anti Trump, all the time.


  40. shipley130 says:

    How long have the democrats been actively putting forth legislation to get felons the right to vote? Since they claim that black people are incarcerated at astronomical levels, can we assume that the push is to get democrat voters? So, does this felon push correlate with the discovery that there are far more white voters than they thought? Questions which need to be answered if we want law abiding citizens to be in control of this country.


  41. Patrick Lee says:

    Thanks to my next-door-neighbor for informing me of this site yesterday.
    Yet another ‘Monster Voter’ has come back to life here in California.
    That be me.

    First, I (almost) apologize for my length on this post.
    “Long time listener, first time caller”; youz know that one!
    Pent up frustrations spewing forth on your first call-in to the radio station.
    (Never done that one; many times I felt so but backed off.)

    I’ve read the guidelines for postings on comments and emails.
    I’ll try to keep it readable without putting y’allz to sleep.
    Proper English, proper grammar, proper paragraphing.

    For your future views of my posts:
    I can tend to get on ‘stream of consciousness’ typing jags that can go for pages.
    Thankfully, for others, not always.

    This one will go long.

    I’m breathing and employed @ 60 years old.
    Cali boy all my days. Haven’t voted in almost 30 years.
    (Save for one year as a Libertarian.)

    I’ve observed Cali go from a productive State into the most horrific ‘Nanny State’, where the ‘Gubmint is just here to help you’. With more, more and MORE laws and ‘regulations’ and ‘No, you can’t do that anymore because a small group of individuals will be offended’.
    ‘Regulate the people and all will be good’.
    Made me puke in my mouth, lo these many years!!!

    My disgust at the turnings and twistings of our State and Federal political and governmental systems turned me away from any participation in the process.

    The massively progressing ‘dwindling spiral’ into the depths of despair and depravity from:
    Crawl, stand, walk/run forward on your OWN two feet, make your OWN way, survive well and prosper by your OWN hands, do good things to and for those less fortunate along your ways.

    With OUT governmental ‘assistance’.

    Gubmental “assistance” that’s turned into a socialistic/communistic cluster f***.

    “Why bother? My one vote won’t do much of any good.”
    I dove under the rocks and went my way, hoping for better times and circumstances.

    It’s been painful watching it occur; my dive under the rocks was about all I figured I had left.
    To the point recently where I’ve been considering where I’ll move up into the Cali hills with my defense perimeters and crew to maintain my OWN survival when the s*** MIGHT hit the fan.

    Until now.
    The potential ‘breath of fresh air’ into our major ‘political houses’ has come forth.
    Yeah, that be Donald Trump!
    I re-registered as a Pub so I could vote in.
    AND did so for our potential future.

    Do I ‘trust’ him?
    Pretty much.
    Much, much, much more than the current politicos who’ve made careers sucking the tits of our current Gubmental systems.

    Grrrrr: Career polititians who gain MASSIVE percs scratching each other’s backs as they jerk around the rest of us ‘underlings’ while they amass MASSIVE financial gains from their ‘service’ to “The American peoples”.
    Disssssss friggin’ gusting!!!

    Pubs AND Dems who chin-chin together to keep themselves in their own loop to keep the income coming in for THEIR OWN futures!
    Constituents? Yeah, whatever…gotta get my moneys!
    Good ol’ boy network that’s gone on for EVER!
    Hopefully, until now…

    He’s not beholden to ‘contributor’, ‘donor’, Super Craps (PAC’s), ‘lobbyists’, corps, et. al.
    BUY OUTS he’s not (apparently) subjected to.

    What he SAYS now/currently DOESN’T mean that’s how he’s going to roll forward if/when he gets in to the White House.
    Wait a sec…Is ‘White House’ a RACIST description? (Wayyy chuckling!!!)

    I trust him with his ability to ‘negotiate’ and ‘deal’ with others.
    That’s why I voted for him in the Cali primary.
    And why I’ll vote for him in November.

    I liken the ‘Monster Vote’ to the 1963 film: ‘Jason and the Argonauts’.
    Frank Harryhausen brought it to the screen, with the clay-mations.
    Those teeth thrown into the ground to ‘plant’ the dead.
    Those skeletons coming outa the ground to battle Jason?
    (Ah, c’mon; those of us ‘ancients’ remember that film!!!)

    Them skeleton crews, with ARMS, be us ‘Monster Voters’.
    The current ‘Jason’ is our severely debilitated political system that has plagued us for years upon years.
    Which CAN be defeated, given our ‘wake-the-F-up’ stimuluses!

    Trump has tossed the “WAKE THE F*** UP’ to us who’ve survived underground, lo these many years.
    We ‘skeletons’ are coming out from under our own ‘rocks and shoals’ to attempt a significant ‘renovation’ to our political system.

    I’m hoping us ‘Monster Voters’ (what, 10 MILLION of us not on anyone’s radar for a good long while!!!) can pull this off and get Trump into that ‘racist’ “White House”.

    Currently, it’s our brief ‘window in time’ to change the prevailing winds, politically.
    Ron Paul was a minor concept previously.
    Beat down by the media and the ‘Two Party system’, etc.

    Vote Trump.
    Let’s roll and see how it goes!!!

    Keep rollin’, my 10 million dead from the graves!!!
    I’m up and out; hoping/wishing that you who’ve NOT awakened follow suit!



  42. WeeWeed says:

    Welcome Patrick!


  43. HeatherMae says:

    The left has overplayed the white guilt card, too dumb to know that guilt breeds resentment.


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  45. John Campbell says:

    Praise the Lord and pass the ballot box. It’s time to take our country back!

    TRUMP 2016


  46. chesam1 says:

    A tsunami of Trump voters are coming. Thought the midterms were awe inspiring, ain’t seen nothin yet! Trump/Pence 2016


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