Indiana Today: DefeaTED Cruz Speaks To Half Empty Room, Polling Affirms The Reason….


QUESTION:  When was the last time you heard anything joyful from the entire enterprise (including the Glen Beck/Mark Levin types), of those who support Ted Cruz?

Within that answer you discover the reality of their situation.

Desperation breeds anxiety; anxiety begets a specific strain of blame-casting, and that blame-casting creates visible anger manifested as misery and denial.

The denial is emotional, dangerously emotional.  Intellectual honesty, logic and even reality itself must be avoided.   This is the reason why we have warned everyone to stay out of the blast radius from the final stages of their rage.  Quite simply, it’s toxic.


trump chickstrump line selfie

Donald Trump supporters are a generally happy bunch.  Sure, there’s a number of us who are very highly tuned to the last decade of politics – and subsequently we are angry at the current disposition of the culturally Marxist environment.  However, that’s a different type of anger – it’s purposeful, deliberate, narrowly-targeted and empowering.

Much like a battered spouse in the final hours before a long pre-planned exit, there is optimism hidden behind the seemingly ambivalent 1000 yard stare.  Ours is a Cold Anger, not prone to act in spite of itself.  Cold anger is purposeful, prudent and intensely strategic.

Those of us holding the long exasperated experience of betrayal (the cold anger), are also filled with joy to see the lesser-abused younger crowd cheer, sing and have a great time.  Because they deserve it.

However, the type of anger held by our ideological opponents, is intensely toxic and dangerous – and they don’t care who gets damaged as they self-destruct.  Avoid these voices at all costs.

Before getting to a recent poll, lets take a look at the current landscape.  Senator Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina spoke at a campaign rally in South Bend Indiana.  In a venue capable of holding more than 2,000 only a few hundred showed up:

cruz indiana 1

That’s the second actual ground report in the past 48 hours highlighting exactly the same thing.    The first report we shared yesterday – SEE HERE.

The Cruz campaign in Indiana is in a state of collapse and freefall.  By the end of the weekend you can expect the narrative to shift, and the campaign will be pointing fingers toward California (June 7th) because their impending defeat is looming ever more dangerous.

All of the Cruz dependent sycophants will necessarily follow the same shift in talking points away from Indiana; they simply must if they are going to continue their denial phase.

A recent ARG POLL from Indiana shows Donald Trump leading the race with 41%, Ted Cruz 32% and John Kasich 21%.

Sample Size: 400 completed telephone interviews among a random sample of likely Republican primary voters living in Indiana (260 self-reported Republicans and 140 self-reported independents and Democrats.  Sample Dates: April 27-28, 2016 -link-

3 candidate indiana ARG poll

This outcome matches almost identically with the Fox New Poll conducted a few days before.

After returning from California, Donald Trump will be in Fort Wayne Indiana on Sunday, and South Bend Indiana on Monday.

This Indiana poll data comes as CNN has now finalized their delegate counts to include the committed Pennsylvania delegates who are affirming their first-round convention floor vote.  The CNN result is only one off from my own tabulation of current confirmed Trump delegates:

cnn delegate math 2

My post election night math had 1,003 as solid – but virtually identical.  So you can see, the probability of Trump earning the remaining 235 (1237 – 1002 = 235), knowing 51 of those are easily won in New Jersey (winner take all June 7th) makes the outcome of Trump winning enough delegates to capture the nomination a very high probability.

That crossing of the ‘inevitability factor’ threshold is what we have outlined as the most dangerous time.  The angriest moment in the denial phase is right before the ideologically entrenched accept an inevitable outcome.

Be of good cheer; enjoy the moments and cherish the associations.  Walk with a light heart of joy.

Meanwhile ignore the screams, wailing and gnashing of teeth, and take the long way around the camps of the haters.


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570 Responses to Indiana Today: DefeaTED Cruz Speaks To Half Empty Room, Polling Affirms The Reason….

  1. John Schiff says:

    FEC is investigating Levin & Beck for taking $8 mil from Cruz Pac!!
    Looks real to me and explains their weird blind support of Cruz.

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  2. Tammy Basquez says:

    Seems funny the loudest voices at this point are also mostly illegals, we who know about California’s invasion first hand (Bakersfield) are of that generation that watched our wages and even our American dreams become to distant too even see as the flood of migrant workers poured across the “border”I won’t even visit my home state anymore. Go Trump

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Suzanne Buck says:

    Great read! Very well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Karen Quinn says:

    Well Done !

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