BOOM !! – 400,000 Grassroots Donations To Trump in June, Each Under $200…

Folks, this statistic is so YUGE it holds ramifications even beyond the BIGLY Monster Vote.  As June campaign finance reports are being summarized this incredible statistic is jaw dropping.

In the month of June, Donald Trump received 400,000 direct individual contributions under $200 from ordinary patriots. With an average contribution of $55 bucks.

eric trump tweet 3

400,000 individual contributions in a month is jaw dropping!

The 51 million dollar fundraising total is great, but the grassroots fundraising is where the real story is told.  That’s 400,000 individual Americans, who in a single month sent money to the Donald Trump campaign.

Not only will that small donor statistic astound the RNC with such severity as to remove any doubt of the power of the Trump Voter Base – but it will also send a shock wave through the Clinton team who can’t muster even a quarter of the same grassroots donations.

Hillary Clinton relies on finance gimmicks and tricks, which we have previously outlined to hide the reality that only mega-donors  are funding her campaign.  Campaigns without grassroot support use $3 trinkets and $2 raffles to try and raise the number of individual donors, so they can statistically lower the average contribution amount and present a false impression of support.

For Donald Trump to get 400,000 individual contributors to his campaign with a minimal of effort, in a single month, is fantastically awesome news.

It is also more evidence the Monster Vote is very, very, real.

Republican voter turnout projected 2

trump rally ohio 4

team trump 2

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312 Responses to BOOM !! – 400,000 Grassroots Donations To Trump in June, Each Under $200…

  1. Raffaella says:

    I donated for myself and my mom last month. I will double that this month and will donate for myself, my mom, my dad, and my brother. Number of single donors is as important as the total donations.

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    • i figured the same way.
      had my dad been alive, he would have been proud to support trump – so i made sure he did. two donations one early for dad, another before the deadline myself. not a ton of money, but i figure it’s the number of contributors that matters most.
      and yep, every month go-forward. the best investment i can make for my kids, grandkids and country.
      wish i had back what i pizzed away on turncoat tea-party types, mclame and mittens – much better spent here and now.

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      • grainofsalt2 says:

        “had my dad been alive, he would have been proud to support trump – so i made sure he did. two donations one early for dad,…”

        Blacksmith, that’s a very nice gesture to honor your Dad. I am going to do the same and honor my Dad next month when I receive my SS check. I also believe that if my Dad is alive today he would be sitting next to me watching the live stream and supporting Trump in a big way.

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        • jameswlee2014 says:

          Listen, and understand! That Trumpinator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until all the illegals are deported, the wall is built, entrance is denied to 200,000 of the barbarians currently raping and bombing their way across Europe, Obamacare has been repealed, Common Core ditched, and the American Dream has been restored!

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    • maiingankwe says:

      You go Girl! Well done.

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    • Somebody says:

      Um, Raffaella I don’t think it’s legal for you to donate your money in someone else’s name. Dinesh Dsouza was prosecuted for just such a thing. Remember you are most likely not one of the elite, above the law set so the laws will apply to you.

      If, however those relatives live in your house or are elderly and afraid of online activities and you assisted them then that is probably fine. I have to help my own mother do anything online, it makes her nervous my late MIL was the same way.


  2. sevenwheel says:

    I’m surprised that Donald Trump waited this long to start collecting small contributions. There’s a reason why Barack Obama made a big deal out of asking for tiny donations, as small as $3.00. When a person contributes money to a candidate, even a tiny amount, they become emotionally invested in that candidate at a level entirely disproportionate to the amount they contributed. If you’re an idle bystander, you may or may not vote, but if you made a donation of any size to a candidate, you are far more likely to make sure you get to the polls to back up your donation.

    The large number of donations is very, very good news.

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    • Duhders says:

      It’s funny you say that as I had never donated to any campaign at any level prior to Trump. I decided to donate in mid-May exactly because his campaign had not beseeched me for a single donation and I wanted to support his ability to reach the Presidency without needing special interest monies.

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      • incisor says:

        My thoughts exactly. The last time I donated to a candidate for federal office was GWB back in 2000. Trump is the first candidate for federal office that I’ve trusted since.
        He will continue to receive $100/month from me until he takes office in January.
        It ain’t much but I’m doing my part.

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        • maiingankwe says:

          OMGoodness! $100 is a lot of money. You should be proud, and don’t say it isn’t much because it’s more then I’ve given him at one time. The most I gave at one time came to seventy some and change, and I had bought the tee-shirts, pads and pens, buttons and bumper stickers, so he wasnt. Now I’ve only been giving twenty at a time. It’s what we can afford, and like many here feel it’s best send multiple rather than one.

          You are doing a great job by sending that much. He can do a lot more then what I am. I think it’s awesome what you are doing.

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          • singtune says:

            I never donated to a campaign before either~! But I also started by buying Yard signs, Bumper stickers & Trump Buttons~around Janurary. Then I gave $10.00 in April & May. I then saved~~$50.00 for his Birthday, & gave $10.00 again, when Manafort asked for a Donation at the end of June.

            I am not only retired but I will be 79 this month~! Yes it IS for the Grand-kids~&~that it is why it is ~~So necessary that TRUMP Win this Election~!“I want them to have a Wonderful “America 1st”~ life.

            If we all do what we can~~It will help a Great deal~!

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      • I am in the same boat. I had never donated to a political campaign in my life. But I sent $100 to Trump last month.

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      • grainofsalt2 says:

        The very first time I have donated to a campaign was during McCain/Palin and that was because of Sarah Palin. It was a one-time donation I did for them. This time for Trump I have donated a total of 6 so far. I plan on doing it every month until November. It is not much but still helps a little.

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      • Jennie says:

        Duhders..Interesting! My husband donated for the first time to a campaign as well. I was very surprised and pleased.


    • 2zymos says:

      Just a note:
      High probability thus — obama laundered overseas donations via credit card using “fake numbers” or “copy of real ones that we’re not really run” .
      Sundance and many others with “long and great” memories will recall that ANOMALIES were occurring with obama funding reports data and “vendors” (meaning criminal banks” & “paid political-campaign operatives”) were not transmitting “all the numbers”.
      Method: Saudi Money
      Means: data in a private server in OFA “basement” (modeled after hillary’s in bills basement.) works a match between names and numbers and attaches a false donation amount x ten-of-thousands a day transaction = $ machine and propaganda value.
      Follow the logic:
      Fake candidate
      Fake voters
      Fake money from fake voters but REAL MONEY from somewhere.
      What are the odds that obama really got his “base” to donate any money at all? !!

      The system IS and WAS rigged, You are just having a hard time seeing how much it was FAKED. No one elected obama. Only some voted for a lie/image and they have no $ to give.
      Also figure in this: if hillary is so able to control the system that she can get the dems to support her in a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, what the HECK put obama out in front of her and bill last time? WHO? WHAT? HOW?
      Its the bankers/saudis behind the scenes that cut hillary out, found a method for “making $ appear for barry. Somebody visited “billy rapist” on his plane on a tarmac somewhere.

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    • bliss3609 says:

      The question is why did it take you so long to give …why did he have to ask yuu? I GAVE O IS WEBSITE BACK ADT JULY .. ONE year ago a d I have been underemployed since 2009!
      Donadjtrumpcom or ed rolns make America great package to wn 2016 pus wear do ald trump from Amazon or his site


  3. Bull Durham says:

    Email tonight from HIllary:

    Donald Trump just released his fundraising numbers — with the help of the RNC, he raised $51 million in June.

    Two key things to note here:
    That’s not chump change. That’s real money — and it’s exactly what Trump needs to keep growing his campaign or to start running attack ads against Hillary.
    That number also shows the breadth of his support. He had more than 400,000 people give — and 94 percent of his donors gave $200 or less.

    Panic in the Corrupt Camp of Crooked Clinton.

    Let’s give them nervous colitis for next month.

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  4. Janeka says:

    Retired and on a income sent $25 in June and another $25 July 1st and $25 to Nehlen I’m tapped till August.. Canceled my Message Envy account yesterday will be sending those funds too..

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  5. squid2112 says:

    Time to belly up to the bar and anti-up again … GO TRUMP!

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  6. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    I gave Trump $100 for his birthday. I thought it was pretty awesome that little old me could do something nice for a billionaire on his birthday!

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  7. Bob Werner says:

    I like the idea to donate for each family member. I just gave today but will give a little more for each of my children and spouse!

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    • Somebody says:

      That is nice if you are donating your money in your name in honor of those people but once again it is ILLEGAL to donate your money in someone else’s name.

      Here you go it’s called a straw donor and it’s ILLEGAL

      For goodness sakes IF you’ve done PLEASE do NOT share that information with the world.


  8. blognificentbee says:

    Here’s my tweet after reading the posts above:

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  9. Sentient says:

    Serious question: can a person buy a prepaid Visa card with cash and use that to make a contribution? I’m probably not the only person whose spouse might object to a contribution to Trump2016.

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  10. Fishnwhistle says:

    My friend & I have tried for two weeks to figure out where to send him a CHECK. The donation site is Credit Card only and I dont put that info on the net.


    • singtune says:

      There is an Address for TRUMP on his website~!

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    • kittymyers says:

      Fishnwhistle, here’s the address:
      To contribute by mail, please send a personal check made payable to the “Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.“ to:

      Donald J. Trump President, Inc
      C/O Trump Tower
      725 5th Avenue
      New York, NY 10022

      Please include your full name, address, email address, occupation and employer in the envelope.


  11. zombietimeshare says:

    In related news, 400,000 IRS audit notices went out and the no-fly list grew by the same number. Coincidence, of course.

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  12. remster says:

    I gave. Not a lot, but I gave. I will give again. Our country is at stake.

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  13. louche9 says:

    “The campaign TOUTS 94% of the donations were under $200.” Shove it, Baier.

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  14. Sherron S Gerald says:

    I donated $100 last month, the second $100 I’ve made, and I’ll donate $100 more later on.

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  15. Richard_Iowaa says:

    I have made multiple donations to Paul Nehlen’s, Paul Ryan’s primary opponent. Will also start sending money to the retired Air Force guy (AF Academy graduate) who is now the Colorado Republican senate candidate. Seems like there is one more I want to support. Then it is pump money into Trump’s campaign.


  16. dondeg says:

    I did 25 and 25 = 50. Wow! I’m at the average! 🙂

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  17. jameswlee2014 says:

    That’s going to be like catching a left hook right on the jaw by a 20 year old Mike Tyson to the turncoat RINOs. Worst possible nightmare. All of their silly hopes that somehow it was all going to go away have been dashed. They are now welcome to join Jeb and Marco on the Midnight Express to Political Oblivion. They are saving their seats. Eric Cantor bought their tickets. The Rise of the Republican Rank and File will not be denied.


  18. Jatta says:

    I too was one of the under $55 dollar donations made in June. I gave what I could. Go Trump! You are the only life boat we have.

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  19. photozombies says:

    It is great to see so many contributing to the cause. This is a short-term commitment for the long-term salvation of our country. I love how people are trading up by forgoing worthless purchases for something so important! I’ll continue donating monthly as well!


  20. I would donate up to $500 to Trump. But I want him to exclusively fundraise from the people. Has he made any declarations on this? A working / middle class party MUST be funded by the people, no multinational or big money oligarch is going to pay our way. But I want the politicians to be exclusively owned by us, the working and middle classes. Now I’m pretty sure the Chamber of Commerce or the Koch Brothers are not giving Trump a dime, but a declaration that he will ONLY take money from the people would lead to a flood of donations.


    • Shadrach says:

      it sounds good, but it’s not that easy. As the presidential nominee, he has to raise money for downticket Republicans as well as himself. So he can’t say that he’ll forgo any donations from large donors, because it would be turning down money intended for other people as well. At least that’s how I understand it.

      I would love for there to be campaign contribution reform, but that’s a matter for future legislation, not for this current presidential race.

      However, the more money he raises from us, then the less he takes from them. That’s why I donate directly to his website.


    • Somebody says:

      Shadrach is correct as the nominee he has to help down tickets and the RNC. Trump has said repeatedly that as far as his personal campaign fund he will probably limit it to small donors and self funding. I’ve seen a couple of interviews where he said that and he was called out for hedging a bit. He said he’d have to look at it.

      I completely understand his hesitation because he hadn’t asked for any money and had no idea how much might be donated in small contributions. I would imagine after the success of his one time plea for money he may become a little more emboldened about sticking with small donors. Most likely he’ll need to take a look at the number of people that have signed up for monthly contributions, if he thinks there is enough there then he’ll probably refuse any other monies for his campaign fund. He can’t however take that kind of a stand for the RNC or all of the down ticket candidates, so as the nominee he will continue to do fund raisers, etc., at least for others.


  21. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:



  22. tappin52 says:

    We sent a little chunk into the pool. And we bought some caps a few times. We’re an average Trump house!


  23. Lion2017 says:

    This is history in the making & we are all doing are part!!
    I donated on Mr. Trump’s birthday and will donate
    in July.
    Let’s show them what loyalty is!
    Donald J. Trump
    The People’s President 2017


  24. doc says:

    Consider this: Every single person donating to Trump know there is a chance they will end up being investigated by the irs or other agency because of their donations. We are doing this directly in the face of their fascism regardless of their retaliations. Last year I wasn’t surprised when the IRS came knocking at the door of my business. Our business isn’t a huge business, but I am vocal on many message boards using my email and have donated to every Republican (not anymore) who ran for President. So after they flew in mr auditor and did their 4 month cavity search, they came up with $350 we ‘owed’. No telling how many thousands they spent trying to create those $350 supposedly owed. Unlike the liberals, I try and do it all by the book. Even though the book sucks.

    I will not be swayed into not donating, in fact I’ll be increasing. Trump is the first candidate since W, I’m willing to work and convince people to vote for. W was a great disappointment and I blame his ‘new tone’ for Hillary still being around to run. Both those jokers should have been investigated and locked up upon leaving the white house. Instead W just let them walk and did absolutely nothing but cover for them. Nope, Trump all the way. If Trump can’t right the ship, then we need to abandon ship.

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  25. Patrumpsupporter says:

    We need 73,272,595 donations of a dollar. Let’s really send a message. I’m donating now, and getting my employees and friends to do the same.


  26. Capitol says:

    The phrase is actually, “big league”.


  27. Suzie says:

    Anyone the address to mail a contribution to DJT?


  28. Patrumpsupporter says:

    Done! You’re right! Donation therapy, works great!


  29. cara says:

    Great news: now, let’s hope those donators represent Monster Voters in the RIGHT STATES. YOu can get all you want from CA and Donald can’t win the state.


  30. thurmrob says:

    I donated $125 and so did my wife on his birthday to show our support and appreciation. I also gave Nehlen some money because Paul Ryan is the absolute worst speaker that I can remember. He is worse than Pelosi in that he is a turncoat.
    I will have to wait to see where our money is before we do it again. I don’t like the idea that the RNC gets their hands on any of this money as they are responsible for this mess.


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