George Bush Bails Out President Obama On Same Day Bernie Sanders Bails Out Hillary Clinton…

There is only one party in Washington DC, the UniParty.  The professional political class support themselves beyond all other ideological factors. These are modern realities.


President Obama is in a very tenuous position this week as a nation has been stunned by the targeting of police officers.  Indeed, there is a solid argument to be made that President Obama created the antagonism toward law enforcement with various speeches and cursory accusations of unequal treatment.

As a modern social justice president who embraces radical extremist groups like Black Lives Matter, and as an executive community activist who has used the cabinet offices of his administration to leverage social change, President Obama has embraced many divisive entities and expressed ideological alignment with their cause.

The gunman in Dallas who targeted white police officers, specifically because of the color of their skin, is just one visible consequence from a President who rails against a system of law and order.  Obama’s ideology is more comfortable amid the chaos. 

obama-bush-9-11-memorialHaving to face the consequences of that chaos, President Obama is in a very vulnerable position.  He was also facing the very real possibility to going to Dallas and finding a less than hospitable community enraged with him as they are left to deal with the horrific consequences of his antagonisms.

Enter George W. Bush to present himself as a noble shield.

Valerie Jarrett provides the cover – President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush on Tuesday will speak at an interfaith memorial service in Dallas for five police officers slain late last week, as well as meet with the victims’ families.

The President will visit the Texas city at the request of Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement Sunday afternoon. On Sunday evening the White House announced that Bush would join his successor at the memorial service in Texas.

Vice President Joe Biden will also attend the service at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, as will former first lady Laura Bush. (read more)

Obama Jesus Pose

More than likely Obama will have to strike some of the paragraphs from his intended speech delivery.  Specifically the demand to disarm all Americans.

The former President standing next to the current President demanding gun removal could be a bridge too far even for the progressive, and always professionally political, Dubya.

However, it is President Obama giving the main speech, so there will be more than a moderate dose of misdirection and obfuscation as POTUS talks of the scary military guns he defines as “weapons of mass destruction” that must be kept out of the hands of the folks, Americans.

You can take an activist out of Chicago, but…. well, you know.

Simultaneous to this event, the professional political class will use Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton to fill the news cycles and column inches with pro-Democrat, cum-by-ah unity et al, talking points and sound bites.  These constructed MSM events are insufferably all too predictable now.

The unknown question surrounds the previous plan for the Democrats to follow-up Obama’s speechifying parseltongue with another takeover of the House of Representatives chamber for a sit in.

In the past several days the unleashed masses of the Black Lives Matter have pushed the envelope a little too far.  The tone and sense of the electorate may not be favorable right now to seeing Democrats further push the divisive rhetoric.   In addition they don’t want to dilute the media time for Sanders/Clinton.  Thus, they may have to wait a few days.


campaign cartoon


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452 Responses to George Bush Bails Out President Obama On Same Day Bernie Sanders Bails Out Hillary Clinton…

  1. Rose says:

    VIDEO of GEORGE WASHINGTON BUSH at the Dallas Police Memorial TOTALLY blows out of the water any theory that he showed up at the memorial to support ODRAMA QUEEN and his platform:

    Glory Hallelujah – George Bush at Memorial Service for Dallas Cops
    George Bush hasn’t a CLUE about “POLITICALLY CORRECT”!
    He just truly loves his God in Heaven.
    HE IS MARCHING WITH THE ARMY OF THE LORD as he sings along with
    And dragging the whole line beside him along with him, whether they like it or not!

    Thank you, George Bush, Jr., for NOT being ashamed of our Dear Savior.


    My granny would SO LOVE HIM!
    George Bush was there for the Men and Women that he is so overwhelmingly proud of – those who lay their lives on the line for We the People, and their families and teams, and the rest of these wonderful people who love others above their own lives.


  2. Hillbilly4 says:

    The speech by Dubya at the Memorial is arguably his best ever. I supported him 100% until his last 2 years in office. He seemed to reached the end of his effectiveness and left us to men of lesser quality. We are still paying the price.
    But his brief speech on that sorrowful stage was beyond the measure. The current POTUS will never reach that height of eloquence.


  3. Peter Paul says:

    Bush’s political career has appeared to swerve and take a new tact since his first term as President. His alignment with strange bedfellows such as radical progressives is a concerning trend in what was believed to be part of the leadership of the Republican Party and now appears to be a merging of the Republican Party with the left wing agenda of the radical progressives or socialists. This recent coming out of this new extreme ideological presence, some would call globalist, has startled and rendered fearful every loyal American citizen at how clever and deceitful this new political entity has been in fooling many Americans into believing they were supporting traditional patriots who were supporting the Constitution and who were unwaveringly loyal to America. The Bush’s had everybody fooled and when elected as intended will throw their sheep’s clothing off to reveal the wolves they are. Every loyal American must now reorient and refocus their aim to assure the people that contend they are loyal and patriotic Americans are actually who they say they are before full support is provided. God please help us here. The devils speak with forked tongues.


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