Warning: Optimism Ahead…

On February 29th 2016 we made the following prediction.

In 2008 slightly less than 22 million voted in the Republican primary.  In 2012 just over 19 million voted in the primary.  We predict 29.5 million will vote in the republican primary election:

voter turnout r v d 1

The 29,528,228 estimation in the 2016 Republican process was massive by comparison to 2008 (21.9 million),  and 2012 (19.2 million).

The “smart-set” (specifically ’12 Romney Campaign Mgr. Stuart Stevens) said we were nuts.  That would be 10 million more votes than voted in 2012 when the entire GOP electorate was, according to Stuart Stevens, exceptionally motivated.  There’s no way you’ll get to 29.5 million primary votes they said….

♦Well, as of 5:30am today30,261,999 people voted in the republican primary.

In addition, back in February, we predicted 28,450,721 Democrat primary voters for 2016. (There were 38.1 million Democrat primary votes in 2008)….

♦Well, again as of 5:30am today:  there were 28,269,195 Democrat primary voters.

Looks like the misfits outsmarted the smart set.

fireworks 2

Enjoy your day !

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233 Responses to Warning: Optimism Ahead…

  1. shipley130 says:

    Stuart Stevens doesn’t even have the decency to have a Facebook page that a person can excoriate him on. Very disappointing.

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  2. Joe says:

    Trump voter here. In California.
    Results of local bond, tax, general results of various state contests lead me to believe Trump will most likely do better than McCain or Romney did here but still lose to the Democrat machine that has control of ballot boxes. This state is just too far gone. They still vote for higher sales taxes, more government control and regulation, more ‘progressive’ policies across the board.
    I have a well off liberal neighbor who has now announced he’s moving to Arizona to escape taxation and overcrowding here. He still votes Democrat. Hopeless.

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    • sunnydaysall says:

      I sure hope he moves to an island somewhere and not to a more prosperous, conservative state!! They are taking Texas down in a monumental way!

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    • JoJo says:

      Get in line, Joe. My very liberal, Obama-loving sister moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to escape taxes, too! Hopeless, indeed.
      Are there any tipping point states where conservatives and libertarians could move to tip the state into the good R column? I’m ready to leave my deep, deep Blue state!

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      • The Boss says:

        Mid-Atlantic states and south to Florida. (VA, NC, SC, GA and FL) could all use Cold Anger Conservatives.

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      • Come to Florida. We have too many transplants who retire here because we have good weather AND no state income tax, but still vote like they did in their Blue State pestholes. Kinda like the whole problem with immigration, actually . . .

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      • Modernlove says:

        They are often backing the “libertarian” aspects of the Left, more than they are the taxation policies. They love some gay weddings and free pot and hate the Krischins. So, they get the best of both worlds that way… the lower taxes and the adventurous sex stuff.

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    • aur1640 says:

      Amazing, they complain that it’s too expensive, too liberal and they pass their filth and disease to other freer states. They should be shot like the treasonous bastards that they are!!

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    • plasmacutter says:

      Do you bring this up to him?


  3. BuckWeaver says:

    Congratulations Sundance. The results and your predictions are really quite remarkable. I’m a believer! I am so grateful for having The Last Refuge to hang out in during this campaign season. I feel like I am half way through to earning a bachelor’s degree in Politics just from what I have learned here. Also thank you to Rumpole, whose tweets during the Ferguson unrest led me to this site.

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  4. Ayn Galt says:

    That’s the scene from The Patriot where the ship containing all of Lord Cornwallis’ swag blows up.


  5. RINOKiller says:

    Epic fail of pessimism

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  6. paris23 says:

    Great work! Apparently, their immigration policies are not exactly working out as they had hoped. All we need is an influx of Bernie supporters – or for Bernie to try to go 3rd party – to wipe the floor with Hillary in November.

    Is there a source for independent polling? University statisticians used to independently confirm election results, but it seems likely they are all now globalist controlled. Trump needs an independent polling firm in his camp.


  7. Sherlock says:

    Hillary Clinton loses 30% of CA vote since 2008


  8. Eric Kennedy says:

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